Haley's Au Pair Adventure

Haley's Au Pair Adventure

“Please don’t make me stay with them! They are stuck up snobs! I don’t want to waste my entire summer working with them. Please Mom!” Haley stated begging her mother.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. Your father and I have had this trip planned for almost 5 months now. We have been talking about this and you agreed. You need to start saving up for college. You promised me. No ifs, ands, or buts. Pack your things. You need to drive over there before dark.” Her mother said defiantly.

Haley let out a frustrated shriek before stomping up the stairs to her bedroom. Her parents had been planning a 3 month tour of Greece for their 20 year anniversary. They had originally invited Haley but she had declined knowing all to well that her presence was really not wanted. Haley rolled her eyes staring at a picture of her and her parents at one of her volleyball games. She was smiling holding a trophy and her parents were looking at her, pride in their eyes. Now at 17 years old they just wanted her to work the entire summer while they lived it up in Greece. Haley opened her closet and pulled out her leather suitcase. It was not use in fighting it anymore. At least the people had a pool. She could get a nice tan while she babysat and did light chores around the house.

She started picking out clothes and packed them neatly in her suitcase. She would miss her parents but just maybe this would be a fun experience. After all, no parents had to mean some fun right? Plus, it wasn’t like she was going to be stuck with the kids all day. Just part of the day and then afterwards she could sneak out and meet up with her friends. Haley smiled. Maybe some good would come out of this after all. She quickly finished packing her clothes and went downstairs. Her mom and dad were at the counter talking in hushed tones. Haley approached them.

“Hey parentals. Umn, I’m heading out. I will miss you guys. Don’t have too much fun without me.” Haley smiled half- heartedly.

“Oh, sweetie. You know we will miss you! You better be looking out for goodies to because I’m going to be sending you lots of things from Greece. I will call you as often as I can and you better answer no matter what time it is!” Her mom embraced her in a big hug and kissed her cheek.

“Yes, and please be good while we are gone. I don’t want to hear from the Carson’s that you are acting out and half- assing your duties. I do love you though sweetheart and I will miss you terribly.” Her father said tearing up and crushing her in a bear hug.

At least they loved her still, Haley thought smiling. She hugged them both again and before she left they handed her a brand- new Blackberry World Edition and a Visa credit card. Haley smiled hugely to herself.

“Do not abuse this. It is strictly for emergencies. This phone is so that we can call you from anywhere and the charges won’t be as high.” Her father said giving her a warning look.

Haley laughed and took the phone and credit card shoving them into her Coach knock off hand bag. “I promise I won’t abuse the power.” She said doing air quotes with her fingers.

She kissed them both one more time and walked out the door heading towards her 2007 Toyota Celica. She slid into the front seat and turned the radio on. Some top 40 was blasting and she liked it so she turned it up more and tore out of the driveway heading to the Carson’s home.

The Carson’s were family friends. They had several children all younger than Haley. Haley was going to act like an Au Pair for the summer for the family. She would have several duties like cooking meals for the kids, helping them with their summer homework; which sounds awful but all of them were home schooled and their schooling was on a year round schedule; and light cleaning around the house. She would also take them to practices or games if the parents would be too busy. Haley didn’t really mind just as long as she was able to have her own room and her own time to herself every now and then. Plus it didn’t hurt that they paid extremely well.

She pulled into the driveway of their lavish home and got her suitcases. One of the boys, Parker, ran outside and helped Haley with her things. Haley smiled and thanked him. Wow, she thought to herself, he looked a lot bigger than she remembered. He had to be at least 3 inches taller than her. Did they really need an Au Pair? Parker was very good looking, probably 5’8”, 175 pounds, very muscular for only being 14, shaggy blonde hair, and the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen on a boy. She thanked him as he lugged one of her suitcases into the beautiful home.

Another boy, Landon, ran outside to help as well. He was only 12 but he also looked very mature and manly for his age, a smaller and less muscular version of Parker. Haley smiled, at least they were cute! The youngest was a 10 year old boy named Aiden. He had red hair and a smattering of freckles on his nose. He was adorable though, he rushed up to Haley and gave her a huge hug. Haley gawked. He was also very mature looking for being so young. They all had nice tan skin and the big green eyes. Aiden was the only one who looked significantly different because of the red hair.

