the meeting in the hotel room

the meeting in the hotel room

The soft knocks on the door finally delivered what had been promised for months. The delivery of Daddy’s little girl. He quickly flipped off the television set and prepared himself. After taking a few deep breaths, he walked slowly towards the door and opened it. Standing there was a young girl who looked no older than 14 or 15 but her body showed that of an 18 or 19 year old. Her little mini plaid skirt showed off her hot smooth chocolate skin and her tight white shirt pressed firmly against her tiny yet succulent-looking breasts. For the first time in a long time, he gasped and marveled at her beauty.

Her name was Melini but better known by those who knew her as Mel. They had been talking for months but still she only knew him as Daddy. But more then that, he was her lover. Her friend. Her 5’1 frame was easily towered over by his 5’8 stature. His broad shoulders flexed underneath the wife-beater proving that he could easily subdue her should the occasion arrived. They both doubted that but still, he wasn’t afraid to use his force in order to have her comply with his needs.

She stepped inside the tiny motel room. As soon as she was about halfway inside the room, she heard the heavy door close and knew that there was no turning back. The apprehension she felt earlier began to arise again and she had to tell her fast beating heart to be still. This was a first time thing for her. She had never met a man over the net like this but there was something about Daddy that made her want to do anything for him. He liked that which was why he took her underneath his wings to turn her into the perfect slave. Now, he wanted to test out his work.

He walked towards her and wrapped his large hands around her tiny, trembling shoulders. He leaned over and gently kissed her on her neck and he instantly felt some of her fear start to melt away. This was good. He was gaining her trust, which was good. But he wanted to make sure he had her completely. As he kissed her neck more passionately, his hands went down to the front of her body to undo the 3 buttons that kept him from touching her womanly form. She sighed softly and started giving more and more of her body and her soul to Daddy. She let the thin piece of material fall away from her body and before it could even hit the ground, she felt his warm hands enclosing around her sensitive tits.

He caressed both her nipples and her breasts until he heard her breathing start to become more rapidly and short. He knew he had her now. She was all his to use as he pleased.

The soft caresses soon became rough grabbing and once again, fear arose in her throat. Before she could pull away from him, she felt him jerk her back towards his body and press his thick lips against her lips. He mumbled something about her being a good little whore and making Daddy happy. To make his point more clear, he began grinding his bulge inside the crevices of her ass. His rough groping became more forceful and she soon realized that this wasn’t what she wanted anymore. But it didn’t matter; she was in too deep. Daddy now had control of the situation.

Before she fully assess the position she had put herself in, she felt his hand jerk her hair hard and force her down to her knees, her back still towards him. He walked around her until he cast a shadow on her, blocking the dim light that streamed from the bathroom from touching her face. It was then that she finally got a good look at him. He was very handsome, in a manly ad rugged way. His cologne seemed to fill her nostrils and filled every sense of her being. At this point, all that mattered was Daddy. His piercing blue eyes seemed to bear down into her soul as she heard and not so much saw his fly unzipping.

His thick white cock seemed to jump out of the confinement, which was previously pressed against her ass. He took the piece of meat and slowly began stroking it, making it harder and thicker then it was before. When precum began to leak out of the thin slit cut inside the fat mushroom cockhead, he rubbed it against her lips. Despite her better judgement, her tongue snaked out from between her thick, pink lips and she began licking off the residue that continued to spill on her lips. Gently sucking it into her mouth, she reached one hand out to stroke his cock while the other went underneath and grasped his balls firmly. Her oral expertise proved to e very useful in this matter as she continued to suck him off, giving Daddy what he wanted. And for these brief moments, she owned him.

Her sucking became faster and more urgent, which in turn caused him to start to thrust his hips towards her open mouth. Her tongue wrapped all around his cock and her stroking became more rampant. Her need to make him cum in her mouth was now overwhelming and something she planned to fill until completion. She squeezed his balls more forcefully and sent shivers through him. This was it. Daddy was close. Very close. He grabbed her head and began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth harder and faster, making her gag and gasp for air. Drool dripped out the sides of her mouth, as the sliding of his dick from between her lips became a blur. Suddenly, his body tensed up and loads of his hot, sticky nectar slipped down her throat and into her stomach. He moved in and out until he was done.

