SchoolGirl Sluts

SchoolGirl Sluts

Kathryn and Renae were talking quietly to each other. They were seated at one of the high benches in the science lab of green valley girl’s school, when they heard their names being called to attention.
“Kathryn. Renae. Socializing is for after class thanks, now please stop taking up my time, or I’ll be forced to take up some of yours. Understood.” Mr. Forward stood tall. He was not an old man, still young enough to feast on the flesh of young women, yet almost old enough to be some of the girls father. Almost.
Just entering his thirties Chris forward kept his body in good shape, working out often at his local gym. Although not overly confident Chris knew he was a little bit more than ‘something to look at’, and was well aware of the second glances often thrown his way. More often than not those glances were thrown whilst on school grounds, generally by the younger teachers (some of which he’d already fucked behind hidden walls), but he often caught some of his students checking him out.
“Yes Mr. Forward” the girls replied in unison. Kathryn turned to Renae and quietly whispered, “ Goddamn girl, what I would d to get into the pants of that man”
“Shhhh!!! He’ll hear us,” Renae whispered hoarsely.
“Like I care,” Kat replied indifferently, “its not like staying behind with THAT guy, alone, would be such a bad thing, would it…” she let the question hang.
“Suppose not,” Renae replied. She wriggled her butt in her seat, hitching up her skirt in the process. Far from being unattractive, Renae had short black hair, with large dark brown eyes with long eyelashes. Her short stature did her more justice than thought possible, accentuating her hips and emphasizing her gorgeous rack beautifully. The almost too short black skirt she wore was matched perfectly by a purple lace Singlet top with a low cut showing her cleavage, and she wore a black jacket covering her shoulders.

Kathryn shared many similar features to Renae. She had dark brown eyes, almost identical to Renae's, with thick eyelashes. Her dark brown hair was long and dead straight. The short red and black tartan skirt she wore could put some belts to shame, whilst the black fishnets and knee-high boots accentuated her long luscious legs wonderfully. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Renae's yet weren’t in anyway small. Kathryn was highly athletic and, it was said that, what couldn’t be seen from the outside perspective made things all the more wonderful in the bedroom.

Both girls wanted Mr. Forward.

They had been best friends for over a year now, and in that year had seduced many people. Including each other. This was not to say they were slutty, as quite the contrary was true, they both just seemed to have a knack for getting people into bed with them. Whether it be alone or together the pair loved to fuck, (who didn’t), and they loved a challenge. Mr. Forward was a challenge.

