Kim Possible (The Better Revised Version)

Kim Possible (The Better Revised Version)

Kim was in the hallway at school and bonnie told Kim that she wanted to talk to her after cheerleading practice's today. Kim was standing at her locker when Ron came up behind her and started to rub her pussy through panties, Kim turn her head and told Ron to stop, but he kept it up and told Kim he want to fuck her. Kim told him that she had to get ready for practice.

It was after cheerleading practice, and Kim and Bonnie we're the only ones left in the locker room. Kim was just getting out of the shower when Bonnie pushed her down to the floor, and when Kim hit the floor Bonnie pinned her down and spread her leg wide open. With Kim legs wide-open Bonnie start to lick her pussy with Kim yelling at her to stop and Bonnie look up at her then told her to shut up. The whole time Bonnie is eating her pussy her cock started to grow rock hard 9 inches long. After Bonnie got Kim soaking wet she stood up then said “Bitch suck my cock.” Kim started to back up near the wall, “What is the fuck wrong with you Bonnie?”. Bonnie looked at her then said, “First your my property, it doesn't matter what u think and second I am a hermaphrodite now suck my cock bitch!”

Kim got on her knees and started to suck on the head of her cock. While Kim was sucking on the head of her cock Bonnie put her hands on the back of her head making Kim started take more of her cock into her mouth as Bonnie started to fuck Kim's mouth making her deep throat her cock. She held her cock in the back of her throat making Kim suck harder and faster on her cock while she was trying to make Kim gag on her cock… Bonnie let out a chuckled as she looked down at her. “Now it time for me to fuck your pussy bitch” Bonnie pushed her to the floor then told her to spread her legs wide open…

Bonnie got in between her legs and aimed her cock at Kim pussy as she pushed it into her. Kim was begging her to stop and to let her go, but Bonnie just slammed her cock into Kim cunt she found out that Kim was a virgin. Bonnie looked at her, “Not only am I making you mine I also took your virginity.” Then she started to fuck her harder, slamming her cock in and out of her as she gradually increased her pace. Kim started moaning “Harder Bonnie! Fuck my pussy hard!” she said begging. Bonnie was fucking as hard as she could feel Kim's cunt muscles on her cock as she was slamming her cock in and out of her cunt, as Bonnie was fucking Kim harder and faster she grabbed her by the neck hard and looked at her. “Who’s my bitch?” Kim moaned and choked as she looked back up at Bonnie as she began to cum on Bonnie’s cock. “You are Mistress Bonnie.” Bonnie let go as she slammed into Kim hard and came deep inside her pussy.

Bonnie got up and went to the shower while Kim got up and started to get dressed. As Bonnie was taking her shower, she looked back and sax Kim getting dressed. “What the fuck do you think your doing bitch?” “I'm getting dressed.” Kim replied as she froze looking at Bonnie. “Did I say you could you could get dressed bitch?” Bonnie asked as she slapped her hard. “No.” “Then drop the clothes bitch until I say you can.” Kim dropped her clothes. “I have some rules for you to follow bitch.” She said walking around her. Kim didn’t look at her and asked “What rules would those be, Mistress Bonnie?” Bonnie looked at her “First, when I said follow me, you follow. No questions asked, Second Stoppable is to keep his hands off of you at all times. Third, when I rub your pussy, that is to let you know I want to fuck you, and lastly, you are not allow to wear any panties or bras any more. From now on you are to wear skirts.” Bonnie finished giving Kim the ground rules as she walked back into the shower. “Bitch now get your ass over here, I have something new for you to try now bitch,” she said as Kim followed her in. “What do you mean Bonnie?” “Kim have you ever ate pussy before?” No and I don't plan on eating pussy Bonnie” Kim protested as Bonnie threw her onto the floor.

