The joys of vodka!

The joys of vodka!

‘Ready?’ Leah yelled.

15 year old Abbey and Leah were on holiday in Cyprus. Abbey had family out there and they had been kind enough to offer her and her friend a room for a week.

Abbey looked flustered and tottered down the steps in her high heels. She looked perfect her blonde hair twisted perfectly into its curls, her figure squeezed perfectly into a little silver dress. Leah looked down at her own halter top and denim mini skirt feeling a little underdressed.

‘Abbey do I look ok?’ Leah asked a little unsure.
‘Gorgeous hunny’

Leah smiled weakly.

They got a taxi into Ayia Napa where they were going to meet some of Abbey’s other English friends who lived there.

Aimee, Danny and Steph were all ready and waiting outside a bar by the time the girls pulled up.

‘Can we get the drinking started?’ Aimee asked eagerly pushing them into the bar.

The nights tended to be as hot as the days and as it was the middle of August the bars were hot, sweaty and packed. Luckily Danny knew some people so they didn’t need to wait in a line for any where.

‘The sooner we start drinking the quicker we wont notice the heat’ was how Danny rationalised it.

A few hours went by, Shots and cocktails of all colours and flavours were drank.

By the time they went to the third club of the evening it was safe to say they were all drunk.

‘C’mon Leah lets get up on the bar and shake our thing!’

Before she even had time to protest Abbey was up on the bar shaking her bum for the world to see.

Now if she’d been sober no way would she have done it but in the state that she was she climbed up next to her friend and Steph and Aimee joined them while Danny got more drinks.

In the hot atmosphere after one dance they were ready to get down and get a drink. A young English guy helped Abbey off the bar and Leah knew by the look in his eye that Abbey had pulled. She followed steph and Aimee back to Danny to get her drink. She could barely hear herself think above the music.

Suddenly she felt a hot body pressed against her back.

‘I’m so turned on now’ A strong male voice purred into her ear.

She span around and found herself looking into The brown eyes of a young Cypriot guy. She guessed him to be about 19/20.

‘I’ve always had a thing for green eyed brown haired English girls who know how to dance and you fit the bill perfectly’

If it wasn’t for the way he looked or the Cypriot accent she would of thought he was English!

‘You look hot why don’t we go outside for a minute to cool off? I know I need to’ he said winking at her.

She went to go down a step and stumbled He caught hold of her. Once they were outside he sat her down on the pavement sitting next to her he finally introduced himself.

‘I’m costas, how about you?’ He smiled at her.

Even through her drunken haze now they were out in the street light she could make him out better.

He was tall and had no top on beads of sweat clung to his toned body. He had short black hair and the most amazing smile. A tiny bit of a goatee was apparent.


When they were outside the air hit her and so did the alcohol.

They sat in silence for a minute Costa’s was the first to speak.

‘You look a little cooler now, How about we go back inside and I get you a drink of water?’

He stood up and offered her his hand.

She smiled at him and took it.

They walked into the club. Abbey was in the corner in a passionate embrace with her new young English friend.

Leah went back to dancing with costas and was soon back to vodka and Coke.

The drunker she got the more she gyrated against him. She stuck her bum in his crotch and wiggled her hips. Leah could feel his cock straining to get at what the material of his jeans was denying it.

A song came on and Leah wrapped her arms around his neck and picked up one leg she wrapped it around him. They swayed in time to the music. Her skirt had ridden up and she could now feel his throbbing man hood against her thong.

He began nibbling at her neck in the middle of the dance floor. She was so drunk she didn’t care. He took her over to the corner of the club. He pushed her forcefully against the wall holding Leah’s arms above her head. He kissed her urgently and passionately. Leah felt weak at the knees.

‘Come with me, my dad owns a bar around the corner it’s shut down for refurbishment at the moment’ He shouted to her above the music.

‘Ok but I must be back before my friends realise im gone’ she shouted back.

He nodded. Taking her hand he pulled her through the crowd.

His dads bar literally was just around the corner. All that was left was a pool table, some posters and a few chairs.

Costas picked her up and put her on the pool table. He began to kiss her passionately. Her hands roamed his back while his roamed her chest.

He slid his hands down her sides and her legs and pulled her legs open. His lips travelled down her neck to her cleavage until they were at her thighs. Costas kissed up them until he reached his goal. He licked and sucked at the soaking wet material of her panties. Leah groaned with pleasure. Slipping a finger under the elastic it ventured into her pussy while his tongue flicked at her clit. Leah was in heaven. She began to push against his finger as his movements sped up. She was on the verge of coming when he slipped out of her, Undid his flies and pushed his rock hard cock into her. Leah squealed with joy. She took her top off, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Wrapping both of her legs around his waist slowly stroke after stroke he thrusted into her. His lips sucking on her nipple and her hand running through his hair.

‘Oooh Ooh costas!’

He began to push more violently sending waves of pleasure through Leah. She shook and shuddered, her head back in ecstasy .

‘Ooh Ooh Ooh yes!!’

That’s when she felt him with one final lunge and a growl he began to cum. Spurt after spurt; it was too much she began to cum to digging her nails into him.

Out of breath she lay back on the pool table.

They lay side by side on the pool table for a few minutes.

‘Sorry but I should be getting back’

Costas leaned over kissed her on the lips and once on the breasts.

They walked back to the club. No one had even noticed they’d gone.

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