Hazel's Desire

Hazel's Desire

Chapter One

Today was the day Hazel had been looking forward to for a long time. It was the swimming sports day at Lighton Girls’ High School and that meant one thing for the cute little 14 year old: swimsuits. All day she could watch the girls parade around, their tight black swimsuits hugging their bodies, exhibiting many pairs of beautiful breasts, hundreds of pert asses and more luscious legs than Hazel could handle. However, the best thing about today was before and after the parading: the changing rooms. She couldn’t wait to slyly watch all the girls change into their black lycra leotards and hit the showers at the end of the day. Oh yes, today Hazel would be in some sort of lesbian pervy heaven.

This year Hazel had a little surprise planned for one girl that she particularly desired, a plan that would delight this young brunette’s eyes. Her target was Kate, the gorgeous blonde sporting voluptuous curves and one of the prettiest faces in the school. Hazel had had her eye on her for quite some time.

Knowing that Kate would go for a run before the swimming events leaving her gear alone in the locker rooms, Hazel made sure to arrive at school early as to execute her devious, yet delightful, plan. Nobody else was there when she arrived, just her and Kate’s schoolbag lying on the bench. Hazel smiled to herself and nervously sat down next to it. Looking around nervously, she unzipped the schoolbag. Inside lay a predictable assortment of essential teen girl relics including; eyeliner, lip gloss, a Cosmo and a packet of cigarettes. A bonus prize for the young girl, a tiny white g string lay tucked away to the side of the bag. Hazel proceeded to stuff it in her pocket hastily, ‘I’ll enjoy that later,’ she muttered to herself. One last check to see that no one could see what she was doing (if she got caught it would be the end of her) and Hazel executed her master plan. Not wanting to be seen by Kate when she returned from her run (though she yearned to stay, just to watch her shower) Hazel quickly chucked her bag over her shoulder and hurried off to have a cigarette before everyone else would arrive and the visual pleasure would commence.


Hazel was in heaven as so many beautiful girls took their clothes off around her. Glimpses of breasts, ass and pussies made her tingle in her pussy, though she knew the best was yet to come. She had deliberately set up camp near enough to the blonde goddess to watch her get changed without being noticed (a good thing I’m so quiet, she thought).

“Have I gotten fatter lately?” Kate turned to a half naked, brunette friend (also gorgeous), “This swimsuit seems so much tighter on me than last time I wore it.”

Hazel smiled as she watched Kate put on the swimsuit she had placed in Kate’s bag, an extra small in size; it was guaranteed to make Hazel cream herself just from looking at her. The black lycra showed every small detail of Kate’s damn near perfect ass, driving itself right into the crack and leaving a fair amount of cheek exposed on the sides. Hazel had fantasized about that hot ass many times; running her tongue along the cheeks, licking her asshole, she wanted to do so many things to that ass and the sight before her eyes now did nothing but intensify that passion.

Kate’s friend swatted away the mere thought of Kate not having a divine body, “Your body’s perfect, you know it. It probably just shrunk in the wash.”

Kate agreed, knowing that there was nothing wrong with her at all, and Hazel chuckled to herself, deliberately dawdling with getting changed so she could watch the girl she idolized.

Hazel felt her pussy getting wet which frustrated her as there was no way she could satisfy herself right now. Instead she kept watching, now looking at Kate’s pussy, barely contained by the tiny swimsuit. The memory of her masturbating in that swimsuit, cumming all over the fabric, the night before, delighted her as she thought of her pussy juiced mixing with Kate’s own. She felt another jolt run through her own pussy as she tried hard not to just go for it and get herself off right then and there.

To top off the amazing display of the perfect female body, Kate’s more than ample breasts were almost spilling out of her new swimsuit, fleshy delight amusing and exciting the cute brunette.

