Friendly Skies

Friendly Skies

I am Josh, a 31 year old who lives in Los Angeles and works for one of the prestigious universities out here.  My life could have been headed in an entirely different direction had a basketball injury in my senior year while playing for the very college I now work for not happened.  At 6'2" plus my muscular frame I was ideal for the sport.  It was a good thing I had a brain to back up my talent, since after I hurt my knee, the coaching staff helped keep me around after graduation. 

Now I actually am one of the few people who can say that I truly love my job.  I am an assistant coach and scout for the basketball team, meaning I get to travel all over and watch games, recruiting young players.  Sure, sometimes it means late hours on planes and long layovers, but as you will see, those things can pay off huge!!! 

This story occurs during a trip that I took to NYC to scout several players in various high schools in the area.  I had actually jumped at the chance to go on this trip and even took a few extra days for it, since NYC was my old stomping ground.  I had grown up there, learned to play ball in the street courts, went through high school and had a lot of friends still out there.  I wanted to take some time to visit friends and family while there, business and pleasure you know. 

This included visiting everyone except my old HS girlfriend.  At 17 she seemed amazing at the time, constant sex was great, but overall she was a real slut.  I had to leave her after graduation when I went to college on my scholarship.  She was the type that could really have gotten a guy off of his game.  Her and those stories are something for another day.

This story is about my return plane trip from NYC back to LA: Now, seeing that I travel so much I have accumulated enough miles to fly to the moon and back in first class.  Just another perk of my wonderful job.  I have also gained the knowledge to know that when you travel, especially alone, that when the opportunity to get bumped presents itself, you can usually score something extra from the airline. 

So, as I was waiting at the gate to board the 9:12 flight out of NYC, an attendant came on overhead to announce that our flight had been overbooked.  Were there any volunteers to go onto the redeye departing at 12:10 leaving out of the same gate? I had no reason to be back to LA earlier.  Hell, I was just going to be sleeping in anyways. 

I went up to the podium to inquire as to the incentive for taking the bump onto the later flight.  When she told me that I would get a 400 dollar voucher for my next flight booking, how could I refuse?  As the attendant quickly typed into her keypad, I asked if the were any rows toward the back that were vacant.  I wanted to try and get as much unditurbed sleep as I could.  She scanned through various seating assignments and informed me that this flight was fairly open.  I had several choices of open rows in the back of the plane.  Perfect, I thought.  This deal just keeps getting better.  

After I rebooked my seat, I gathered my belongings and headed for the restaurant/bar right across from my gate.  I might as well get a bite to eat and a drink to relax me before this late flight, I thought. I sat at the bar area in perfect view of the gate and podium, so that I wouldn't miss any occurances or announcements. 

I'd just ordered my first White Russian (Kalua, Vodka and cream; when made right it almost tasted like a milkshake) my favorite drink, when they started making the initial boarding calls for the flight I was originally on.  Minutes passed by and the obviously crowded flight was getting its line of passengers processed.  Poor bastards, I thought to myself.  Thank god I wasn't going to have to put up with some fat lady next to me snoring for 3500 miles. 

They made their final boarding calls several times over, almost like they were trying to wait for someone.  When it seemed like no one was showing, one last lucky standby traveler was sent on to board the plane and they closed the gait door behind him.  As I sipped down the last of my drink, I saw the plane start to pull back from the gate. 

As I ordered my second drink, my night got a whole lot more interesting……. 
I could here her from a short distance yelling to the gate attendants to "Wait, I'm here, hold the plane!!"  I knew that this must have been the person that they were trying to wait for, but she was definitely too late.  Curiosity got me and I looked around for who this tardy person could be.  Too my surprise, I caught a sight that made my dick wake up instantly. 

She couldn't have been maybe but 16 I was guessing.  Girls who dress in short skirts and knee-highs like that usually were in attendance at the games I scout.  She also had on a tight white t-shirt that hugged her very nicely, so tight that you could see the outline of her bra underneath.  I judged her to be maybe 5'1", 100 pounds, and about a 32 A.  Seeing that sight bounce down the terminal towards the gait was enough to make me want to head straight for the bathroom and get "more comfortable". 