“Well your wrong again bitch, because that is what you’re going to be doing” Kim looked at her. “But I need to be getting home.” “Your not going anywhere until you get done eating my pussy bitch, so you better get started if you want to go home. And don't make me hurt you more than I already have bitch” Kim crawled on her hands and knees towards her. Bonnie opened her legs enough for Kim’s head to fit in between her legs as she move her tongue across Bonnie's pussy lips back and forth. “You better start doing a better job before I hurt you bitch,” Bonnie threatened. So Kim stuck her tongue into her pussy and moved her tongue across Bonnie's clit. Bonnie looked down at her with an mischievous grin, “You keep that up and you’ll get my cock in your mouth again. So you better not stop what you’re doing to my pussy, because getting my cock in your mouth is just something extra in your mouth beside my pussy bitch”

Kim kept sliding her tongue in and out of Bonnie's pussy as she increased the movements of her tongue more. Bonnie moaned as she looked down at Kim. “You must really want my cock in your mouth bitch. Keep it up… it feels wonderful.” After several minutes, Bonnie started to have an huge orgasm as she was cumming into her mouth. She started to feel her cock growing into Kim's mouth. Bonnie held her head against her pussy as her cock fully filled her mouth. Kim started sucking on her cock trying to make Bonnie cum again/ Kim was swirling her tongue around Bonnie's cock as she sucked harder and faster. Bonnie couldn't take it and started cumming, making Kim swallow it all down.

After Bonnie was done with her, she looked down at Kim, “Now you can get dressed. Then wait for me once your done so that when we leave, you will go home and go to sleep. When get to school tomorrow and see Ron, you will him tell him what I told you. Do u understand bitch?” “Yes but Ron and I are good friends, so why can't he touch me?” “Because I own you, and I don't want him touching my property. He is to keep his hands off of you unless I say other wise, do u understand bitch?” “Yes I understand Bonnie.” Kim replied nodding.

The next day Ron walked up to Kim and was about to touch her when Kim stopped him and said to him, “Ron, don’t touch me ever again.” Ron just looked puzzled, “But why not KP?” “Because I am seeing someone Ron.” Ron just looked at her as if someone stabbed him through the heart. “But I was hoping you and I could start seeing one another. “I’m sorry Ron, but someone else decided for me and I am seeing her instead.” Ron started to walk away just as Kim started to say something to him Bonnie started to rub her pussy.

Kim looked at her and knew what she wanted. Bonnie looked at her and grinned. “I can't wait until lunch, because I'm going to fuck you so hard, that you’ll be begging for more after school.” Kim just looked at her and smiled. Bonnie stood there and was thinking of how to humiliate her even more as she came up with an idea.

Bonnie looked at her as she slipped a finger into her pussy. “How about we let Ron catch you eating my pussy bitch?” Kim had the look of fear in her eyes as she moaned softly, Bonnie liked that, “That’s what we’ll do.” Bonnie was thinking of a way Ron could caught Kim eating her pussy.

“After he gets done eating, tell him to come to the gym.” Bonnie said removing her hand from her pussy. Kim looked at her, “But we will be in the gym right Mistress Bonnie?” “Yes bitch we will. That’s why you’re going to tell Ron to come to the gym after he gets done eating.” “But won't he catch me doing something to you?” Bonnie smacked her and made sure no one saw. “That is the whole point of him coming to the gym” Kim looked at Bonnie again, “But won't he find out that you have a cock?” Bonnie shook her head and chuckled, “No, because I would’ve cummed in your tight pussy by then. Now go to class bitch.” “Yes Mistress Bonnie.” Kim headed to her next class when she had seen Ron.. She walked up to him, “Hey Ron, when you get done eating during lunch, come to the gym” “But why Kim?” Ron asked. “Bonnie has something she wants to show you.” “Ok.” Was all that came out of Ron’s mouth as Kim walked away.

Kim was in class doing her homework getting it done so she didn't have to worry about it later. There was two periods left before lunch and she knew what was going to happen. She didn't want it to happen, but she couldn't say no to Bonnie. As she was sitting there thinking about what Bonnie had done to her last night was making her pussy wet.. She couldn't hide the fact that she was getting wet because Bonnie told her she couldn't wear any panties anymore. Kim didn't like the idea of sitting in class without wearing any panties but she didn't want Bonnie to hurt her like she did last night….

Bonnie was sitting in class thinking about how she was going to fuck Kim before Ron came into the gym and caught Kim eating her pussy. She was smiling when one of her friends asked her what she was smiling? Bonnie looked at her, “I was thinking about last night after cheerleading practice.” Then she went back to think about her plan on how to fuck Kim so she could cum quick, and Ron wouldn't find out that she was a hermaphrodite. All she wanted was to have Ron out of the way so she could have Kim all to herself.


