The Milk Slave

The Milk Slave

Marie sat on the narrow cot, naked, trying to cover her rather large breasts with her hands and not doing it very successfully. The two young men standing in front of her were fully clothed, which made her feel even more vulnerable and exposed.

“Move your hands, girl. The master has ordered six hours of suckling a day until you begin to produce.”
The rough woman who had dragged her up here gave a curt nod at the two boy and they came to lay on either side of Marie, pulling her back onto the cot and each taking a tit in his mouth. Two mouths latched onto her plump nipples and began to suckle, tugging the nipples rhythmically.

It didn`t take long for the sensation in her breasts to reach further. Marie felt a twinge between her legs and moved her thighs together, feeling her pussy filling with juice as the boys continued to suck.

After an hour, Marie was soaking wet between her legs. The boys left and two more came in to take their place, without a word. They took her reddened nipples in their mouths and sucked steadily.

The treatment went on and on, with a break for lunch, a thick green soup and dark beer which the woman explained would help her milk come in faster.

By the end of the day, Marie was glad to see the final two boys leave so she could reach up under her dress and slide two fingers in and out of her vagina, rubbing her clit furiously with a thumb until she found relief.

The following morning, however, she was sore. Her nipples protruded from her round breasts, swollen and red from the long suckling times the day before. Immediately after breakfast, the first two boys from the day before came in and latched on.

The process was followed on a daily basis. For the first week and a half, Marie cried herself to sleep each night as her nipples ached and then cracked and bled. The woman who brought her food rubbed lanolin on them to help with the cracking. After that, the nipples seemed to toughen up and Marie found herself more aroused than ever during her daily treatments, masturbating each night after a long torturous day.

It took four weeks for her milk to come in and when it did, the first boy to suckle milk leaped up with a grin. “I got milk!” He shouted. After that, she had another week of 8 hour suckling sessions before the woman declared her ready for the master.

Marie was nervous. After over a month of being sucked on by the boys, she had gotten used to the routine. Now, as she followed the woman down the hall, freshly bathed and dressed in a robe that conveniently fell open to expose most of her breasts, she was anxious and wondered what would be expected of her.

“The master awaits.” The woman opened an ornate door and motioned for Marie to enter.

The room was massive, decorated with wood paneling and paintings, but in the middle was an enormous four poster bed with sumptuous silks and brocades adorning it. Laying in the middle of the bed was a young man, not more than 20, completely naked, with a blonde girl, also naked, sucking on his dick. Marie half turned, thinking she had interrupted something, but the man beckoned her.

“Come. So, you`re my new milk slave.” He looked her over, noting the cleavage threatening to spill out of the thin black robe. Marie examined him, as well. He was well-built, without having too many muscles. His dark hair was long and his face was quite handsome, in a boyish manner.

“Arianne, milk her please.” He pushed the blond off of his dick, leaving a ten inch cock jutting up toward his stomach. The blonde brought a tin bowl and motioned for Marie to remove the robe. She did so, her breasts falling out heavily.

“On the bed, all fours.” The blonde said crisply and Marie obeyed, feeling her pussy getting wetter with every second. The bowl was placed under her chest and the blonde grasped Marie`s teats and began to squeeze rhythmically, milking her like a cow into the bowl. She had so much milk after the 8 hour suckling sessions that it took only minutes to fill the bowl.

“Excellent. You`ve done well and are producing well.” The Master nodded. “Now, here are your duties. You will sleep here during the night so I may feed if I wake. In the morning, you are to breastfeed me until I`m satisfied and you will be milked after that each morning. Throughout the day, I will require your milk and you will be relieved of excess three times a day. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Marie replied.

“Oh, and one other thing . . . I often enjoy a little breastmilk during my sexual exploits.” He said, looking meaningfully at the blond who hurried to take his dick in her mouth again.

“Come. Feed me.” He motioned. Marie crawled across the bed and offered one of her breasts which he took in his mouth and sucked strongly. The sweet milk flowed from her body and he closed his eyes in pleasure, moaning as he suckled until he suddenly clamped down hard on Marie`s nipple and ejaculated into the blond`s mouth.

It was a strange life, but one that Marie found exciting. In the morning, she would wake before the Master and gently express a little milk to wet her nipple before slipping it into his mouth. He would immediately latch on and suckle, slowly waking up as she cradled his head in her arms. While he was dressing and having breakfast, Marie was milked by one of the servants. Then she would dress in a simple dress that allowed easy access to her breasts and would accompany the Master as he went about his day. He owned a large factory and she would frequently be called upon to pull out a breast and allow him to suckle for several minutes while they toured it. Sometimes this was done in the privacy of his office, other times, she found herself breastfeeding him in front of a dozen factory workers!

In the afternoons, the Master frequently entertained female friends and he almost always required her breasts during this. Often, the women would suckle from her, as well, usually as the Master fucked them from behind, demanding that they taste her milk as he shot his load into them. Sometimes, he would request that she squeeze a little milk onto a woman`s cunt to help lubricate it. Being around so much sex and being in a constant state of arousal from all the attention paid to her tits, Marie found herself masturbating madly whenever she had the chance.

One night, between feedings, she slipped her hand between her legs and began to rub herself. The Master rolled over in his sleep, but she was too close to an orgasm to stop and let out a squeak, despite herself. He reached over, pulling her teat to his mouth and sighed happily as he latched on. Marie lay there, turned on her side, her hand trapped between her legs as he pressed against her.

Then, without hesitating in his suckling, the Master, slid his hand down between their bodies and cupped her own against her pussy, his fingers interlacing with hers and touching her. Marie moaned and the Master opened his eyes. “It would seem the milk slave is hot.” He whispered, so as not to disturb the sleeping girl on the other side of him.

“Does breastfeeding turn you on?” He asked, pinching a nipple and sending a spray of milk through the air.

“Yes.” She admitted. He smiled and then rolled over on top of her, pinning her under his body.

“Then let`s see just how good the milk slave is at fucking.” He said, pushing her hand out of the way and thrusting into her with his hard prick. Her cunt was already sopping wet from her previous orgasm and it didn`t take much to send her over the edge again. The Master seemed amused and Marie found herself bucking her hips up to meet him again and again. The amused look on his face changed to one of lust and he began to thrust harder into her cunt, grunting at the effort.

Then he flipped her over, pushing her face down into the bed and pulling her hips up against him and ramming into her over and over until Marie came again, her muscles clenching around his dick and she cried out, her voice muffled by the mattress. The Master gave one last hard thrust and squirted his semen inside her, emptying himself into her womb.

As they lay there in the dark, Marie smiled to herself. Now she was a milk AND a sex slave.

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