Hot and steamy in the Dressing Room

Hot and steamy in the Dressing Room

I had a couple very interesting experiences last week. I performed in a play with a middle school all week last week and in the cast of the play were two boys: both were 13 and both were cute and both can be mistaken for girls in their makeup and glitter. Well, I thought they were girls until intermission. I went backstage to go to the bathroom and there was one of the boys. A beautiful, fragile-looking boy that has the look as if he is going to be gay when he grows up is standing there at the urinal taking a piss.

It was a small bathroom so the only thing I could do was stand behind him and wait. I have this charming effect on little boys apparently and he turned around and he just kept staring at me like one of those special effects in a movie where guy and girl see each other for the first time and they are immediately in love. I think that I was falling in love with the way he looked at me, but our gaze broke and he went to wash his hands and I took the urinal. There was no barrier between the urinal and the sink, so guess where he was looking. Yes, he was looking at my large cock. I said, “Are you having fun, Ryan?”

He looked at me all embarrassed and said, “Doing what”

“You know”

“Oh yeah, well I didn’t mean to look, but I couldn’t help it.”

“I was talking about the musical.”

Extremely red he answers, “oh yeah, I am so glad to be having this much fun and being out of school” he tried to recover.

Well, I had germ-x in my instrument case so, as I walked by him at the sink, I grabbed his ass. You could tell he was shocked, but he just smiled and gave me another one of those looks. “Have a blast”

“I will”

After practice was over, he approached me and asked me if I would come and help him in his dressing room. Well, I wanted to, but I think that I knew what he was doing and I didn’t want my conductor to somehow catch me. But I agreed; I believe he wanted me to change a light-bulb that was high up.

He was leading me to his dressing room with his arm, and as we rounded a corner, he brushed up against my cock. He knew it too. He looked the other way pretending that it didn’t happen. So I got to his dressing room and it was pitch black. There was no light, but as long as the door was open, I could see. Well guess what Ryan did, he shut the door. He then led me to a chair by his mirror; he knew his room by heart. He said just step up and you should feel them. Well I found them I handed the burned out bulbs to him. I waited for another as an object started rubbing against my stiffening member. Yes, I was ready to take the boy, but I didn’t want to be caught, I would lose my job and then some. At the time, it still wasn’t as legal I’d like to say. The boy knew exactly what he was doing; he was feeling my crotch with his bulb. He said, “Take it already”

OH well, I thought, I will just give this boy what he wanted. I finished changing the light, but it was something that he could’ve done. He did stare at the bulge in my pants while I was looking up. But he said, do you want to see some of my old pictures from the former musicals and I agreed to. I was now hoping that this would go where I thought it was going. He opened up the scrapbook and three pictures of him naked with his co-star fell out of the book. I picked them up and looked at them as he was finding something that he wanted to show me; he didn’t see what I was holding, but I began to grow more in my pants.

By this time, I was ready to throw the boy down. But I am very patient. He says look at this one. I did; “Yeah, you’re really cute in that one and that one” I was just agreeing with him. He was wearing a white t-shirt with white jeans from the scene, he played earlier. So he gave me the book, and said just look at those for a second. He tried to unbutton his jeans, but the button just wouldn’t give, they were very tight. So what did he do, “Can you help me please?” by this time a Very big internal struggle was going on within me. Keep my job, or have sex with this little angel of a boy. After all, he is really seducing me right?

Well I was right. Underneath his pants was dark underwear. Black Hanes Boxer-Briefs. He was so very white, and his briefs were black, very dark. He said.

“I have hairs on my penis”

“Really, me too”

I foresaw this boy’s plans; he was very sneaky. He wanted what I had, and I was ready to give it to him.

“I bet you have more than me”

“Well, I’m older than you. I’m sure they will be bigger soon.”

“Sometimes My penis gets bigger all on its own” a boyish gleam in his eyes. I was buckling my seatbelt.

“Really, it happens to all of us. You just have to know what to do about it” He knew exactly what to do about it, but he was going to make me show him so I took the lead.

“What do you do” he said as he sat down on the bed next to me looking up at me.

“Well I’ll show you on this brush, take it around the top, by the way, are you circumcised, because it may be a little different for those people.