He groaned with sweet satisfaction and removed himself from her mouth. She immediately crouched over, gasping and wheezing for air. Cum and spit escaped from her mouth and landed on the ground at his feet. He was happy with the results but wanted more. He lifted her to her feet and slipped his tongue inside of her mouth, tasting his cum and her spit. Even though she felt horribly disgusted, in a way she was turned on. This man now controlled every function of her body and she loved it. And she wanted more.

He ripped away what was left of her school girl outfit and threw her down on the bed to violate her tiny teen body. Her curvaceous legs were spread wide open by his large hands and he quickly placed himself in between them. He grabbed his hardening cock once again and began rubbing it up and down her wet slit. She groaned softly and spread her legs wider for him to have better access to her chocolate treasure. He pushed her legs up farther and watched as he slipped his white cock deep inside of her.

Her juices ran out of her cunt and gently coated his cock and dripped down to her ass. He was delighted to see that she was so turned on by his molesting her that without thinking he began pounding her cunt hard and fast. At first it felt good but soon it became too much for her. She put her hand on his chest to signal for him to slow down but he was too far-gone. He raised her legs higher, nearly to the point that they were touching her ears. Soon her groans of pleasure turned into screams of horror as he kept pounding at her tiny teenage pussy. It felt as if she was being ripped in half. But he couldn’t have cared less. It felt so good to be buried in her cunt that he didn’t notice.

He reached up and savagely grabbed her tits, squeezing and pinching them hard. She tried to fight back but his large hands quickly wrapped themselves around her wrists and restrained her. The pumping of his cock became harder and faster and more unbearable. She knew she couldn’t take much more of this. Her cunt wasn’t used to such brutal punishment. And he knew that from her tightness. But this was too good to let go. Suddenly, his body became tense once again and he growled ferociously like a lion that had eaten a fat zebra dinner. She felt him let loose his cum deep inside her cunt. She wasn’t afraid of pregnancy because weeks before their meeting, she went on birth control. It was a good thing too. Because right then, she could’ve been carrying the child of the man who raped her.

His thrusting slowed down until they stopped completely. He was sweating and breathing heavily. He looked down and smiled, licking his lips. This was the first time he had ever had a twat that was that young and that tight. He loved it, He decided right there and then that wouldn’t be the last time that they met. He wanted more and more of this girl. But there was one more thing that he had to test out before he made his decision final. He had to have a taste of her sweet, tender, virgin, black asshole.

She laid underneath him looking at his eyes roam all over her body wildly. She was now so frightened that it felt as if her heart was trying to jump out of her chest. She knew now that he wasn’t done with her. She was almost positive of this.

Instead of putting her legs down, he pushed them up once more, near her ears again. With his cock still in her cunt, it was sloppy wet with his cum and her juices. He slowly pulled it out even though it was still hard as a rock. She already knew before he even did it. He looked her right in the eyes and smiled. It was a sick, twisted smile. A smile that made her blood run cold. Before she could say anything, he slammed all 8 inches of his cock deep inside her bowels. Her mouth formed an “O” shape as pain shot through her body. The pain was so intense that she couldn’t make a sound of protest. Every ounce of strength that she had left was now drained out of her in one solid motion. At this point she had no choice but to submit to him. He was very pleased

Like her cunt, he began thrusting his cock in and out of her asshole hard and fast. He stared right into her eyes and saw the pain make its way through every fiber of her being. And because he had invaded his way inside of her, she had not relaxed her asshole making it difficult for him to drive it in as hard as he wanted but it made the pain more intense for her. He loved that much more than he loved pounding her. To know that he had caused her so much pain and she much agony made his cock swell to twice the normal size.

His balls tightened up once again for the 3rd time that night and he knew he wouldn’t last long. He saw that she was slowly starting to pass out but he wanted to make sure that she felt him letting loose inside of her. He increased the speed and soon his hot seed filled her up. As he pumped in and out of her, he saw it starting to ooze out if her as it did when his cum ran out of her mouth. By the time he finally stopped moving in and out of her, her eyes were closed.

2 Hours Later

When she finally woke up, she looked around and saw he was gone. Her clothes were laid neatly next to her. On top of it all was a number where she could reach him. And $500. Her services were greatly appreciated and she was more then happy to supply them again to Daddy.

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