summer stories (3)

summer stories (3)


Yesterday, he’d fucked his mother twice on the same morning – both times using a degree of roughness to heighten his sexual experience. ‘It was her own fault’ he thought. ‘She asked for it’.

The first time was just after his mum had left the bathroom. As she’d walked to her bedroom she called out ‘OK’. This was the long established signal used by members of the household that the bathroom was now unoccupied. Yesterday there had only been the two of them in the house. He’d been lying in bed playing idly with his cock, planning his day, thinking of the second date he would have later on with his new girl friend Selina, wondering if he would persuade her to give ‘it’ out.

He did not respond to the call, no response needed – it was just part of the household routine. But when he went to shower some two or three minutes after hearing that now fateful ‘OK’ he’d unexpectedly he’d met his mother on the landing – she’d nipped back into the bathroom to pick up a forgotten cosmetic case. They stood facing each other on the landing momentarily frozen, he naked, his cock half proud from its recent teasing, she wearing only a flesh coloured bra and matching skimpy panties. In the immediate quick, hasty confusing seconds he’d taken in the luscious sight of her partially clothed body, but noticed she had taken a quick look at his cock. He’d followed her into the bedroom and fucked her. He said to himself ‘Walking around half naked -she was asking for it.’ Justified. Finished!

Half an hour or so after that she’d come into his bedroom to tell him things must finish. Now. No argument. He’d seen the three top buttons of her housecoat were undone and when she had leaned forward it gave him a peek at her braless breasts. He had responded by roughly pulling off the housecoat and she then had been standing before him wearing only heeled mules and a sheer almost see through thong. He torn that thong off her and fucked her – in her wet juicy cunt and up the arse, hurting her there. He thought half out loud ‘She was asking for it – showing her tits, wearing that sexy thong. Asking to be fucked’. Justified. Finished!

Around midday he’d gone out and spent the day with the group of young males that formed his college group. He was quieter than usual, not joining in the general ribald teenage chat about the size of so and so girls tits and that girl’s arse. He’d got plenty he couldn’t tell them, but he could not. He’d deliberately chosen to come home later than usual – to avoid contact with his mum knowing she would be in bed and now the next morning dawned – well, 10.a.m. was dawn for him!

The 17-year-old lay on the duvet on top of his bed wearing a pair of boxer shorts that were pulled down – the elastic of the waistband resting under his balls. His cock was hard from the slow wanking. He was enjoying thinking over yesterday’s events. He’d been told it was finished but some more action would be good! Rough. Exciting!

Yesterday after the double violations she had gone through the routine of the day but she hadn’t had much time to think but things – she needed to work, and the day eventually passed. She went to bed earlier than usual. Her body was tired and the soft tissue around her anus was painful. It had been the first time she’d been screwed there and he’d fucked her briefly but roughly.

The next morning she woke early and lay in bed trying to make sense of things. Her long since sex life with his dad had been conventional. She’d been only 17 when she fell pregnant with her son and once he’d been born 17 years ago there was no inclination for anything more than a quick fucking twice a week. Now, at 34 still young and since his dad had left two years ago, until yesterday she’d only had one unsatisfactory one night stand.

She was his mother and she’d not helped by acting in a sexually provocative way. She’d led him on, and deserved what she got. But the events had left her curious, not fully satisfied and in desperate need of an orgasm. The pain delivered through sex was a new experience for her, but she’d been excited by his roughness. The way in which he’d ripped her thong away – the elastic stinging abrasively against her flesh. The sharp pain when he entered her; the feeling of being stretched there sensing his full balls slapping against her buttocks. The spanking he administered whilst fucking her hard. Knowing she had enjoyed it and wondering how she could work the situation round to getting more of the same all heightened her need for an orgasm. His fucking had been selfish – quickly fulfilling his own needs. ‘No!’, she was his mum and it must be finished. Finished once and for all. Her body knew she was lying. Urgent. Horny!

There were things he needed to be taught. He had shown disrespect to his mother and he would need to be reminded who was in charge in this house.

He was selfish with insufficient sexual experience to know how to satisfy a girl and would need to be taught.

He needed to realise pain delivered can also mean pain inflicted. He needed to be taught.

And then it would be finished. Finished once and for all.

She licked her forefinger and briefly stimulated her clitoris. ‘don’t cum’ she thought as she worked on the plan. Soon it would be finished.

She showered – no calling out ‘OK’ this time! She carefully trimmed the fine fair hair above her pussy leaving the small almost heart shaped area on her mound. She opened her legs and shaved away the tiniest hint of pubic hair growth from around the lips of her pussy and her inner thighs, touching herself in anticipation of things she hoped for. She put her shoulder length natural blond fair hair into a ponytail. She chose her undies and shoes with care, putting on a light cotton wrap that reached to just above her knees with a tie at the side. She didn’t bother to tie it. From the far back of the inside of her wardrobe she brought out a leather belt woven from several strands, about an inch across, tapered at one end, a metal buckle to the other. A man’s belt – his dad had left it behind when he left. She wore it around her waist pulling it tightly, but it was too long for her slender waist and she couldn’t secure it so it hung loosely, now more decorative than functional

She entered his bedroom without knocking without announcement. He quickly moved his hand away from his stiff cock and went to pull up his boxers. He was startled ‘Sorry, mum’ he said. ‘And well you may be’ she said. ‘You’ve shown me disrespect. I’m you’re mum and I’m going to l damn well teach you a lesson. Get up.’

