Spicing Things Up_(3)

Spicing Things Up_(3)

My husband Lee and I were getting a little bored with our sex life so we decided to spice things up a little. We had a mutual friend, Jean who my husband had dated before he and I met. Most people don’t believe me when I say that we are friends, but we really are.

He and I had been talking about ways to add excitement to our sex life. One night we went to our favorite bar and Jean happened to be there too. We all got drinks and found a table together. The place was really crowded especially the dance floor. We all got up to dance and because there were so many people on the floor; we had to dance close together. Jean and I decided to dance with Lee between us, he would face me for awhile and then turn and face Jean. A slow dance came on and I told Jean that she should dance with my husband; I excused myself and went back to the table. The music was slow and very sexy and the two of them wrapped there arms tightly around each other and moved sensually to the music. As the crowd enveloped them, my mind started to race. I decided that this would be the night that my husband and I had been talking about and Jean would be a part of this.

The music ended and they came back to the table. We drank and talked and I asked Jean to go outside with me to get some fresh air. When we were outside, I asked her if she would like to have some fun with Lee. Her green eyes sparkled and she asked me what I had in mind. First, I told her about the conversations that he and I had about adding something different to our sex life. She seemed taken back but soon saw that I was serious and I think she got horny just thinking about it. I leaned over and slipped my hands under her dress and could feel that her panties were damp from the excitement of our talking. She leaned against me and I slowly put one finger inside her wet cunt and she sighed. I then pulled her panties off her and slipped them into my purse. I also took my wet panties off and put them inside with hers.

We went back into the bar and ordered more drinks. Another good song was playing and I took both of them to the dance floor. Once again Lee was between us. I whispered into his ear and told him that he was going to enjoy this dance; he just looked at me with a puzzled look. I wrapped my arms around his waist and also pulled Jean close to his back. I then took his hand and put it under Jean’s dress. He liked what he felt. His fingers immediately started rubbing her clit and she pressed herself closely to his back. I took his other hand and put it under my skirt and he did the same to me. We moved slowly together and I could feel his breathing on my neck and felt his huge bulge pressing against my thigh. We stayed like this for three songs and then I felt Jean shiver and knew that she had climaxed.

I asked them if they were ready to leave and both nodded in agreement. When we got outside I asked Jean to follow us to our house in her car. Lee and I got into our car and he turned to me and kissed me; his tongue went deep into my mouth. After he released my mouth; I smiled at him and told him that I was going to make him very happy tonight.

When we got to our house; I told Lee that he should get us all some drinks and take them into the living room. I asked Jean to come with me; we went into the bedroom and I took her hand and led her to the bed. I told her that I wanted to see how hot she was. I gently laid her on the bed and lifted her dress up. I could see moisture seeping out of her cunt. I gently ran my finger over her clit and licked the wetness from my finger. I then pulled her off the bed and told her that we should get dressed for the night. I got some sexy lingerie out of the dresser. I gave her a red see-through teddy with matching thong panties. Jean is much taller than me so the teddy only went to her midriff and showed off her beautiful tanned belly and the sexy thong she was wearing. I put on a black teddy which exposed my tits. I knew that Lee was going to have an immediate hard on when he saw us because these were his favorite things for me to wear.

We went out into the living room. Lee had turned the lights down low and there was a soft glow of light and soft music playing. He had his back to us when we walked in but when he turned to us, I could see his pleasure sparkling in his eyes. I walked up to him and put my hand on his huge bulge and squeezed gently. I then took his lips in mine and kissed him deeply. Jean walked up behind him and put her hands on his chest and found his nipples and squeezed them ever so gently. I actually thought he was going to pass out.

Jean came around beside me and we kissed each other gently. She took my hand and led me to the couch. I sat on the couch and she knelt in front of me. She took both of my breast in her hand and started running her hands over my nipples which immediately responded to her sexy touch. She pushed the fabric away and took one nipple in her mouth and sucked gently on it. I leaned my head back and enjoyed the feeling. Lee came over to us; by this time he had completely undressed and was standing in front of us with his huge dick standing out straight. He leaned to me and I took him into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down his huge dick and he leaned down and squeezed my other breast. Jean had given up on my breast and had moved down to my wet cunt. She moved my thong aside and began rubbing my enlarged clit. This made me go wild and I sucked Lee deeper into my mouth; I felt his balls brushing my chin and I sucked him harder and deeper into my mouth.

