Living A Fantasy, Ch1

Living A Fantasy, Ch1

Most of these stories I don't really plan. Jenny seems to want me to write about her and I 'm sort of getting to know her. I only realized toward the end of the story that she was fairly promiscuous, not the virgin I'd guessed. I wonder what she and Adam will do in the future with her new, improved sexuality. I also wonder about her past affairs before she met up with Adam. I hope you enjoy reading about this event in her life.

Love and Kisses, Cathy Cook

Jenny regained consciousness not knowing how she had gotten where she was. Her brain wasn’t working right but she was aware enough to know something was wrong. The fact that she was neither frightened nor nervous told her that she was drugged. This conclusion changed nothing. A few minutes later she began hearing a quiet buzzing. Curiosity about the noise caused her to look down between her tits at her wide spread legs. She was naked and strapped spread eagle to a table and the buzzing was coming from some sort of mechanical device positioned between her thighs.

Jenny knew she should have been scared shitless. But instead she calmly watched while the probe slid forward into the place in her anatomy that often got probed. It didn’t feel much like a man’s penis, nor any of her dildos. The thing was the size of a male erection and she felt it spread her open and penetrate into her receptacle. It’s surface, however, felt hairy and sensuous. Thousands of hair like projections felt around inside her and made contact with her individual nerve endings. As she slid into a sensual oblivion she realized that probably nowhere on Earth did humans have this type of technology.

For several hours Jenny’s body did things she hadn’t ever imagined possible. Another probe was wrapped around her clitoris containing another thousand hairy projectors. Stimulating each of her nerve endings perfectly, this probe alone gave her physical pleasure that no human male had ever given any woman. Jenny was incapable of rational thought. But a part of her mind knew that she would love the person or thing that was doing this to her for the rest of her life. In some other compartment she also feared that she would never again be fully satisfied with a mere human erection. Along with many other things, that should have upset her because she loved getting fucked.

This machine seemed to have attached itself to and inside her body almost everywhere, but it was making her aware of these couplings one at a time. Perhaps this was a testing process and her awareness simply a side effect. She guessed that the drugs had come first, then the vaginal probe. Then while she was enjoying Nirvana, the other attachments were made. They seemed to be everywhere, but the clitoral attachment was the second one she was intentionally made aware of. As she thought about the parts of her body she discovered there was a rubbery cup covering her cum shooter. It was probably attached to a vacuum tube and by this time would have sucked up a gallon of her love juice. She wasn’t simply having orgasms, she was hosing off continuously. An IV in her arm was keeping her from dehydrating. The idea of fluid going in her arm and coming out her girlie gun, seemed amusing. But Jenny was too taken up with her continuous orgasm to laugh.

Jenny concluded that there was a similar cluster of probes inside her heinie, one attached to each nipple, and others attached to her neck, the insides of her thighs, the soles of her feet, her lips, and inside her mouth going down into her throat. She could barely breathe and yet felt no panic. The tampering with her brain made the sensation feel sensuous. Jenny even knew that some women got their rocks off getting choked into unconsciousness. It was obvious that the designer of this apparatus knew a lot more about her erogenous zones than all her boyfriends put together. And during the exploration she discovered her body had erogenous zones even she didn’t know about, some of which she couldn’t even describe afterwards, even after having them exercised. But the obvious additional ones, her anus, and nipples, and the insides of her thighs, gave her memories that could keep her having fantasies for a lifetime. After an hour or two or a year, the probes seemed to have finished. Even just their presence still inside her was so erotic that she’d have continued having periodic orgasms if her body wasn’t already so exhausted. Instead, she fell asleep.

When she awoke she had no idea how much time had gone by. Obviously she’d been kidnapped and raped, or whatever one called it. Medically examined? The aftereffects were delightful. She’d never felt so wonderful in her life. Even her brain seemed to be clear and she could remember with fondness much of what had been done to her. Without opening her eyes she felt herself. The heavenly probes were all gone and she was no longer restrained to the table. For the first time she realized how comfortable the table was, better than a bed. It was delightful just lying there, still sensuously naked in the warm room, trying to fix in her memory as much as possible the feel of that hours long orgasm. A polite cough got her attention.

When she opened her eyes there was a “man” standing next to her. She knew he wasn’t human because no man was this perfect. She would have taken him for a God if she believed in such beings. Only with clothes on he could pass for human. She immediately wanted to give herself to him completely, body and soul. She wanted give herself to him more intimately than even what she had experienced with the probe, which was by definition impossible. She felt she should ask permission to touch him.

“Jenny, I am the probe, or a part of it. I already know you as intimately as you want me to.”