He quickly stood pulling up his boxers. Over his childhood years he’d grown to know the tone of that voice. No arguing with it, but there was something different about her look, her dress style and her demeanour. In his mind he couldn’t quite place what it was.

‘Bend over’, she said. He’d known about this too but not for at least the last 10 years The last time was when he was about seven he’d done something that had broken the house rules – he couldn’t remember what – and she’d spanked him with her hand on his young bare bottom. And he remembered that more than making him cry it had embarrassed him.

He stood and bent over the bed. ‘Take off your shorts’ she said, and without a murmur he returned to an upright position dropped his boxers to his ankles stepped out of them, and again bent over the bed his straight arms on the duvet, legs slightly apart.

She took in he curve of his back down to his well-toned buttocks. Light brown hair came from the crack in his backside, the colour changing to fair as it skirted round his lower back. She thought how much of her colouring he’d inherited. ‘We’re really so much alike’. Looking down she could see his balls hanging between his legs and below the dark hairy entrance to his arse. She could not remember ever seeing such an erotic sight. Exciting! Aroused!

Straight armed, his head hanging, he looked down towards the floor between his legs he could only see the floor area immediately behind his legs. His childhood memories of a spanking reminded him not to move or he’d be in more trouble ‘Yes, that was it!’ It was her shoes that were different! They weren’t the usual mules that she wore with a dressing gown or housecoat. They were silver sandals with slender straps and 3” heels. He hopefully wondered if the intended punishment had a more significant meaning. Then he saw her housecoat fall into a heap on the floor. He did not dare turn round, but wondered what she was wearing, the blood rushing through his cock giving him a huge hard erection. Exciting! Aroused!

She had undone the belt from around her waist and as she did so the cotton housecoat fell open. It needed little help to slide to the floor. She swung the leather belt from shoulder height with as much force as she could muster, but she knew the best shot delivered from her slender frame would not hurt him. Somehow though she must inflict pain to him in retaliation for the way he’d hurt her, even though she’d half enjoyed the new sensation. The belt whipped across his naked buttocks the interwoven leather strands leaving an almost patterned marking.

The sharp arrival of the whip like action delivered on the cheeks of his arse surprised him – in his childhood he’d only ever been spanked by his mum’s hand and that’s what he’d been expecting. He recalled that he’d spanked her with yesterday. Hard! Horny!

‘Of course’, he thought in full realisation, ‘that’s the other thing that was different’ – when she’d come into his room he’d not recognised dad’s old belt around her waist.

He knew the second slash of the belt was coming and involuntarily squeezed together his buttocks; the effect tightened the muscles around his sphincter delivering a tingle at the base of his cock.

She knew she did not have the physical force to deliver real pain and in an endeavour to deliver more with the third and fourth strikes she stood a little further back from his body. The arm movement made her braless breasts rub against the satin material of her underwear, her nipples hardening. She remembered how yesterday he had really hurt her forcing entry to her virgin hole. Sexually stimulating!

By now, any element of surprise gone, he had got used to the belt, no more than a pleasant stinging on his arse and jiggled his feet to reposition them to expose more of the back of his body to his mum. She swung the belt using a different action – a sort of circular swing so that instead of sweeping across his lower back the tip of the belt came up sharply towards him from the floor. The belt hit him full on the scrotum.

‘That hurt him’ she thought, her heightening her sexual arousal making her nipples even harder.

‘That hurt’ he thought the sharp pain running though his lower body. Before he could move his body to a defensive position she quickly repeated the swipe with one final enjoyable swing of the belt hurting his genitals.

‘Oh my God, that hurt’ he thought but the pain was short-lived and served only to increase his pleasure, his hard cock leaking drops of clear precum.

In a half-hearted attempt to justify the whipping she said ‘Just remember to respect me in the future.’

He stood and turned round and saw his mum. She wore a short ivory coloured satin half-slip that just covered her pussy. Her pert breasts were held, half hidden, by two scalloped cups made of lace that allowed him to see the swelling tops of her breasts, the garment was designed to gently push up her tits enhancing the gap between them. Her hard nipples were pushing forward against the lace trimming at the top of the cups. The waist was slightly tailored to show off her slim figure, and at the sides of the almost opaque garment ribbon trimmed slits allowed glimpses of her thighs. He took it all in, running his eyes down her body, passed the hint of a shadow of pubic hair down to the 3” heels on her strapped sandals. She stood with her legs slightly apart and he saw how the sandals enhanced her delicate leg muscles easing her body forward. She half turned to discard the belt towards a corner of the room and the slit in the garment stretched to give him a tantalising view of her upper thigh with a hint of the satin material just clinging to the crack of her arse. Inviting. Asking for it!

‘My Gosh mum, you look beautiful’. As he spoke he reached forward his hand needing to confirm what he already thought –under the slip she was naked. His fingers explored under the lace hem of the slip, in one quick motion shoving them roughly between her legs, aiming at a point between her cunt and anus, then sliding them from the bottom to top between her smooth wet lips, and in the half second before he took his hand away his fingers lingered at her clitoris tweaking the outer part between thumb and forefinger. Hurting! Enjoyable!

He was bursting with the need to fuck her. He knew things were going his way.

She was bursting with the need to be fucked. She knew things were going her way.

She looked adoringly into his eyes. ‘Always treat my body carefully’ she said ‘and when you want to use me roughly ypu must learn not to injure me. Do you understand?’ ‘Yes mum.’

‘Now, my gorgeous boy, I’ve waited many hours to cum and I’m going to show you how to make love to me’. She reached up pulling his head towards her lips and kissed him deeply. Sexually. Horny!

The start of something that neither wanted to finish.

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