They were all talking animatedly to Haley and she was trying her best to keep up. She had to keep reminding herself how hyper pre-teen and teenage boys could be. The parents had already left about ten minutes before but there was a note on the fridge with 50 dollars attached. The mom and dad were both on call neurosurgeons and they were hardly ever at home. Besides that a teacher came during the week to school the boys. But the boys were pretty much isolated. Haley felt slightly bad for them but when she saw all of their toys, electronic gadgets, and games lying around she didn’t feel as bad. Guess the parents bought their love Haley thought.

“Can we order pizza Haley?” Aiden asked giving her a shy smile. Haley smiled back, “Sure thing Aiden. What kinds of pizza do you guys like?”

“I like pepperoni,” Aiden said.
“I want cheese,” Landon said,
“I want Hawaiian pizza,” Parker said.

“Okay sounds good. Umn let me write this down and I will order it,” she said quickly writing it on a pad of paper.

“Can we go swimming before it gets here?” Aiden said tugging at her shirt. Haley rolled her eyes. Aiden was very needy.

“Umn sure. Let me call and then we can all change and go swimming for like 30 minutes. But we have to get out once the food gets here.”

All of the boys pumped their fists and ran to change while Haley ordered the pizza. The worker said it would be there in about 45 to 50 minutes. That would be enough time to swim and change before it got to the house Haley thought. The boys had already drug Haley’s bags up the stairs to her new room. She caught her breath as she opened the door. The room was beautiful. She had a huge bed with a vanity and a walk in closet. There was a night stand and an entertainment stand with a huge 42 inch flat screen plasma HD TV sitting on it. Haley smiled, she was in heaven. She opened one of her suitcases and pulled out a yellow skimpy bikini that had pink beading on it. She admired her body in the full length mirror.

She was good looking. She was about 5’5”, 140 pounds, long chestnut hair with blonde streaks, big brown eyes with long dark lashes, naturally pouty looking full lips, and a pretty smile. She had a nice physique from years of playing volleyball. Her breasts were her best feature. They had developed at an early age and she was blessed with a pair of perky and firm 34DD. Playing volleyball had always been hard because she had to pretty much tape her breasts down to keep them from bouncing so much but she did have the biggest male following at the games. Wander why she thought laughing as she pulled on her bikini top and bottoms. Her top was a little snug and it hugged to her chest making her breasts bubble out a little. She figured the boys would appreciate it considering they probably didn’t get to see many cute girls their age. She pulled on a pair of shorts, a shirt, and sandals. She grabbed a towel and headed downstairs. All of the boys were waiting in the foyer for her. She smiled at them.


“Yup,” they said in unison.

They all headed out to the pool. It was huge with a beautiful waterfall cascading down a bunch of strategically placed rocks. Aiden, Landon, and Parker took of their shirts and Haley’s mouth dropped. They all had 6 packs and well defined arms and legs! What the hell were they doing all day? Working out and taking steroids?! She tried not to gawk as she caught herself staring. She closed her mouth and took her clothes off sitting them on one of the layout chairs. There was still a touch of daylight in the sky. Tomorrow she thought I will be tanning! She saw as the boys took in her delicious looking appearance. She had a pony tie on her wrist and she pulled her hair up and some wispy pieces framed her face. The boys were now the ones staring as they saw her huge heaving chest. She giggled and they all blushed. There was a pretty sick looking stereo system sitting on the deck. She turned on some random station and rap music filled the air. She smiled and winked at the boys. Rap always made her want to shake her ass.

“Do you guys want to play a game?” Haley asked them.
“Sure what kind?” Parker asked.
“Oh I know what we can play. How about we play Marco Polo?”
“Yeah!” Aiden shouted.

Landon laughed and splashed him with water. They started splashing and laughing.

“Okay, stop splashing guys. I will be it first. Then whomever I catch has to be it. Remember when I say Marco, you say Polo. I will keep my eyes closed until I catch one of you,” Haley said clarifying the rules.

The boys nodded their heads and Haley got into the pool and she closed her eyes.


She heard a scattering of Polo’s, one of them sounded extremely close.

Haley repeated herself, “Marco.”

“Polo.” Haley reached out and she heard a laugh and someone trying to swim away. She felt a hard muscular arm try to push her away and she opened her eyes as she touched Parker.

