Seven Fair Maidens Part Seven

Seven Fair Maidens Part Seven

Part Seven: Journey’s End

It took about a week to get there but I finally did get there. I stalked through the town grudgingly; old memories returning and making me bitter. Familiar faces looked at me and cowered away. No one said anything to me until I knocked one over by accident. “Hey why don’t you watch where you’re… oh shit it’s you” the man said backing off. “Surprise, surprise” I said darkly.
“Sorry about that, where’ve you been?” the man asked with a tinge of fear in his voice. “Away; now tell me, where are my parents?”
Yes I think this is what the fates have been doing by pushing me away from all my women. “The drunk and the whore?” he said and then covered his mouth shortly after. “Don’t feel bad about calling them that I know what they are” I said. He eased up but then quickly said. “Dead… both dead.”
“When? How?” I asked in shock. “Well it wasn’t from a sexual disease or alcohol poisoning” he whispered. “That surprises me” I replied. “You’re dad caught you’re mom with some traveler. Killed ‘em both and then himself” he said. “I’m sorry.”
He walked away swiftly to leave me to my thoughts. I walked to the town’s cemetery to find both head stones there. It began to rain dramatically as I stared at them. I clenched my fists and said through gritted teeth, “I warned you… both of you! I told mom what you would do if you caught her dad! And I warned dad about what you were doing mom! You assholes didn’t listen… and you should have.”
So it’s true then” said a soft voice. I turned rapidly to see a very familiar face. Remember back at Mary’s when I was talking about the girl who lived next door? The one I masturbated too because she never closed the blinds on her window? It was her; Shana was her name. “You’re back,” she said.
“Aye,” I grumbled softly my anger still in control of me. “I’m sorry about your parents,” she whispered. “I’m not,” I growled spitting upon the ground. “You never did like them. No one did actually” she said. “It was a family curse. The drunken dad, the whore of a mom, and the very mean little boy” I said with a slight sinister tone.
“No one hated you” she said. I quirked my brow in disbelief. “They feared you yes but they always knew why, even me… especially me.” “That would explain why they never fought back” I said mostly to myself. “Wait what do you mean by ‘especially’?” I asked. “There’s a reason I left my window open Kurtz” she said so softly I had to strain to hear. Then again she had always been a very quiet and shy person. I felt my face turn red.
“Oh… you knew about that huh?” I muttered. “The first time I left it open was an accident actually, I saw what you were doing out of the corner of my eye but I didn’t want to bust you. You were a very depressed child you disserved a little happiness” she said with a very small smile.
That would explain why she would fondle her own teenaged breasts sometimes. She had been trying to turn me on. “Well I suppose I owe you a thank you, you did give me a couple of pleasant mornings” I said with the best smile I could muster. She got closer to me but I couldn’t help but to continue talking.
“I understand you were sympathetic to me but still I would be a little creeped out to get naked in front of some girl just because I felt bad for her” I said. “You were good looking enough that it wasn’t creepy” she said smiling. It was my dream come true; the girl I admired when I was a teenager found me attractive all along. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately.
She pulled away but she was still smiling. “Care to come to my home and taste the fruit you’ve been eyeing for years?” she said in a voice that sent a wonderful sensation through my body. “Not married yet?” I asked (not wanting another Sophie incident). She shook her head, “I’ve been saving myself for a certain someone.”
She took me to her house. Not the house she used to live in however; the house next door, my house. She took me to my old childhood bedroom. It was the only room in the house with any good memories. She sat down on my old bed and patted the place beside her. The window I used to spy on her was right next to it. I remembered when I was eleven and first discovered masturbation. I saw my old self with my pants down and stroking my five inch cock. I remember looking out the window seeing the eleven year old Shana with her small growing breasts and hairless vagina.
Now here she was; both of us adults and about to have the real thing. She was a real beauty; chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes, and her breasts had grown considerably large. Not as big as Bridget’s however; then again I doubted that it was often that any girls’ got that big. She kissed me as I sat down and went to remove my pants. She licked my limp penis making it harden instantly.
“Has it always been this big?” she asked in shock. “It’s always been ‘big’ I suppose I don’t know I never ask girl’s opinions on my bits and pieces” I said with a smirk. She laughed softly and then cocked her head a little (not as cute as Raven’s unfortunately). “Didn’t your nose used to be bigger?” she asked then blushed. “I’m sorry that was a foolish question” she whispered.
“It is smaller. A savage chief broke it and a doctor a couple of towns away fixed it up for me” I said. “They can do stuff like that now?” she asked in awe. “Aye and I haven’t died yet so it must be effective” I said. She leaped up on me and kissed me ravenously. “Kurtz you don’t know how long I have waited for this day” she whispered. “About as long as I’ve waited” I said softly.
I helped her out of her dressed revealing her beautiful adult naked body. I took off my shirt and got on top of her. “Fuck me Kurtz” Shana whispered. “Yes my love” I said kissing her. I thrusted my cock inside of her like a spear. It was a really tight fit and she let out a cry of pain. “I’m sorry” I whispered.
“Continue” she said with tears in her eyes. I continued but at a slower gentler pace. After a moment she began to moan and groan. I picked up the pace the more she enjoyed it. Then another one of those flash backs from when I was thirteen. It was my favorite dream that reoccurred for a couple months. I dreamed she had caught me and came to my room without getting dressed. Shana admitted her love to me and I put my face in her peach fuzz covered crotch. I smelt her female juices even it had been just a dream.
When I was older I became aware that in those dreams I had actually been smelling my mom’s juices because I had caught her fucking some guy in my bed on several occasions. But it was still kinky in those dreams. Then in the dream she sucked on my still growing penis but just before we actually got to sex I’d wake up and it’d always piss me off.
Now back to the present. I was up to maximum speed and Shana had been clutching my sheets tightly from the pleasure. Then she came violently. It had been her first male delivered orgasm so it sounded it was damn near spectacular. She had even screamed because it felt so good. Then only seconds after I came. It was the best orgasm I had, had in the past month. We pulled each other close and cuddled.
“I love you Kurtz” she whispered softly. I paused for a while but then the words escaped. “I love you too Shana… very, very much.”

Me and Shana had made quite the cozy home. We have a son now who we named Curtis. I had totally given up bounty hunting and opened a pub. Bridget had met another man by now but came to my pub to perform. We’re still good friends. Sophie had told her husband Richard what happened and got a divorce but met an even better man shortly after. She visits me quite often now a days. As for the others well I never saw them again. I could never quite remember where Violet lived, Alice had vanished off the face of the earth, and I didn’t have the guts to go even close to Mary’s town. Which meant I never tried reconciling with Raven either. But other than that I had no regrets. Because I was happy with the memories and my family.

A Note from the Author: you may have noticed I wrapped this story up faster than the others. That is because I am utterly sick of this series. The “ten years later” part is just saying he lived happily ever after. I plan on writing a few other alternate endings for if he went back to one of the other women because he liked them more. I won’t post them though because like I said I am tired of writing this series so I probably won’t write them till later on. I will keep posting stories but the Kurtz ones are done for good. But if you really want an alternate ending I guess if you tell me which one you’d like to read the most and if I get enough votes I will post that particular alternate ending. Maybe in the far future I’ll post all of the alternate endings. But keep an eye out for my new stories which will be a little more kinky and a little less story.

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