Kate was sitting at home wondering on how to tell Kim that her Dad wasn't her real dad. When she was in collage, she was seeing someone else then. The only reason she was not with that person now, was because she is with her husband. Because he found out that she was pregnant and decided that he was going to marry her because he thought he was the father of the child. She couldn't tell him that her roommate was the one who got her pregnant and not him. Since Kim turned 16 she had been thinking of a way to tell Kim that her real father is Shego. She know Kim's been fighting when she goes to stop Drakken evil plans.
She hasn't even told Shego that they had a child, not to mention she didn't even know how to get in touch with Shego, so she could tell her that they have a daughter. She wanted to tell both of them but didn't know who to tell first Kim or Shego. She knew that she wasn't going to tell her husband that Kim wasn't his child. She knew that Shego and Kim needed to know the truth


Ron was sitting class thinking about what Bonnie wanted him to see. The more he thought about the hornier he got. He wanted to fuck Kim so bad, but she wouldn't give him the time of day. He wanted to know who Kim was seeing, and find out why that person did not want him to touch her at all. He was thinking about that all the way though class, but he didn't hear the bell ring. He was still sitting in Math class when Bonnie walked in and asked him, “what are you was doing in here?” Ron let out a nervous chuckle, “Must of dozed off there for a minute.” he said grabbing his stuff and left.


Shego was sitting at the computer thinking about Kate and wondered why she just packed up she stuff and left with out saying bye. Shego was trying to figure out what she did for her to leave. She decided to grab the phonebook and give her a call she wanted to know why Kate just left with out saying bye. So she had found her number and gave her a call. Kate answered the phone and heard Shego chuckling on the other end. “I never did figure out you left me back in college.”

“I didn't mean to leave without saying bye Shego, but my husband wanted us to go and get married right then and there because I was pregnant with your daughter. He thinks your daughter is his. That’s why I left like I did, because he decided to marry me.” “You mean KIm is my daughter? Shego asked puzzled. “Yes she is your daughter Shego, but Kim doesn't know about you being her father yet” Shego let out a small laugh. “So Kim been defeating Drakken and I without knowing us knowing the truth.” “Yes that is right Shego.” Kate said


Ron had found Kim and asked her what was going on with her. “What do you mean Ron?” “You’re hanging around with Bonnie and she treats you like shit. All you do is kiss her ass like you belong to her. Kim looked him, “Ron, Bonnie is a nice person and she just letting out some steam.” “But she is taking it out on you Kim, you don't need anyone treating you like that” “Ron as long as I don't mind that is all that matters doesn't it Ron?” “Well yes, that is all that matters, but she doesn't care how you feel or anything. All she is doing what she wants, and that is pleasing her isn’t it Kim?” “What is really bothering you Ron?” “Ok Kim, who are you seeing that don't want me to touch you at all?” “Ron the person I am seeing don't want anyone touching me but that person. So you have to get used to not touching me got it?” she said frustrated at Ron. “Yes Kim, no touching, but can I still shake your hand and give you a hug once in awhile?” “I don't know I will have to ask. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be late to science class.” She said leaving in a hurry.

Kim was sitting in Science class writing a note to Bonnie if it would be all right for her and Ron to shake hands and to give each other a hug once in awhile…She didn't think there was anything wrong with her and Ron shaking hand or giving each other a hug, but she knew it wasn't up to her it was up to Bonnie….After class she saw Bonnie and gave her the note… Bonnie told her after next period we will be going to the gym for me to fuck your brains out and for Ron to caught u eating my pussy….All Kim was do was stand there and shake her head yes she didn't want Ron to caught her serving Bonnie at all, but she knew it was up to her it was Bonnie that had decide that was going to happen…


Shego was telling Kate that she was so horny and how she wanted to bend her over the table and fuck her until she fills her cunt full of cum. Kate was sitting there moaning and thinking about how wonderful it would feel. “I know where you live Kate, I just might come over and fuck you slut. How would you like that?” “I can get us a hotel room that way you can fuck me with out anyone catching us” Kate replied quickly. That will be great slut. I will call you when I decide to come over” “Does Drakken know that she was a hermaphrodite?” “No he doesn't. He hasn't even seen me naked. I only want one person that is you. I will come over there take you to the hotel later and fuck your brains out slut.” “I can't wait until u come here to fuck me Shego.” Kate said moaning with anticipation. “I will call you when I get ready for you slut.” “Ok Shego I will be waiting.”