“Ha, I got you!” Haley said smiling.

Parker laughed. “Okay, I guess it’s my turn.”

“Marco,” he shouted.

Haley swam off a little and said quietly, “Polo.” The other two boys were swimming up next to her and laughing as Parker looked around with his eyes closed. Haley’s hand was under the water and she moved it and she felt something hard poke her. She couldn’t mistake the familiar feeling. Dick. Hard dick. It was Landon. He was blushing but Haley waved a hand dismissing it.

“Don’t worry about it!”

That’s when felt something else poke her. Another hard dick!

It was Aiden this time.

“Damn, both of you guys are poking me. Are you happy or just excited to see me?” Haley said teasing them.

They both blushed.


No one said anything. “Aw come on guys. Play along!” Parker opened his eyes. He saw both Landon and Aiden looking at Haley with lust filled eyes. He knew the look all too well because he had given it to her earlier when he saw her shed her clothes and step into the pool wearing that tiny and very revealing yellow bikini. Haley was saying something to them in a hushed voice so he strained to listen. He couldn’t hear so he swam over to where they were and when he saw Haley’s bulging breasts threatening to pop out of her bikini his dick swelled. He tried to ignore it but she was smoking hot.

“Game over or something?” Parker asked.

“No. I just think both of your brothers are having um, you know, problems with their um, tools at the moment.” Haley said giggling.

Parker blushed and Haley looked down clearly seeing his boner. “OMG, you too! I guess I need to dress more conservative around you boys. I don’t want you to get blue balls because of me,” Haley laughed.

“Why don’t we just go inside change, start a movie, and then wait for the pizza to get here.” She said smiling at them.

The boys agreed that would be best and they all went inside to change. Haley put on a pair of loose fitting pajama pants and a tank top that had a built in bra. She hoped this would suffice because it was all she had brought. She went downstairs and the boys were sitting on the couch. They had got some drinks and were chatting amongst themselves.

“Have you guys picked out a movie?”

“Yeah, we want to watch American Pie,” Parker said.

“Okay, is that okay for Aiden and Landon to watch though?” Haley asked unsure. The parents hadn’t really left any rules for her besides watching them and cooking for them occasionally.

“Yeah trust me, it’s fine. We have all seen worse,” Landon said. Haley could only imagine what that meant. At that moment the door bell rang and Haley knew it was for the pizza.

She went to the door and a cute delivery boy was standing there with all three pizzas. He gawked at her boobs and stuttered as he said, “Tha… that will be $34.89.”

Haley winked at him and handed him the 50 dollar bill. “Keep the change,” she said in her most seductive voice. The cute delivery boy paled looking as if he had just cum in his pants. Parker ran over to help and he slammed the door in the guys face.

“What was that for?”

“He looked like he was about to jump your bones. Plus he’s a wimp. You need a guy with muscles,” Parker said smiling mischievously.

“Oh, really? Where do I find one of those.”

Parker sat the pizzas down on the table in front of the other boys and flexed his arms. They were huge! Haley coughed as she took a bite of pizza. “Holy cow Parker! How did you get so muscular?”

“Well years of being bored and stuck with these two. We work out a lot and play sports together,” he said.

Haley had to admit that muscles were her weakness. Parker looked damn good. Too bad he is only 14 though, Haley thought wickedly. She could feel her pussy dampening from the pleasant view and she gave herself a mental slap. She could NOT be attracted to the kids she was au pairing for. That would just be wrong. The boys all grabbed a slice of the pizza and Haley started the movie. About half way into the movie the pizza was completely gone and she had a sleepy Aiden head in her lap, another sleepy Landon on her shoulder, and another sleepy Parker on her other shoulder. Haley was trapped. She looked down and she saw a visible tent in all 3 boys shorts. The sight was making her horny. Aiden was rubbing his head on her lap very close to her clit and Haley was worried because it was starting to feel good.

Landon’s head slipped from her shoulder to her chest and she gasped as he started making himself more comfortable.

“Mmm… soft,” he muttered sleepily.

