Tarika Trapping Us

Tarika Trapping Us

Tarika trapping us
(School, blackmail, first time, Indian)

In this Tarika our class mate (who is the naughtiest girl in our school but good in studies) is trapping me (Vishnu), Sumithra (1st ranker in class) and Ammena (school caption) studying in 12 standard of KVL Public School, Chennai. I am not so naughty and not interested in any sort of sex, but after this accident, all my things collapse.

Sumithra is a real Tamil girl but was little modern in her dressing (wear jeans, shirt) who has long black hair which falls almost all the way down with 33C breast, white color and whose figure is just like a woman, the brightest green eyes in the class. Her ass is big such that the boys used to say. Tarika was a girl with reddish brown skin. She is 5'2", about 115 lbs. with 38C breasts and a 29-inch waist with 35" hips. She used to wear a tight black mini-skirt (some times with no underwear) and a white see-thru blouse with a red bra when she comes for tuitions. She wears some deep red lipstick but no other makeup. I'm sure I looked like a hooker when I see her. Ammena at the time was weighed only 98 pounds and had A 34 D sized chest. She stood at 5'7. As for her ass it wasn't big but not small either. "Sexy" white girl.

It was the time of our first model examination around November 12. Only 18 days to go for the exam. Last night I was not sleeping well due to the studies, so the next morning I was woke up late. It was 8 Am. My parents used to go for work at around 7:00 Am. So I was alone at home and there was no one to call me from sleep. Due to some strange noise I woke up. It was the telephone bell. I went and took it. It was Tarika. She told me that “we can have combine studies”.”Sumithra and Ammena would also be joining us”. I though that a combine study with class topers would make me to get more marks. I said ok because I was weak in Math’s.

So by around 10:00 Am I went to Tarika’s house. It was just a few 1 KM from my house. She lived in the 1st floor of her rented house. Bottom was a shop. I climbed the steps. There she was waiting for me. She welcomed me in. I sat on the sofa. I asked her when Sumithra and Ammena would be coming. She told that they would be coming in 10 or 15 minutes. The TV was on. I ask her to off the TV so that we could have some study. So She went and off it and went to the kitchen. She brought some Drink to drink. I drank it. The taste was not so good of Drink. I started getting disturb (some sort of sleepy). She went and on the TV again and put a CD. It was a BF CD. She came and sat near me. My control was going off due to the Drink. She took her hands and started rubbing on my cock. She came towards my ear and told me that “we are going to have lots of fun today”.

She pulled me from the Sofa and moved me towards her room. All my control was going off and off due to the Drink. She came up behind me. Her arms reached around my body and rubbed me up around my cock and down getting a feel for my stomach as well as my cork. She then rubbed her fingers underneath the bottom of my shirt and began to lift. She lifted my arms up to ease the efforts. As her arms went up to remove my shirt one of her breast collided against me. I felt the hardening of her hard nipple against my back. She removed my shirt and pushed me towards her bed. I felled on the bed. She looked down to my jeans, and gently unzipped them and pulled my cock off. The cork was not so big, but it was small. She started to screw my cork with her hand. Suddenly I found that my cork is getting bigger and bigger. It almost stood 10 inch and stood fully at stiff and hard against her hand. I've havened never experienced anything like this before and became scared what is she going to do. She got down on her knees. She dipped her head low and stuck the tip on my cork into her wet and hot mouth. Slowly, she began to bob her head up and down. I felt like something was going to explode. She lifted my cock more into her mouth. I was so close, and with one final jerk a white liquid exploded into her mouth. Liquid after liquid came streaming out of my cock and landed directly on her mouth and face. After having it, she stood up and removed her skirt. She came down and near my big cork. She started to push on top of my cork. The pain was bad. “mmmmmm”. Some times she used to shout and say “Kill me with your cork” “Kill me” “Ahhhhhaaaaahhhhhaaa” She was pumping my cock in and out of her as fast as she could. She went on like this for a while, gruunting and moaning, but then she stopped .She spread her legs, with her ass towards my face and said "Fuck me you stupid," fill me with your big cock you." I was stunned and was half unconscious. I obeyed her orders. I stood up till I can behind her and began to push my cork in and out . "Oh, Oh, Ohhh," she moaned as I plowed her pussy. Her little asshole was right in front on me, opened slightly, but I didn't know why it turned me on so much. I had never even thought about sex in my life, but now all what things I don’t want I have got. Then she ordered to do this with my fingure. I took one finger and pushed it into her asshole. It open invitingly, but Tarika was enjoying. Fingering her ass and fucking her pussy. "Cum with me," She cried, " Cum in my pussy!" She said. Due to the heavy work and the Drink I collapsed onto the bed and Tarika sat down right on top of me. Both still naked and tired, both of us slept there for a while.