Kim looked up at the clock and noticed that it was five minutes until lunch. She knew when the bell rang; she was going have to go to the gym so Bonnie can use her any way she wants. Kim was hoping the bell won't ring and couldn't wait for the bell to ring. She was wearing a pink blouse and a skirt; no bra or panties, just like Bonnie ordered her to. The bell rang and Kim walked out the door headed to the gym so Bonnie could use her as she wishes. When Kim walked into the gym it was crowded. She knew there was no way her and Bonnie could do anything during lunch today. Bonnie came up to her and grabbed her by the wrist. “Lets go.” “What about Ron? He won't be able to catch me eating your pussy.” “Yes he will. I told a friend to tell him to come to the girl's locker room and knock on door. Now lets go, I want to fuck your brains out bitch.” Bonnie and Kim went to the girl's locker room once there were in the locker room Bonnie took off her panties and told Kim to bend over against the wall. Once she bent over, Bonnie slammed her cock into her as Kim let out a loud moan. Bonnie began fucking harder and faster, sliding her cock in and out of Kim pussy, not caring if anyone was heard Kim moaning or not. She was slamming her cock in and out of Kim’s pussy like it was nothing. Right when Bonnie started to cum inside Kim there was a knock on the door, Bonnie asked, “Who is it?” “It me Ron can I come in?” In a minute, just wait ok? Bonnie slammed into Kim cunt hard and filled her cunt completely with cum. Bonnie sat down and spread her legs as she looked at Kim. “Come over here and get busy.” As soon as Kim started to eat Bonnie's pussy, “Come in Ron.” When Ron walked in to the locker room he saw Kim eating Bonnies pussy. “What the hell Bonnie your a girl not a boy, so why is Kim eating your pussy?” “Because I told her to don't she look nice eating pussy?” Bonnie said with a small moan. “Fuck that. Kim, forget it. I don't want to be your friend anymore” Bonnie was sitting there, “You know nobody going to believe that you caught me and Kim doing anything together.” Ron stood there, “I am standing here watching Kim eating your pussy so why won't they believe me?”…. Because I told everyone that you will make up stuff about Kim and me because the person Kim is seeing.” “Yeah, and the person she is seeing is you.”

“She not seeing me Ron, I own her I made her my bitch Ron.” “All she has to do is quit listening to you Bonnie.” “She won't Ron. I took her virginity and if she even thinks about disobey me I will take her virgin ass. So keep your hands off. You said it yourself, you and Kim are no longer friends because she is eating my pussy and liking it” “Bonnie no way that Kim going to keep serving you like this. “Yes she is Ron, she not going to stop no matter what Ron. I have complete control over her. Now stand there and be quiet or leave.” Ron stood there and watched Kim eat Bonnie's pussy as Kim brought Bonnie to an orgasm. As Bonnie was enjoying it her cock started to grow in Kim mouth. Bonnie held Kim’s mouth up against her pussy as Kim started sucking her off.

As Kim sucked harder and faster swirling her tongue around her cock, Bonnie just sat there and enjoyed it. Having Kim sucking her cock harder and faster, Bonnie wanted to start fucking her mouth, having her cock slide in and out of her mouth, but she couldn't do that because Ron was standing there watching Kim suck her off.

Kim was sucking harder and faster as Bonnie started moaning she was staring at Ron. “Like what you see Ron? She’s enjoying eating my pussy.” “There is no way she is enjoying it. You’re holding her head up against your pussy Bonnie.” “Ok Ron to show you she’s is enjoying it, I'll move my hands away.” Once she did, Kim kept her head right where it was sucking harder and faster as Bonnie started moaning louder. “See Ron, she loves it.” “No fucking way.” Ron continued to protest. Right before Bonnie said anything she started to cum into Kim's mouth. Kim started swallowing all of her cum down her throat and smiled at Bonnie.

Once Bonnie cock was gone Kim turned around, “Bonnie isn’t making me do anything I don't want to do understand?” “But you said you were seeing someone and Bonnie told me you her property. So who is right you or Bonnie?” “Both of us Ron. I am seeing her and she does own me,” When Ron was about to say something Kim moved up to Bonnie and kissed her on the lips. As soon as she was done kissing Bonnie, Bonnie looked up at Ron and grinned, “See Ron Kim kissed me willingly and she will do anything I tell her to do.” “Kim I meant what I said.” “Ron I don't want to lose you as a friend, but I'm not going to stop see Bonnie either.”

