good time

good time

So here I sit all alone. Fantasying about two people walking along the
shore of the lake talking to each other as they laugh, tease, flirt and
casually touch each other's arm, stopping at one point and face each
other as they talk and he leans in to softly kiss her lips.

Slow soft subtle kissing her patiently taking hers, warm smooth
tenderness as they lingered barely touching here. Her body melting into
his, as she tastes him slowly, tentatively she caresses the line of his
lips with the soft tip of he tongue. His hands' caressing her arms as
he softly pulls her closer to him taking her mouth in a deep kiss,
exploring her mouth with her tongue.

Eagerly she joins him their tongues dancing together. Soft moans escape
her throat as he slowly pulls from her his teeth gently tugging on her
lips as if he can not get enough of her. He smiles as he looks down at
her half closed eyes, desire and passion showing all over her face, her
body arching towards him, leaning into her he begins kissing her cheek
slowly making a path down her throat.

Soon he finds the spot that send shivers down her body and she begins to
purr from his touch. He moves his kisses upward towards her ear and
whispers in her ear. "Do you want me?" With that asked he continues to
kiss her neck just below her ear waiting for her to respond. She moans
softly as she nods to tell him her desires. He smiles "Tell me." He
prods to get her to speak.

With a heavy sigh she whisper "Yes… yes I want you." Her breath heavy
as she spoke, dizzy from the effect of his kisses.

"I want you to do something. Will you?" he asked still working his
kisses on her neck his hands begin to move to the curve of her waist,
his thumb gently kneading across her belly.

Breathlessly she answers "yes"

He smiles and whispers "take yourself to the bathroom and remove your
panties, then bring them back to me." He pulls away waiting quietly for
her to follow his instructions.

Slowly she nods as her mind come a bit more into focus she realizes that
he is waiting for her to follow his instructions. She steps back her
legs week from the pleasure he had just given her with his lips. She
makes her way to the bathrooms finding an empty stall she enters and
locks it behind her. She is already wet between her legs, her mind in a
fog from his tender kisses.

Lifting up her short skirt she slides the thin material down her hips
and her legs. As she holds them in her hands she sees the evidence of
her passion on the thin cotton. Smiling she reaches down with her other
hand and feels the soft slippery wetness he has created with his kisses
and gentle touches. As she anticipates what is to come from his
request, she tucks the panties into the pocket of her skirt. Sighing
she unlocks the door and goes to meet him again.

Casually he waits for her to return to him, smiling as she comes near.
He takes her hand into his and leads her as they walk.

"Did you do as I asked?"

Tentatively she replied "yes"

Looking at her he holds out his hand. No words spoken she knows he wants
them, reaching into her pocket she pulls out the light blue panties and
places them in his hands. He takes them gently feeling the damp fabric
between his fingers he watches her as she blushes from the evidence of
her wonton desire. Satisfied with the effect he had he slips them into
his jeans pocket.

Guiding her to a more secluded area of the beach, away from families and
prying eyes.

He stops and pulls her to stand in front of him. Quietly they stand
together watching the boats and fishermen go slowly by as they to enjoy
the solitude of the water and sun.

His hands start to slowly caress her arms as he prolongs the moment.
Slowly he moves them to her waist caressing her while pulling her
closer to him. Moving upward he find the under curve of her breast
softly cupping it in his hand, his thumb brushing against the side
teasing her ever so slowly. She begins to squirm beneath his touch the
ache between her legs becoming stronger and harder to ignore.

He smiles as she squirms against him "be still." His tone was commanding
yet still soft and understanding. He did not want her to make this a
race to satisfy their needs; he wanted to take his time with her.

Reaching up he moved the hair from her neck pushing the long dark
strands from what he intend to slowly devour. Whispering in her ear he
instructed her "stand still and enjoy the scenery, do not move." He
heard a frustrated sigh come from her lips. "Do you understand me?"

She closed her eyes and nodded. With this he began working his lips
against her neck. Her head slightly tilted to the side exposing her
neck completely to him, but he knew her eyes were closed he wanted her
aware of what was around them. "Open your eyes pet" slowly she did as
she was told, watching the boats go by as he tenderly kissed and
suckled on her neck. It was hard for her to stand still as he teased
her with his lips.

His hands began moving across her waist again reaching up under her
blouse he began teasing her through the fabric of her bra lightly
circling her hardening nipples. Her moans becoming slightly louder as
he teased her with his lips and hands, taking control of her body as he
touched her. .

She could feel the stiffening of his member behind her as he presses
against her round bottom; she smiled at the knowledge of his arousal.

He reached behind her with his other hand undoing the clasp of her bra
to give him access to the hard nipples he had created. With the bra
undone both hands free to take her breast he began slowly circling her
nipples with his forefingers, teasing her, wanting to hear her deep
heavy breathing as his tongue still assaulted the tender flesh of her
neck, feeling the quickening pulse of her heartbeat.

Soon she begins to realize that as they stand there not far from the
shore of the lake the boats are going slower as they watch the scene
unfolding before them. Her body begins to stiffen. He looks up and sees
that they are drawing attention of onlookers, he thinks a little more
of the show and he will take her deeper into the foliage, but for now
he will continue he playing with her in the open.