Parker leaned more on her and his hand snaked around her neck and was resting right on her breast. One of his fingers was lightly rubbing right on her nipple. Haley was trying not to breath because it felt so good. And after a night of hard dicks poking her she was getting hot for them. All of the sudden Aiden moved and his head was directly in between Haley’s pussy. He was breathing on it and his hand was pawing at her thigh as he made a pillow. Haley felt her pussy getting wet. Parkers finger was still massaging her nipple unconsciously and Landon was using his face to rub her other one. Haley didn’t know how much more she could take. She decided to try and get up without waking them. But before she could she looked over and Parker had his hand in his shorts and was stroking his hard length.

Great Haley thought, he’s having a wet dream. Haley was surprised at the length because at 14 he already had a bigger dick than most of the guys she had slept with. Must be all the ‘roids she thought giggling to herself. All of the sudden Parker’s hand came out of his shorts and he grabbed Haley’s hand and placed it on his hard cock. Haley gasped. It felt so good and thick in her hand. She didn’t want him to wake up embarrassed so she started jacking off his length while he moaned softly. Eventually his hand made it’s way into her tank top and he started to twist and pull one of her nipples.

Now Haley wasn’t sure if he was even asleep anymore. She looked over and his eyes were open. He was looking at her with lust filled eyes. Haley’s animalistic instincts took over and she leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips. He was only slightly surprised but he kissed back learning quickly how Haley liked to be kissed. She never stopped jacking him off and before too long he came hard cum pouring down the sides of his dick all over Haley’s hand. The other boys were wide awake by this point and staring at her.

“My turn?” Landon asked looking at her smiling.

Haley laughed relieved the boys weren’t going to tattle. “Okay, if you promise not to tell your parents. I will teach you about sex and pleasuring a girl. That way when you get to be my age you will be really good,” she said smiling at them.

All three boys practically jumped on her. Landon’s cock was straining in his pants so she pulled him to her first.

“Okay first off I’m going to jack off Landon, then Aiden. While I’m doing Landon though, you two need to learn how to pleasure a girl. So, Parker and Aiden you can play with my breasts and I will tell you if I like what you are doing or not. Let me take my shirt off.”

All three boys gasped as her huge breasts flopped out the tank top. Aiden’s hand reached up and he started rubbing it, “Yeah Aiden, that’s good, be gentle but rough. Oh, and girls love it when you lick and suck on their nipples. These are my nipples,” she said pointing to the rock hard lumps on her breasts. Aiden nodded and his mouth went to her nipple and he started sucking on it. Haley moaned, it felt great. Parker started rubbing her other nipple twisting and flicking it. Gosh, they are really good at this Haley thought.

Meanwhile, Haley started jacking off Landon. Landon’s dick was also a pretty good size for his age. She rubbed his balls and moved her hand up and down focusing on his head. He was groaning softly and after about five minutes he came hard all over her hand. He smiled appreciatively.

“That felt awesome,” Landon said.
“Is it my turn now?” Aiden asked smiling sweetly.

“Okay, sit here,” Haley said. She stuck her hand in his pants and started rubbing his smaller dick. He still was big for a ten year old though. She rubbed his head and slid her hand up and down lubing him with his pre- cum as she jacked him off. Meanwhile, Landon and Aiden were kissing and sucking all over her breasts. It felt incredible and Haley’s pussy was getting extremely wet. After about 3 minutes of jacking him off Aiden came all over her hand. He sighed in pleasure and leaned up and kissed Haley on the lips.

“I love you Haley,” he said giving her and impish grin.

Haley laughed and kissed him back. “I love you too sweetie.”

Parker and Landon leaned up and took turns kissing her on the lips. They were both pretty good maybe a little aggressive with the tongue but it wasn’t bad at all. She gave them compliments on their kissing abilities.

“Can we see your pussy?” Landon asked.

Parker and Aiden gave her a pleading look.

“Okay, but just look, don’t touch. Maybe tomorrow I will let you touch.”

She stood up and dropped her pants and skimpy thong. She sat down and hiked her legs up and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips. She saw Parker lick his lips and Aiden and Landon were staring at her naked body.

“Please let me touch it,” Aiden begged.

“Please Haley,” Parker said his voice gruff with desire.