Jean was licking my clit and I could feel the beginning of a huge orgasm. Lee pulled himself out of my mouth with a loud pop and went behind Jean and started rubbing her ass. He pulled her thong down and exposed her inviting ass. He got behind her and started running his tongue up and down between her ass cheeks. I knew she liked this because she buried her face deep into my cunt. I could not hold back my orgasm any longer; I grounded her face deep into me and smeared my pussy juices all over her face as I had the most amazing orgasm. When my head had finally cleared I took her face and licked all the juices off it; kissed her deeply and told her that it was her turn now.

She lay on the floor and I gently removed her soggy thong and tossed it aside. Lee stood over her head and offered her his engorged dick which she greedily took deeply in her mouth. He reached for her tits and squeezed them hard. I watched the two of them for a minute and then got to work on Jean’s wet soggy pussy. I opened her cunt lips and ran a finger up and down. I then replaced my finger with my tongue. When she felt this she arched her back and pulled my head further into her cunt. This was the first time that I had ever tasted another women’s cum; it was sticky and sweet smelling. I put one finger deep into her wet cave and with my tongue; I sucked her clit deep into my mouth. She almost choked on Lee’s dick. I added another finger inside her and pressed deeply. I could hear her sighs. I knew that I had found the secret spot that most men don’t know exist. She removed Lee’s dick from her mouth because right now all she was concentrating on was my mouth on her clit and my fingers deep inside of her. I could hear her moaning and I could feel my own juices running out of my own wet cunt. With my free hand I started rubbing my own clit as I devoured her wet goodness that was flowing freely from her aroused pussy. Lee sat back to watch us rubbing his dick with his hands. He then came behind me and moved my hand aside and lay on his back and put his face into my pussy and caught all my juices with his tongue. We were both sucking and slurping. I could feel Jean’s body get tense and knew she was close to a huge orgasm. I continued my assault with my fingers deep inside of her and her clit tightly in my mouth. She was squeezing her tits and yelling she was coming. The more she yelled the deeper inside her wet cave my fingers went. Suddenly she arched her back and had a huge orgasm. I removed my fingers and licked her hot juices from her trembling pussy. Lee increased his sucking on me and I soon was also experiencing another wild wet orgasm. Jean lay on the floor breathing deeply trying to catch her breath from her orgasm; I laid my head beside her and squeezed her tit once more.

After catching our breath; we all had a drink. Both Jean and I then looked at each other and then at Lee and told him that now it was his turn. He stood in front of us. We both ran our tongues up and down his long shaft. Jean took him deep in her mouth and I continued with my tongue on his balls gently sucking each one into my mouth. He took Jean’s head in his hands and started fucking her mouth. I stood and began licking and biting his hard nipples. This drove him insane. He then told Jean to get on her knees he wanted to fuck her. She did as she was told and he rammed his 7 inch cock deep into her wet cunt. I slipped underneath her and licked his balls as he was shoving deep inside of her. Jean began licking my cunt. As Lee was ramming into her, he would take his cock out and shove it into my mouth. I tasted both of their juices. This continued until Lee told us he wanted to fuck both of us. I got out from under her and got on my knees beside her. Lee removed his cock from her and put it deep inside of me; he took turns, ramming deep inside of me and then deep inside of her; he continued fucking us this was until he yelled that he was cumming. We both got in front of him and he sprayed his hot cum onto our faces. It covered us both. After he finished unloading his hot cum; Jean and I cleaned each others faces and then also sucked the remainder of cum from Lee’s dick. After he was completely dry of his load we both stood in front of him kissed him deeply and asked him if he enjoyed his night. He put his arms around us and squeezed us tight and said he hoped that this was something that we would enjoy again very soon.

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