Seven Fair Maidens Part Five

Seven Fair Maidens Part Five

(yeah the original version kind of sucked so I made it better, hope you like it)

Part five: Doctor Love

I walked away from Raven’s village only thinking of my own survival. I ran until my legs couldn’t hold me anymore. I collapsed and realized my nose started bleeding again. “Damn it all” I snapped. I held my sleeve up to my nose to realize it really hurt. I started walking until I made it to a town.
At first I thought I made it back to the town where Mary lived and I began to panic. “Sir are you alright?” said a guard. He either didn’t recognize me or I was in a different town. “I think I broke my nose or something” I said. “What’s your name sir?” the guard asked. My heart stopped what if I was in Mary’s town and I got arrested instead of assisted. “Kurtz,” I said hoping it would do me some good.
“Alright Kurtz, come; I know of a doctor who can fix your nose” he said. I was relieved that I wasn’t in Mary’s town because I would be royally screwed. But I was a little edgy when he said the word doctor. Doctors were sort of a new thing, I new they could heal certain things, like cuts and certain diseases but what could a doctor possibly do about a break?

The guard took me to a nice looking house and took me inside. “Doctor,” called the guard. “Yes,” called a female voice from an upper story of the house. A very beautiful woman with crimson hair and gold wire glasses in front of her eyes. She was wearing a long white lab coat. “Oh my goodness what happened?” she asked coming down the stairs.
“I found him staggering into town Doctor” he said. Staggering? Come on! I was not staggering.
“Let me see,” she said. She put both her hands on my face. Her face was inches from mine. I would say too close for comfort but, hey not every day a guy has a very sexy doctor in his face. Then she tweaked my nose and a bolt of pain went through my entire face. I let out a yelp of pain and then she nodded.
“Yes, looks like your nose is broken” she said calmly. “Thanks for clearing that up,” I growled. “Well help him upstairs guard, I’ll fix you up just fine” she said. “I can walk myself thank you” I said angrily nudging the guard away. I walked up the stairs following the doctor (the guard had left).
She took me into a room with a long table in it. There were many sharp tools next to this table which made me feel nervous. “Have a seat on the table” she said. “Uh, alright” I said. I took a seat while the doctor took out a large wooden goblet that was usually what heavy drinkers to their ale in.
She filled it with something that looked acidic which really made me uneasy. “Here, drink this” she instructed handing me the goblet. I looked at it with distaste. “Drink it; you’ll need it” she said. I took it down slowly. It was thick and tasted terrible but I downed it in a few gulps. Then, I was out like a candle in the wind.

I woke up in a haze. I knew I was no longer on the table I was on a bed and the doctor was wiping off my face with a wet cloth. “Can you hear me?” she said. I nodded. “The operation was a success, you lost a lot of blood so you’ll have to lie down for a few days” she said. As soon as she was done talking my whole face began to burn.
“Is my face supposed to feel like it’s on fire?” I said with some difficulty. My throat was really sore making it hard for me to speak. “I did some major work on your face, but it looks basically the same now” she said. “Do you have a mirror?” I asked. She held a mirror up for me to see.
The scar wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. Actually I didn’t expect anything because I hadn’t ever thought about it. There was a very tiny scar from just beneath my left tear duct, to above my upper lip. My nose actually looked considerably smaller and rounder.
“Well, that’s… different” I said touching my nose. Unfortunately my entire body (except my face which was in agony) was numb so I couldn’t feel anything. “I didn’t know what your nose looked like before it broke, so I just made it into that” she said looking proud of herself. “Well I’ll give you a hint; it’s smaller and better looking then it used to be” I said. The pain was beginning to ebb away and I was starting to get the feeling in the rest of my body.
“So how long will I have to stay here?” I asked. “A week, maybe ten days to be safe” she said. I nodded and tweaked my new nose. It stung but nothing serious enough to tell the doctor about. “Can I get you something?” she asked bending over me.
I looked down her dress at her full sized breasts. The last pair of breasts I saw was Ravens and they were smaller than the doctors. “I’m thinking I might take a nap” I lied, “so a little privacy please.” She nodded gladly and walked towards the door. “But before you go,” I said, “I want to thank you; doctor.”
“Call me Sophie” she said with a smile. “And I’m Kurtz,” I said. She smiled and left the room when she shut the door behind her I was certain I could feel most of my body again. I put my hand down my pants (which turned out not to be my usual pants but pajama pants that the doctor must have put on). I began to play with my semi-hard penis then just went on with jerking off.
I imagined myself kissing Sophie’s luscious lips and sucking on her beautiful breasts. I came violently making my pajama pants moist.
After a few hours Sophie returned with some food and tea; “You’re going to need this.” “What for?” I asked stupidly. “You need your sustenance” she said laying the tray on my lap. “So, tell me Kurtz how did you break your nose?” she asked sitting at the foot of my bed. I told her what happened. Well most of it, I told her why I was forced to leave a town (leaving out the part about Mary), and then told her about the savage camp (leaving out the part about Raven). “That’s an interesting tale” she said. She patted my lap and said, “Don’t worry you’re going to be just… what the hell is this?” she said.
Fuck me; she had touched my cum spot. It had seeped all the way through the comforter. She smelt her hand (which I found a little weird) and gave me a funny look; you know that look that says I’m probably gonna twist your nuts off. “Uh… it was there when I got here” I said trying to play it cool.
“You’re not a very clever man are you?” she said. “Well… you try and think of something clever when a woman with beauty of a high magnitude is giving you the stink eye” I said. At first I thought she was going to beat me with the food tray but instead she laughed softly. “Well, I suppose you are just a little bit clever” she said. She felt the cum spot again and purred, “It’s fairly wet; who were you thinking about to get it like this.”
“The only girl I’ve seen in the last twenty-four hours” I said giving my nose a little pinch. It was feeling better by now for the record. Her cheeks turned a soft shade of pink. “Well,” she said with softly, “To think I could cause this much pleasure.” “Why not? You’ve got a nice face and an even better body.” She blushed even brighter and smiled. “Now Kurtz, no flattery is needed. Everything here is on the house, I’m not going to ask for pay” she said thinking what I was saying was a downright lie.
“I’m serious,” I said. I moved the tray aside and sat up. She seemed to be able to read my mind because she leaned towards me. We kissed for the first time. Then for the second time and then before you knew it we were laying next to each other on the bed our tongues flaring around each other.
My heart was pounding and I was starting to feel a little light headed. No woman had made me feel this way before. Then it occurred to me something didn’t feel right. “Maybe we should stop” I said. “But why?” she asked. “My chest hurts” I said. “Shit, I forgot!” she got right off the bed. “I’m sorry, the lack of blood will make it harder for you to do physical activities” she said. “Damn,” I said under my breath.
She put a finger to my lips, “Don’t worry. Once you feel better we’re going to have some fun” she said with a smile. “Now I’m going to go, you just rest okay?” I nodded, but before she left she turned and asked, “Kurtz; do you always charm women who are perfect strangers to you so easily?”
“A terrible knack of mine” I grumbled. She smiled, winked, and left the room. “Sure, I can masturbate but when a woman tries to pleasure me I might die” I said softly. “How is that fair?”

