Just For You Daddy part 4

Just For You Daddy part 4

Dominick awoke before Mandy did, and lay there on the bed thinking about the two of them. Their relationship had evolved into a beautiful, loving relationship between a man and a woman. Mandy was no longer his step-daughter, but a woman, one he’d fallen deeply in love with. Valentine’s Day was just around the corner and Dominick wanted to do something special for Mandy.

Suddenly Dominick had an idea. Not only would he buy Mandy red roses, but rent a limousine and take her to one of the fanciest restaurants in town, which not only offered a great cuisine but dancing as well.

His mind went back to the time they first met. Oh how lovely she looked all decked out in that fancy dress. The outfit not only accented her long slender legs, but set off her sapphire blue eyes as well. He recalled the light scent of her perfume which tickled his senses when they held each other close and silhouetted across the floor.

Dominick then wondered if she had anything fancy enough to go with his black tie and tuxedo.

His daydream was interrupted when Mandy stretched and yawned.

She looked lovingly into his eyes and asked, “Good morning love, did you sleep well?”

He reached out to her, pulled her close, kissed her lips and said, “You, my dear, fucked the daylights out of me last night, and I slept like a baby.”

She flashed him a sultry look and purred, “You know you loved every minute of it too. Oooh honey, I just adore the way you make love to me.”

Dominick smiled and then looked her straight in the eyes with a questioning stare. “Mandy, I don’t want to change the subject, but I have a question to ask.”

His sparkling eyes glittered with sparkles of gold as she gazed into them. It was as if she could see clear to Dominick’s soul. Goose-bumps covered her torso, chills ran down her spine, and beads of sweat covered her brow. “Oh God, is he going to ask me to marry him?” she asked herself. Although the idea intrigued her, Mandy tried to shake that notion out of her mind, at least for now anyway.

She lowered her eyelids and suggested, “What do you need to know honey?”

While trying his best not to give her the real reason why, he confessed, “Oh, not much, I was just wondering if I could take you shopping to buy some things for you? I can see your eyes now and don’t worry about money, its all on me.”

Mandy’s eyes lit up as excitement beamed all over her face. She loved to go shopping and accepting Dominick’s offer to pay made it even better.

She kissed his cheek and squealed, “Dominick, I’d love to. When do you want to go?”

He laughed and questioned, “Good. Hey aren’t you off today? I was thinking we could go this afternoon?”

Mandy admitted, “Well I do need to go into work for an hour or two to file some papers. After that I’m free. How about we meet at O’Charlie’s for lunch?”

Dominick pulled her close, nuzzled her neck and uttered, “Sounds good to me honey, let’s say one o’clock. Now come here beautiful, I want to make love to you.”

Mandy nodded in agreement, snuggled up in his arms, and ran her fingers across his chest. She could feel the love he had for her radiate through her and it made her quiver with desire.

Dominick looked deeply into her eyes as he felt the heat of her hands upon his chest. His mind was filled with so much emotion that he found it hard to speak. As the memory of Rebecca flashed through his head, he shivered. She was the love of his life. Why it seemed like just yesterday when they’d been walking through the park, professing their love for each other while planning the rest of their lives. Never in their wildest dreams did they think it would end so soon. For two years he longed for her, missing her touch, her kiss, and how they made love.
Never in his wildest dreams did he think, after Rebecca died, would ever find love again.

Mandy watched Dominick and saw the distant look in his eyes and asked, “What’s wrong dear?”

Dominick lifted Mandy’s chin and replied, “My mind was just wandering through some memories of the past.”

She kissed his lips and said, “You were thinking of Rebecca weren’t you? I hope we can build as many wonderful memories as the two of you did.”

He smiled and promised, “We will darling.”

As their lips met the passionate ember inside of him grew went into a roaring fire, one that consumed them both.

Mandy parted her lips allowing his tongue to mingle with hers, doing the dance of lovers. Her fingers caressed down his chest until they grasped his hard cock, and she slowly stroked it.

She trembled from head to toe and purred, “Darling, I love playing with your cock. It’s so big and hard.”

He looked into her face and commanded, “Suck me Mandy. I need to feel your lips around it before I fuck you!”

Mandy moved down, positioning herself between his legs. While holding his genitals she flicked her tongue across his cock and balls, watching him quiver in response as a dewy drop of pre-cum formed at its tip. Next she ran her tongue across the juicy tip repeatedly. When Mandy knew he couldn’t stand it no longer she engulfed his tool and sucked it hungrily.

Dominick bellowed, “Oooooh fuck, Mandy, you sure know how to suck cock! Ahhh slow down, I don’t want to cum in your mouth!”

She arched her back, purred like a kitten and ordered, “It’s time to ride this pony, and put it away wet!”