I kept my gaze on her as she approached the podium, panting and gasping for air (which only added to my taboo thoughts; I wonder what it would be like hearing that somewhere else?).  I couldn't quite make out the whole conversation, but I could tell that it was not what she wanted to hear.  Was it out of desire to get a better look at her, or curiosity of the conversation that made me get out of my seat and walk over towards them, I don't know.  Either way, I felt a pull to be closer. 

As I made my way over to them, I could start to make out what was making the girl so frantic.  The airline informed her that they could rebook her to the later flight, but at the cost of a 250 dollar rebooking fee.  It was like a blow to the gut for this beautiful teen, she obviously couldn't afford it and it was nearly driving her to tears. 

Well, I guess I can make my "good samaritan" deed for the day here, I thought to myself.  I approached the counter and apologized for intruding on the conversation.  "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear.  You know I happen to have a voucher that can help cover that expense if you like?  I'd hate to see someone have to go home this late after having come out and purchased one ticket already." 

The teen was speechless.  She looked at me like I was the white knight who just rode up and saved her.  Not needing any actual verbal acknowledgement, I handed my voucher over to the attendant and took in one more glimpse of this fine early beauty standing in front of me, before I headed back to my seat at the bar.  Hell, I had to go back; if I stood there any longer I would have been showing off the hard-on that was definitely starting in my pants.    A

s I resumed my seat at the bar I found that my second drink was now there waiting for me.  I downed nearly half of it to help calm me a little.  I let out a long sigh, quickly polished off the rest of it and reserved myself to go to the bathroom and relieve myself, because my hard-on was not going away any time soon.  Just as I was about to get up, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Turning to see who it was made my chest light, since most of its blood supply went to my cock

There in front of me stood the teen beauty, smiling and looking as intoxicating as ever. "I just wanted to thank you.  I don't think anyone has been so generous to me like that before" 

It took a moment to get my lips wet enough to start forming words, "Well, you're welcome.  I just couldn't bare to see you upset like that.  I just got the voucher anyways since I was bumped onto the late flight."

"I know, the attendant told me as she was booking me.  I hope you don't mind, but I asked her if she could seat me next to you?  I haven't ever been flying before, and I wanted someone nice near me to talk to if I get nervous." Wow, could this night be getting any better?!!! 

I had to maintain my composure and keep my smile at a minimum, "No, that's no problem at all.  I fly all the time, so I can try to teach you all that I know.  Say, are you hungry?  We can grab a booth if you like, my treat." This caused her to let out the typical school-girl giggle and she quickly nodded that she would love to.  The reaction made my dick squirm all the more in my pants.  I quickly found a nearby booth before my cock made its presence obvious to all by pitching a tent.   

Over the next few hours we chatted about lots of things: flying, who I was, who she was, etc.  I learned that her name was Lori, and she was actually 15.  She was making this trip out to LA to find her estranged father, whom she had never met. She had snuck away from home, beacause her mom never would have allowed such a trip. It seemed like a sore subject, so I moved into different conversational topics.  After learning that I was into basketball, it led to more conversations since this was her favorite sport too.  I had her pegged for the cheerleader type, who knew she could make jumpshots.   

All this time I had continued to order my drink of choice from the bar.  I told Lori that it simply helps me relax, especially before a late flight.  I should have seen it coming when she asked for a sip of it.  I mean, a teen who probably attends every party in school, and likely only knows the taste of cheap beer, would love to taste what top-shelf drinks were like.  She passed it off as wanting to take advice from an experienced traveler, and help her to relax before her maiden flight.  I could tell that she was trying to act as much a grown-up as I was trying to act like the cool young adult. 

I obliged her a few sips from the first drink, a few more from the next, and so on over the next few hours of waiting through a total of 6 drinks.   As each sip went by our flirting increased to match it.  Starting with casual glances and laughing at random jokes, it progressed to a point were she had started pushing her feet between my legs and giving me such a "fuck-me" look that it would make some men lose their load right there.  The liquor definitely had its effect, and we were both much more relaxed as the initial boarding calls were made for our flight.  3 hours had seemed to have blown by. 

We gathered our belongings and made our way back over to the gaite  As we boarded the plane, I allowed her to go first.  Not only because she had the window seat, but I just wanted to see her firm ass move as she walked.  She made a glance behind her and probably caught me staring at her.  She simply smiled and turned back forwards to hide her blushing.  The alcohol that we drank earlier had now cast away our inhibitions.  Lust was allowed to roam uninhibited.