As class continued Kathryn and Renae continued to chat quietly to each until finally Mr. Forward spoke,
“Kathryn, you can stay behind after class please.”
“But Sir, its last period, ill be here after school,” She protested “and besides Renae was talking too.”
Mr. Forward studied Kathryn closely before answering. His eyes washed over her teenage body with a lusty glint. Suddenly Kathryn's legs separated slightly and he found himself wanting to know exactly what was in-between those luscious legs.
“No, Renae can go. You were the main instigator therefore you will stay.”
“But but but,” she began to stutter.
“No buts.” Mr. Forward replied. The bell rang signalling the end of class, and students began to file out noisily and head back to their dorms, where they would shower and change before attending dinner.
“Call me” Renae mouthed as she disappeared out the door, and with that Mr. Forward shut and clicked the door locked.
Far from intimidated Kathryn pushed herself out of the stool she was sitting on and walked up to Mr. Forward, who had seated himself on the front of his desk. Stepping up to the table in front of Mr. Forward Kathryn hoisted herself up onto the table facing him, crossing one leg over the other flaunting her creamy teen thighs and the break where her fishnets ended sexily. She smiled seductively at him.
Mr. Forward spoke, “Tell me, Kathryn, why do you think I've kept you in after school today?”
Kathryn looked him straight in the eye before answering, “Because I've been a bad girl Mr. Forward”
Mr. Forward nearly choked and, in noticing this, Kathryn giggled softly to herself.
So, Kathryn, tell me just how you plan on being a better student.” He spoke the words slowly emphasizing the question in doing so.
“Why should I tell you…” Kathryn replied sexily, “When I can show you…” she uncrossed her legs slowly and let them sit apart, showing off her see through black lace panties. Mr. Forward was impressed with the view, he, among other teachers, knew of Kathryn an Renae's sexual adventures, and he wanted to know first hand just how good they could be.
She arched her back and undid the top button of her white shirt “You don’t mind me undoing a button now do you Chris?” She fluttered her eyelashes seductively,“ I am allowed to call you Chris aren’t I?”
Well, thought Chris, two can play this game. Chris, in turn, undid the top button of his shirt, exposing his well-toned upper body. “No,” he replied in a husky voice, “of course not. Please make yourself as comfortable as possible.”
Kathryn began to unbutton her shirt fully now before she stopped, “Um, Chris, do you think you could give me a hand, I cant seem to get this button undone” she spread her legs wider.
Chris smiled mysteriously at her before walking over and standing between her wide spread legs and undoing the final button. “There you go” he smiled. In one swift movement Kathryn had fully removed her shirt and was running her fingers along her breasts sexily. She felt something nudge against her panties before she realised it was Mr. Forward’s throbbing hard on. An instant wetness flooded her cunt and she moaned softly “Mmmm…” This caused Mr. Forward’s hardon to increase in size and he pushed his cock harder into the fabric of her panties.
“Here, let me help you with that,” within seconds Kathryn had skilfully exposed Mr. Forward’s cock and begun to stroke it softly.
“Oh, god” Mr. Forward moaned. Kathryn lent up and for the first time kissed Mr. Forward passionately. She broke the kiss and proceeded to bite and lick her way down Mr. Forward’s jaw line and chest before she dropped her head suddenly took Mr. Forward’s member into her eager mouth. She teased his huge cock with her pointed little tongue before taking his full length into her mouth. Gasping, Chris grabbed Kathryn's head and began to force his throbbing cock down her tight teenage throat. Gagging slightly Kathryn begun to deep throat her teacher with a practised skill a begun to make little moaning sounds, heightening Mr. Forwards pleasure. Lapping up the precum Kathryn lifted her head suddenly and began to kiss Mr. Forward passionately. Her tongue slid inside his mouth eagerly and he responded with an equally intense lust. Chris traced his fingers around to the clip on Kathryn's bra and undid it with a snap of his fingers. Breaking the kiss both Kathryn and Mr. Forward gasped.
“Naughty naughty Mr. Forward, you shouldn’t be fornicating with students.” Kathryn teased. She gasped loudly as his mouth found her right nipple, and she began to run her fingers through his dark hair.
“What makes you think I'm fornicating? I'm merely punishing you that’s all.” Mr. Forward replied with an evil grin before returning to his assault on Kathryn's nipples. He bit down lightly.
“Oh…Mmmm…Yes…Mr. Forward…” Kathryn moaned.
Mr. Forward started to kiss and caress his way down Kathryn's naval towards her eagerly awaiting cunt. The scent of her sex sent his mind into a whirl and he ripped off her panties in one swift motion before licking and teasing her smooth shaven cunt.
“Oh Mmmm Fuck yes!” Kathryn moaned loudly.
Mr. Forward continued to lick and suck on the flesh of her teen sex, nuzzling his face into the wet haven and grinding his teeth gently along the nub of her clit.
Kathryn's breathing increased and moans continued to escape her mouth “Oh…oh…Mmm…please fuck me Mr. Forward…please”, she gasped loudly as Mr. Forward inserted his index finger into her hot little box, “Oh yes Mr. Forward fuck me!” Kathryn moaned, thrusting her hips eagerly into his practised hand.
Mr. Forward leaned into her, wiggling his hips. His prick forced her
cuntlips wide. The cock-knob slid inside, then the prickshaft. With a
smooth, gliding motion, every inch of his prick disappeared inside her
pussy. His eyes rolled back and he groaned.
And Kathryn groaned with him. It was such a delicious sensation as Mr. Forward
fucked into her with his smooth hard prick. Oh God, she wanted to feel
it again! She wished his cock were a mile long so she could feel it fucking into her for hours. That initial fuck-thrust felt so good. She sighed loudly and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him hard on the mouth as she did so.
Their tongues entwined playfully and Kathryn smiled into the kiss before pulling away slightly and biting Mr. Forwards lower lip mischievously.
Mr. Forward growled softly and began to thrust harder into the tight teen slut. Her muscles contracted around his cock as he thrust in and out of her. He dropped his hand down and began to rub the nub of her clit making Kathryn moan and whimper.
“Uh, uh” she moaned, grinding herself harder into him.
She ground her body harder and harder into his throbbing prick, her tight teen cunt swallowing his cock greedily. The pair continued in this position for several minutes, their breathing steadily increasing. Suddenly Kathryn's body stiffened. She arched her back, and tightened her pussy muscles instinctively. Shuddering and bucking her pussy muscles clenched and unclenched tightly on Mr. Forwards cock sending him over the edge.
“Uh Fuck! Fuckin Slut!” Mr. Forward cried as pumped his load into the teen’s sapped cunt. In a flood of cum Mr. Forward pulled his cock out, his shoulders sagging from the exertion. He picked up Kathryn's panties from the classroom floor and wiped his cock clean before handing them to Kathryn.
“You can expect an A on your report that’s for sure, but on one condition, you report to me once a month so we can review your classroom behaviour. Agreed”
“Agreed.” Kathryn replied. She took her soiled panties and jumped off the table. Redressing herself she fixed her hair and made for the door. She turned as she grabbed the handle. She turned and smiled sexily at Mr. Forward before strolling casually out the door.