His finger still on her nipples e gently pinches them to draw her
attention back to his desire for her. She presses into him slightly and
he whispers "they can't see who you are let them watch and want while
they can, as for right now you are mine." Saying this he reinforced it
by pulling her closer to him his hand pressed against her breast as he
did so.

His hand begin to move down across her belly "close your eyes now and
relax." He whispered in her ear with a heavy breath. His hands moving
further down, reaching the edge of her skirt he traces the line across
her thigh, the tips of his fingers moving just under the fabric to feel
the warm skin of her thighs. Slowly moving upward her body more relaxed
as he went in search of proof of her desire, slowly moving upward she
groans her laid back on her shoulder as she parts her legs for him
giving him more access to her womanhood.

"Do you like this"

She nodded, moaning softly as his fingers probed her wetness, she
pressed into him feeling his hardness against her. She began to wriggle
against him, feeling the need to have him enter her, filling her very
core with his swollen staff.

Slowly he his fingers entered her tight wetness, as he penetrated her
she groaned, parting her legs further for him to have greater access to
her. Slowly he finger became two and he gently moved within her his
thumb pressing her swollen nub, circling it as he wanted to bring her
right to the edge but not yet let her go over it.

He watched the passing boats as they admired the scene that they had
created together, her body writhing beneath his touch. With his other
hand he move to her round bottom, gently pressing her to lean slight
forward he moved to feel the soft skin of her round supple bottom.
Gently caressing and squeezing the flesh beneath his hand, his finger
following the crease between them slowly and lightly caressing the
tender flesh.

He moved to her side giving him more access to her body he supported her
as his hand followed the line of her bottom to the wet entrance he
desired. His hand from the front tease and tantalized her clit as his
other hand began its invasion of her wetness slowly sliding in two
fingers as he move in and out of her, feeling the warm folds of her
skin wrap around his finger he groans from his desire of her, slowly he
moves his fingers in and out of her, playing with her senses.

She moans feeling him penetrate her from behind this way was thrilling,
exposed to viewers from a distance she begins to whimper and struggles
to move with him as her body tenses to the pleasures he is giving her.
He could feel her body quiver against him and he knew it was time to
find a more secluded spot.

She groaned as he slid his hands from their position. Reaching up he ran
his wet fingers across her bottom lip, allowing her to taste the desire
he had created in her. Leaning to her ear he softly spoke "it's time to
go somewhere else." Taking her hand he led her up into the hill looking
for the private spot that would give him the ability to take her
completely. Finding a soft grassy spot he sat down drawing her down to
him. He took her lips with his as her tasted the nectar that he allowed
her to taste still lingering on her lips.

As his kisses fill her he undoes his jeans freeing her hard stiff
swollen member. Taking her hand to his member she wraps her finger
around his swollen cock feeling her soft touch he groaned through their
kisses. She gently strokes him, feeling his heat as she pleasures him;
he lies back taking her with him his hands moving her skirt higher
exposing her skin to the heat of the sun and his hands.

She hovers above him as she stocks his hard cock feeling the wet cum
escape him to help with the movement of her hand around his staff.
Feeling the blood pulse within him. Moving her legs to straddle his
hips she slid over his hardness not allowing penetration as she
unbuttoned his shirt softly kissing his chest licking and tasting his
skin. Reaching his nipples she tried hard to tease him as he had done
to her softly caressing them teasing them with her lips and tongue.
Slowly moving down his body till her mouth reached his harness.
Watching him as her soft breath caressed his skin. Her tongue moved to
taste his hardness slowly moving up from the babes to the head of his
cock, teasing him.

His hips moved up to her mouth as she took the head into her mouth
slowly circling it with her warm wet tongue, feeling him throb in her
mouth as she took him deeper. His groans were all she needed to know
that she was having the same effect on him that he had on her.

His hands found their way to her hair he wrapped the strands around his
fingers and guided her on his harness. His hips gently thrusting into
her mouth, he could feel he was at that boiling point and he needed to
have her now, he needed to be buried deep within her warm folds.

Lifting her off his swollen cock he set her on her knees and moved in
behind her. With one hand on her hips he guided his hardness into her,
slowly he entered her wanting to feel ever sensation as he buried
himself deep inside her. She groans with frustration as she tried to
press against him but he held her steady, as he wanted to feel the
pleasure she was giving him.

Slowly he moved in and out of her feeling her tighten around him as she
came closer to a climax. He so wanted to feel her pulse around his
staff, his movement became more urgent within her as he took her and
made her, his for that moment.

Leaning forward her wrapped her hair in his hand and whispered in her
ear "cum baby" two simples word that at that moment were so powerful
that her body responded to his command, her body tense and shivered
beneath him, responding so willingly to his.

As he watched her climaxed he could feel the flood of her essence on his
throbbing cock. His thrust became more intense as he moved within her
tight nest. Her body tightening with each stroke of him, he suddenly
stiffens and presses deep within her his body shaking from the intense
please she has given him this afternoon. She moans from the pleasure of
him filling her as he climaxes within her.

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