The New Girl & The Arts of Love Pt.3

The New Girl & The Arts of Love Pt.3


When she awoke she found herself alone in the bedroom. Henry was nowhere in sight. Suddenly she became aware of why she awoke. The double doors that led into the master bedroom were being opened. Willow was surprised to see a woman enter. She was tall, blonde and was wearing a strict grey business suit. She looked to be in her early thirties. Her rather long hair was pulled into a tight bun. She was carrying a purse and a portable computer bag over one shoulder. She didn’t see Willow immediately so Willow got a good look at the woman first. She threw the bags into the armchair Henry had sat in last night when he had observed her naked body. The woman sighed as she peeled of her jacket and threw it over the bags. Then she turned her head and noticed Willow. A quick series of subtle expressions flew over the woman’s face; first surprise, then anger, then consideration and finally a lecherous smile.
– What is this now? Has my master acquired a new plaything? I don’t suppose he’s bored with me because you seem to be quite different from me. In taste, personality and… style, I’d guess. The blonde frowned.

– Oh, I might have some use for you before my master shows you on the door, little one. I have an idea that will please him greatly, I believe.
The woman had a cultured voice with a faint undertone of ethnic accent. Combined with her features Willow guessed she was of Eastern European descent. The woman took a few steps into the room so that she stood at the bedside. She stretched out her hand and Willow took it.

– My name is Liza Polyakova.
Willow noticed that her mouth felt as dry as sand when she quietly responded.

– I’m Willow. Pleased to meet you.
Liza smiled again. Willow did not quite trust her smile and the cold, calculating look in her eyes.

– The pleasure is all mine, I assure you, but perhaps you will find pleasure too…

Willow did not have a chance to consider this strange statement before Liza delivered a sharp blow to her temple. Willow went out like a light.

– And by the way, it’s Mistress Liza to you, little slut.

When Willow awoke again with a groan, she found that that was about everything she was able to do. She was tied up on her stomach in the bed. Her hands were cuffed and a chain fastened her to the head board of the bed. Each leg was tied with silk rope and spread to the bedposts on the left and right lower end of the bed. In her mouth was an unfamiliar object that made anything but a muffled moan impossible to utter. It was fastened round her head with a thick, buckled leather strap. Liza had moved the painting above the bed and replaced it with an angled mirror which allowed her to see what was behind her. In the armchair sitting with her legs crossed was the blonde, Liza. She had changed into a black all-latex outfit that consisted of thigh high stiletto heel boots, a thong, a bra, long gloves and a mask that covered the upper part of her face. She had a crooked smile and her eyes bore a lustful and sadistic look. Her hair now curled long and wide around her neck, almost craning down into her cleavage. Next to her on the wardrobe was a digital video camera that was pointed towards the bed and Willow. The camera was connected to the portable computer which rested in Liza’s lap. When she saw Willow moving she lifted her head to watch her as she strained vainly.
– Finally you’re awake. I was almost afraid I’d knocked you out cold.
Again Liza smiled her cold smile.

– I was trying to come up with a suitable name and description for the little video we’re going to make so I had to start planning today’s activities. How about for starters I spank you, until you either cry or come. Or both. Depends on how you’re wired I suppose. After that I was thinking about warming you up with one of my dildos. While I do that I think I’ll let you lick me. And you will make it good for me or else we’ll start over from square one. And then I won’t be pulling any punches. And as a finale I’ll fuck you with a strap-on. If it’s going to be in your ass or your pussy depends on whether you’ve been naughty or nice. How does that sound to you, girl?

Willow was so scared she didn’t dare answer. Not that she could answer even if she dared to, because of the object in her mouth. Last night had been wonderful, if a bit overly eventful, but this was terrible. A woman was telling her that she was going to rape her and that she was going to tape it all. And who was the master? He could impossibly be her passionate and tender lover, Henry. But who else was there?
While Willow took stock of the new development Liza started to lose her patience. She put the laptop on the bedside table and got up to the bed. She took Willow’s head in her hand and reached around and unclasped the gag. She fixated Willow with her steely gaze.
– I asked you a question girl-slave. What do you think of this schedule?

Willow trembled and again failed to answer. She tried to turn away when Liza slapped her cheek. The slap left a rosy mark and Willow could not stop her lower lip from trembling and a tear ran down the cheek across the reddish mark. Liza looked almost disgusted and let go of the girl.

– I’ll get no answer from a silly little girl, and since a mere little slap made you cry it quite takes the point from spanking you. I’ll still do it, but I’ll be a bit gentler. I am surprised though. My master never picks girls who are so squeamish, and you are also uncommonly young. I must ask the meaning of this later, but for now, we’re going to have a bit of fun you and I.

Liza walked over to a large chest and opened it. From it she took a riding crop. She studied it briefly and then but it back. Instead she picked up a many-tailed whip. She slapped it over the palm of her hand and over her thigh. She mumbled something about going soft but she settled for the whip. She went back to the bed and bent down to whisper in Willow’s ear.

– I take it you’ve never been whipped before, girl? Not even as a child? If that is the case this will be a new and valuable experience for you. By the way, I think we’ll call this event “Teen bitch is taught obedience and brutalized by Mistress”. That has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?

Willow just whimpered in response. She saw Liza go back to the computer and type a command. She came back shortly, brandishing the whip. Almost immediately the first blow fell. The whip slashed over Willow’s exposed back and butt, leaving it stinging. It didn’t hurt as much as she had feared but the treatment was still rough. Liza rained ten or so blows over Willow and when she was finished Willow was flushed and crying as loud as she could. Her buttocks were hot and red and her sweat made the stinging even more intense. Liza stood back and looked at her work. The girl was only gently whipped. The beginner’s light rubber whip hadn’t broken the skin at all; it merely left it very red and sore. Out of curiosity she reached her gloved hand in between Willow’s thighs, touching her vagina and reaching her first two fingers into her body. Willow pulled her head up sharply at the unexpected intrusion. Liza smiled more warmly when she saw that her gloved fingers glistened with secretions.