Kathryn and Renae slowly made their way down the hall to the showers. It was well after midnight past after their curfew. As the pair entered the bathroom Kathryn sat down on a bench and began to strip slowly. She let the strap of her nightie drop off one shoulder and smiled seductively at Renae as she did so. Smiling back Renae walked up to her, her cotton pyjama pants rustling slightly and lent down and kissed Kathryn on the mouth. Gently at first then, as Kathryn began to respond, with more force her tongue slipping into her mouth.
“Mmmm” Kathryn moaned into the kiss and let her hands slip behind Renae up under the flimsy Tee she wore.
Renae's hands wandered to Kathryn's shoulders and slipped down the thin straps. She broke the kiss and began to kiss and nibble her way along Kathryn's neck across to her shoulder. Kathryn moaned under Renae's touch and she ran her fingers through her hair enjoying the sensations flowing through her cunt.
Renae lifted her head and spoke softly “So how was Mr. Forward my sweet? Was he as good as me? Or was he better?”
Kathryn kissed Renae softly before responding “No, he wasn’t bad. He knew what he was doing. But no he wasn’t the best. He wasn’t you.” She kissed Renae again.
“Naturally.” Renae replied and she lifted her arms as Kathryn begun to take of her shirt. Suddenly the girls stopped as they heard a noise coming from deeper within the bathroom.
“Was that a moan, or was it me?” Kathryn asked.
“With you who knows,” Renae replied, “ but with all our experience I think its safe to say that that was a moan.”
“Mmmm” Kathryn agreed. “Lets go investigate shall we?”
With that the pair made their way silently towards the back of the bathroom where the showers were.
They peeped their heads around the corner of the shower wall, “Holy Shit! I don’t believe it!” Kathryn gasped quietly. In front of them lay Courtney, a quiet reserved girl with long dark hair the flowed in waves down her back. Being the shy type no-one really paid that much attention to Courtney, she was the protected girl of the class, never joining in the conversations about sex, always sitting in a corner quietly by herself. But not anymore, she was now sprawled out wildly on the shower floor furiously frigging her virgin cunt, completely oblivious to the two girls watching the display.
“Well I’ll be” Renae said, “what do you think we should do?” she asked Kat
“Feel like a threesome…?” she replied sexily. Renae's mischievous smile gave her the answer she’d hoped for. They waited until Courtney had come down from her mind shattering orgasm before casually walking around the corner of the shower wall,
“Oh my, look at the mess you’ve made, tsk tsk” Kathryn said nonchalantly, Courtney gasped loudly and turned crimson before Kathryn spoke again “here let me help you with that” in one swift movement Kathryn's head was in-between Courtney's creamy thighs and she was eagerly licking up all her girl cum.
“Uh, oh fuck” Courtney gasped as she felt Kathryn's tongue make contact with her sensitive clit.
“You know” Renae spoke “you should really learn to share more, Courtney. No-one likes a selfish person.” She lent down close to the heaving girls ear, “especially when it comes to sex”. She smiled wickedly then forced a kiss unto the little virgin’s sweet innocent mouth.
Courtney groaned into the kiss her tongue lashing wildly in Renae's mouth. Kathryn brought he head up and watched the two kiss and felt her wetness increase. She slicked a finger along Courtney's slit and slipped it into her mouth, then before swallowing it she pulled Renae from Courtney's mouth and kissed her. She swirled the creamy sweetness into her mouth and smiled as she pulled away and spoke, “wanna taste some more?”
Renae grinned wickedly at her. Courtney sat their somewhat in awe of her current situation. She had just been innocently getting off when these to vixens appeared quite suddenly and begun to fuck her, and each other, without a second thought. This was unreal she thought. Never in her wildest imagination had Courtney thought that she would be found having a threesome with the two harlots of the school. Now the pair sat in front of her kissing passionately hands roaming all over each other’s lust flushed bodies. They stripped each other down and Kathryn turned from Renae suddenly and grabbed Courtney, “We’ll make a slut of you yet missy,” she said, before kissing her hard on the mouth.
Renae stood up suddenly and turned on the shower, pushing hers and Kathryn's clothes out of the way. The warm spray coated the three of them and within minutes they were all fucking each other. Courtney lay on the tiled floor with Kathryn sitting on her face, grinding her cunt into her mouth whilst her hands pinched and teased her teen nipples, moaning and grunting into her face. Renae was sprawled out on her tummy, with her head between Courtney's luscious thighs, lapping eagerly at the fast flowing juices of the tight teen. She moaned and growled into her pussy pushing Courtney closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly Courtney came violently, her body shuddering and trembling as she screamed into Kathryn's soaked cunt, “Mmmm… Uhhhh”.
The site of Courtney cumming into Renae's mouth was almost too much for Kathryn as she groaned with desire and started grinding her cunt harder into the little slut’s wanton mouth. Renae stopped licking up Courtney's cum and straddled her abdomen, facing Kathryn,
“Good?” Kathryn asked between groans,
“Very good.” Renae replied, she smiled evilly, “But not as good as you.” The pair giggled wickedly and began to kiss one another fervently, sharing Courtney's girlcum between them. Renae slipped her hand down and found Kathryn's clit.
