Shaving her body

Shaving her body

It was a Tuesday, I think, although it could have been a Thursday when this story began. You see twice a week my wife, Maggie, goes to a Pilates class in the evening. She has been working on her figure for the better part of her 45 years. She has been a member of Weight Watchers for almost 20 years and a dedicated workout enthusiast for at least that long. After 2 children her full figure still looks good. I know this by the looks she gets when she is getting items from the lower shelf at the grocery store or reaching for that high item at the top. I should also mention that these looks come from men and women. Both sexes are impressed with her figure. And to her credit she works at it constantly! As they say these days… “Her body is tight!”

Well anyway, I was home watching the local MBL team on TV waiting for Maggie to return. It was a typical evening in every sense of the word except for one important item. Tonight I was going on the pill. OK, now don’t get too worried, the pill I am talking about is Viagra. It seems like after a really strenuous workout Maggie is always interested in a sexual workout to top off her physical activities. I wanted to give her an exceptional experience and thought a little help from chemistry would be a good idea. Tonight was going be our first experiment with the little blue pill. And I wanted this particular workout to last and last!

I waited until about 20 minutes before Maggie’s expected return to take a shower, slip on a pair of shorts (no underwear) and a t-shirt, swallowed the magic pill and plopped down in front of the TV. I wasn’t sure if the pill was working but my thoughts were definitely not on the game. In fact I wanted to swing my own bat if you know what I mean. It was then the phone rang and my neighbor, Larry, asked me for help. He needed my help moving a piece of furniture. Now what could I do. There was no rational reason I could give for not lending a hand. So being the good neighbor I quickly ran across the street and descended into the basement….

Class was over and I was wet with sweat. It was a great class as always. Our Pilates instructor is young, energetic and fun. It is the kind of exercise class that makes you want to attend. You work your butt off and feel great doing it. I have been in this class for over a year and everyone attends with regularity. Although I was one of the older participants I enjoyed being around all the youngsters with their high level of energy.

After class I was a little slow in collecting my things before heading out the door and to a good night of sex with my husband, Dan, when Shelly called after me.

“Hey, Maggie wait up! You will not believe this,” she shouted as she threw her bags to the floor. “I have lost my apartment keys and my roommate is out of town until tomorrow.”

“Hey, take it easy,” I replied. “Can’t the Super let you in?”

“Not really… we kinda changed the locks when he kept giving us the weird look of a deranged killer,” she replied jokingly. ” No in reality we changed them because we just didn’t feel safe. We haven’t told the Super yet and now look at this. What a mess.”

“Well maybe I can help.” I offered. “You know you can always stay at our place tonight if that would do it.”

By this time I couldn’t help but notice the rivulets of perspiration running down Shelly’s chest seeking the valley between two very impressive breasts. Her sweat soaked spandex revealed a firm young body with a just a few too many curves. Her short red hair was plastered to her head but the cut was perfect for her impish personality.

“That would be great,” she sang as she picked up her bags and headed for the door. “I will follow you in my car, at least I have those keys” she crooned spanking my butt as she flew past.

I slid behind the wheel and headed for home. And I kept thinking about that friendly little rear-end pat that Shelly gave me. I realized I liked it.

“Wow,” I whispered as I thought of spanking Shelly’s tight little ass. I was still fantasizing about that when I pulled into the drive way. Shelly pulled up in front of the house hopped out of her car and floated to the door.

“The first thing I need,” she announced as she walked down the hall, “is a really hot shower.” You don’t mind if I take one do you?”

“Absolutely not,” I replied. “In fact I will get you something to put on afterwards. And then while you’re in the shower I will hop into the tub for a bath.”

I looked around downstairs for Dan but didn’t see him. I saw his car in the drive so I knew he was somewhere around. So before going up I left a brief note in the kitchen explaining that I was home and we had a guest.

We both headed up to the master bath stopping along the way to deposit Shelly’s things into the spare bedroom. There is no modesty in the younger generation or at least in the mind of Shelly. She stood in the middle of the bedroom and in the blink of an eye she stripped. Off came her shoes, off came her socks, off came her leotard, off came her sports bra and off came her panties.

Standing before me was a beautiful young body without a strand of body hair. She had shaved, waxed, plucked every single solitary hair. And I must say it was impressive!

“Oh,” I exclaimed. I felt my face redden. “You are completely hairless.” I stammered.

“Now don’t tell me you don’t shave your…. how can I put this delicately,…. pussy?’ she questioned mockingly. “I mean certainly Dan doesn’t like to eat a hairy …..

“Well,” I said defensively. “He certainly has never complained about what I have to offer him.”