Mandy proceeded to move upwards until she straddled Dominick’s hips. She held apart her pussy-lips, grasped his cock, and guided it into her drenched, pulsating hole.

He grabbed her by the hips as his cock entered the hole, sliding into it like a hand into a well-tailored glove. It caused her to moan loudly as his cock went deeper. Oh fuck she was tight, and the vaginal walls began milking his cock.

Dominick gazed up at her and exclaimed, “Ooooh baby, your cunt feels so damn good on my dick! Ride me honey, harder, ooooh fuck yesssssss!”

As she rode him, he reached down and began massaging her sensitive swollen clit.

Mandy threw her head back and slammed herself down hard on his cock repeatedly. Her whole body quivered as beads of sweat rolled down her back. She knew if she kept this up, her climax would run through her like a freight train out of control.

Dominick slid in and out of her hot hole and she watched him start toying with her sensitive bud. “That’s it baby, rub my sweet clit—harder, oh God, yessssss!”

Then Mandy did something he’d never seen her do before. She reached down, brought her left nipple up to her lips, tongued it, sucked it in, and then bit it.

Her actions sent his body reeling into high gear and Dominick didn’t know how long he could keep this up before blew his load. “Ohhhh God, I love it when a woman does her own nipples, it drives me crazy. Bite it again for me baby, I’m close to cumming!”

Mandy flashed him a devilish smile, then did the same thing to her other nipple. Biting it gently at first, pausing to watch his reaction, then harder, as a climax began to surge through her body.

As Mandy’s orgasmic spasm gripped his cock like a vice, she shook so hard that he had to grab her by the hips to maintain control. He rammed his throbbing tool as deep as it could go, spilling his seed deep within her.

Afterwards she leaned against his chest and stayed there until his cock slid from her pussy.

Mandy then glanced over at the clock. “Oh no, look at the time, I’d better hurry honey or I will be late for work.”

Dominick smirked and suggested, “Mandy, let’s take a shower together and save water!”

She threw him a questioning look and requested, “As long as it’s just a shower you can join me.”

Dominick lowered his head and frowned. “Spoil sport. Okay, I hear you. I’ll be good this time.”

She smirked, “Promise?”

Dominick sighed and replied, “Yes. We’d better hurry, doll, or you’re going to be late.”

They showered and dressed for the day. Mandy went to work, and Dominick put his plan into action.

After ordering the flowers and limousine, he made reservations for dinner on Valentine’s Day at the Fountain Restaurant, a chic eatery located in the Four Seasons Hotel.

He then got his tuxedo out and prepared to take it to the cleaners. As he felt the smooth material his mind went back to the last time he wore it. He was standing in a gazebo on the courtyard of the old village square. The area and building had been restored to their original designs of the nineteenth century. By his side was Rebecca, dressed in an 1800’s style wedding gown.

He wiped the tears from his flooded eyes and wondered if he’d wear the suit to such a celebrated occasion again. Dominick shook that thought from his mind, for now anyway.

He then took his suit to the cleaners. Afterwards Dominick glanced at his watch and figured there was no sense driving back home when he was to meet Mandy in an hour. So he walked to the jewelry store on the corner and picked out sapphire blue earrings with a matching necklace ensemble. He then told them to gift wrap it, he would be back at a later time in the week to pick it up.

At one o’clock sharp he was sitting in a booth awaiting Mandy’s arrival. Daydreaming of what she’d look like in a velvet blue floor-length gown he’d seen in one of her fashion magazines at home. It was elegant and classy, which was just perfect for her; the velvety material would caress her curves. Dominick envisioned the two of them sitting at a table in that elegant restaurant. Mandy’s long hair would be swept up atop her head with ringlets caressing her face and neck. Her earlobes and neck would be adorned with the jewelry he just purchased.

When Mandy entered the restaurant, she spotted Dominick across the room. When the maitre’d walked up to her and asked if she needed a table she told him no, she was meeting someone, and he was there already.

She pointed out Dominick’s table to the maitre’d. He escorted her over to it, pulled out the chair for her, and she sat down. He then informed them that their waiter would be with them shortly.

Mandy glanced over at Dominick and it looked like his mind was a million miles away. She leaned over and caressed his arm. “A penny for your thoughts, darling.”

He jumped and blushed. “Oh, hi honey. I was just thinking about this dress I saw in a magazine, and how good it would look on you.”

She grinned, wondering if he’d buy her anything she wanted. Like the blue velvet gown she saw in a Dillard’s window a couple of weeks ago. However it looked expensive. Maybe he would, after all he said he was taking her shopping.

Mandy batted her eyes and purred, “Well, I for one cannot wait to show you what I’d like to buy when we go shopping.”