“Uh, fuck!” Kathryn moaned, grinding herself harder into her hand. She tensed suddenly, her whole body stiffening, Renae's hand was still rubbing the nub of her clit, sending waves after wave of intense pleasure through her contracting cunt driving her over the edge. “Uh, fuck, uh” Kathryn gasped as she shuddered violently, a wave of her girlcum coated Courtney's face. Renae lent down and began to lick up along Kathryn's sensitive slit, causing to Kathryn to twitch suddenly. She licked all of the cum off Courtney's face and as their tongues met she moaned into the kiss.
Kathryn jumped up abruptly; too sensitive to take the pairs lashing tongues any longer. She rolled over on the floor and sat up, letting the warm spray coat her glowing body. She looked over and watched Renae still cleaning Courtney's face, the pair kissing whenever Renae's tongue got close enough for Courtney to lure into her mouth.
Renae sat up suddenly and began to stroke and fondle Courtney's velvety tits. She teased her by lightly tugging on her nipples before pinching them harshly. The pain/ pleasure that came from this attention, although unknown, was not unenjoyable for Courtney and she groaned loudly under the touch.
Renae smiled an unreadable smile, and just as she began to move her expert hands down Courtney's abdomen Kathryn pushed her roughly, causing her to roll off Courtney onto her back on the tiles.
“Fuck! Kathryn! That hurt! Ya Bitch!” she yelled. Kathryn just smiled nonchalantly before straddling her,
“Ow poor baby. Tell me where does it hurt?” she asked, running her hands along the satiny flesh of Renae's tummy. “Well…where does it hurt babe? Higher or lower?”
“Both.” She replied looking at Kathryn directly. Kathryn smiled innocently.
“I see, Courtney come over here sweet. Feel like eating some pussy?” Kathryn asked. She looked up from the scene suddenly and nodded her head in agreement. “Good.” Kathryn replied. “Now pop yourself down in that delicious haven of my girls pussy and get going.” She commanded, “But, go slow” she whispered. Courtney smiled in understanding and moved into position. She bent her head and began to tease Renae's cunt, kissing her way up and down her inner thigh, flicking her tongue over her sensitive folds, and savouring her girly sweetness. Renae gasped in pleasure.
“Uh, Mmm” she moaned, rolling her hips trying to tempt Courtney into digging her tongue deeper.
Kathryn sat and watched the expression on Renae's face change from strange amusement to pleasure. She smiled to herself before leaning her head down and kissing Renae's exposed neck. Renae's hand grabbed her head in response pulling Kathryn further into her. Kathryn kissed and sucked her way down Renae's neck, along her collarbone until her tongue finally made contact with her right nipple.
She bit down lightly at first, then harder.
“Ah, fuck.” Renae breathed.
Kathryn smiled to herself and continued to nibble, suck and chew on Renae's nipples, alternating between the two.
“Oh shit!” Renae cried. Kathryn moved from assaulting Renae's tits to see Courtney ramming three fingers into Renae's thrusting cunt, her tongue flicking persistently over the nub of her clit. Feeling her wetness increase Kathryn manoeuvred herself so she was still straddling Renae with her head above Renae's cunt in a sixty-nine position. She tilted her head down and flicked her tongue over Renae's clit joining Courtney's eager cravings she sucked her clit into her mouth devouring her sex.
“Uh fuck me!” Renae moaned, she thrusted herself upwards into Kats mouth and Courtney’s fingers, her orgasm getting closer and closer with each thrust.
Suddenly Kats head shot up as she felt Renae's tongue make contact with her dripping cunt. “Uh Fuck!” Renae slicked her tongue all the way along Kats slit up to her ass and down again. Kathryn wriggled her ass under the touch; loving the feeling Renae was giving her.
Courtney moved away from Renae's cunt unexpectedly and sat back, giving Kathryn full access to Renae's drenched cunt. She sat down and starting frigging her virgin cunt, greatly enjoying the display in front of her. She slicked her fingers along her slit and brought them to her mouth where she began to suck hungrily on them.
Meanwhile Kathryn and Renae were still fucking each other fanatically on the tiles. Moaning and grunting Kathryn ground her cunt into Renae's face. Her tongue lashed out greedily along Renae's slit as placed a finger in each hole and returned to sucking on Renae's clit.
“Ah Fuck!” Renae breathed. She thrust up hard into Kats face and within moments she was bucking and groaning violently into Kathryn's hungry mouth. Renae's orgasm drove Kathryn over the edge and she came violently, shuddering and whimpering into Renae's mouth.
Coming down from orgasm Kathryn rolled off Renae and looked over to see Courtney, her face twisted in mask of pleasure, bringing herself to orgasm. “Uh uh Uh!” she moaned.
Kathryn smiled and laid down beside Renae, “Not a bad day, if I do say so myself.” She smiled.
“Yeah, I’ll second that.” Renae replied. “And we got a bonus too” she inclined her head towards Courtney's shuddering figure, smiling.
“I’ll say.” Kat replied. She got up slowly and rinsed herself under the warm spray of the shower. Soon Renae and Courtney had joined her and the three were rubbing their hands over each other’s bodies sexily. Pretty soon the trio were hot again. So, at the suggestion of Kathryn, they dressed quickly and moved their fuck session to the bedroom where they would be more comfortable. Courtney never returned to her room that night.