The man could obviously read her thoughts. And without discussion he gave her what she wanted. He took her hand, helped her off the table and hugged her. Jenny flowed to him and around him, finding his erection with her vagina, her legs and arms wrapped around his torso, her tongue inside his mouth. They merged in a way only possibly with two entities that were already totally intimate. He was supporting her entire weight and yet she knew the weight of her body was to him, no more than a feather. Her body immediately bathed his erection with her warm love juice, and he answered her orgasm with one of his own. Jenny usually liked to feel a man ejaculate down into her with gravity helping the force of his explosion. But “Adam” came with such force that she had no reason for complaint. His erection was so thick and long that it filled her completely and his tip pressed into her cervix opening. As he expected, she could feel the flood hose directly into her uterus. The pleasure became too great and she passed out.

When she regained consciousness, she was again on the table. She felt like only a few seconds had passed, and yet he was now dressed in casual street clothes. She was naked, but there was a robe next to her.

“I think you’d better put the robe on. Your mind is dominated by your body and when you are naked in the presence of a male, all you can think about is sex. You have a very pretty mind and I can tell this situation, being the only one naked, is an even bigger turn on for you than if both of us are naked but not touching. You like looking at me but even more you want me to look at you. You’d best cover yourself or we’ll never be able to have a serious conversation.”

Jenny realized she didn’t want to get dressed. She wanted this god like male to continue seeing her naked.

“Girl, to me you will always be naked. I know every part of your body and have perfect recall. But in addition, I have marked you, made you mine with something more significant than either a ring or brand or tattoo. You now carry inside yourself a transponder of mine which tells me far more about you than you yourself know. If you wet your pussy thinking about me I’ll know it before you do. You may call this part of me Adam.

“You’re wondering a number of things. Foremost seems to be how soon I’ll be willing to take you again. Good thought, being taken. I have taken you, both physically and sexually. I’ve made you my property like a man acquiring a pet. And you will be an extremely loyal pet. You don’t resent the fact that I now own you, do you? Yes, we both know I can read your thoughts, but I prefer you answer my actual questions verbally.”

“I… Master, I mean Adam. I could hardly resent anything you ever choose to do to me or with me. I love you more than I ever imagined it possible for one entity to love another. I would gladly die for you but I’m even more eager to live for you.”

“Well put and well thought. Do you notice how easy it is to be expressive when you know I already know your thoughts? I enjoy both feeling your thoughts and hearing them voiced. Please entertain me with your beautiful voice whenever it isn’t necessary to keep quiet. For one thing, many of your species including yourself, think more clearly while formulating your thoughts verbally. Perhaps I should say our species, since this body is a fully functional human and capable of adding to the gene pool.

And Jenny, I can’t read your thoughts unless you have them. Reading your thoughts helps clarifies what you’re saying. It doesn’t tell me anything you can't tell me with your voice. But remember, if necessary you can contact me by just thinking about me, even if we are thousands of miles apart. All of your thoughts are known to me and I can process them continuously without taxing myself. If a thought is directed at me specifically I will know it immediately.

“To answer your first question, I will “take you” regularly, but not too frequently or too intensely. I meant to make you faint by ejaculating deep into your womb. I wanted you to experience it, but only that one time. I’ve adjusted this body for you so that my penis will give you the maximum possible pleasure. Most women would respond better if my erect member were somewhat smaller. Your capacities for loving, both physical and emotional are above average. But no woman, including yourself, can adsorb that degree of pleasure that quickly without passing out. The earlier probing was done slowly enough so that you could remain conscious. I want to show you something.”

Saying this he walked over to her and touched a finger to her lips. Because he willed it, she suddenly again experienced, in full detail, a segment of the probing. She realized she was feeling the probe in her ass. She could feel it spreading her anus, massaging the insides of her rectum, exploring into and through her large intestines and up into her small intestines. Where she was aware of it, the feeling was erotic and pleasing.

“I can vary the degree of pleasure,” he continued, adding to her thought, “easily beyond what you can tolerate. You are already addicted to me but I control the process and intend to limit it to a level that is not harmful for you. You remember having your nipples manipulated. Feel this.”

Nothing changed physically. He was still standing there in front of her lightly touching her lips. But the orgasmic delight in her heinie disappeared, leaving her only the pleasant memory. Then she felt her nipples swell up suggestively. She felt the urge to nurse and the feel of small lips pressed to one of them, sucking. Then she felt the milk flowing from her breast, through her nipple into her baby’s mouth.

“I can give you sensations that you haven’t yet experienced. But when you do, that’s exactly what nursing will feel like. I can also give you totally made up sensations. But it would be strange and confusing, even though pleasant, to feel your small toe ejaculating like a man’s penis. Fantasy coupled to reality always works best. I can give you these feelings by simply touching you with my finger. But instead, I will touch you with my erection in places where you like to be touched. Each time I make love to you will give you more pleasure than most women ever experience. I own you, but this will be my way of rewarding you for service.”

