The Order Part 3

The Order Part 3


I’m walking through what I’ve started to call “The Labyrinth”, following the directions on a piece of paper. I’ve been here two weeks now, and have been to four “parties”, all of them very different. In between times, the girls eat, sleep, and play, mostly play. Our sex games are many and varied, and they always end with us writhing around naked, licking each other’s pussies and coming like crazy.

Last night we got each other all slippery with oil and played a game of naked twister. I lost when one of the twins, whose names, by the way, are Malia and Meliana, suddenly stuck her slippery thumb and middle finger in my pussy and ass at the same time, holding me like a bowling ball. Anyway, I squealed and slipped, and we all collapsed in a big pile, with butts and boobies and arms and legs and pussies all sliding around against each other, laughing hysterically. I have no idea which one of the twins it was. I wish I could tell them apart. We’re going to have to give them tattoos or something.

The twins have taken to this place like ducks to water. Those two girls were absolutely born to fuck. Meliana said they used to pull switches on their boyfriends, telling them they’re actually the other one. They did it with teachers, too, and even with their parents. Being twins must be fun at times, especially when the person you’re dealing with doesn’t know there are two of you. I’ll bet their boyfriends didn’t really care too much which one they were fucking, though.

Anyway, after the party was over, the twins snuck into my bedroom, giggling. They wanted to play some more. So one of them sat on my face, and I licked her smooth little pussy happily, while the other one poured oil all over my pussy and started to stick her fingers into me. She started with just two of them, but soon she added a third, and a fourth. It felt like she was opening an umbrella inside me! Finally, she tucked her thumb into her palm, and slowly slid her entire slim hand into my pussy, all the way to her wrist. I never knew that was even possible! She fucked me like that for the longest time, until I came all over her hand. Her sister came like the Fourth of July at the same time, reaching up and grabbing her titties and crying out as she ground her pussy on my face, so hot and wet I thought I might suffocate.

But I digress. Now I’m on what Rachel calls a “special assignment”, kind of like Mission Impossible. It’s all been explained to me and I know pretty much what to expect, but I wish Moira and Rachel were coming along for moral support.

Rachel told me not to worry and to keep an open mind. She said it was “a little icky” the first time, but that I’d get used to it and might even get turned on by it.

I enter through a door, and find myself in a fairly large room, with a raised platform at one end. There’s a big crowd of men in the room, maybe a hundred of them or more, all wearing boxer shorts and nothing else, and sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Sister Monique greets me at the door in her robe, smiling warmly. “Ahh, Sister Mary, there you are, thanks so much for coming.” I’ve met her a few times since that first day, and she’s been nothing but kind to me, even apologizing for my whipping. It was all part of the act, she said, and she had to make it as convincing as possible. I told her she was so convincing I almost came.

I know now, by the way, that Sister Monique is actually Rachel’s mom. I wish my mom had been like her. Anyway, she’s real happy that Rachel and I have become such good friends, and that we both enjoy being used for sex so much. Her role really is kind of a Mother Superior to all of the girls, the main difference being that Sister Monique loves to fuck and suck a lot more than your average nun. She still goes to a lot of the parties, and more than once I’ve seen her stuffed full of cock and loving every second of it. Some of the guys really like women who are a bit older, and she’s very much in demand.

She leads me up onto the platform, where there is a large cushion, covered with a thick plastic sheet on the floor. There’s a girl holding a video camera, and another girl is there with a clipboard. I shed my robe and hand it to the girl with the clipboard, and Sister Monique tells me to sit upright on the cushion with my legs under me. My hair is pulled back in a short ponytail, according to my instructions, and I’m wearing red lipstick but no eye shadow or anything.

The girl with the video camera is filming everything. I wonder what they’re going to do with the video. I hope they show it to lots of people. I’ve always had this fantasy about being a porn starlet, and having lots of men jerk off while watching me. I used to like that about dancing at strip joints. All those guys with their dicks hard, watching me, dying to jerk off. Some of them did, too, not waiting until they got home. It really made me hot.

The men all watch as I begin to play with my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them, capturing my nipples between my fingers. My nipples are stiff and sensitive, and I love playing with them. I sense their cocks begin to lengthen and thicken. I really like having this effect on men.

Soon my hand descends and I start rubbing my pussy with my fingers. I bring my fingers up to my mouth and lick and suck them for a bit, and then reach down and slide my fingers into my cunt, slowly fucking myself with them. They’re even wetter now, and I drag them up over my clit, surrounding it and caressing it.

