Seven Fair Maidens Part Four

Seven Fair Maidens Part Four

(sorry I kind of put too much story in this one, if you want to skip to the good stuff it's toward the end.)

Part four: in the Wild

I awoke the next morning in Mary’s bed; our naked bodies were wrapped around each other. My cock was still in her vagina after that night of rough yet fabulous sex. I kissed her nose and she instantly woke up. “Good morning, handsome” she said with a giggle. How she actually new if I was handsome or not I didn’t know she was blind. Then again I did fuck two other girls in the past month so I guess I was kind of good looking.
“We must have had some night” she said running her fingers along my chest. “Oh yeah” I whispered. “I’m not sure if it was the wine or not but you like your sex rough” I said. “Really?” she said in disbelief. “Yeah; you mean you don’t remember?” She shook her head gently.
“Well you must of wanted it anyway because you haven’t kicked me out of bed yet” I said with a sneer. She giggled again. “I wouldn’t mind experiencing it again” she said with a smile. “Okay, but you don’t mind if we take it easy I’m still a little tired” I said. She happily agreed and we began making passionate love. Noticed I didn’t say we had sex, or we fucked, or even I slept with her. No we were making love. I was starting to think I was actually in love with this woman.
We both had our climax and cuddled in her bed. I was looking longingly at her and she was running her fingers through my hair. I was going to spill my guts to this woman and I felt she would possibly do the same until… of course the door bell rang.
Fate has not been on my side at all on this journey. “I’ll get it my pet” I said kissing her softly on the lips. I went to the lounge where I had left my clothes in last night and got dressed.
I went downstairs and found the guard at the door. “Are you Kurtz?” one of them asked. I looked at them. “Aye, what of it?” I asked looking at them curiously. They both unsheathed their swords and pointed them right at me. “Count Bartholomew Grit has a warrant for your arrest” one of them said calmly. “Come with us quietly and you can keep all of your limbs” said the other.
I stood in panic and did the best I could. I slammed the door in their faces, locked the door, and ran upstairs.
I shut the door quickly behind me. I was breathing quickly and with some difficulty. Mary was sitting on the end of her bed brushing her hair. She was wearing a white night gown made of satin or silk or whatever. “Is something wrong my love?” she said almost seductively. “Your psychopath ex-boyfriend sent the guard after me!” I growled.
Her face drained of the Mary Sunshine attitude I had come to love. “That bastard” she said darkly. “What are we going to do?” she asked. I heard the thick desperation in her voice. “I’ll run away and come back in about a month, he’ll have forgotten about me by then” I said.
She was on the brink of tears when I told her that. “But I’ll be back” I said holding her. “I promise.” That was two promises now; and now that I think about it I’m not so sure if what I’m doing is so good after all.

I snuck out the window and ran to the woods. I was alone now and was being hunted down in two towns. Not only that but I just realized that I had forgotten my sword in Mary’s home. Today just wasn’t my day and it was about to get worse. I walked deeper in the woods where I knew the guards wouldn’t follow.
I sat down to catch my breath; I had been running for who knows how long. I looked around and wish I had my sword. It made me feel safe at times like these. Now I felt completely naked… in a bad way of course. I new I had to keep going if I was going to be safe. But as usual, as if on cue five men with brown skin jumped from the bushes; all of them were armed with primitive yet effective looking spears.
“Whoa, what seems to be the problem gentlemen?” I said trying to play it cool. They responded but not in English. It was a language I’d never heard of before. Their spears were at my chest and they all looked nasty.
“Alright I’ll do whatever you say” I said hastily trying to save my own ass. One of them shoved me and we were on our way. One led the way, two were at my side making sure I didn’t run off, and two were behind me pointing their spears at my back so I couldn’t slow down. I stupidly tried striking up conversation with a smile and they didn’t take that well. I think they thought it was a threat so I silenced. We walked until we reached the face of a cliff. At the foot of it were tents made of animal pelts. In the village of tents there were people with dark skin wearing nothing but some cloth on their bits and pieces.
Of course they didn’t hide everything very well. It was easy to see the testicles of some men and some of the women didn’t even cover up their breasts. You think it’d be a turn on but it was all the older women with their saggy breasts or the pre-teens who had their mosquito bite breasts. The women and teenagers who had the nice racks hid theirs with cloth which I thought was a downright shame.
Unfortunately I didn’t really have time to watch the beautiful savage women. The five men took me to the biggest tent. In the tent an elderly man, a woman who was obviously his wife, and a girl who was in her teens were sitting on a rug.
The man stood up from his rug. Around his head was a dress of peacock feathers and for as old as he looked, he looked even meaner. “Who are you?” he asked in perfect English. “Thank god you speak English,” I said in relief, “Mind telling your buddies there has been some sort of mistake. I don’t mean you or your people any harm.” In an instant a flash of silver came from somewhere near the old mans waist. “You lie!” he snarled.
In his hand was a long dagger. Even though it was bloodstained and a little worn looking it was far more advanced than the spears his men held. “Nice dagger, where’d you get it?” “Stole it from the pale face family that kidnapped me when I was a boy” he said with a sneer.
I nodded, “So what am I being arrested exactly?” I knew there was no way of getting out of it so I might as well no why the hell I was here in the first place. “I ordered my guards to arrest any one who comes through our territory who is not part of our tribe” he said. Then without another word in English he said something to his guards. Then there was a sharp pain in the back of my head, and I blacked out.