Jenny thought about it and realized that such additional payments were unnecessary. He had already paid her more than she deserved, even for a lifetime of service. But the promise of periodic bliss would make it a lifetime spent in heaven. It was funny trying to think and knowing he also knew her every thought. She didn’t mind, however, being so open. She loved the feeling, like sitting naked with her legs wide apart. She began to wonder how long she had been there, how he’d kidnapped her, why he had chosen her, what he planned to do with her, what he had done to her other than explore her body and her reactions.

“If you really want answers, you should ask me these things out loud. But for now I will simply answer,” he responded, again clearly reading even her half formed ideas. “To start, I took you from your bed, about five hours ago. For a culture with more advanced technology, the how is trivial. Your movies have aliens coming to Earth and sometimes being “defeated” by super smart human scientists. But smart isn’t enough. Could a smart caveman have invented a flashlight if he needed it to defeat a modern man inside a dark cave? Interstellar travel is even harder to achieve than your scientists imagine. At a minimum it includes time travel. By the time a race had gotten that far, or this far when we talk about visiting Earth, they can usually operate without physical bodies, are immune to any weapon you can imagine, can explore anything about your culture without being detected, and do anything they want. I could have examined your body the way I did while you slept or even while you were reading the morning paper without you knowing anything was happening. But I wanted you to feel what I was doing. I wanted to observe your reactions. I wanted to recruit you and make you a part of me, a member of my team.

“My explanations are confusing you. I’m speaking with Adam’s mouth, but I’m really referring to my entire self. Adam is a part of me, a member of the team as you now are as well. Adam is more tightly integrated into the team, however. For you to be that closely coupled, you’d have to give up being Jenny. And I don’t want to change you any more than necessary, unless you desire a change.”

“What sort of changes?” Jenny knew by Adam’s smile that the probe was pleased she’d remembered to voice her question out loud.

“Jenny, one of the reasons I chose you is that you’re more attractive than average, somewhat independent, and at 23, a perfect age to act as my agent. I can improve your body and already have in several ways. I made this Adam body while you were being probed so you should realize that I could have turned you into the goddess men have dreamed about down through the ages. However, I don’t want to change your body in any way that would effect your personality or in any way that other people would immediately recognize. When you get up this morning and go to work, no one will notice the physical changes. You have to try and gloss over the mental ones. You’re naturally a flirt. Don’t change your behavior. I promise I will reward you occasionally with my intimacy. But it won’t be enough to satiate you. You think normal men will now disappoint you, but that’s wrong. You’ve enjoyed all your lovers, even the least talented. You will still love being loved by a human male as much as ever. Your capacity to enjoy pleasure has increased. You appreciation of it has not diminished. You will want and need the love of human males as much, even more than ever.

“When I translocated you from your bed to that table, you had a succulent body, 36-25-35, 5-8, 115 pounds. You should be a little heavier for perfect health, but you like being skinny and are correct in thinking men find you more sexy than if you were ten pounds heavier. The male interest in female bodies starts with health for reasons of procreation, but isn’t always right on target. And for a century or so there has been a tendency for your men and your society to prefer girls on the skinny side as long as they still adequately display female characteristics. You’d like a smaller waist, so I made it an inch smaller. But none of your boyfriends will notice. Your “boobs” are still a size C, but now droop very little and by your standards are now more “shapely”. In my opinion and in the minds of your boyfriends they were already much more attractive than you realized, but you’ll like their improved shape even better. I also made some small changes to the shape of your fanny. You already had one that sent guys into fits when you walked by in a tight mini. A more modest women would try to not emphasize such a sexy ass. But you love turning heads so much that I made a few small improvements. There wasn’t a lot I could do because you already had a near perfect behind.

“One of your earlier questions was what I intended to do with you. In a few minutes I’ll put you to sleep and let you wake up normal time in your own bed. This room doesn’t really exist in the physical sense so asking where we are is a meaningless question. When you wake up you may want to examine your breasts in a mirror to convince yourself this wasn’t just a dream. What you will then do is go to work, enjoy yourself as you always do, flirting with your co-workers. You have a date tonight with Hank. Definitely keep it and get him to fuck your brains out. Next time I contact you I want you to describe every detail. See if he notices your new breasts or says anything about them. My guess is, he’ll think he just never before realized how really beautiful they were. Let him touch them, look at them, rub his dick on them, whatever.

“You’re on the pill, but you also make your boyfriends use a rubber. As long as you remain an agent of mine, which could easily be several lifetimes if you choose, you’ll never have to worry about contracting any form of VD. Actually not any disease. I can also prevent you from aging, but won’t interfere with that until maybe your mid thirties. Even if we let you age naturally, until say fifty, I can always un-age you back to 16 and give you a new identity. You can and should fuck Hank bare naked. You won’t give him Herpes. You don’t have it any more. And he can’t give you anything, even AIDS if he had it.