The next morning Kathryn and Renae got up and dressed quietly before going to breakfast. Courtney had left early saying a shy goodbye before hurrying out of the room.
The pair dressed down today, as they had no interest in attracting the rest of the girl’s judgemental, and somewhat envious, eyes. Content to relax for the day they each dressed in long black skirts. Kathryn wore a long black satin skirt with layers that ruffled as she walked, with a long sleeve red T and black jacket on top. Her long hair flowed loosely around her shoulders. Renae's skirt was shorter than Kathryn's and the heavy material created fold upon fold that swirled with each step she took. Wearing a black trench coat, Renae looked dark and devilish, her short black hair sitting wildly around her face.
They ate a light breakfast before heading off to class together.
At recess a shy Courtney joined them. “ Hi guys,” she spoke.
“Well hello miss Courtney. How are we today?” Kathryn asked.
“Good.” She replied, blushing softly.
“Well that’s a disappointment. You spend a hole night fucking a girl and the best thing she’s feeling the next day is good.” Kathryn spoke sarcastically. Courtney blushed deeper. “Kidding!!” Kathryn said, Courtney visibly sighed. “I'm glad your good. Did you sleep alright babe?”
“Mmhh, I slept wonderfully.” She grinned happily.
“Well good.” Kathryn smiled, “Perhaps we could have a repeat of last night sometime soon…” the question hung.
“I…I’d like that.” Courtney said.

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