I woke up in my opinion the worse possible way. For one thing; I was stark naked. Then there was the fact that I was on my knees and both my hands and feet were bound together. Not just that they were bound around the wooden post that was holding up the tent. So I was stuck there and the knots were too tight for me to pull apart. So I sat their, naked, on my knees, and prayed that I’d get out of it alive.

After the first day I found at their little plan. They were going to dehydrate and starve me. I was so hungry and thirsty through the night that I didn’t even sleep. The next morning was even worse. I sat their and listened to the hustle and bustle of the outside world. I was so hungry and so thirsty that I couldn’t even think about Mary, or Violet, or Alice for that matter.
Before I even knew it, it was nightfall. I was starting to think I was going to die… again for the third maybe even the fourth time this month. Someone was shaking me out of my hunger and thirst fueled trans. It was the teenage girl that was in the chief’s tent.
She held a wooden cup up to my lips. At first I was a bit on the edge wondering if the chief sent her with poisoned water. But then I though; why the hell would he do that when he’s been trying so hard with his first murder plan? I took a sip from the cup and then she helped me drink the rest. “Better?” she asked softly. “You speak English too?” I said my throat a little hoarse from disuse.
“I understand… better than I can speak” she said struggling with her words slightly. I nodded. She held some pheasant or some sort of drumstick in front of my face and I took a big bite out of it. She continued to feed me and giving me gulps of water. As I watched I noticed how pretty she was. She had to be fourteen possibly fifteen years old which was a disappointment. She wore what looked like deer skin around her teenage breasts and a skirt of skin around her waist.
It wasn’t very long in fact every time she sat down I could look up it. The only problem was it was so dark in the tent I couldn’t see a damn thing. Luckily I was still too hungry to even be horny, so my cock was being good and not getting hard in front of this… little girl.
When all the food was gone I felt much better. “You are a saint” I said under my breath. She cocked her head in her confusion. I found it extremely adorable. “You are very nice,” I said, “thank you.” She smiled happily and left me in my little prison alone again.

I sat there and starved again until the sun fell. The flap of my tent opened and the little girl walked in with some meat and water. “Hello again” I said smiling. She smiled and gave me some water. After a few gulps she went out to get some more and came back. “So do I get to learn your name tonight? Or are we just going to continue to have these nameless visits?”
At first she looked confused but then she seemed to get what I was talking about. “My name… is Raven; named for bird. My father’s favorite bird” she said with slight difficulty. “Ah, so you’re dad likes ravens?” I said smiling as she fed me some meat. She nodded with a small smile.
“My name is Kurtz… where my parents got that name from I have no idea” I said truthfully. She giggled. She nurtured me some more for the night and left again.

The next night I decided to make my move. “So does your dad know your sneaking food and water to the prisoner every night?” I asked when she entered. She looked a little scared and shook her head. “Well then, why are you feeding the prisoner?” I asked with a smirk. It was hard to see through the night and the fact that her skin was darker then most girls I’ve ever seen but I was positive she was blushing.
Then I couldn’t help to think that I had another woman in the palm of my hands. “Come closer,” I whispered. She looked confused and got closer to me. “A little closer,” I said. She got close enough that I could see her beautiful chestnut eyes. “Yes, Kurtz?” she asked. I stretched as far as I could and kissed her lips.
She backed off instantly. Then I couldn’t help to think of myself, ah shit. She looked very frightened and backed to the flap of the tent. “No, wait please. I’m sorry I didn’t mean too…” it was too late after that. She ran out of then tent in tears.
“I must be getting worse at kissing” I whispered to myself. “Either that or I misread messages. Either way I am royally fucked here.”

“So this is why you are not dead yet” the chief said as he entered my tent. “Who has been feeding you!” he growled. Raven had left the cup of water and meat by me after she had left. I grinned, “As if I’d tell you,” I said with a chuckle. The chief punched me square in the nose. I felt the blood leak from my nose. “It doesn’t matter now, your tent will be guarded and if your little friend comes back. He or she will be killed on the spot.”
The pain was intense and I nearly blacked out but the chief wasn’t done with me. “Don’t worry; I’m not going to kill you so quickly. I want to see you dead; hungry, thirsty, and bleeding.”