“Listen Maggie,” Shelly preached. “You should really shave that golden little triangle of yours. Believe me Dan will appreciate it. And who knows maybe so will I.”

“What do you mean by that,’ I challenged, still staring at her hairless crotch. It was like a magnet for my eyes. I wanted to touch the skin; I wanted to feel the softness; I wanted to spread the folds, I just kept staring. And then I thought … what the hell am I thinking? I shook my head.
“Well, I better go get you something to put on. Go ahead and slip in to the shower,” I said as I turned for the door.

“Think about shaving while you’re in the bath,” she sang as she headed for the bathroom.

I went into the master bedroom and stripped off my sweaty clothes. Standing in front of the full length dressing mirror I focused on my body. I mean, I know I am 45 but I still have a nice set of breasts (34B), a flat stomach (25 inch waist) and a nice round (35 inch) ass. Yes, I would say a very nice body. So what is wrong with a little hair in the pubic region? But the more I looked the uglier the triangle became. And with the decisiveness of a Supreme Court judge I decided to shave it. Tonight! Period!

I heard the shower running as I filled the tub. I could see Shelly soaping her body through the clear stall. I know her breasts were at least 36Bs and she had the type of ass that was known as a J-Lo butt, big and round. I sat on the edge of the tub and watched Shelly’s hands play over her nipples, caress her stomach and slide down between her legs. My body was starting to react to this picture. I could feel the moisture gathering between my legs. I stopped seeing breast and started seeing tits. I didn’t see her pubic area but saw her pussy. She turned around and bent over to wash her feet and I saw a beautiful ass as clear as the moon. My hand slipped between my legs and brushed my clit and a wave of excitement shot through my body. I shivered!

I slipped into the warm soapy water leaned my head back and closed my eyes. My imagination was describing every movement in the shower behind me. This was as erotic as it could get. My mind’s view of me and Shelly….

As I crossed the lawn I saw Maggie’s car in the drive so I knew she was home. I bounded up the steps to the side door in a hurry to release my now semi- hard cock. With out the benefit of underwear my semi hard was continuously looking for an avenue of escape. I know it was visible because Larry kept glancing at my crotch and making wise remarks about the rise in my shorts. Damn, this Viagra does work!

I heard the shower running so without looking around I bounced up the stairs two at a time. Thinking of Maggie in the shower I slipped off my shorts and shirt and opened the bathroom door. Wow, what a site!

Maggie was sitting on the edge of the tub. Her legs were spread wide and her crotch was covered with soap or shaving cream. Kneeling in front of her was a cute little redhead I knew had to be Shelly from class. They were as naked as they could be. Neither one of them saw me standing there. They were both focused on the activity taking place between Maggie’s legs and I certainly didn’t want to interrupt them. I stood perfectly quiet…. I stood perfectly still… I watched as Shelly took the razor and carefully shaved along the lips of my wife’s pussy. Then she delicately spread the outer lips, lathered the area and with the touch of a Renaissance master ran the razor along the edge of the creamy crevice. Maggie’s eyes closed and a soft moan crawled from her mouth. Shelly leaned forward her nose almost touching Maggie’s pussy and exhaled. Warm moist air brushed over the labia and the clitoris came alive. The razor finished its work and disappeared on the floor. Shelly took a warm damp cloth and wiped away the remaining foam and then took her tongue and separated Maggie’s glistening lips.

“Oh wow,” Maggie sighed. “This is heaven…. Don’t stop.” She leaned back on her arms raising her pussy to Shelly’s mouth.

”I told you it would be good to shave that pussy,” Shelly mocked between licks. “It is so soft and sensitive. Here feel mine.” And with that she turned her body around so Maggie could reach her. As she was turning Shelly saw me standing in the doorway. Our eyes met and then her eyes danced down to my rock hard cock. I couldn’t move. I just stood there and without saying a word I was able to tell Shelly to continue satisfying Maggie.

Shelly helped Maggie slide off the tub and onto the large rug in the middle of the floor. Positioning Maggs on her back Shelly spread her legs and continued to dine between her legs. Soft moans and erotic noises escaped from both girls as their passions grew. By now I had my cock in my hand and was slowly pumping the shaft raising my own level of danger to orange….. I quietly moved to the rug and knelt over Maggie’s head. I lowered my balls over her face and brushed her lips with the tip of my cock.

“Ooo baby,” she murmured. “I didn’t know where you were when we got home. But it looks like you found us.” She started to lick my shaft and nuzzle my balls while she pulled Shelly’s face tighter to her pussy.

“I see we have a guest,” I whispered as I felt my balls starting to dance. “Is she spending the night?”