Before long the two of them ordered lunch and were sitting there talking about places to go to shopping.

He took a sip of coffee and asked, “Mandy, what’s your favorite place to shop?”

She thought for a moment, then admitted, “Dillard’s, I like it because there is such a variety to choose from when I shop there. Plus the items are not too expensive, unless you’re looking at elegant formal wear.”

Dominick wiped his mouth and placed the napkin on the table. “Well my pretty, I think we shall go to Dillard’s. If you don’t see anything you like there we can go somewhere else.”

Mandy felt like a kid in a candy store. All of a sudden memories of her mother flashed through her head causing tears to come to her eyes. She recalled the many lunches and afternoon shopping trips the two of them used to enjoy. Mandy’s mother was her best friend, and a lot of fun to be with. Like the time they went shopping for her mother’s wedding gown. All afternoon her mother teased her about which man she’d like to see Mandy wed. Adding that maybe she should put a gown on layaway, just in case. They both laughed so hard her mother almost lost her balance. She fought back more tears, because she really did miss her mother.

Dominick saw the tears in her eyes, “What’s wrong honey?”

Oh God, she wiped her tears because Mandy hated to cry in front of Dominick. She then cleared her throat and confessed, “I was just thinking about mom, and how much fun we had shopping. In a way I miss her, but I know she’s at peace now and not in any pain.

A smile crossed Mandy’s face when she spoke. “You know something? I can see her now, looking down from heaven, pointing and whispering to the other angels, ‘That’s my girl. Oh she look’s so happy’.”

Dominick’s face went white as a sheet like he was guilty of doing something wrong. “Wonder what she’d say about seeing us together like this?”

Mandy touched his arm and smiled. “Knowing mom, she’d first ask if I was happy. After that she’d tell you to quit corrupting her daughter and marry her.”

Dominick laughed, “Yeah I bet she would at that. She was always playing match maker.”

They both chuckled and Mandy put her napkin down, stared at him and said, “Well Dominick, let’s go shopping. Then I can say my favorite word.”

He grinned, “Which is?”

She giggled and replied, “Charge it!”

The two of them walked arm in arm to the car laughing. In his mind, Dominick was saying, ‘Rebecca, don’t worry your pretty little head, I intend to marry your daughter.’

They went shopping and the best surprise of all came later on their special day…

On Valentine’s Day Mandy was putting on the velvet blue gown as Dominick donned his tuxedo. Afterwards he watched her with loving eyes, fixing her hair.

When she appeared to be done she was looking in her jewelry box for something to go with her outfit.

Dominick got the gift out of his drawer where he hid it, and held it behind his back as he walked over to Mandy.
“Mandy, my love, you look ravishing.”

Her eyes lit up with desire and she noticed he was trying to conceal something. She buttered him up first and said, “You look pretty dashing yourself darling. Now out with it, what do you have hidden behind your back?”

He brought his hand around and then gave her the gift-wrapped box, “I guess I cannot hide anything from you, huh? Open it darling, I think it will go splendid with your gown.”

Mandy slowly opened the delicate package with shaky fingers. Inside was a black velvet box. She carefully opened it and gasped when her eyes saw the beautiful sapphire jewelry.

She looked at him and admitted, “Oh darling, I have never seen anything so elegant.”

Dominick smiled and helped her with the necklace. He then stepped back to admire her. “Oh my sweet Mandy, you’re the most beautiful thing I have seen for a long time. Now we’d better be going.”

She questioned, “Yes, we should. By the way, where are we going?”

His eyes lit up and a devilish grin crossed his face and he replied, “You’ll see, grab your shawl honey, the limo just pulled up.”

Her eyes went wild with excitement and it looked as if Mandy might pass out. “A limo, oh God, I have never rode in one of those.”

Dominick reached out, pulled Mandy close so she wouldn’t collapse, and kissed her passionately. “Well Mandy, let me put it this way. I want you to have the best of everything tonight, because we are officially celebrating, the first day of the rest of our lives, together.”

Soon, the limo whisked them off to the restaurant. Mandy held Dominick’s arm tightly as she looked around the spacious vehicle. “Oh darling, I have never seen anything this gorgeous.”

Dominick kissed her and answered, “Only the best for you my baby.”

Mandy couldn’t get over the size or beauty of the elegant restaurant. She held onto Dominick the whole time for fear of passing out from excitement.

She couldn’t believe her eyes after they were seated, because the first thing served was champagne and caviar.

Mandy gazed into Dominick’s loving eyes, lifted her goblet and toasted, “I’ll be yours forevermore. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling.”

As their glasses clicked Dominick told himself, “The best is yet to come, my precious Valentine.”

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