I had blacked out after his last threat speech. I woke up to a soaked rag being dabbed at my face. I woke up to the lovely Raven wiping off my face. “Ah, you have returned” I whispered. “Yes,” she said sweetly, “I apologize for what happened… it is just… I was…” she trailed off, unable to find the words she was looking for.
“Confused by that kiss?” I said. She cocked her head in her cute little way again. “When our lips touched” I whispered. She understood and nodded. It was hard talking to this girl with the slight language barrier. “It made me feel… weird” she said with some difficulty. I nodded, “Kisses do that on both sides.” She looked surprised by this.
“What is this feeling?” she said (perfectly I might add). “Fools like to say its love. But really its lust” I said. “What is… lust?” she said giving me a look that was wondering if she had said it right. “If you were to ask the church they would say it was a sin” I said with a smirk. She gave me another confused look.
Let’s be simple for this girl shall we? “It’s a feeling when a boy and a girl want to touch each other’s,” I paused thinking of the best way to take this. “Body parts,” I said kind of hastily. She cocked her head again, “Like?”
“Lips to lips is one of the more popular ones. Well I wouldn’t say the most popular but it’s the only one that is acceptable to do in public” I explained. She seemed to be interested and listened as I went on. “Then there is of course what people in my society call sex which is more intimate… your head is going to get stuck that way if you keep tilting it like that” I said with a chuckle.
She looked embarrassed but I went on. “I wish I could explain better but with me tied up I can’t… and I know you couldn’t free me even if you wanted too.” It was true, I was basically gonna die and couldn’t be free. She looked disappointed but then I said, “But, there is still something I can do.” She looked up happily.
“First things first; off with the clothes” I instructed. She obeyed and removed the cloth. In the darkness I could barely see her teenage breasts and her bush of pubic hair. “Done” she said. “Alright this should be simple; I want you to put one had on one of your breasts.” She did as she was told and touched her right hand to her right breast.
“Okay now I want you to give your nipple a little pinch” she took her index finger and thumb and pinched her dark nipple. She let out a soft gasp.
“Felt good didn’t it?” I said with a sneer. “Yes” she said in surprise. I smiled, “Now I just sort of want you to experiment, touch yourself wherever and see which places feel better to touch than others.” She nodded and complied.
She ran her fingers all over her brown skin. It was kind of kinky watching a teenage girl run her fingers over her sizzling hot skin. Goosebumps began to appear all over her body; she moaned and panted softly in the darkness as she continued to pinch her nipples. She found her breasts to be her favorite spot at first from what I could tell. She fondled them and played with her nipples.
My favorite part of this was when she discovered how good it felt to touch her vagina. She let out a little squeal when she touched it then covered her mouth instantly. “Good?” I asked with a smile. She nodded and continued to play with herself. One hand played with her breasts the other played with her pussy.
God watching Raven masturbate right in front of me was turning me on. My man hood was beginning to erect itself but Raven didn’t notice. She was too busy playing with her body. Soon Raven was on her knees and her whole body was shaking. She put her cum soaked hand in front of her face and asked, “What was that?”
“That specifically is cum; what just happened however was an orgasm. That’s usually how you know you’re done with sex is when both the man and woman have their orgasms.” She nodded in understanding. The she looked down at my cock with wide eyes. “Now, you can’t tell me you haven’t seen one of these before. I mean come on you can see just about every mans penis around here.”
It was true, and the real ego killer was most of theirs were bigger than mine. I took another look at her face to see that there was hunger in her eyes. I smiled happily. “You can touch it if you’d like” I whispered. At first she looked like she was going to run out again and totally fuck me over with the guards. But she got a little closer and touched it with her cool little hand.
“It’s very warm” she said with lust in her voice. “Watching you do that to yourself filled my body with lust” I said now thinking on her level. She smiled looking pleased with herself. “Now hold it tight; but bring your hand back and forth” I said. She looked a little confused but did it anyway.
After a few moments when I started to moan silently. After that she understood that what she was doing to me was the same thing she was just doing to herself. My cock was throbbing under the flesh of Raven’s hands. “Raven” I whispered. “You might want to move to the left” I said motioning with my head. She did so but didn’t stock jerking off my manhood. Then after a moment of her hand job my cum shot across the tent and I started panting from the pleasure.
Sweat coated my bare body. I looked at Raven and she looked like she was in shock. “Yeah, girls can get their cum to go that far sometimes” I said. Then I smiled and went on, my lust not met as usual. “You know a lot of girls say cum tastes pretty good.”
She complied instantly and began licking my cock clean of cum. She really liked the stuff. My penis grew hard yet again and this time she stuck the head my cock in her mouth. She sucked on it and had her tongue play with the head. Raven was pretty good at doing this. She stuck my cock deeper into her mouth; not down her throat though. She just pushed it on the inside of her cheek.
I couldn’t hold back much longer so I came inside of her mouth. She looked up me looking pleased. She had swallowed all of it. “You; my dear, are amazing” I whispered. She stood up and leaned towards me. We kissed; the first time it was just an innocent peck on the lips. Then I kissed her again and she melted on to me. It was a long passionate kiss. Every now and again one of our tongues would flick into the others mouth. Her breasts were pressed against my chest; her pussy innocently rubbing against my soft penis.
When she pulled away I realized how exhausted I was. She gave me some tough bread and a drink of water, got dressed, gave me one last kiss goodbye, and left my tent.

The next morning I woke up laying flat on my face. Wait a minute I was laying! My hands and feet had been cut free and my head had been resting on my clothes. I got dressed to find that underneath was the chief’s dagger. A very smudged looking heart had been put underneath it all. She wanted me to escape while I could. “Thank you Raven,” I whispered. I took the dagger and killed both the guards without difficulty and ran back into the woods; where my next little adventure would begin.

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