first time horselover

first time horselover

[b] not mine but i found it very sexy and intriguing
A lady fantasizes about a horse cock and then gets the
real thing.

I am a 38 year old woman who was raised on a farm in
the deep south. Ever since I saw one of our horses
fucking a mare, I have fantasized about a horse fucking
me. I am married and my husband has no idea of my
cravings for a horse cock. I love to masturbate and do
several times a week. At night when my husband is
fucking me, I let my mind wonder to my secret fantasy,
me being fucked by a huge horses' cock.

We live in a big city and there was no way we could
have a horse. I love to ride horses and finally talked
John, my husband into finding a stable where we could
ride. Little did he know the secret reason behind my
wanting to ride. I was just wanting to be around a male
horse, to see those lovely cocks.

I had gotten to where I would go to the stables every
week and finally found a horse who I liked, named
Blaze. He had a very long cock on him and I would talk
to him whenever I rode him, telling him how much I
wanted him to fuck me with his cock. I would cum as I
sat in the saddle riding him as I whispered to him.

Then one day, I had stopped on a small bridge and was
resting him as I talked to him. My hand was on my pussy
as I started to whisper in his ear.

"You are so big. I bet you would like to slide that
huge dick to my pussy, wouldn't you?" I was saying,
"You make my pussy so wet looking at your huge cock."

Little did I know the stable boy was under the bridge
and was listening to every word I was saying! As I
started to rub the side of the horse, I saw his cock
and reached down to feel it. It was so huge in its

"I would love you to fuck me with this cock. Would you
like to fuck my horny pussy with it?" I asked, not
knowing the stable boy was right under me.

I was rubbing his cock as I watched it growing longer
and longer. It was so big! I felt my pussy cum as I
rubbed his cock for him. Then I heard a noise behind

"If he doesn't want to, I would love want to!" came the
answer from the stable boy.

I looked up to see him staring at my hand inside my
riding pants as I played with my pussy while my other
hand was stroking the horse's long cock. I had been
caught playing with my pussy and the horse cock!

I tried to hide my hand and was so embarrassed as he
smiled at me. I did not know what to do or say.

"He is a special horse, you know. His owner has him
trained to please her." He said, "I know because I help
her with him. She loves his long cock."

"You mean she lets him fuck her?" I asked, "She really
takes his big cock?"

"We can go back to the stable and I can show you." He
said smiling at me, 'But it will cost you."

"What do you mean, cost me?" I asked.

"You will have to let me fuck you first." he answered,
"You are so lovely and I have been wanting some of that
pussy ever since I saw you."

I smiled back at him as he took the reins and led us
back to the stables. As we went inside, he pointed to a
stall that had a lock on it, telling me that it was a
special stall.

"This is where the owner has me bring him to her." He
said as he opened the lock.

As we went inside, I saw a padded bench and several
bales of hay arranged around the bench. I also saw a
couple of clean towels, a blanket, and a jar of lotion
sitting on a stand close to the bench. Just to look at
it, no one would think anything about it, but I was
looking closer. I could see there was a lot of use to
the bench and that the hay was arranged in a certain
way in order to have the horse on them with his front
feet. That would give anyone access to his cock as he
would be above them. It all fit in as I observed the

"Do you think I could take his big cock?" I asked the
boy. "He looks too big for me. Won't he hurt me with
that long dick?"

"That is why I am here, to see that he is gentle and
you enjoy yourself." He replied, "And we will get you
good and wet first! That is what the cream is for and
you will be wet from me!"

I looked around to make sure no one was in sight as I
pulled the young boy to me, my hand going for his cock.
He took me into his arms and I felt his cock as it
hardened, my groin area being pushed to it as I took
his hips in my hands.

"You have a nice cock too," I said, "It feels quite
large. Is this for me?"

He took the blanket and lay it on the bench as he then
eased me down to the bench on top of the blanket. I
raised my hips as he helped take my riding pants off as
he also unzipped his pants and let then fall to the
concrete floor. I looked to see his lovely cock as he
held it for me in his hand, the thick head looking so
huge as my hand went to it.

I lay there on my back and took his cock as we both
guided it to my wet pussy. I felt his big dick as it
entered me, making little rapid thrusts as he went into
me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled hi ass
cheeks to me as he slid further up my hot little pussy.
He started to fuck me harder and harder as he thrust
that nice cock to my cunt. All I could think about was
that big horse and his cock as I started to cum!

"Oh, yes! That's it! Fuck me!" I cried out, "Cum in me!
Fill me with that hot cum! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I felt his cock as he started to erupt, his rod
throbbing in me as it started to spew forth its love
juices. Filling my pussy with his hot cum. My ass was
bouncing off the bench to meet each thrust he made into
me, I was enjoying this cock as the sight of that horse
cock I was to get made me cum that much harder.

He pumped me full of cum as he shot a big load to my
hungry pussy. I was working my hips up to take every
bit of his cock and hot cum as he fucked me. Then I
felt him start to slow down and knew he was spent. His
cock started to soften as I felt him withdraw from my
wet pussy.

"Just lay there like you are while I go get Blaze." He
told me, "Now you are going to have that horse cock! So
don't clean yourself up."

He led the horse into the stall as I lay on the bench
under him as the boy put his front feet onto the bales
of hay. I watched as he took his cock and started to
play with it, making it longer with each stroke of his
hand. The horse's cock was so long and big! I had
second thoughts as I felt his cock slide between my

"Now, open your thighs so we can get him in. Spread
your lips apart too." He said as I felt that hot cock
against my pussy lips. "You are going to love this!"

Then I felt that huge horse cock as it parted my lips,
as it lunged into my tight pussy. He was so big! My
pussy was spread so wide and I was so full of his cock
as I felt it going deeper as he eased that monster to
me. I had my legs spread wide for him as his long horse
cock continued to fill my throbbing pussy. He was
making me cum as he stabbed me with that monstrous
cock! His horse cock must have been two feet long!

There I was, laying on a bench in a horse stall,
letting a horse fuck me! "What kind of woman was I?" I
was thinking as my entire body trembled from the
climaxes that big cock was giving me. He was just too
good! The boy still held his cock as he fucked that
horse cock to my cumming pussy. I was throwing my cunt
to him to take every bit I could as he started to cum.

I felt that huge horse cock as it throbbed inside my
tight pussy, then felt the hot cum from him as he
started to fill me with his horse cum. It was so hot!
He was shooting his horse cum so deep in my pussy as it
filled my every crevice! That hot cum was feeling so
good to me! I was loving this huge horse's cock as he
filled me!

I had cum so many times that I was almost senseless as
his cock continued to pump me full of his hot horse
cum. He must have shot 5 gallons of that hot juice to
me! My body was till trembling as I felt his huge cock
start to withdraw from my aching pussy. I watched as
his horse cum flowed out as he took that monster out of
my well fucked pussy.

I lay there without moving as the boy helped him down
from the hay, his cock limp now but still so long as it
flopped to the floor. I waited until the boy came back
into the stall to help me from the bench.

"See. I told you that you would like it!" he said, "You
did like it, didn't you?'

"I loved it! That was the best fuck I ever had!" I
replied as he helped me to my feet, "He shot so much
cum in me! See it running out of my pussy?"

After that day I became a regular visitor to the riding
stable and the stable boy would fuck me each time
before I had him help me fuck Blaze. I would then go
home to my husband and let him fuck my well stretched
pussy, not knowing that a few hours earlier it had been
filled with a huge horse cock..[/b]

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