Shadow's Lust

Shadow's Lust

Alice hiccuped. She stumbled her way back into her home, drunk. Someone had slipped something into her drink at school. But she had found her way home, stumbling the way.

Little did Alice know however, of the rather large man who had been crouching in the brush, watching her get ready. This was a rather large man, wide shoulders, tall, big arms and legs, long curly blond hair and dark eyes. His black trench helped hide him some what in the shadows of the bushes as he had watched young Alice stumble.. He had been in this ritual for a while now, just watching her, following her throughout her day. Through this he had learned a lot about her. She liked flowers, morning glories to be exact, and lavender. He had also learned of how shy she was, he found it adorable, and a turn on. He loved her nut brown hair, and how she would tie it up in her little ribbons every morning.

But when Alice rammed herself into her front door, her secret follower sighed. It couldn't be helped. Stepping out of his black truck, he took the spare key he knew Alice hid in the planter and opened the door for her, helping her into the house.

She ranked of stale alcohol and vomit, he didn't even want to think about what was on her shirt. He took her to her bedroom and began to strip her. As he did so he felt his large 14' inch friend stiffen in his jeans. He growled to himself slowly loosing control and his will not to. He continued to strip her of her clothes down to her lacy underware. To his surprise however, her green lacy bra was a bit to small for her, making her breasts swell up, just begging to be let out, and she was wearing a green lacy thong. He felt himself grow hard, his breath labored. He needed her now. But he couldn't he knew it was wrong but he needed her.

He looked at her innocent face, but pictured it covered in his cum, it dripping down over her chest. He wanted to tear that bra off and rape her and he found himself taking the chain from his pants. She was so young and so innocent, he craved her, he needed her. He found himself giving in, slipping the chain from his belt he bound her wrists with the cold metal. He slipped off his trench, slowly giving in, not wanting to but he needed to. Soon he was unbuckling his belt and throwing his pants down. He swung the belt around her neck, tightening it to it's tightest length, tugging the extra with a grin. He gave into his lust.

He gently licked and mouthed her ear, grinning as she jumped in his arms and squirmed. He held fast, pressing her slender body to him, whispering in her ear.
"Hello my pretty little doll."
He chuckled evilly as he kissed the nape of her neck, Alice squirming now and wriggling, trying to get free, fear showing in her scared green eyes. Her face was red though, she could feel his huge dick pressing against her back. The shadow slipped his hand away from her waist and pulled out a pocket knife, flipping it open and holding it against her back just under her bra.
"Now hold still my little Alice and this won't hurt a bit."
The man chuckled as Alice froze to the point of the cold knife on her back. He slipped it up the bra and cut it off, the lacy thing falling off like it was nothing, freeing her chest for him. Next was that thong. It was almost a shame to cut it off but he needed too. He cut it off, and grinned to himself seeing how soaked the panties were, he brought them to his mouth and licked. He shuddered in pleasure, putting them beside them on the bed. He looked to the night stand, and reached over, to the drawer, opening it up, grinning at his luck. Plucking the tape from the drawer he grinned as he quickly replaced his hand over Alice's mouth with tape.

Greedily he stuck his finger inside of her virgin pussy, biting her neck deeply, grinning at how wet she was.
"Your so wet Alice….why is that?"
He stuck another finger inside, moving them in and out, Alice was squirming, tears running down her face.
"Oh don't cry now…you know you want it."
He stuck another finger inside, feeling her hymen and grinning. She was so tight and wet, practically begging for him to ram. He pushed Alice down face first onto the bed and put his dick at the lips of her wet pussy.
"Shhh my dear Alice, you will love this…"
He slammed himself into her. Alice tried to let out a shriek of pain as he did so. He was so huge he felt like he would rip her apart. It hurt so bad. She squirmed more but he slapped her ass hard and continued to fuck her hard. Slamming himself into her hard and fast. He tugged at the belt around her throat choking her, he loved how she bucked up alittle without breath. He continued to fuck her pussy hard, a mixture of blood and precum dripping from her pussy.

This wasn't enough, he wanted to do more to her, he needed more he wanted to see her in chains in a real collar, he wanted to see her bound and gagged and at his mercy. He needed her now. She needed to be his. Alice was reaching her climax, sobbing and choking through the tears she tried to scream. She orgasmed on his huge dick which was already touched with her blood. He kept ramming her, he wasn't finished yet, he was going to take her and have her now, in every way in every place all the time. She was his now and their was no turning back. Alice continued to orgasm on him, dripping out of her pussy.
Her captor was now building towards his climax as well, but he didn't want it to end he needed more. He grunted and sped up, causing Alice to squirm more, which received her another slap on the ass. Her pale and well rounded ass was red now, and he loved it. He was going to fuck that too. He pulled himself out of her and forced her over, making her stare at his huge cock. He ripped the tape from her mouth and grabbed a fist full of her hair, bringing her mouth to his dick as he stroked it.

"Finish me off now my little toy."

Alice opened her mouth to protest but that was a mistake, he slamed himself into her mouth and fucked her pretty face now. He growled in pleasure, pulling at the belt around her throat again, choking her more as he forced himself down her throat. He grinned as he gagged on him, slamming himself in harder. He cummed then in her mouth before he could get to her throat. It fell down from her mouth along with her drool, falling all over her chest, dripping down her chin. He kept going though, but slowed, as he finished off. He pulled himself from Alice's mouth and stared at her, the rest of the belt still in his hand.

"That's a good girl Alice…You'll make a nice little toy."

He chuckled at Alice's fear struck eyes, he loved she looked, bond and now his. She Looked as if she was going to scream again though, so he took her thong still lying near by and stuffed it into her mouth, putting tape over it again.

"But before I make you my little toy I'll have to see if your worth it."

He grinned evily as he began to rub her chest, gently brushing her nipples and biting her collar bone.

"But don't fret Alice…we have all night."

With this Alice knew she was going to get it, and this was only the beginning of what would be a very new life.

-To Be Continued

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