Sharing wife with friend

Sharing wife with friend

This story is written to my e-friend to share my fantasy of sharing my wife with him.

I received a call from you. You informed us that you were planning to come and spend a few days in Mumbai. You had always been Priti's prime candidate but the fact the you lived several states away had prevented things from developing. Knowing Priti's attitude toward You, we immediately invited you to stay with us while you were in Mumbai.

I met you at the airport and drove you to our house. Priti greeted you with a big hug, a kiss and sent a devilish smile in my direction. For the next three hours we all talked about our jobs, our goals, life in general, and Your's love life. At about one thirty in the morning, Priti stood up and said, "Well, it's late, let's get ready for bed." She walked over to you, took both your hands in hers, gave you a kiss and said, "Come on, you're coming with us!"

After years of fantasizing about ways I could make my fantasy a reality here was Priti about to make it come true. I followed them down the hall toward our bedroom. She abandoned you at the bathroom saying, "I'll be out in a minute." You and I looked at each other in wonder.

"What am I supposed to do?", you asked.

"I think she wants you to come to bed with us," I replied as I started to strip off my clothes and climb in bed. Before you could undress, Priti reappeared wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties. "Come on." she said, "We want you in bed with us." She turned out the light and crawled into bed with you following close behind.

Priti pulled off her top and tossed it to the floor freeing her breast. You inserted your hand inside her panties and slid them down her legs and dropped them to the floor.

Priti put her head on your shoulder. She was running her hand across your hairy chest when she said, "I'm so glad you finally here, You." From her motions I could tell that her hand had moved down and she was stroking your dick. As she did so, I gently caressed her body and kissed her shoulder to signal my approval. I ran my hand down her slender waist, stroked her soft behind, and slipped a finger into her pussy. She was obviously very aroused, her pussy was soaked.

Priti soon slipped her head under the sheets to rest on your stomach. She began to suck you gently as you melted into the bed. I continued to finger Priti's pussy and stroked her clit. I then slipped my erection into her soaked pussy and pulled the sheet down to better watch her sucking your cock. Priti was caressing and weighing your testicles in one hand as she slowly licked your shaft and took it in and out of her mouth. I was amazed at how thick it was as Priti took the whole thing down her throat. I was awestruck at the sight of her sucking another man. For the next five minutes Priti made love to your cock with her mouth and tongue while I slowly pumped in and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes I moved aside and you positioned yourself between Priti's legs. With Priti's gentle guidance You smoothly entered her body. My beautiful wife slowly arched her back and her eyes closed in pace with my best friend's increasing penetration. I watched your erection disappear into her wetness. You began a slow, even pumping – savoring the pleasure of my wife's body as it engulfed your manhood.

Your both love making continued while you lowered your head taking one of Priti's nipples in your mouth. I lay on the bed beside them and watched. My fantasy was now reality. There was no loss in the transition, I was enthralled. It was at the same time erotic, exotic, sensual, sexual and beautiful. There was no conversation now. All that could be heard was the soft sounds of love making.

You later withdrew and rolled over onto you back. Priti slid down and began sucking and licking your hard-on. She moaned softly as I entered her vacant pussy from behind and began pumping in cadence with her sucking motions. With my mouth on one breast and one hand caressing the other I drove in and out her hot pussy until I exploded deep inside her. Our juices mingled as we fell asleep with Priti snuggled in the middle.

Nextday, I was late from office. I reached home at around 11:00 pm. I was anticipating that priti must be in bed with you and getting fucked by you in my absence.

I entered in home as I had second key. I could hear you talking softly in bedroom for nearly ten minutes before it suddenly became rather quiet. When there was too much hissing sound of Priti striked to my ear, I made my way to the bedroom. As I walked in I saw Priti lying on the bed with her nightgown pulled up over her waist, her legs were spread and your face was busy giving Priti's pussy some attention. Priti was stroking your head and the expression on her face reflected both care and contentment.