Hazel watched Kate walk away, mesmerized by the incredibly hot ass as it wiggled slightly with her walk. By this stage, Hazel stood in her panties, pink and cotton, as the last few girls left the locker room and proceeded to the school pool. Looking down, she was slightly embarrassed by the obvious wet patch covering the front of her panties, ‘Well at least no one saw that,’ she thought to herself.

In a moment of epiphany, Hazel suddenly realized that she was the only girl left in the changing rooms. Her heart was racing. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, but if she got caught she wouldn’t know what to do. After a few moments, Hazel decided that if she didn’t sort it out now, it would only get worse as the day went on, beautiful bodies surrounding her and all. Quietly, she slipped off her own panties and replaced them with the white g string she had stolen from Kate’s bag. Incredibly turned on by the voyeur activity, Hazel could think of nothing else but the fact that what had, just hours ago, been nuzzling in Kate’s ass and rubbing against her pussy was now doing the same to her. The thong was instantly wet with her juices.

She slid a hand down the front of the wet g string and started rubbing her pussy. The tension that had been building up over the last hour or so finally felt a thousand times lighter as she caressed her clitoris, tasting every inch of Kate’s body in her dry mouth, feeling every curve, kissing her passionately, then fucking her wildly. Finally, the great wave of an orgasm overcame her. She slowed her caress, gradually drawing to a halt, as she caught her breath. ‘Holy fuck I needed that,’ she spoke to herself.

Hazel looked up sharply. She thought she had heard a noise. Had someone been watching her? She started to tremble. If someone had seen her do that, word would get around and she would be the laughing stock of the whole school.

Outside, she could hear the sound of a crowd cheering on the athletes. The races had begun. Quickly, Hazel slipped out of the soaking wet thong, chucked it in her bag and jumped into her swimsuit. Normally she would take a moment to feel sexy in such an alluring piece of clothing, however, if she was not checked off the roll she would be in trouble.

Zipping up her bag, Hazel hurried out of the changing room towards the pool where she could spend the day admiring the view, keeping an eye out for her favorite form of visual entertainment, Kate.


After a long and glorious day of girl watching, Hazel walked home the usual way; through the town centre then through the park until she reached her house. The young brunette felt a little guilty about taking Kate’s thong (it was a very nice one), but her guilt was cancelled out by the fact that she was wearing it and feeling very sexual as she once again imagined Kate’s pussy rubbing against her own.

Hazel turned and walked down the park trail leading to her house. A voice startled her.

“I saw you today, in the changing room, after everyone left,”

Hazel jumped around and saw the girl she adored so much looking straight at her. She took a moment to admire her, still a bit wet, short skirt, hair glistening in the sun, but Hazel could not think of anything to retort with,

“And I bet you had something to do with my swimsuit being significantly smaller than usual, you little lesbo,”

Again, Hazel could think of nothing to say. She felt her whole face flush bright red.

So in that case, why don’t you come back to my house now?” Kate smiled, almost evilly.

Hazel was stunned. What did she just get invited to? Was she in trouble? All she could manage was, “Uh… okay, I guess.”

“Good,” Kate flicked her hair over her shoulder and started walking, “This way. It’s not far.”

A startled Hazel collected herself and jumpstarted to catch up with Kate both excited and nervous about what lay ahead for her.


“You wait here, I’ll be back in a minute,” Kate had left Hazel in her room still somewhat startled by the last ten minutes. On the short walk Kate had said almost nothing to Hazel, simply leading her through her house and upstairs to her bedroom. Kate’s bedroom was surprisingly boring. No posters or anything, just a large, double bed, a mirror, lots of make up and a cupboard. Hazel sat on the end of Kate’s bed as the blonde retreated to the en-suite.

“Now, if you want, you can take off that stupid school uniform,” Kate called out from the bathroom. Hazel still couldn’t really believe what was going on, but she was not going to pass on this opportunity. Hastily, she ripped off her tie, shirt and skirt, kicked off her sandals and turned to look at herself in the mirror. She was wearing Kate’s white g-string (still a little damp) and a white bra. She was slim and tanned. B-cup tits and a hot little ass making up the most important parts of her body at this present point in time. Hazel lay back on Kate’s bed and waited for the return of her dream come true.

