Flying High_(1)

Flying High_(1)

We laugh together as we run into the air-conditioned airport terminal from the muggy heat outside. The effect was miraculous on you as I glanced at you once we were inside. Aside from raising your Goosebumps it made your nipples stand electrifyingly to attention, so much so that the lace bra you were wearing couldn’t mask it’s effect and two little pricks appeared on your chest through your t-shirt.

I smiled at this, but we carried on chatting about the flight ahead, you slipped under my arm for a little bit of warmth since you are used to the temperature outside now. You suddenly look up at me and I bend down and give you a quick kiss before we join the check-in queue.

We chat merrily away together as the 2 people in front of us move forwards in their turn and then it’s our turn. “Hi there, how are you today?” The check-in girl asks, with her sweetest I really don’t care smiles and holds out her hand for our tickets and passports.

We hand them over, and the girl says, “Well sir we have no seats together in economy class, that’s ok isn’t it?”

“No it’s not.” I reply firmly. “I booked the seats online two days ago, I even printed the sheet out…” I pause as I rummage in my bag. “Here you go.” The girl is obviously not pleased, but I don’t care, it’s a nine hour flight and I want to spend it with you.

“Then sir there’s nothing I can do I’m afraid.” The woman says in a condescending tone.

“No there is something you can do, sit us in the seats I chose, refund the tickets or upgrade us.” The lights flicked on in her little brain and she looks at the seating plans again.

“Well sir there are two seats together in first class sir but I don’t have the authority to upgrade you.” I look at her and finally decide I want a bit of luxury.

“Ok. How much to upgrade? And then halve it, we’ll call it even shall we?” I pull out my credit card and place it on the desk. The girl instantly takes it and begins processing the upgrade.

We spend the rest of the time waiting for the flight in each others arms, talking and kissing occasionally, holding hands and generally embarrassing the other people seeing us so much in lust, if not love.

We’re the first to board the plane and are shown to the front of first class. This gives us two seats next to each other and no one on either side. The seats are huge and we sit down enjoying the room and comfort, a marked improvement on the hard narrow seats we’d flown over in. The stewardess comes over and offers you a glass of champagne and checks to see your seat belt is on. She looks over to me and gives me a brief wink.

I get up to go ask her what that was about and come back with a smile on my face. You ask why, obviously disconcerted that someone else could possibly amuse me so much. I lean over and whisper in your ear “They call these the Mile High club seats apparently. They won’t disturb us at all during the flight except to serve the meals.”

You blush. I smile and then say “Fancy joining it hun?” You burst out laughing, but I notice you don’t say no.

The plane starts to taxi away from the terminal and after a few minutes we are pushed back into our seats as the aircraft begins its take off. I hold your hand during this, and then we wait for the bell that lets us remove our seat belts. I raise the arm between our chairs, which folds neatly away allowing you to move over and cuddle into me. I gently run my hand up and down the side of you as we relax together in the sublime comfort of these seats.

The stewardess comes up to us and asks what meal we want, we make our choices and I ask her for a bottle of champagne. Soon she returns with our meals and our champagne. We set to and marvel at the food, on a scale of 1 to 10 it certainly ranks a 9 for taste. I pour your first glass of champagne and you say slyly “Why Dave are you trying to get me drunk?”

Obviously I reply, “Of course, don’t want you whimping out on the purpose of these seats now do I?” smiling as I do so.

After about another hour the captain makes his announcement and the movie begins. The lights in the cabin are reduced to the barest minimum. You are cuddled into me again as you watch one of the films, but not so intently that you resist when I bend down to kiss you.

I get out one of the blankets and place it over us. It’s a nice thick blanket, definitely worth every penny allotted to it by the airline. I then begin running my fingers up and down your sides, pulling your t-shirt up as I do so, only a tiny little bit at a time. Finally your t-shirt is up high enough so that I can begin stroking your breasts gently through the lace bra.

I then start to kiss you passionately on the mouth whilst my hand reaches behind you to unhook your bra. Obviously intent on the same thing you begin to undo my belt and pants, which you slide down, with my help until I’m all exposed beneath the blanket. Your hand reaches up and begins to play with my cock, which is already beginning to lubricate itself.

I smile and begin to push your jeans down, undoing the button so they’ll slip down over your hips more easily and now both fairly indecent beneath the blanket we begin to explore each other. You gently rub my penis up and down, running your finger lightly over the head when it is exposed.

My hand’s begin to work in two places, my left reaches across me to massage and play with your breasts, whilst my other quickly finds it’s way between your legs and begins slowly teasing your clit and pussy, probing into your pussy a couple of times, then lightly around and over your clit. You moan slightly as I do this, as I am struggling not to do when you delicately run your finger over the exposed head of my cock.

I kiss you again on the lips, gently probing my tongue forwards and through yours which open willingly. I feel your tongue gently probe back into my mouth and we begin to roll our tongues together as we explore each other’s mouths. I feel the occasionally quiet gasp from you as I tickle your clit, as you do from me as you continue to work your magic on me.

After a time playing with each other you move on top of me, this allows you to look over the back of the seat and see the people behind. Most are asleep, but u notice one or two couples who aren’t as quiet and peaceful as you would expect, and the stewardesses are chatting to each other in their galley, seemingly oblivious to all that’s happening ahead of them.

You gently settle down on top of me, and place my cock at your entrance, then breaking away from looking behind me you look into my eyes as you lower your self down my shaft, impaling yourself with it and gasping as it penetrates you more fully until it is fully within you and then you kiss me.

Slowly you pull back and lower yourself onto me, and I raise my hips to meet yours as we begin a long slow ride. My hands come up to begin playing with your breasts, you t-shirt pulled up and bunched over them, your bra hanging, uselessly in front of them. I pinch your nipples causing you to gasp involuntarily. You pause in your steady fucking of me as you see the man in the seat behind stir. You’re not sure if he’s awake but I am inside you and you don’t want to stop, so you begin once more slowly riding me, as I bend my head from our kiss and kiss, lick and gently nibble on your nipples. The sensations now are beginning to make you tingle inside yourself, that coupled with the very public nature of what we are doing and your excitement is rising steadily.

I feel the walls of your pussy begin to clench around my cock, slowly starting to milk it as you raise and lower yourself on me. I thrust back now as your rhythm stops as you feel an orgasm begin to shudder it’s way through you, you bite your tongue in an effort not to cry out, and I bend my head back to kiss you on the mouth, licking your pained tongue and ever so slightly a tiny scream of pleasure escapes you, muffled by our kiss. I carry on thrusting up into you and you look behind us again to see the man behind looking straight at you. I notice you don’t move and guess what has shocked you so, but I carry on thrusting up into you. A thousand thoughts must have gone through your head but all must have been cancelled out by the fact you were still receiving me thrusting inside you and you decided to carry on. You bend forwards and begin kissing me again, ignoring the guy behind, who forgot to bring someone with him that could do this.

The continued stimulation as my hands play with your breasts and my cock pushes up into you keeps you at your peak and once more you begin to feel an orgasm pulsing through you. This time I thrust up into you and as your vagina pulses violently around my cock I burst forth into you. My face presses against your chest as I muffle my groan of sheer pleasure. You settle quickly on top of me as your orgasm subsides once more and look back over the seat at the man behind. You smile wickedly as you see his hand moving the blanket that covers him up and down, and then you begin to kiss me passionately as I deflate inside you.

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