The next day she delivered food to me again. “Good morning,” she said. “How are you feeling today?” “Not dead yet,” I said groggily. “Good,” she said with a different tone. She put the food on the side table next to the bed. She got on top of me and removed her glasses. “What are you doing?” I asked. She smiled, “Call it; an experiment” she whispered into my ear.
Her lips pressed against my neck and she began to suck on it softly. Surprisingly it felt good. So I closed my eyes and let the pleasure consume me. I let my hands go to her chest and began fondling her breasts. It was the first set of full breasts I’d felt since I left Mary’s. She moaned. I felt her nipples harden through her blouse.
“They’re very tender” she whispered. “The slightest brush feels good.” “You’re a horny one aren’t you?” I whispered kissing her throat. She nodded smiling. I lowered began unbuttoning her blouse until her beautiful breasts were exposed. I leaned in and sucked on one of her hard nipples. She sighed happily as my tongue traced around her areola. “How are you feeling?” she asked.
I noticed my heart was feeling a little constricted so I told her. Then I wanted to slap myself. “Well that’s enough for today” she said standing up and buttoning up her blouse. She left the room and I was stuck with good ol’ Jackie yet again.

The next day she came in put the food and water aside and gave me a very sloppy kiss. “Are you ready for today’s experiment?” she said. I nodded. She sat down on my already hard cock. She jumped slightly. “Happy to see me?” she asked. “Fuck yes,” I groaned. Instead of sitting on me she went more to the foot of the bed and rubbed my hard-on through the sheets.
I smiled and closed my eyes as she rubbed my massive boner. “I can’t stand it anymore” she said after a moment. She removed the dress she had been wearing and let it fall to the floor. I saw her in her full naked glory; her perky breasts just the way I remember them and a little fire crotch just above her moist pussy.
She threw my sheets off the bed and then in one swift motion removed my pajama pants. She removed her glasses and then stuck my cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down sticking the whole thing down her throat. I was impressed at how good this girl was. Feeling my whole dick covered in this beauty’s saliva was actually better than I expected.
All of the other girl’s who tried didn’t do it this well. Not even Alice to tell you the truth. I was starting to sweat so I removed my pajama shirt. I felt I was about to cum and stopped her. “What’s wrong Kurtz?” she asked sadly, “wasn’t I doing well?” “Sophie my love, you were doing fantastic” I said giving her a kiss. “But I want to have a little fun before I finish” I whispered. I laid her down on the pillow and began kissing her. First I kissed her lips then her neck then I began kissing her breasts in a variety of different places.
Then I trailed my kisses down her stomach which made her sigh happily. When I finally made it down to her sweet pussy I kissed the lips gently which maid her writhe slightly. Then I licked the lips which made her shiver. I licked up and down several times to prepare her.
“Oh Kurtz,” she said softly. “Do you want me Sophie?” I said on my knee’s my hard cock pointing at her. “Yes Kurtz, I want you bad!” she said spreading her legs. I slowly slid my manhood into her. “Faster,” she whimpered. I thrusted myself into her and she let out a cry of joy. I slid back out slowly to tease Sophie’s pussy. She moaned as I finally made it to my head being out. Then I thrusted right back in over and over again.
I laid myself on her and kissed her passionately. I took one breast in my hand and began squeezing and fondling it. Sophie’s back arched as she let out another cry of joy and an orgasm. I was no where near done though so I embraced her and continued to gyrate my pelvis into hers. We were both lying on our sides our bodies latched together my cock going in and out of Sophie’s vagina.
“Oh Kurtz!” she shouted cumming again. This girl was easily pleased. I took her on my lap and we both sat up. I continued to bounce her up and down on my cock feeling my cum starting to rise. Then before I knew it I erupted inside of her.
I laid down and Sophie nuzzled her head on my chest. Unfortunately it didn’t last long. She stood up and got dressed, “You’re feeling better… you’d better go.” “What? Why?” I asked sitting up. “I’m married Kurtz. I just couldn’t deny you; you’ve got to go… I’ll fetch your things.” And just like that I was on my own once more. Man I have shitty luck huh?

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