“I don’t know” as he pulled down his underwear. This was the moment I was waiting for. I saw the beautiful little uncircumcised penis as he pulled it out. Quite long for his age, but it called me.

I had to lie to him, “Well circumcised penises taste different than uncircumcised”

“Can I see if you’re circumcised,” he said as he looked at me such a straight face. It didn’t occur to me, why would he taste my cock to see if it is circumcised, would he know the difference? Well I didn’t know, but I said. Let me show you how to do it first. So I pushed him backwards on the bed, and slid his tiny underwear down his legs. I grabbed both his legs and just played with them for a second, they were great, muscular for his age. Athletic, at least. Watch this. I grabbed his thighs and I licked from his inner thigh until I got to his now very stiff, young boy cock. Then my lips wrapped around his penis as I worked his foreskin up and down with my lips as I swirled his penis with my tongue. The little boy was in heaven as you could tell by the way he was grabbing the sheets. He squirmed beneath my knowing mouth. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back and his legs were squirming and he was thrusting into my mouth. I had a massive boner and I was ready to stroke it, but I waited. I kept sucking this little boy and pleasing him.

He started making little sounds of pleasure little moans here and there, and then I could tell that the pressure was building inside him. His body started thrusting harder and harder until at one last thrust, he squirted a tiny bit of semen into my mouth. I said, “Yes, you are definitely not circumcised.”

“Are you circumcised?”
“Come over here and have a go, we’ll see if you can tell”

He looked happy as I pulled down my tux pants, got out of my underwear, and he locked his dresser door, it just occurred to him.

I lied down on his bed and instructed him to do the same thing I just did to him. So he squeezed my thighs, like a little copycat and licked from my inner thigh until my penis. Then He put he whole mouth around my penis and kept going up and down on it. I said
“What does it taste like, Ryan?”

“It doesn’t really have a taste, is that bad?”

“Well, it just means we’ll just have to have another test. He was already naked, so I asked him if he had any lotion lying around. He went to his dresser and opened a bottle and I instructed him to put some on his hand and massage it into my penis. He was staring at it so intently. Are you ready for the test? “Yes, Does it involve me” yes, you have to tell me how this feels, but be very quiet or you won’t hear the answer.

I told him to get on his hands and knees on the bed. I told him to be as quiet as possible. He obliged. I put lotion on one finger and massaged his eager hole. He grunted a little, but he kept quiet as promised. So I said, "here comes the test.” Be very quiet so you can hear the sound. I put my hard cock at the entrance of his cave, and I journeyed in. I pushed only so far so that he could adjust, so he would be able to keep quiet… then backed off and did it again. His mouth was opening and closing as I went in and out.

“What are we listening for?”

“Shh. You don’t want to miss it.

So I kept going in and out of him, but I increased the speed and how much I was putting into him, but he kept quiet the whole time, only deep breathing. I fastened yet again and this time I was really pounding him. The sound of my balls slapping his was the sound that was heard. This went on for another minute or two, the boy was getting hard again so I reached around the front with my lotioned hand and I swept his cock with my hand as I pounded hard against his flesh.

His mouth opened wider and wider and a few grunts came but he stayed quiet. I was feeling the pressure in my loins and I knew I was ready to spew so I once again fastened my pace as I was jacking this little boy off like crazy and more slapping of my balls to his and I thrusted harder and deeper and jerked him with higher caliber until I felt it was to great, all at once I pulled out and he gasped and I flipped him around and began fucking his mouth. It was too much for me as I had one hand jacking his cock and one hand behind his head guiding he had just given in completely. With a few more jerks I spewed into his mouth, and he swallowed some, and some spilled out of his mouth, the volume must have been too great for him to handle. I finished jacking him off and he thrust into my hand then I sucked his remaining thrusts and he had squirted 3 cum shots into my mouth.

We settled down and I asked him how it tasted. He said great, the only words he could say were great and awesome and fabulous. He was addicted to me. I’m a drug. I said “so do you think I’m circumcised or not,”

“You are circumcised.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I’m not a stupid kid.”

“Did you hear the sound?”

“What sound?”

“Damn let’s try it again but this time, Listen closely”

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