I was getting so horny by now, that there was no way I could sleep at all on this flight.  My dick was perpetually at attention, and I had to keep making adjustments to be both comfortable and not-so-obvious.  Lori made her way to our row, and reached overhead to place her bag in the carry-on compartment.  That simple act was gorgeous to see. 

Her shirt lifted up slightly to show off her belly-button and perfect flat belly.  It also had an effect on her skirt that made me feel precum already ooze from the tip of my cock.  It shifted just enough to show off her lower abs and the curves from the top of her pelvic bones.  You could trace a line right from the top of her hips down to where you know all men want to see in a "v" fashion.  Her legs looked velvet smooth as she went onto her tip-toes, highlighted by her white knee-high stockings.  What I wouldn't give for those hairless legs to be wrapped around me.

I realized that Lori had been noticing me staring at her.  She had held her pose longer just to keep me entranced.  She was teasing me, and doing a hell of a job of it.  It was like she was a schoolgirl flirting with her crush on the teacher.

She finally took her seat next to window, and as I reached up to stow my luggage it was her turn to stare.  My 7 inch cock was showing itself through the bulge in my pants and her jaw was left slightly open with more blushing to follow immediately.

"Hey, do you want a pillow or blanket?" I asked her, fully knowing that it was not likely.  She shifted in her seat and smiled up at me, sensing what the real intentions and purpose or the gesture were for.

"Yeah, it is a little chilly in here, thanks."I grabbed us each a pillow and blanket, and after handing a set to her, I sat in the aisle seat, leaving a space between us.  I wanted to sit right next to her (or her on my lap), but I didn't want to seem too aggressive.  The look on her face was one of disappointment, but once I shot her a wink, she blushed again and bit her bottom lip, anticipating something to come.

As the rest of the passengers found their seats, I took the opportunity to scan our surroundings and see if we had any other company around.  As my nights' luck would have it, the closest passenger was across the aisle and one row forward.  I should be able to make some moves that would stay private back here.

The plane taxied and soon enough we were taking off.  The flight attendants made an announcement that they would keep the cabin lights dimmed to allow for passengers to sleep easier.  They would also make only limited beverage service to those who ringed for it.  I thought this was a perfect set-up, dim lights and not much traffic around us meant good privacy. 

As soon as we had leveled off Lori said that she had to go to the bathrooom.  The drinks had apparently made their way through her at that point.  Of course, I could have stood from my seat and let her easily pass, but I was ready to start pushing this level of flirtation to another level.  It helped that she provided me the view of her backside and her beautiful firm ass as she attempted to side-shuffle past me. 

Just as she got directly in front of me I straightened my legs and intertwined them between hers, causing her to start to lose her balance.  My "fast-reaction and thinking" allowed me to grab her at the hips and pull her right down onto the bulge in my pants as I "caught" her.  She initially reacted as I would have thought, surprised and shy, blushing at the feeling of my cock pressing against her ass.  It was her next reaction though that caught me offguard:

She let her whole weight fall into my lap so she could get the full pressure of my stiffening cock against her ass.  As she did this a soft moan escaped her lips.  Then, instead of immediately continuing her trip to the restroom, she almost imperceptibly started to grind on my lap.  From the grip I still had on her hips I could feel her legs part open. 

I took it as an invitation to explore, but as soon as I loosened my hands from her hips to slide them towards her thighs, she quickly stood up and moved into the aisle.  She turned to face me in the aisle and leaned forward bringing her face to mine so she could whisper to me: "Josh, you did that on purpose didn't you?"

"Maybe.  What if I did?"

"Then I just might have to do this"  She leaned all the way in and pressed her lips against mine.  Our mouths immediately opened and let our tongues quickly explore each other before she broke away and headed directly to the bathroom.  What a friggin tease!! 

I was left in my seat with my heart beating through my chest and my dick so hard it was starting to hurt.  This 15 year old with a perfectly curved body had me like putty in her hand.  Although right now I wish it were my dick in her hand instead.  The way this flight was going, that was a high possiblity.

