Summer stories(2)

Summer stories(2)


A few minutes earlier they’d unexpectedly met on the landing, she in bra and panties, he naked. He’d followed her into her bedroom and he had delivered hasty sex; its youthful thrusts had been both urgent and surprisingly harsh, coming inside her after only a minute or so. He had left her lying on the carpet where she’d earlier slipped, ‘Sorry mum’ he’d said as he left the room to return to his own bedroom. She was unhurt from the fall but her mind was racing through many confused thoughts. She got up and sat on the bed. ‘Think through this’, she thought. ‘God, I’m his mother’.

Her underwear was in disarray. Her flesh coloured bra had slipped when she fell, the clasp snapping, exposing a nipple. He had not made time to take off the matching knickers now resting uneasily to one side of her pussy, cum-stained from the recently activity. As she moved to straighten her scant clothing her hand brushed against her exposed nipple, already hard. Confused, she felt a ripple of sensation through her upper body settling as a sexual tingle in her tummy. With a movement of her hand, almost involuntary, it went to her vaginal area, fingers feeling the spent dampness of him. Did she then hold that hand to her lips in confusion or because she wanted to smell him, her lovely first born, her 17 year old son?

It had been a long time since she’d been fucked. His dad had left two years ago and she’d only had one sexual experience since – a one-night stand that was unsatisfactory. Yet, at 34 she was a young mum and she wanted to find a long-term partner. But for now, she must settle the immediate confusion. All this had got to be finished. Here and now. Finished because she knew it was wrong.

She recalled how just a few minutes ago, the way in which he’d roughly pushed her panties to one side before almost stabbing his cock into her, the slim thread at the back of the panties tugging at her anal hole with every one of his thrusts. Her own sex life with his dad had been totally conventional, and that feeling had been a first for her but it had heightened a new sensation. Her mind tried to reconcile with the thought that her son’s sex might have been deliberately rough. Was that because he had been pumped up at the unexpected sight of her pretty size 8 figure in skimpy bra and panties and just could not contain himself or because he actually wanted an element of rough forced sex? She’d never know. It could never be allowed to happen again, but she just couldn’t help herself. She had urges too!

Should she go to him, or should she call out to him in his bedroom next door to hers? She could not bring herself to call to him to demand he finished what he’d started. That wouldn’t be fair, too directly sexual. She’d let him decide the outcome, because if talking was all that remained, in the privacy of her bedroom she could masturbate to the climax she so badly wanted. And, heaven knows in the last two years she had some practice at wanking her clitoris to a climax with her fingers.

She would go to him. She quickly took off her damaged bra and dirty panties, opened the draw of her beside cabinet where she kept her underwear. No time to choose, her hand grabbed the first garment that came to hand. A white thong. She quickly slipped it on, just enough of the almost see through material to cover her pussy, fitting tightly in the centre – the back, well there wasn’t a back, a strand of elasticised ribbon tight up the crack that divided the cheeks of her bottom. She slipped on her everyday sleeveless housecoat leaving undone the three top buttons, purposely exposing a tiny glimpse of her breasts, but not enough nakedness to be taken as a sexual come on, just a titillation, she allowed herself a smile ‘Titillation? Literally’ she thought. He’s laugh at that. They shared the same sense of humour. She slipped on her kitten- heeled mules.

‘I’m coming in’, she said, and without waiting for an answer opened his bedroom door. He was lying on the duvet on his bed, head on the pillows, a hand on his groin. He was wearing a pair of pale blue striped cotton boxers. She thought how handsome he looked; admiring his well toned teenage body, smooth with just a small patch of fair chest hair that turned to a strip running down his stomach disappearing into the top of his shorts. As he lay, one leg slightly bent, the fly gaped, revealing a hint of flesh, she thought she peeked his half hard cock. Something inside her tummy fluttered at the erotic sight and she guiltily remembered that when they’d earlier unexpectedly met on the landing, that she’d taken a glance at his cock. Of course she was drawn to him. He was her son. ‘It’s natural’ she thought trying to find a logical excuse for her feelings, feelings of maternal love now overridden by the sexual signals her body were urgently demanding be satisfied.

She moved from the doorway and sat down on his bed. She faced towards him sitting at arms length away from his face. ‘Are you Ok?’ she said. ‘Sorry, mum’ was the reply. ‘Well’ she said’ ‘It’s to finish, today, right now. We both know it’s not right. We’ve must forget the whole thing happened’.

As she spoke she leaned forward and brushed her hand across his chest, a movement that could be taken as either a reassuring comforter from mother to son or was it was really meant to be erotic? Her hand came to rest on his stomach, fingers gently stroking his body hair, reassuring yet stimulating. As she’d leaned the neck of her housecoat had dropped forward revealing a glimpse of the upper part of her breasts and nipples.

Not certain if is mother’s actions had any sexual overtones, he only glanced at her breasts. ‘Average tits’ is what his group of boy friends would call them. They compared girls tits all the time, bragging about different sizes, fullness and the size, shape and colours of nipples. Well, the boys certainly wouldn’t be hearing a word about these! He thought Mum’s breasts, although not large, had a perfect fullness suited to her small frame and he could have sworn her nipples were hard, but surely not- this was his mum telling him the earlier episode had been a mistake.

