Letter to a "Friend"

Letter to a "Friend"

Ok so I thought I'd share this… been thinking about you a lot the last couple of days… you always put me in the mood to write… wishing that it wasn't just a fantasy… hope you like it…

Kisses and stroking your cock

Love me

I woke around 1 a.m. from a dream that had my breasts swollen, sensitive and my nipples hard. It was a warm night and I had kicked off the blankets. I could smell my own arousal as I slid my hand between my thighs and ran my fingers through the moist folds of my most intimate place. My fingers covered in my juices I ran my finger tips over my highly sensitized nipples emitting a soft moan I reached for the phone. Dialing you number I knew the first couple rings would wake you. I hear your voice groggy from sleep "hello?" "I need you" is all I had to whisper into the receiver. "I'm on my way." you replied as I heard the line go dead as you hung up the phone. I laid the phone on the bed next to me knowing that you would be here in less than ten minutes. My body began to tingle all over and in my current state of mind that seemed like forever. Rolling onto my back with my knees drawn up I began to caress my breasts closing my eyes I imagined your hands on my body squeezing, kneading, pulling, pinching my nipples. My tongue flicking my nipple, teeth gently biting at the hard little nub eliciting sensual moans. My back arching. One hand sliding down my stomach almost with a tough so soft as butterfly wings fluttering across my bare skin. Sliding between my thighs seeking, finding my desire sliding one finger inside my wetness.

Using your key you let yourself in and knowing that I was waiting you took off your shoes at the bottom of the stairs, slowly shedding the rest of your clothing as you climbed the stairs to my bedroom. Reaching the top you stood in the doorway watching me please myself. With a very pleased smile on your face and the knowledge that I hate to be kept waiting you walk to the bed. Kneeling between my bent parted thighs you reach your hand out and your thumb finding my clit.

Feeling the weight of your body on the bed I melted knowing complete satisfaction would soon be mine.

Smiling I look up at you from eyes that tell of my arousal. Your thumb against my clit rubbing, caressing me. Sliding my fingers out of my moist wet pussy I rub my fingers against your lips giving you a slight taste as you lick your lips leaving my scent for you to smell. Your tongue darts out and licks my finger. Such an erotic feeling as you draw my finger into your mouth sucking it. Your teeth gently grating the length of my finger as I slowly slide it back out of your mouth.

That small sensual feeling set my body to flames. Already burning with desire I almost slipped over the edge and you could see it in my eyes… watching it.

You know on nights like these that I am so easily thrown into the deepest of desires and passion and I am more ready to give myself completely and with that surrendering all my control to you. Making love with you two or three times in the course of four to six hours.

You lift my hips and slide your knees under me, my legs spread on either side of your hips, your hard cock throbbing as it lay against my feminine folds, feeling the heat and moisture of my desire. You moan as you lean forward grabbing my hands and holding them above my head as your lips capture mine with total possession. Your hips moving forward and back running the length of your hardness against my clit. Wanting nothing more right that moment that yo grab your ass and pull you into me but with my hands above my head – utterly useless – all I can do is raise my hips against yours as a plea for your total possession.

As your acknowledgment of my surrender you pull your lips away from mine and sink your teeth into my neck just below my ear just hard enough to leave a small love bite then in response to my moans and pleas for you not to stop your lips clamp around my swollen breast, your teeth biting my nipple. Adjusting your hips as your lips move to my other breast teasing and biting it your body pushing forward spreading my thighs further apart. Your lips leaving my breast you look up at me.

With eyes closed to cherish every feeling, biting down on my lower lip to keep from screaming at every bit of painful pleasure that my body is feeling, the weight of your body crushing me into the bed as you lean down to bring your lips to mine. Softly at first then with full possession your tongue probing, dancing with mine. Pushing your hips forward feeling the tip of your long thick hard cock entering me, stretching my tightness. Groaning into my mouth as you plunge into me releasing my hands I reach around and grab your shoulders my nails digging into your flesh as I feel myself stretch around you. Pushing yourself up on your hands you look down into my eyes – seeing in them that I am on the edge of climax you push deeper and begin to move your hips keeping yourself buried still so deeply inside me.

"Please don't stop." I beg you. Leaning down to whisper in my ear, "Cum for me baby" One hand reaching to find my clit, stroking it, feeling my body begin to tremble and tighten around you. You begin to thrust in and out of me. "Oh Stephanie you feel so good" you whisper in my ear. "Oh God Ron don't stop! I'm gonna cum all over your cock!" Your cock pounding into my pussy. "Oh fuck I'm cumming!" I scream your cock pulsing and pounding inside me sending me into multiple orgasms.

After several minutes your strokes become slow and deep, I look up at your smiling face. My hand goes to the back of your neck pulling you down for a sweet tender kiss slowing your hips to a stop still buried inside me. "I love to watch you give yourself to me completely without question. You're so beautiful, so full of passion and desire, so giving."

Rolling us over so that I can look down on you, putting my hands on your chest, slowly lowering myself into your rigid hardness feeling so full I start to move my hips in small circles. Your hands grab my hips pulling my body down with each of your upward thrusts my ass bouncing against your thighs. Pulling me tighter against you my clit rubbing against your body clasping my muscles tighter around you as I watch your face and hear your growls of excitement. I know you're close. Laying my body down on yours I bounce my hips up and down your cock sliding in and out of my dripping pussy, quickening my pace I feel myself getting closer to another orgasm.

You grab my neck and hold me close to your face biting my neck as your body stiffens and you plunge into me burying your seed deep inside me.

Your bite sends me over the edge again as my body spasms around you and I colapse, spent and exhausted on top of you, you wrap your arms around me and roll to your side so that we are holding each other as we drift into a much needed nap…only to wake in an hour and start again…

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