“But what about me?” Ron asked, “I never said u couldn't be friends with her,” Bonnie pointed out, “I just said u can't touch her. You want to see her naked?” “Yes I do, but I want her to show because she wants to, not because you told her to show me.” “Bitch strip.” Bonnie ordered. “Yes Mistress Bonnie.” Kim said complying. “Kim, stop it. You don't have to do it.” “If you don't want to watch you can leave Ron.” Bonnie said to him. As Kim was taking off her clothes, Bonnie looked at Ron, “You’re not leaving?” Once Kim was standing in front of him naked, Bonnie chuckled as she started rubbing Kim’s pussy, “You want to fuck her don't you Ron?” “Yes I do want to fuck her.” “Too bad now get dressed bitch.” Kim started to get dressed as Bonnie noticed his hard-on. “Now you will have something to masturbate to now.” After Kim was dressed, her and Bonnie got up to leave. “So your going to leave me with a hard-on?”. “Yes I am the only one I care about getting pleasure from her and that is it.” Ron kept begging, “Kim come on let me fuck you just once, please Kim?” “Bonnie said no Ron. So there is no way you are going to get me to fuck you at all Ron.” Kim said in a frustrated tone. “But I want to fuck you so bad it hurts.” “Too bad Stoppable she is off-limits to you and everyone else so forget about it” she turned her attention over to Kim, “Bitch go to your next class and I will see you at cheerleading practice.” “Ok see u there.”

When Kim was heading to class a teacher came running up to her. “Kim you got a phone call.”. “Who is it?” She asked. “It’s your mom Kim”. “Ok thanks.” Kim went to the office, picked up the phone and began taking to her mom. “What do u want mom?” “Kim I have something to tell you, so come home right after school.” “Mom I have cheerleading practice.” “Kim I want you home right after school. No mater what do, understand.” “Yes mom. I will tell Bonnie that she will have to be taking over practice tonight.” “Good tell Bonnie what u have to tell her then come home.” “Yes Mom,” she said finishing the conversation with her mom with a frustrated sigh.

When Kim got off the phone she went and found Bonnie. “Bonnie I need to go home and I will see u tomorrow.” “Did I say you could leave? No but my mom want me home and I need to go because she has something to tell me.” “Ok go, but tomorrow you will pay for making me wait.” Kim started to leave when Bonnie grabbed her arm. “You better be here tomorrow no matter what understand? Yes, I understand. I will be here tomorrow.” When Kim got home she found her mom sitting on the couch waiting on her. “Mom, what’s so important that you had to tell me?” “I have to tell u who your real father is.” “Mom what do u mean?” “Your real father isn’t your dad.” “Mom your not making any sense.” “Kim your real father is Shego.” Kate said admitting her secret to her. “Mom, now you’re just trying to make me laugh.” “No Kim I am telling you the truth no lying at all.” “But Shego is one of the people I save the world from, so there is no way she can be my father Mom.” “Sorry Kim but she is your father and there is nothing I can do to change that I am sorry Kim.” “Mom I want a test to prove it.” “Ok Kim.”

“Mom just how can Shego be my father when she is a woman?…”Kim, Shego is a little different than other girls.” “Mom, are you saying that she is a hermaphrodite?” “Yes, that is it Kim” She knew how to make a girl to have orgasms. It was the best sex I ever had Kim.” “Mom I don't need to be hearing this, and beside I know how it feels when a hermaphrodite has sex with you.” Kim how do you even know that? Your still a virgin,” her mom said in concern. “No I'm not mom. I have had sex with a hermaphrodite, she made me her bitch.” Who is she Kim? I want to know who made my daughter there bitch?” “Mom, I'm not going to stop being with her no matter what.” Who is she Kim? Tell me right now Kim.” “Why mom you had sex with Shego. I bet your her bitch.” “Because I want to know Kim. And I'm not her bitch I'm her slut. Now tell me who it is Kim.” “Ok Mom, it’s Bonnie, I am her bitch.”

To Be Continued for the revised second chapter

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