Lori emerged from the bathroom and came back to our row.  This time she faced me as she moved sideways past me.  She leaned forward again, her scent was just as intoxicating as the drinks we had earlier.  I thought she wanted to kiss me again, but instead she whispered in  my ear, "I still feel chilly in here.  How about you sit next to me to help keep me warm." 

As she said this she slid something into my hand.Lori finished making her way back to her seat as I strained in the dimmed lighting to see what it was that she had given me.  It was a piece of cloth I could tell from feel.  The instant I realized it was her panties I felt more precum leak from my dick.  She had taken them off in the bathroom, and now had nothing underneath that skirt blocking access to her pussy.  She had pushed this taboo flirting to a whole new level, and I was sure to see how much further we could go.

I moved myself and my hard-on to the seat next to Lori.  As I settled in I lifted the armrest between the seats to allow her and I to be closer.  I took my blanket and covered us both up.

"It might be knid of hard to warm up without you underwear wouldn't it?" I asked her playfully.

"You have been so nice to me, Josh.  And I really like you.  I want you to touch me."

Who was I to deny such a request to such a beautiful and willing girl.  I brought my hand beneath the cover and slid it down to her bare knee.  She gasped slightly and looked at me in the eyes, it was the non-verbal "go-for-it" look that I needed.

I slid my hand up her nude thigh, feeling the material of her skirt go over the back of my hand.  It was very warm between her thighs as I moved my hand to where Lori allowed me to go when she parted her legs further for me.  I gently caressed her inner thigh and slowly moved to feel her soft lips.  Her mound was smooth.  She must shave what little hair she has growing down there.

The heat and moisture coming from her pussy was signalling to me how much she wanted this.  I rubbed her lips allowing some juices to flow out on them.  I then moved my hand up to her clit which I gently flicked.  The sensation caused Lori so gasp softly out loud and open her eyes to look at me.  It was a pleading look that she gave me.  She wanted me to make her cum.

I started to rub her clit slowly.  Lori purred at the movement.  She started to push her pelvis up to my hand, then she pressed her hands down on mine to give more pressure.  I quickened the pace of my fingers over her juicy clit as Lori leaned her head onto my shoulder where I could hear her soft quiet moans continuing to come from her mouth.

After about 30 seconds of faster finger movement on her clit, she pressed her hands down hard on mine and bit into my shoulder to prevent any scream from coming out.  As she climax I could feel intense heat coming from her mound.  I moved my hand back to feel her lips and the sudden flow of extra wetness that came upon them. 

I wanted to test how tight this gorgeous teen was, so I moved my middle finger to the slit between her lips.  I slowly pushed my middle finger into her and felt wetness and warmth envelope my finger.  As I started to move my finger back and forth, Lori reached under the blanket and brought her hand onto the bulge in my pants that needed some attetion which she was apparently ready to give it. 

She unzipped my pants and moved my boxers down so that she could release my 7-inch monster.  It was my turn to close my eyes as she wrapped her small hand around my cock.  The look on her face as she felt it was like a kid opening up a present on Christmas.  It was just what she wanted.

Together we moved our hands on each other.  My finger buried in her wet pussy, her hand slowly moving along my shaft.  The precum that had been oozing from my cock all night allowed her to easily slide her hand along my dick and down to rub my balls.  She was starting to get noticibly anxious and excited.  I had her squirming in her chair as I brought my index finer into her with my middle.  Just the two fingers were a tight fit.

It was then that Lori did something that I did not expect.  She quickly stood up and moved across me to the aisle.  She turned and leaned to me to whisper in my ear, "Meet me in the bathroom in 1 minute."  She had a desperate look on her face as she moved away.  She needed more than just rubbing and finger-fucking under the covers.

I adjusted myself back into my pants and took a look around for the flight attendants.  The all appeared preoccupied for the time being.  I casually got up from my seat and moved back to the bathroom where Lori waited for me.  I quietly knocked twice and the door cracked open.  Lori's green eyes peeked through to see it was me.

"There's no one around.  It's OK."  I said.

She moved back and I slipped into the tight bathroom.  Before I could even lock the door Lori already had her hands on my pants working on the button and zipper.  As I finally locked the door, Lori had my cock in her hands.  Our breathing was as fast as our heartbeats.  I pressed my lips against hers and our tongues met again.  As we tasted each other I moved my hands to her hips and lifted her up onto the small sink. 