“Oooie, Oooie,” Maggs moaned as she again raised her hips to meet Shelly’s tongue. I could see this oral activity was having its effect on Maggie. Her chest began to flush. The rising orgasm was heating her blood and it was flowing through her body like the river Jordan.

“Yes dear, she is here for the night. I hope you don’t mind?” she asked between sighs.

I crawled around behind Shelly who was on her elbows and knees between Maggie’s legs. I paused there to admire the sight. A firm round ass up in the air and a pair of freckled tits hanging above my wife’s partially hidden pussy. I put a hand on her hip and slid it down her butt. I found her tight little hole and spread her ass cheeks. Rising above her I let my saliva drip down on her ass and slowly run down her chute like a slow stream of molasses. I took my tongue and began to circle her ass. I then began my effort to enter that tight pink cavity.

Shelly's right hand came from underneath and found her pussy. She eagerly inserted her fingers into that wet cave and began to finger fuck herself. I continued to ram my tongue in her ass and was making great headway when the first shudder of orgasm shook her body. This made her press her mouth harder into the crevice that held her tongue.

“Oh God,” Maggie cried as her rushing orgasm spread throughout her body. “I’m cuming; I’m cuming, Oh, my god!” She shuddered again and then pulled Shelly on top of her. Their bodies melted together… tits… stomachs… hips… on the floor……..

“I love the feel of soft flesh on top of me,” I said. Or maybe I just thought that. My mind was so on fire that I didn’t know the difference between the spoken word and thought. I just knew that this was sensory nirvana. Shelly’s soft body was pressing down on me. My whole body was alive!

“Danny come here and kiss me”, I implored. “I want to taste your lips and feel your hands on me.

Oh, Danny please eat me first”, Shelly begged. “Then kiss Maggs with my juices on your lips. She needs the taste of my pussy.”

And with that Shelly rolled on to back and spread her legs. Dan crawled between those glistening limbs and buried his face. I watched his cock dance and bounce as he sucked on her pussy. I then slithered down his side and slipped my tongue into Shelly’s bellybutton. My hand found the top of her pussy and I began to play with her clit.

“Oh my, now that is nice,” Shelly crooned. “Stick your tongue in me Danny. Easy Maggs, easy…. Oh yes! Oh yes! FASTER, FASTER, FASTER,” She ordered. Her hips were gyrating to the rhythm of our actions. Suddenly her body tensed, her face and chest flushed and a deep moan escaped from her lips. She convulsed once more and then her body went slack.

Dan crawled on top of her. He rose up on his elbows and knees and I grabbed his cock in my hand. I guided it to the entrance of Shelly’s pussy and pulled him forward. His cock slid into her like a bullet entering a chamber. I knew it would not be long before he shot his load.

“Pump her Danny,” I demanded. “Give her all of it!” His ass flew up and down like a piston in a hotrod. I laid my face on Shelly’s stomach and watched his cock appear and disappear from her pussy.

“Harder boy!” I challenged, and his cock mover faster. “Come on man, pump that thing. Pump it! Pump it!”

“Now listen to me Danny,” I said with force. “Do not cum in her. Do you hear me? I said do not cum in her. I want you to shoot your load on her stomach and onto my face. Do you hear me?”

He nodded his head and continued to pound his meat into her. I licked her belly and could smell the sex juices as they flowed. My hand found my own clit and my fingers danced happily across the sensitive little nub. Waves of pleasure washed over me as I watched and felt the rising expectation of multiple bodies reaching orgasm.

“Now! Now!” Danny moaned. He gave two more hard jabs into Shelly’s pussy and then withdrew his cock rapidly. Rising to his knees he aimed his cock forward and shot his load.

Squirt! A flash of white cream flew onto Shell’s belly! Squirt! A bigger load landed on my cheek! Squirt! A partial load flew onto my lips. Squirt! Another creamy load flew towards my face. Squirt! Squirt! A white stream slithered across Shelly’s stomach.

Danny continued to milk his cock draining the last of his fluid onto Shelly’s stomach. My tongue worked its way across Shelly’s cream covered body. I crawled forward and found Shelly’s lips. I offered them to her. And without hesitation she kissed me hard and then began to cleanse me. She licked my face clean, holding the cum in her mouth. Then she sat up and pulled Danny to her and gave him a deep throated kiss. Danny sucked her tongue and then rolled over to me and kissed me hard on the mouth! We all could taste the creamy white liquid.

We all collapsed on the rug. Shelly laid her head on Maggie’s stomach, Magg’s head laid on my crotch and I rested my face on Shelly’s breasts.

After about 10 minutes I said, “Well, we better take another shower if we are going to do this again!” I felt the little blue pill begin to take charge of my …………..

And then the door bell rang!

To be continued…

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