I got up. I was wondering where I was. I was in Tarika’s room nakedly and she lying next top of me in naked. I pushed her asides and got up. I looked to the watched on the wall. 11:30 Am. Around one half hour has been over. I went to bathroom and put some water on my face. Suddenly Tarika came and put here hands along my body and said “Come hunny Its not time at all ”.I removed her hands and told her “I am going”.I took my pants and the movement I was going to put it, Tarika called me front and in her Computer was My Photos with her and a video. She told me “if I tell this to anyone she would show this to my friends and to my girl friend Rose. She blackmailed me. I got tensed and told her “I would not say this to anyone”. She told me to wait here till others come. She went and got dressed in a T- shirt and skirt. I went and sat on the chair. She took away my shirt and jeans and told me to wear my underwear only.

It was 12 Pm and the doorbell was ringed. Tarika told me and hide behind the door. She opened the door. It was Sumithra. She was wearing a Shirt and Pants. She came inside and went to the drawing room. She found my shirt and jeans on the sofa and asked whose is it. Tarika kept quite and told me “Vishnu come out and catch her”. I came out. Seeing me in my underwear she was studded. I came and stood behind her and with my two hands pressed at her stomach from back. Now she was in a movement were she could not move herself. Tarika came went a bottle of drink ( which she gave too me before) and put in Sumithra mounths. She was forced to drank it; she fully dranked it. I left my hands from her body. She was loosing her mind due to the drink. Tarika came near Sumithra and pushed her, she felled to the Sofa. Tarika removed her bag from the back of Sumithra. Tarika started to remove Sumithra’s jeans. Pulled the buckle of it and called me .I and she started to pull here Jeans .I thoroughed it away. Tarika removed Sumithra’s panties . Tarika found Sumithra’s pussy was not shaved. It was full of hairy. Tarika told her self that “Stupid girl”,” She has not even shaved her pussy even once in her life”. So Tarika went to her mother’s bathroom and came back with an electronic shaving machine. She on it and started to remove Sumithra’s hair from her pussy. Slowly Sumithra started to moone “mmmmmmmaaaa”. The hair was completely removed. I became surprised seeing the pussy shaved.

Tarika went inside and took here Digital Camera. Slowly she started to shoot it. She ordered and I obyed. Starting is like this this. I sat on Sumithra’s legs. Slowly gave her a kiss on her fore head, left ear and slightly biting it and slowly over her lips. A deep kiss on her lips for 3-5 seconds.
Both of my hands moved to wards either sides of her hands. I kept my hands strongly against her hands. Slowlly I moved my hands and I started unbuttoning her shirt. Removed to both sides. She was wearing a Black Bra. The other hand went to the back of her body a removed the buckle of it and removed her bra. Tarika came went a bottle of the drink and poured it on Sumatra’s breast. With my mouth on the right breast. I bitted her breast and sucked the drink on right breast and with the left hand I squeezed her breast in left. ”mmmmmmmmm” “aaaaaaaaaa” I then switched my position, my right hand to right breast and my mouth on left breast squeezing and biting her breast. Then with my two hands I started to squeeze it.”UUUUUUUUUUU” She started to wisper. I started to do it faster . Pressing it harder and harder. Ummmmmmmmmmm” ” Ahhhhhhhhhaaa”.
One of my hand went down to and reached her panties. Slowlly and slowly I went into her panties and started to rub it. .”Ummmmmmm,aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Then with my large cock ,I pushed it inside Sumithra’s pussy in one big rough thrust . She moaned softly as I filled her. I haven't my cork inside anyone (except Tarika, today) , Slowly I started to enjoy ,and in less than 5 seconds I pressed my hands on to the sides of the sofa while I inserting my cork into her deeply and fastly. Knowing that this was going to be good, I did another tiny and began going faster as Sumithra’s large tits bounced up and down through her. I picked up her legs by the backs of my knees and began ramming into me like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I kept quickly jamming herself into me groaning and breathing hard. Her pussy walls contracted making the feeling for me even better. The feeling my cock was giving me was amazing and I was about to have the greatest climax ever. I began squeezing sofa and without warning I felt warm thick liquid quickly shoot into my body, that completed my orgasm. Seeing this Tarika was gently rubbing her pussy .She dipped two fingers into her pussy and rubbed the thick coating over her cunt lips. She slowly rubbed her breast and squeezing her nipples. ( I could see it clearly throught her thin T – Shirt).