I lifted her skirt to reveal her smooth pussy, still dripping from her earlier climax.  She lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my hips.With her hand still on my cock, she guided me towards her hole.  I felt the tip of my dick make contact with her warm juicy lips.  The head of my dick pushed her lips apart.  She broke our kiss as she gasped for air.  I kept one hand on her hip to steady her on the sink.  The other hand I moved to the bottom of her shirt. 

I slid my hand under her tight white top all the way to cup her budding tit.  Her nipples were erect and firm.  As I gripped her small breast in my hand, I pushed my cock further into her waiting pussy.  The warmth and wetness swallowed and enveloped my shaft.  I continued to push forward in sheer ectasy, until the tip of my dick hit an obstruction.  She looked up at me as I pressed into her hymen

"Yes, I'm a virgin.  I want you to fuck me and be my first.  This has felt amazing, and I want more."

"I'll go slow then OK.  I won't hurt you."  I moved my pelvis back and forth slowly.  Each time bringing my head to press against her virginity and stretch it a little further.  After a few minutes and she seemed ready I pushed even further.  She winced slightly as I started to break her hymen.  I back off and slowly pushed my hard cock back into her.  She gripped her legs around me as I pushed all the way in.  I held my cock still as she held on with her legs and arms. 

Once she relaxed her grip I pulled back out to let the tip of my dick rest against her wet lips.  She looked back up ino my eyes, "I'm OK.  It wasn't that bad.  Keep going, fuck me now, please."

I pressed my dick back into her again feeling her warmth and juices wrap around my cock.  She was so tight as I began to fuck this beautiful teen.  I kept a steady pace for several minutes, relishing the feeling of being inside of her.  Her legs matched the motion of my hips, bringing me as deep as her young body would let me.  Lori started pulling her legs slightly faster, and I could her her breath quicken.  I knew she was getting close to another orgasm

"Faster Josh, I'm gonna cum!! Oh god, yes!!"  She arched her back and I could feel her pussy tighten.  She amplified the feeling by squeezing her legs around me.  I pushed my cock in and out of her wet hole even faster, letting my orgasm build.  Hearing and feeling her cum on my dick was sending me over the edge.

"Cum in me, Josh.  Go ahead, I want to feel everything, even your warm cum filling in me."

That was all I needed as I felt the pressure build in my balls.  I had waited all night for this release, and here this 15 year old girl wanted me to let it go inside of her.  I pushed my cock as deep as it would fit in her and shot my first load.  Rather than pull out, I tried to push even deeper for the second as I grunted out my second and third.  I started to relax my grip on her as my last few spurts of cum erupted from my dick into her soaked pussy.

I stood still, with my cock still inside of her for a few more moments as we caught our breath.  My dick eventually slipped out of her as I softened, bring with it some of our combined mixed juices.  I gave her another passionate kiss, and lifted her off of the sink.  I brought my pants back up to my waist as Lori fixed her skirt.

Our escape out of the bathroom was uneventful.  I went out first after quickly peaking and ensuring the coast was clear.  After a minute Lori joined me in our row, sitting next to each other again.  We wrapped ourselves in the blanket and we shared one more tongue-entwined kiss before she layed her head on my shoulder and we both slept the rest of the way into LA.

After we landed, I accompanied Lori toward baggage claim.  "So when are you going to go see your father?" I asked.

"I'll just go and stay at a hotel for the night, then go find him in the morning.  I was going to have a taxi drive by his place now, just so I could see it first.  Get myself prepared and make sure that I didn't chicken out ya know.  I've just never met the guy, and I'm not sure if he even knows I exist."

I could tell Lori was getting anxious about it.  So in order to prolong our encounter and enjoy her company longer I offered to save her the cab fair and I would drive her myself.  Plus my being there when she drove by might help her calm down.

We gathered our luggage and made our way to long-term parking.  After we loaded up and got into my SUV I asked Lori for the address that she had found on her dad. 

"11 East Sutherland Ave" was her reply.

My heart jumped into my throat and I went pale.  "Lori, are you sure that is the right address?"

"Yeah, I found the guy's name in one of my mom's old high school journals.  She wrote that he was the father, but that they broke up after high school when he went off to college.  I searched for it and this is the address that popped up.  Why?"

"Lori, that is my address."

To be continued……..

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