“To answer another of your questions, I don’t really have any purpose being here. I’m not planning some sort of invasion. Earth and humanity are interesting, but other than ideas and concepts there’s nothing here an advanced culture needs or wants. Physical resources? It’s easier to create matter from nothing than bothering to transport it any distance. But I’m not acting as an agent of some culture. I’m merely an individual staving off boredom by studying. I’ve been on Earth for about eight centuries, spending most of that time living in the 19th through 23rd centuries. Time travel, remember? Next time I see you, it may be a month for you, but it may be a day or a century later for me. We can travel in time and make biology beings younger or older. What ages us is the accumulation of knowledge, any knowledge. I have linear memories of about three thousand years. I predict my curiosity about everything will last at least another ten thousand years. Typically at that point an entity such as myself then chooses to terminate. Humans, even when not controlled by aging, still have much less capacity. But I have had some agents that have maintained a youthful mental age for a bit more than three centuries. One reason I choose you is you seem likely to fall into that category. And I enjoy working with agents as long as possible.”

Jenny woke up a few hours later. As predicted, it all seemed much like a dream. But she felt so wonderful she knew it wasn’t. Just to reassure herself she ran naked to the mirror in her bathroom. Sure enough, her sexy blobs had turned into world class tits! A quick check with a tape indicated that she probably did have an inch smaller waist. But it was otherwise undetectable. She had wanted a 24 inch waist because it sounded sexy. But the change in her breasts were fantastic. No human surgeon could have made them. Michelangelo couldn’t have carved more perfect ones in marble.

Jenny had a collection of bras. Her old blobs had benefited greatly from this bit of clothing technology and she had different one’s appropriate for any type dress. She put on one she would normally wear to work and discovered it fit perfectly. Her new beauties were still the same size. But they hardly needed the massive support. What she needed were sexy nothings, the see-through teasers girls with small or firm breasts could get away with. But she had none of those. As she turned around, away from the dresser she saw a package sitting on her unmade bed. It was tied up with ribbons, obviously a present, and she could easily guess what was inside. She voiced her thanks. There were inside, a half dozen bras, each one more perfect than the next. Her nipples were enticingly visible through all of them, and they felt like she was almost wearing nothing at all. But her tits weren’t made of marble. Though firm, they sagged slightly the way real flesh was supposed to. The bras changed her shape a little, and they would be visible enough through her blouse to satisfy the old biddies at work.

Below the bras was a cell phone on top of a stack of matching panties, all see-through thongs. She picked up the phone. It was hers but had an additional new name programmed in the address book. Under Adam the number listed was 800-555-1212. She knew when she pressed the automatic dialer, however, that she wasn’t going to get connected to information.

“Hello Jenny. I hope you like the bras.”

He talked as if he couldn’t read her mind but she could tell by the tone that he wasn’t asking a question. They both already knew she loved them.

“You might as well throw out all your old ones. These were intended as starters and you’ll want to buy yourself more. We both know how much you love having a collection, even though now you’ll hardly need so many. I want you to try on a pair of the panties.”

She slipped into the first pair on top. Jenny loved silk panties but only had a few pairs for special occasions. These felt even more sensuous. The thong back, instead of digging into her crack, melted sensuously into her fanny. She couldn’t even feel if they covered her anus or ran a thin strap across it. She had thongs that did both and could always feel the difference. The little triangular patch in front caressed her pubes, each lip individually. A quick look in the mirror showed her that the confection emphasized her womanhood, making her look must more sexy that bare exposure would. She had thought they were beige when she put them on, but they appeared transparent in the mirror. The comfortable hip straps were visually invisible. She turned around and looked at the thong back. The little curved triangle between her upper cheeks was only visible because it gave her fanny a sensuous sexy accent.

“Now Jenny, I want you to lean back against the dresser so you won’t lose your balance. Are you ready?”

All of Adam’s questions were rhetoric. He knew she was ready when he activated the transmitter for the few seconds. It was not quite orgasmic, not at that intensity or for such a short duration. But it was enough to make her clit and nipples swell up.

“My god! That feels wonderful. Will it do that whenever I wish?”

“Not hardly! You’d almost immediately overdose yourself. I don’t want you to fixate on me to the exclusion of your boyfriend lovers. And I don’t want a pair of panties with some antenna threads in them distracting you from real sex. I can’t promise you I’ll be able to visit you every week. And I want you to enjoy lots of man sex anyway. But if I can’t see you, I promise that around once a week, if you’re wearing a pair of those things, I’ll zap you to remind you that I’m still thinking of you. I could have just put wires in the bras, but the signal seems to work best when it zaps you close to your clit. Don’t bother wearing one of the panties today. Save them for when I’m overdo. Any sex you get in the next week you’re going to have to get from your boyfriends. Enjoy your date tonight.”

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