The Apartment_(0)

The Apartment_(0)

It's a quiet night. I sit in the dark apartment waiting, watching the
traffic on the street below. I smile at how easy this has been.

I've watched the girl for a couple of days, she seems oblivious to my
presence. Maybe she hasn't seen me or maybe she's used to people
watching her, dancers are like that I suppose. Her routine is the same
every day. She goes to work at about eight o'clock every night, and
comes home at three o'clock in the morning.

I look at my watch. 2:58am. Almost time.

The apartment was a breeze to break into. I just climbed right up the
wooden cage surrounding the lower apartment’s patio and over the low
wooden fence surrounding the upper patio. The sliding glass door was
unlocked, I just let myself in.

Footfalls on the stairs outside. She's coming. I get up from the
chair and hide behind the curtains that normally cover the patio door.
I've found this hiding place when I came in and I've cut a small slit
in the fabric so I can watch her come in.

She opens the door and I can see her illuminated by the porch light.
She's a vision as always. Tall, with the slender graceful figure of a
dancer. She has long dark hair tied up in a bun, little streams of it
drop down over the fine angular features of her beautiful face. She's

She comes in closing the door behind her, drops her bags down next to
the door and turns on the lights. I watch her body move under the
flowery cotton sun dress she's wearing as she kneels down to pet her
cat. A cat, by the way, that ran up to me when I came in like I was
part of the family. I think I like cats.

She stands and walks past my hiding place to the kitchen. I hold my
breath as she walks by, it's too early for her to see me, it would
complicate things. I hear the sound of her sandals against the tile
floor of the kitchen, it appears that she didn't see me. I'm lucky
tonight. I slowly release my grip on the long silk scarf wrapped around
my left hand. The sounds from the kitchen tell me she's feeding the

I watch as she walks back into my field of view then turns and walks
directly away from me down the hall toward the bathroom. I must act
now! I quietly (oh so quietly) move out from behind the curtain and
silently wrap the other end of the scarf around my right hand. She's
still unaware of my approach as I lift the scarf over her head and
tighten it down around her pretty neck. I pull the ends of the scarf,

She tries to scream, I think. But all that comes out is a gurgling
sound. She begins to struggle and kick. I stand sideways to protect
my groin and pull the scarf tighter. I take a few shots in the ribs
from her elbows. It hurts but I can't let up now. I pull her body a
little closer as she twists and turns.

Thirty seconds pass. Her face becomes beat-red, her eye's are wide
with fear and her tongue sticks out of her open mouth as she gasps for
air. Her struggling reaches it's peak then I start to feel her

One minute. She continues to pull at the scarf with her hands and kick
with her sandaled feet but I already know that I've won. I pull back
on the scarf until her head is resting on my shoulder, I breathe in her
scent, her hair, her skin, the light smell of perfume worn behind the

One minute, thirty seconds. She's losing control, I watch as her
movements become jerky and erratic. Her eyelids flutter and her eyes
roll back in her head and her mouth closes on her still outstretched
tongue. The gurgling noises have all but stopped. I'm rock hard.

Two minutes. I admire her stamina, two minutes without air and still
on her feet. However, as I'm thinking this I feel her knees begin to
buckle. I watch as her long lovely arms slowly drop to her sides and
her eyelids flutter closed. Her head lols from side to side and then
falls forward.

Two minutes, thirty seconds. The only indication of movement now are
her infrequent body spasms. I hold her up by the scarf. She dangles
limply in my grasp. I continue to pull on the scarf, no going back

Three minutes. I lower her lifeless body to the floor, face first. I
watch her bare left leg jerk once, then, no more movement at all. She
is mine.

I pull on the scarf for a long time. Another five minutes or so, just
to be sure. I remove the scarf and check her pulse. None.

"She's Dead," I say to myself.

I remove the scarf and put it in my pocket as I take a long look at her
motionless body, lying face down before me. I kneel down and, starting
at her head, move both of my hands down the curves of her body. As I
work my way down I can feel the bra and panties that she wears under
the soft cotton dress. I feel my heart skip a beat as my hand finally
touches the soft smooth skin of her legs. I continue to move until my
hands rest on the sandals she's wearing.

I'm shaking as I gently bend her leg at the knee, lift her foot up, and
slide the sandal off. I toss it aside as I look at her now bare foot.
It is long and graceful like the girl herself, I softly kiss the
sole. It's still warm and soft, very nice. I push her leg back a bit
farther so I can see the rest of her foot. She's wearing a dark
purple, almost black, toenail polish. I run my lips along the top of
her foot and across the row of her soft little toes.

I realize as I put down her left leg and pick up her right that my
pants have gotten uncomfortable. I pull off the other sandal and
untuck my shirt from my slacks. I pull the shirt up and over her bare
foot and let it rest next to my skin as I undo my pants and slide them
down to my knees.

My erection is almost painful as I look at the beautiful dead girl. I
move away slightly and her bare foot slowly slides down my stomach and
comes to rest next to my swollen member. It is heaven. I begin using
my hands to move her foot up and down my shaft. The pre-ejaculate on
the head of my dick lubricates her foot nicely. I reach down and pick
up her other foot and bring them together on my cock. I take her feet
like that for what seems like a long time, but I stop myself just short
of cumming. There are still other things I want to do.