Tarika dropeed her camera and came near me I removed her miniskirts. Higher she lifted until her pussy mound appeared. The little bitch was not wearing her panties. Before I had sex with her, I could not notice her pussy (due to the drink). Now its very clear. Her shaved pussy is staring right in front of me asking to do to her also. Slowly moved my fingures up and down the soft skin of her legs until I reached her mound. With my other hand fingures I lightly pulled her legs appart at the knees, Letting my middle finger slide gently inside the lips of that sweet pussey. The moisture from her pussy was hot due to the action.I slowly spread her pussy lips apart, her tiny nub of a clit set perched at the top of her pussy. I ran my finger over it and felt the body of this beatiful delight twitch as I slowly kneeded her clit between my finger and thumb. My cock had hardened to max level because of Tarika that I started to insert into Sumithra’s pussy faster. I slid my finger down Tarika’s wet slit until I could feel the opening. Slowly I inserted my middle finger into Tarika’s pot up to the first knuckle. She was wet with juices soaking her insides. My left hand grabbs Tarikas breast in each. Squeezing them with each hand I kneeded them. Pinching the nipples I lowered my head to her left breast. Licking the nipple and biting down. I squeezed harder with my hand. While my my right hand inserting into her cut which is wetter more.

I moved my position and removed my cork from Sumithra and inserted into tarika. When I was inserting my cork into Tarika’s pussy ,I brought my face up to Sumithra’s pussy and unleashed my tongue. I licked up her slit and then pushed my tongue inside to get at her clit. I continued to lick her pussy and tickle her clit with my tongue and fingers. I removed my cork from tarika. Tarika reached down to Sumithra’s pussy and spread Sumithra’s pussy with one hand and then with the other, pushed two fingers deep into Sumithra’s pussy.
I came back of Tarika and started to insert my cork(back of her).Tarika still pushing her two fingures harder into sumithra pussey with her fingures .I started to insert it into Tarika pussy faster and faster.

It continued for some times and removed my cork from it. Tarika went and lied on the sofa next besided us. I stood up. Seeing Sumithra naked I could not imagine. Seeing her beautiful lips I moved forward. Reaching with one hand I spread Sumithra’s lips and slowly pushed my cock into her mouth. The width of my cock just about didn,t fit into hers mouth but it was just the right size. I started moving my cock slowly in and out of hers mouth touching the back of her throat with every push. Wanting more I moved her on sofa’s pillow and pulled her towards me. Moving her head back I could see that the white liquid would be a straight shot into hers mouth and down her throat. Grabbing my cock I entered her mouth slowly. Pushing harder I could feel my cock pass the across her throat.. her throat, my cock at the tip and white liquid in and then out.I pushed harder and got not Sumithra’s inch in before she gagged and almost threw up. She made a sound from mouth as more cork with inside her, So I pulled cork out and reentered again, Not to be outdone I said fuck it and thrust my whole cock down her throat.The mouth spasms of hers throat lamped down on my cock and felt like a fist clamped down on it. I could see the head of my cock sliding it is head in hers throat from the outside. The flesh growing and shrinking as it passed the depths of her throat.I pumped harder and harder jamming my cock full tilt to my ballsack. My balls bounced on her nose as my cock rocked her throat. The white sensation coming from hers throat muscles was too much for me to take and I could hold back no longer and shot a huge load of white liquid down her’s throat. Convoltions spread through her body as I dumped my load deep into her’s stomach. Her teeth locked on my cock and released giving me even more pleasure. She gasped for air as I pumped my cock in and out. Pulling out I could hear hers gasping for air. Passed out or not her s body needed air and it was trying to get it for her. Sitting on the floor to gat her myself I could see dribbles of cum running out the side of her mouth. Thinking of what I had just done was one of the hottest things in my life. I,ve had great sex before but the total domination of this little tease was the best I'de ever had. But the best was yet to come.

Meanwhile Tarika again came and rubbed Sumithra’s nipples in circles back and fourth and then started pinching it harder and harder them between her pointer fingers. Then She the grabbed my hand from Sumithra’s cut, and moved it under her, I started to slowly put my figures inside her, moving it slowly.

It was 1 :00 Pm. I was feeling tired. I stopped it and went and laid on the sofa next aside her. Sumithra who was tired was resting in the Sofa on the other side. I so Tarika coming with a small blanket and covering Sumithra’s naked body.

1:30 pm
I got from my sleep. I saw Sumithra asleep lying on the sofa with only the blanket. Tarika was not to be seen any where. I got up . There was a bed sheet on floor. I covered my body with it. Then I went near Sumithra. She was Looking sad and straight into my eyes. She asked me “why did I do this” I said “Sorryyyyyyyy , it was not me Tarika had done this and I explained her the whole story.” Tarika cane and told us that your both photo and video is in my hand and she again blackmailed us.She told Ammena would be coming at 2:30 Pm. She gave me and Sumithra my Jeans and her a skirt and said the fun has only begun

The door bell rang. Tarika said it would me Amewna and she went to open it

To be continued……………………………………………….

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