I watched you for a time and then undressed. As I got into bed Priti turned her head toward me and opened her mouth to signal her desire to suck me. I moved to the head of the bed and she took my shaft in and began to suck and lick it. You, still fully clothed, continued to eat Priti as she pulled me in and out of her mouth. She stroked your hair with one hand and stroked my balls and cock with the other. I unbuttoned Priti's nightgown exposing her beautiful breasts and began kneading them and gently pinching her erect nipples. All that could be heard was heavy breathing, Your licking, Priti's suckling, and an occasional soft moan.

After awhile I told You, "Let me take over there. You go ahead and get undressed." I moved into a sixty-nine position and began tonguing Priti's pussy. When I reached her clit I was amazed by its size. Her clit had never been as erect as it was just then.

I moved aside after you had stripped off your clothes. As I lay on my side watching, You climbed between my wife's spread legs and guided your meaty hard-on into the wet opening of her pussy. Priti shuddered slightly as you slid every bit of your manhood into her. You began a rhythmic thrusting that shook my wife's tits every time your pelvis pounded into her. Priti arched her back to increase the pressure of your driving shaft on her already swollen clit. Priti brought her knees up and spread her legs wider to take your driving cock in deeper. Her breasts continued to quake each time their pelvises forcefully met. Priti began to knead her breasts and flaunt them at you while you maintained your steady pumping. Her head turned from side to side, her breathing was loud and short as she pinched her nipples into an even greater state of erection.

Suddenly Priti raised her right leg and rolled to her left. She rose up on her hands and knees arching her back to present her hot cunt to our friend doggy style. She reached back between her legs, found your tool, and guided it between the lips of her pussy. You began pumping in and out of her as I moved to a new vantage point. Sitting on the floor next to the bed, I kneaded my wife's swaying breasts as my best friend made love to her from behind.

"Harder, You! Faster," Priti pleaded. You maintained your pace and soon withdrew to give me a turn at her pussy. Priti rolled onto her left side, grabbed your turgid cock and pulled you to her mouth. She sucked hungrily on your shaft while you stood on your knees next to her pillow. I got back into bed, spread Priti's legs and began eating her pussy as I watched her apply her oral expertise.

Priti moaned with pleasure as she sucked the bulbous head of your cock and pumped your shaft with her hand while I focused my tongue on her clit. Your breath was short and fast when the muscles of your buttocks suddenly tightened and you stopped breathing altogether. You erupted sending thick streams of your cum down my wife's throat and she swallowed as it came.

You gasped for air as you watched Priti pull your cock from her mouth. She gently squeezed your shaft from base to head coaxing out the final drops. A large pearly drop of your sperm oozed at the tip and she carefully removed it with her outstretched tongue. Priti lovingly coddled your spent and shrinking penis as I continued my oral assault on her pussy. "Thank you." You whispered hoarsely, still short of breath.

I climbed the length of Priti's body and slipped my cock into her drenched pussy. I took her breasts in my hands and began to kiss her face. I could smell the musky odor of Your cum on her breath as she pushed her tongue into my mouth. As I pumped in and out of her hot slit, she rocked her hips in time to my pumping increasing my pleasure. In a matter of minutes I erupted sending wave after wave of cum into her cunt. As the first spasms racked my body, Priti locked her legs behind me and pulled me tighter within her spread legs. She smiled happily as she felt the jets of my orgasm emptying deep inside her. We kissed each others face for a time and then again fell asleep.

The next morning I was up and off to work before anyone else was up. I called home early that afternoon to check on our plans for the evening. Priti and you were going to run some errands in the afternoon and I would try to get off early to join you around 4:00.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to leave work until 4:00. As I sped home, I began to get the uncanny feeling that you and Priti had already started without me. When I arrived at home the sun had just set and it was beginning to get dark.

I entered the house and heard your quiet murmurings in the bedroom. I walked down the hall and stopped outside the bedroom door. You had both shed your clothes from the waist down and were in bed. The scene that greeted me in the waning light was you lying on your back with Priti on top, riding your erection. Priti sat back on your cock and turned her head toward me. "I hope you don't mind we started without you?" she asked, punctuating the question by rising and falling on your erection several times.

"Not at all." I replied, unable to suppress a smile. The globes of her ass looked beautiful. I could see your glistening cock penetrating her wet pussy as she rocked forward and back. The scene will live in my memory forever.