I stand up and step out of my pants then I pick them up and pull a
small pair of sharp scissors from the back pocket. I kneel back down
and pull each strap of the dress away from her shoulders so that I can
see her white silk bra straps. With two quick movements the straps are
cut. I then unhook the back of the bra through the dress, reach under
her right arm and tug the bra away from her body.

Now I lift up the girls dress until I can see her white silk panties (a
matching set). I run my hand up her dress and use the scissors to cut
the fabric on both sides of the silk undergarment. Then I just pull
them off of her. She's naked now except for the dress.

I stare at her soft pink pussy. It glistens! I slip one of my fingers
up inside her. She's wet. I wonder at this. Was I performing some
fantasy? Did she wish for something like this to happen to her? I'll
never know.

I remove my fingers from her and roll her body over onto her back. I
look at her face. Her beauty is stunning, even in death. Her tongue
still sticks out of her mouth and her brown eyes are half open. I lean
down and touch the tip of my tongue to hers and push it past her teeth
back into her mouth. She tastes wonderful. I push open her eyelids so
I can see her beautiful brown eyes. I caress her soft face with my
lips and work my way down to her neck and then begin to undo the
buttons holding the dress on.

I continue kissing and licking her body until, after five buttons, I am
greeted by the sight of her beautiful breasts. They are round and firm,
not too large, not too small. They have small dark pink nipples. I
taste them. I pull on them with my teeth. I continue undoing buttons.

I work my way past her perfect navel complete with belly-button ring
(which I remove) and down to her perfect, pink, wet, pussy. I run my
lips over her small patch of soft brown hair and down between her legs.
I smell her. I taste her. I experience her. She is perfect. She is

Again the scissors do their work and the straps holding the dress on her
arms fall away. I pause and step back to admire this beautiful naked
woman lying dead in the cut-up remains of her clothing.

I'm still so hard it hurts.

I bend down and pick up the body. She dangles lifelessly in my arms as
I carry her into her bedroom. I place her face-up sideways on the bed
with her head hanging off the edge. Her mouth opens naturally. I take
a deep breathe and kneel down. It's so easy to push my dick into her
mouth it feels like it was made to go there. I slide it up to the hilt,
until I can feel my balls touching her face. She accepts it without
complaint, of course. I pull out somewhat and thrust forward again. I
marvel at the way her throat swells with my erect member inside it.

I fall into a rhythm and watch as her body moves with each thrust Her
breasts bounce up and down in time to my music. It is wonderful. I
have to stop again, this time I'm almost too late. I pull out and try
to fight back the eminent eruption. I wait. I breathe. I look at
her. She stares back at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

I grab her by the shoulders and turn her face down, then stand up and
walk around to the other side of the bed. I reach out and grab her by
her bare feet. I hold them for a few seconds caressing her soft toes
and then pull her body across the bed until her cute little butt hangs
out just over the edge. I put her legs down and they fall at an angle
to the rest of her body giving me a clear view of her tight pink
rosebud and her soft wet pussy.

Normally I don't care much for anal sex but the idea of taking her in
every one of her orifices turns me on. I reach down and stick my
fingers up inside her until they are slick with her juices. Then,
slowly, I insert one of them into her ass. I work it around for a
while and then insert another, then, slowly, another. Then head of my
prick is wet enough with juices of it's own and with only a little
thrust I manage to push it in.

It's tight almost too tight. It seems she didn't care much for anal
sex either. That's okay, she doesn't care now. The idea turns me on.

I take the naked dead girl in the ass as long as I can stand it. My
dick is screaming for release. I must, as much as I don't want to,
finish this soon.

I pull myself from her asshole, walk back around to the other side of
the bed and pull her by her arms back onto the bed. I turn her over
and then twist her body around so that she's lying lengthwise on the
bed. I reach down and spread her beautiful soft dancer legs. I remove
the rest of my clothes.

Her body shakes from side to side as I crawl up onto the bed and
position myself on top of her lifeless nude body. I move my dick to
the opening of her soft inviting pussy and it seems to just fall in. I
lay on top of her feeling what remains of her body heat and I slowly
begin to slide in and out of her.

I move my legs to the outside of hers and use them to push her legs
together. This increases the pressure on my already throbbing penis and
I realize that I can't last much longer. I continue my sliding in and
out as I look at her. Arms at her sides, legs together, with my cock
sliding in and out of her. I look at those beautiful glassy brown eyes
and I finally lose control.

I shoot load after hot load of my cum deep inside her pussy. I can't
seem to stop it goes on for what seems like hours. Finally I collapse
on her soft still-warm body. I kiss her passionately, driving my
tongue deep into her waiting mouth. She cannot kiss back. I like

After a few minutes I pull out of her and clean myself up. I draw back
the covers and then I pick her up and put her in bed, taking the time
to run my hands over her body again. I cover her up and tuck her in as
if she were sleeping.

I bend over and kiss her lips one last time.

"Goodnight," I say.

I gather my things and put my clothes back on. I leave the way I came
in, through the sliding glass patio door and down the wooden cage.
It's been a good night, I may not feel like doing this for some time to

I guess we'll see.

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