His mind raced. Earlier when she’d slipped & fallen in her bedroom he’d seen the string of her panties running across the hole in her arse, the little puckered flowerlike hole protruding at either side of the skimpy material. He’d been visualising that when she came into his bedroom. He and his mates had talked about anal fucking – seen it on porn sites, but 17 year olds didn’t get any of those sorts of action when they were fumbling with teenage girlfriends. He knew too, that he’d enjoyed the roughness when he pulled her panties aside to force his cock into her pussy. Now his cock was awakened again. He wondered if she was wearing panties Decision made. Time to find out. Time to finish it!

‘Sure, mum, we must finish it’ he said, and he deftly leaned forward to reach her and in one not so gentle movement pulled the housecoat down from her shoulders through her wrists until it sat ruffled at her waist. ‘You may be my mum but you’re very pretty and I want you again’. He took her exposed breasts in his hands moving his fingers in a circular motion around her nipples. They were indeed hard; giving him the clarity of the direction she really wanted this thing to go in. She half moved her body so that her thigh was pressing against him. He rolled towards her so that his cock was pressing into the outside of her upper thigh. She could feel its hardness bursting through the half open fly of his boxer shorts. In a momentary panic she thought to herself ‘Enough. This is wrong’ and she stood up. Despite a halfhearted attempt to clutch it to her the loose housecoat fell from her waist to her ankles and to avoid tripping she stepped out of it. He saw her gorgeous slim body wearing just kitten-heeled shoes and the thong. The tight fitting pussy teaser was moulded round her mound accentuating the lips and crack of her pussy. He saw a small area of wetness marking the opaque lace. The sight heightened his arousal, his growing uncontrollable desire.

He quickly rolled from the bed to a standing position behind her gathering her body in his arms cupping her breasts in his hands, needing them. He moved one hand to her pussy, rubbing the slit through the material of her panties, feeling the wetness. Nothing spoken he pushed her forward so she was laying face down across the bed. She was defenceless, perhaps eager even. Fleetingly she wondered if that push was a little more aggressive than necessary. Then she sensed him kneel and he lifted her hips upwards towards his mouth, his tongue running up and down her arse, a sensation that she hadn’t previously experienced. She was a virgin in that department! With one hand he snapped the slim strip of fabric that held the back of the thong and the skimpy material slipped away to her left thigh. He caught it and with one tug roughly tore the rest away. Now able to fully rim her arse his tongue probed into her anal hole, his hands massaging the cheeks of her arse. He rolled her over onto her back, then quickly, almost in a simultaneous movement took off, well kicked off really, his shorts. Kneeling on the bed he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders and feasted, yes, no more glimpses now – the agenda was set – feasted his eyes on her still youthful body, all of it – her slender neck with her fair hair tumbling to just shoulder length her breasts still pert even though she was lying down, down her stomach to the trimmed fair hair that grew from above her open pussy turning to wispy feathers around her light brown puckered hole below.

‘Finish it’ she said. He felt inside her with two of his fingers, his thumb rubbing quickly against her clitoris, surprised at her willing wetness. He entered her fucking her hard so that the lower part of his stomach smacked against the top of her open cunt lips with a slap, slap, slapping sound. He’d not experienced that before. Yes, no more thoughts of pussy now. This was a cunt. A wet cunt deserving to be fucked hard. Not like the fumbling sex or a quick wank from teenage girls that was all he’d experienced until today. He could not read the noise coming from her whether protest or pleasure, a low grumbling short repetitive moan. He slowed the pace and because he’d cum earlier in her in her bedroom he knew he could delay this climax. Regular rhythmic fucking. Then his mind reminded him about where he had been licking earlier and with a finger he briefly felt for the entrance to her arsehole and almost without breaking the rhythm from cunt to arse, he deftly slipped his cock into her with a thrusting single movement. She cried out, a sharp sound. He did not care if it was pain or pleasure, but the sound of the cry heightened his own pleasure. The force to enter the tightness of her hole pleased him and he was mesmerised by the sight of the sliding movement of her expanded hole up and down his cock. A first! He stopped the fucking and without withdrawing his cock he moved her left leg over his shoulder so he could roll her onto her tummy again. And then as he started the fucking motion again he saw a dribble of blood at the rim of the ruptured hole. He knew then she must have been an anal virgin. Pleasure heightened to a new level but demanding more force, he pulled her backwards by the hips so he was able to stand upright and still continue to fuck her. He needed her still closer, so with his right hand he grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her stomach which lifted her arse closer to him. The thrusting now become became a forceful stabbing, tearing, rupturing. His left hand pushed against the fair hair at her neck shoving her face downwards, burying it in the duvet from where came a constant moaning even a whimpering. He raised his right hand and with an open palm slammed it down onto her buttocks. ‘Another first’, he thought ‘How good is that’. As he fucked, he spanked her arse cheeks with a force that even surprised him. His cum soon filled her, not with the force of his earlier ejaculation, but with the last drop he stood contracting the muscles of his own sphincter, getting maximum pleasure from the orgasm. ‘Two, nil’ he thought, and with his selfishness satisfied he let his cock slip out. This was followed by a dribble of semen that slowly dripped down from her arsehole towards the lips of her cunt.

His spent sex again staining her body, turning to leave her for the second time in half an hour he said ‘Sorry, mum, it’s finished now’.

They both knew it wasn’t

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