I entered the room and approached the bed. Kissing Priti on the lips, I reached under her sweater and unclasped her bra. Weighing a breast with my hand under her sweater, I asked, "How long have you two been at it?"

"About forty minutes, I guess," You said glancing at the clock.

"Well," I said, "I won't interrupt you two. I'm just going to change my clothes and I'll leave you alone to enjoy each other." As I changed my clothes, Priti continued to ride your cock. At one point she pulled her sweater over her head and removed her bra. She unbuttoned your shirt and helped you out of it. Priti rolled over on her back, spread her legs wide and raised her knees high and to the sides. You were in a push-up position and I could clearly see your meat driving in and out of her. When I left the room, You were sucking hungrily on Priti's nipples.

I got myself something to drink and flipped on the TV. I sat there for awhile trying to act as if it were perfectly normal for me to be watching the news while the bed was creaking under the weight of somebody making love to my wife in the bedroom. After a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore – I had to go watch. When I entered the room, Priti was on all fours and You were fucking her doggy style. I pulled off my pants and sat down at the head of the bed. I spread my legs in front of Priti and she took my cock in her mouth while you continued to pump her from behind. Priti's head bobbed up and down on my hard-on as she rocked back and forth to meet your thrusts.

She was not able to speak anything as her mouth engulfed my thick dick. She was moaning in ecstasy and making too much hissing sound from her nose. Each hot exhalation with hissing sound string to my pelvic area and making me so delight and all that vein pumping gush of blood to make my dick thicker and thicker.
I was shouting at you “ yes, yes Joe fuck that horny bitch, she need this treat, her cunt is so wanting and demanding, I can not satisfy that slutty cunt, come on Joe fuck hard that slutty cunt. My wife is horny bitch need treatment like this, come on fuck her so hard, she always crave for your dick.

I hold Priti’s hair and pulled her mouth and asked her “ you horny bitch don’t you are, you want two dicks at a time, isn’t it, you are big whore and your cunt is so slutty which is not getting satisfied with my dick, isn’t it.

She replied furiously “ yes, I am whore, I am satisfied with your dick, I want Joe’s dick, I am cock lover, I want two cock at a time, You both bastard fuck me so hard otherwise I will eat away your dicks.

“Come on Joe fuck my cunt, I like it come on thrash it up with your hard hot rod, My cunt is craving for your dick”

You were so excited after hearing all dirty demand of your slutty whore. You started pumping your dick more rigorously.

Priti now left sucking on me and started jacking my dick to keep her mouth free and was expressing her feeling when you were thrashing her cunt from behind.

Yes, Joe, right there you feel me so nice, your dick is hitting my G-spot, it is giving so intense pleasure Joe, I love you. Please, keep fucking me. I want you to fuck me whole night. Please, don’t come so soon, I want to enjoy your dick more and more.

I was watching her that she was shuddering, her whole body was trembling and vibration after vibration may be passing through her whole body.

She was shouting “ yes, come on Joe fuck me hard aaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, my god I can’t handle this fun, huuuuuuuuus aaaaaaaaasssssss, fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkk me, come on Rajesh suck my tits, I want to enjoy fully tonight.

I caught her fully erect nipple and started sucking, biting and nibbling while fondling with other. I experience she was on climax. I watched that her cunt was gushing out her cunt juice along with your dick.

Yes, Yes, Yes you both bastard make me feel like queen of you. Give me more and more pleasure, come on Joe my slave you fuck that slit hard. Ahhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooohs, my god there is nothing like this in this world, I am luckiest girl on this earth.

OOOOOOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggggggggggggoooooooooooooodddddd with that she got her wildest orgasm and her cunt juice was running down and trickling from her pelvic bone. You also raised your tempo and speed, at the same time your dick also spewed deep inside her.

I immediately shifted my position from her nipple to middle of her swayed legs in doggy style to catch every drop of her hot juice, hot juice was flowing out of her cunt, it was mixed with your cum too and had some different taste and smell.

Priti ordered you to give your dick in her mouth and laid on her back spreading her legs apart and asked me to lick her off. I cleaned her cunt which was fucked wildly just before by you.