Haley was already dripping and getting her juices on the couch. Good thing it was leather, she would have to clean this later! Haley gave in to the boys. They all looked so adorable and they were all taken with lust. Parker stuck a finger into Haley’s slit and she moaned as he started to finger her. OMG, she thought, he was like a pro! His finger was sawing in and out scraping on her g-spot. Her pink pussy was getting even more wet and she moaned softly as Aiden leaned down and started sucking on her clit. How did he know that girls liked that?! Landon leaned down and started sucking on her inner thighs and rubbing along her slit with his hand. These boys were like pros! She pushed them away and closed her legs.

“Umn, how come you guys are so good at that?”

They all blushed and looked guilty. “OMG tell me,” Haley said all sorts of dirty thoughts clouding her mind.

Parker spoke first, “Please don’t be mad Haley. We just want to make you feel good. We saw it on TV. We have this channel and it’s very very informative,” he said seriously.

The other two boys nodded.

“What kind of channel are we talking about?” Haley asked curious now.

“It’s a XXX channel!” Aiden said giggling and Landon hit him on the head.

“Show me,” Haley said.

Parker took the remote off of the coffee table and flipped from American Pie 2 to some XXX, NC- 17 rated TV station that had two women sucking and fucking each other with strap-ons.

“OMG, You guys watch this?! Your parents don’t block it?!”

“Nope. Please don’t get mad Haley. Don’t tell them. We really like this channel,” Landon said looking at her with pleading eyes.

Haley giggled, “I’m just shocked. Here I thought I was going to be babysitting some stuck up sheltered rich kids and you’re just regular teenage boys…”

They all smiled at her, “So can we practice with you still?” Parker asked.

Haley was so turned on. “Of course,” she said smiling wickedly.

“Can I eat your pussy?” Parker asked.

“Please, do it,” Haley practically begged.

Parker didn’t waste a minute. The other two boys watched as their brother pulled Haley’s legs onto his strong shoulders and his face dove into her pussy. He started tonguing her and licking up and down her soaking wet slit. The TV was still playing the lesbian porno. Aiden leaned over and started sucking on her breasts and Landon started making out with her. Haley was in heaven. These boys were treating her like a goddess and Parker’s tongue was giving her pussy a lashing she would never forget!

He slid a finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her while his tongue lapped at her clit. Haley broke away from Landon’s kiss and shrieked as she came hard squirting all over Parker’s face. Aiden stopped sucking her breasts to watch as she came. They were all transfixed as Haley shot out a stream of pussy juice. Parker immediately started licking it up but Landon pushed him away. “It’s my turn,” Landon said. Parker looked upset but he let his brother start sucking on Haley’s juicy pussy. Haley moaned as Landon started tonguing her.

Her pussy was in heaven. Aiden started kissing Haley and Parker started massaging and rubbing Haley’s breasts. Landon was more aggressive and he stuck 3 fingers deep inside of Haley and started frigging her cunt hard. His lips were sucking and nibbling on her clit. Haley bucked her hips up towards Landon’s mouth and she came again as his fingers shoved hard inside of her. Once again, she shot out the liquid and Landon sucked it up.

“Mmm, you taste so good Haley,” he said his mouth full of her juices. Aiden jumped down from kissing Haley and pushed Landon out of the way.

“It’s my turn!” Aiden shouted. Haley wasn’t sure should would be able to come again. She was so turned on though she thought maybe she could pull it off. Aiden’s fingers were smaller so instead of just putting a few in he stuck his whole hand inside of Haley’s dripping cunt. His little tongue was licking hard on her clit as he fisted her. Haley screamed, she didn’t think it could get any better, but it did! Landon was sucking on her raw nipple twisting and pulling the other with his hand. Parker was giving her the most passionate kisses she had ever had. Their mouths were crushed together and he was holding her to his face as she moaned into his mouth.

Little Aiden was resilient as his whole arm fucked Haley only getting faster and better. He bit down on Haley’s clit and it sent her over the edge as she had her third orgasm. She screamed and Aiden continued to pound into her until she stopped moaning. He pulled his hand out and licked it.

“Mmm Haley, you taste like candy,” he said sucking on his fingers.

Haley sighed. Her pussy was raw and she was fully satisfied. The boys cuddled up next to her and she held them all. Her boys she thought, they were just nymphos who loved to please her!

“Tomorrow can we learn how to fuck?” Aiden asked innocently.

Haley laughed kissing him on the head. “Sure sweetie.”

They all passed out, worn out from their sexual adventures and dreaming of what tomorrow would bring.

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