– I note that my expert craft has not gone entirely unappreciated. There just might be some hope left for you, girl. How do you feel now? Do not lie, your body doesn’t, but I want to hear you express yourself. For the audience you know…
Willow stammered.

– I…I… It hurts. My cheeks hurt. It feels like they’re on fire. But I can’t help but feel a bit excited. I’m scared. And ashamed…
– Nonsense girl. You have no reason to be ashamed. Pain and pleasure are closely connected, and anyone who says otherwise has never had the one or the other. And we can’t help the way our bodies are built with nerve endings and so. And passions are good for us. It gives us a drive when all others fail. But I am not here to proselytize; I’m here to teach you.

Liza went back to the chest and Willow watched closely as she picked out first a leather belt studded with sturdy steel rings, a short length of chain and a large dildo with a golden top.
– This will be perfect for the next act, I believe.
She strode back to Willow and undid first the silk ropes and then the chain that bound Willow to the bed.

– Don’t try anything silly now, girl, or we’ll go back to the whip stage, and this time the silken gloves are off. Flip over on your back.
Willow obeyed without question. Liza ordered her to sit up while she donned the belt. The belt was wide and sat tight around Willow’s midriff. With the shorter chain she fastened the handcuffs to the belt and finally she reattached the silk ropes to the bedposts. Willow was ordered to lie down on her back. She could move a little more now, but her hands were still highly immobilized. Suddenly Liza brushed the dildo gently against Willow’s moist cunt. She inhaled sharply and bit her lower lip.
– Relax. You got all tight down here all of the sudden. Focus on the sensations, not your fears. I promise you, you will appreciate everything much more if you do.

Willow tried to relax, but her restrained muscles in the arms and legs were giving her a hard time. She exhaled and tried to calm herself and let her body relax. Then before she knew what happened Liza slid the dildo into Willow’s young flesh. After the initial shock subsided, Liza let the dildo sit inside Willow while she manoeuvred herself to the head side of the bed. She unclasped the buckles on her latex panties and positioned herself with her knees on either side of Willow’s head. She then slowly lowered her pelvis towards Willow’s face. For the first time in her life she looked into a woman’s privates. She observed the pink, soft, glistening folds and the puffy, reddish outer lips. Liza’s close shave made the observations particularly easy. When Liza’s pussy was so close that Willow could smell the unfamiliar but lucid aroma of her vagina she stopped lowering. Liza commanded
– Now you will learn how to pleasure a woman with your mouth and tongue. Do it good, and I will be gentle in the next stage, or do a poor job and I’ll be really rough with you. Either way works for me, so the choice is up to you.

Willow was almost in a state of chock after the last hour, and could barely do anything but to quietly promise to do her best. Liza lowered her pelvis further. Uncertainly Willow slipped her tongue out between her lips and gently lapped the pink inner folds. Liza shuddered with pleasure and purred quietly.
– You definitely have talent, girl. Keep up the good work, and I’m sure we will both have a good time.

Willow made further attempts that were all appreciated by her new mistress. She flicked her tongue in and out of Liza’s tight pussy, licking the clitoris and teasing her puff outer lips. She ground in with her entire mouth, engulfing it while licking, sucking and teasing. She was rewarded with Liza’s increasingly loud moaning and appreciative little remarks, and Willow was surprised when she realised that Liza’s dirty talk, calling Willow “little slut”, “girl-slave”, “bitch” and more, actually turned her on a bit. Willow also learned that the taste of a woman’s privates are a delightful one, and she slurped up all the juice that Liza was secreting, and still there was enough of it that it ran in trickles down Willow’s cheeks and chin.
On her end Liza worked skilfully and relentlessly, inserting and retracting the dildo without pause. She varied her work with subtle twists, pushes, slower retraction, faster insertion and a myriad other little tricks that made Willow’s toes curl. Willow felt an upbuild inside her similar to last night’s orgasms and as she moaned Liza skilfully urged her onwards and like a wind suddenly dies out, Liza stopped with a satisfied sigh. She licked her lips as she rose up and observed Willow’s panting, quivering body.
– I mustn’t let the opportunity slip away. I better hurry.
Liza quickly turned back to her chest and retrieved a strap-on. The synthetic black penis was erect and looked fiercely large and imposing. Liza donned it and hurried back to her still restrained young client who was drifting just on the edge of an orgasm. She guided the strap-on into Willow’s brightly pink and juicy pussy and it slid in easily. Liza only thrusted into Willow for a few short seconds before Willow cried out her ecstasy. To make the sensation even more intense Liza slid two latex-clad fingers, slick with Willow’s own fluids, into Willow’s butthole and twisted gently. Willow’s body first turned rigid as the massive orgasm thundered through her body for a good ten heartbeats, and then it turned limp and she collapsed almost unconscious. Liza wrenched her body away from Willow. With the strap-on still on, it’s unwavering and glistening erection still pointed almost towards the ceiling, Liza turned off the recording on the computer. She wondered for a while what peculiar specimen her master had acquired. The girl clearly was new to games such as these, and even sex in general. Yet she had an orgasm without any problems after being spanked and abused. Clearly she had some form of sexual talents that had so far gone unseen and unknown. Time would probably tell more about the new girl.

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