My dick was hard on and now Priti again going naughty.

“Do you want me to screw up again naughty” I said “ yes, my darling”

“Can you fuck me like Joe fucked me, you never fucked me like Joe has fucked me, Joe is my dream man, I don’t like your dick now”

I pleaded “ priti , please allow me to fuck you, my dick want your cunt desperately”

Priti asked you “ what are saying Joe, is he deserve my cunt”

You asked her “ he is your hubby, ultimately he satisfy your cunt, I am here for two-three days, then he only satisfy your cunt, come on my darling priti allow him to fuck your cunt.

“OK, Joe is saying hence I allow you come on drive in my cunt” saying that she opened her legs wide open. Her cunt was wide open, her love tunnel was totally pink inside and glistening with lot of juice. My dick disappeared in it in no time. It was very much loose as you thrashed it terribly, I asked her to put her legs together to feel some friction.

She started playing with your dick and asked you to suck off her nipple while I was screwing her, It continued for another 10 minutes or so and she got one another wildest orgasm. Her cunt muscles started clasping on my dick like it is milking my dick. I shoot up my gooey but thin load deep inside her pussy. We all three exhausted in the bed and laid to collect our breaths. She snuggled in between both of us.

Later, the three of us got dressed and went to a restaurant and ate a late dinner, then returned home.

We spent the next day, Saturday, and enjoying the sights and sounds as we showed you around our city. It was early evening when we got back home. Priti busied herself while you and I talked and watched the news. Priti soon walked in and sat between us on the couch. An old movie came on after the news and, though we had no interest in watching it, nobody cared enough to get up to turn the TV off or change the station. We just wanted to spend the time together. I finally got up and turned the volume down low and the lights off. Pausing for just a second before returning to the couch, I drank in the sight of my wife and best friend serenely holding each other, bathed in the light of the TV. You were flying home the next afternoon and we were certainly going to miss you.

We sat in the dim light as the movie played on. Priti had taken her arm from your waist and was lightly caressing your crotch with her finger tips. When you began to grow hard, she opened your pants and freed your erection. We watched the movie in silence while Priti quietly fondled your exposed hard-on. It wasn't long before her head was resting in your lap and she was gently sucking you.

"Come on guys, this is our last night together, lets go to bed." I soon proposed. We went to the bedroom, disrobed, and all climbed into the bed together. With you on your back, your head on a pillow, Priti laid on her side next to you, her head resting on your stomach. She took your shaft in her left hand and swathed your cock head with her lips and tongue. I took a "spoons" position with Priti and entered the folds of her wet pussy from behind. Propping myself up on one elbow, I watched her suck you while I made love to her.

Cradling your testicles in her hand, she took the entire length of your penis in and out of her mouth. As the tempo between the three of us increased, our loins became soaked with Priti's saliva and juices.

As much as we wished we could remain linked like this forever, we could not. After a time, You stiffened and then began to pulse in orgasm. Priti drank your ejaculation as I filled her vagina with jettisoned streams of my own. She moaned softly while we filled her from both ends. Fully spent, we all collapsed and bathed in the warmth and wetness of our lovemaking.

It was a tearful parting at the airport the next afternoon. She missed you too much that night.

One night after your going while making love we talked about the few days we had shared with you.

'By the way, how did you guys get started Friday afternoon before I got home?' I asked priti.

"We got back from shopping and sat down on opposite ends of the couch. Joe kicked off his shoes and we just started talking. After a while Joe began rubbing my crotch with his foot. I brought him back here then. While standing at the end of the bed, I knelt down and sucked him for awhile then laid him on the bed and took off his pants. I sucked him awhile longer, took off my pants, and climbed on top of him. We made love like that for about ten or fifteen minutes and then I sucked him until he came." She told that story proudly.

"Did you swallow it?" I asked hoarsely.

"Of course I did." she replied with a sexy smile.

I was excited hearing all this from her about how she enjoyed with you alone, at that I erupted sending streams of hot cum into her pussy. She held me and stroked my hair softly as the spasms of my orgasm subsided. I was totally sated after making love to this incredibly sensual, loving woman.

She was contented having been made love to for over two hours by two men.

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