Hazel was astounded by what she saw. Kate had donned the ‘gift’ Hazel had given her this morning, only this time she had made sure it was extra revealing, pulling it up so it almost completely revealed her ass, pussy and tits. To top it all off, she had covered her body in oil, making her skin shine in the light. Hazel felt herself get instantly wet at the vision of beauty standing before her. If she thought Kate had looked hot this morning, this was the epitome of all her lust. Kate twirled around for her, long, blonde hair flicking up, to show off her insatiably hot ass.

“I thought you might like it,” Kate explained to Hazel’s reaction, “I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time. I had my suspicions about you.”

Hazel couldn’t believe what was happening. She was about to indulge in everything she had wanted for the last few months, and she couldn’t feel better about it.

Kate kneeled over Hazel, one leg on either side of the stunned, young brunette, her pussy visibly enflamed through the leotard, and guided Hazel’s hands to her ass. Hazel squeezed gently, reveling in the perfect shape and texture. Kate leaned down and kissed her younger lover immediately and passionately. Hazel moaned, slipping her hands under the swimsuit to caress Kate’s ass. The ass she had dreamed about for too long. Gently, she ran one finger down the length of her crack to the blonde girl’s asshole.

“I’m going to let you do what you want to me first, then I’m going to give you a very nice surprise,” Kate told the girl who merely nodded in reply.

Hazel, slightly unwilling to stop kissing Kate, climbed out from underneath the stunning blonde and knelt behind Kate who was on all fours waiting for Hazel to enjoy her amazing body. Hazel pulled aside the swimsuit covering her ass and pulled her perfect ass cheeks aside. Without hesitation, Hazel plunged her face forward into her new lover’s ass and ran her tongue along the inside of her crack. She could taste the oil and flesh, though she really didn’t care what it tasted like. She wanted to be a dirty little bitch.

Kate moaned as Hazel tongued her asshole with gusto, lapping up any sweet juices her tongue could reach. As she licked away at her asshole, Kate slid her hand under the leotard and started to softly rub her wet pussy bringing slight satisfaction to keep her going for now the time being while Hazel enjoyed living out her fantasy.

When Hazel was finished licking out Kate’s ass, the blonde turned to her. “Now I’ve let you do that to me, and I cannot thank you enough, it’s my turn to do a favour for you. Seeing as you seem to like the ass so much, I think you should take that thong off pronto.”

“Whatever you say,” Hazel smiled and removed Kate’s thong along with her bra letting her cute little tits flop out. Now that she was fully naked, she lay on her back, the blonde towering over her, once again, a vision of beauty. Kate handed her a tube of lube then lay on her back, opposite Hazel. Hazel proceeded to rub the lube on her asshole, dipping a naughty finger inside for a glimpse of pleasure. When she thought she had applied enough, she looked up at Kate, gasping at the sight before her eyes.

Straining against the tight, lycra swimsuit was something seeming to grow from Kate’s pussy. It was long, reaching past her bellybutton, and quite thick. “What the fuck?” Hazel exclaimed, “That can’t be…”

Kate simply smiled at her and pulled away the leotard letting her large cock, which had extended from her clitoris, flop out in front of Hazel. “Impressive, huh?” she asked the brunette girl, “It quite often comes in handy.”

“But…. How the fuck did it just grow out of you?” Hazel was stunned once again.

“It’s a very long story, one that I’ll tell you afterwards, but for now I think you should just enjoy it.”

And with that, and not a word out of the astonished Hazel, Kate got on her knees. “Turn around and get on your knees.”

Hazel was now quite excited. She had always wanted to take it in the ass, and such a large cock would certainly prove to be quite exciting.

End of Chapter One

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