As they watch, their cocks stiffening in their shorts, I slowly bring myself to an unhurried orgasm, totally turned on by doing this in front of them. I bite my lip and stifle a moan as I bring myself over the edge, trembling with the force of my climax, my breath catching in my lungs.

The girl with the clipboard now offers me a silver bowl, about the size of a soup bowl, and I take it from her.

Sister Monique now claps her hands twice, and at once, all the men stand up and take off their boxer shorts. I never saw so many cocks in one place in my life, all of them large, all of them shaved. They proceed to line up, single file, and the first man in line walks up and stands over me. I glance up at him, my lips parted, and he’s slowly stroking his big cock. All of the others are also masturbating, but not with any particular urgency. They’re just keeping themselves hard. Nobody speaks.

After a few minutes, the man standing over me brings his cock closer to my face, guiding the head between my lips. I suck on it a little as he continues to stroke it. Then he pulls if from my mouth and begins to come on my upturned face. His sperm erupts all over my cheek, spurting heavily several times. I hold the silver bowl up to my chin as I feel his come oozing wetly down my face. Soon, he’s finished coming, and he wipes his cock head off on my cheek, wherupon he’s immediately replaced by the second man in line. Very soon, I hear him groan quietly, and he starts pumping his come over my forehead, oozing down toward my eyes. I close them and reach up with one hand, wiping the semen away from my eyes, then opening them again. I don’t want to miss any of this. The third man, meanwhile, is already stroking his massive cock, bringing it close to me. Suddenly, his sperm gushes out, between my parted lips and into my mouth. He pumps out an unbelievable amount of come, flooding my mouth and lips. I force the accumulated semen out of my mouth and it drools down my chin in thick rivulets, finally collecting in the silver bowl, which I’m holding up under my face.

One after another they march up to the platform and jerk off on my face. The other girl is checking them off on her clipboard with a pencil. Maybe they get sent a bill for being able to do this. Rachel told me she thinks it’s some kind of ancient Japanese ritual to degrade women who cheat on their husbands. They would force the woman to sit there in public while all of the men in the village came all over her face. Supposedly it was so humiliating that the women would commit suicide afterwards. It sounds pretty far-fetched to me. I’m not about to kill myself just because a bunch of men come on me. I’ll bet this was just something invented a few years ago by some perverted guys who totally get off seeing a girl’s face drenched with sperm.

That’s a pretty good description of my face after a few more guys have had their turn. I must look like a glazed doughnut. It’s oozing down in slow, thick ropes, and lots of it is accumulating in the bowl. I’ve got gooey come in my ears and it sounds like I’m underwater. I have to keep reaching up and wiping the come from my eyes. I leave it on my face, though. I think it turns these guys on to see it, and I figure that probably makes them get off quicker.

On and on they come. Some of them try to shoot it in my mouth, and I keep having to push it out with my tongue. There’s so much, I’m, like, blowing bubbles with it. Some of them aim for my hair, and it’s wet and stringy from it. A lot of their come ends up running down my body. I know my boobs are covered with it, because I keep reaching down and rubbing them with my free hand. My nipples are drenched with come and slippery when I pinch them.

As the endless parade of men continues, I realize that I’m sitting in a pool of come, which has slowly collected on the plastic sheet. My bare pussy is all slippery with it. I can feel it when I rub my clit and my labia.

I still can’t believe how much these guys come! Their sperm is like the seven seas. One guy gets right in front of me and just absolutely blasts my face with it, over and over again. There’s so much it almost knocks me over. I knew a guy once like that in high school. The girls called him Oceans 11, because he came so much. Girls talk.

I lose track of how many of them have covered my face with semen. I don’t care any more. My fingers are rubbing my slippery clit, and I’m nearing another orgasm, aroused beyond imagining by the mere thought of how I look, my entire body drenched with what must by now be quarts of come. Through all of it, the girl with the video camera is moving around, getting the best angles, capturing it all for posterity.

Another man comes in my mouth, holding it so close that it touches my spermy lips. I close my lips around the head and suck a little on it as he pumps his come into my mouth. Once again I gather it with my tongue and force it out and down my chin, all hot and thick and creamy. Suddenly, I come again, my fingers rubbing my dripping-wet clit hard as I moan ecstatically. God, this is so fucking HOT!

The next guy grabs my ponytail by the knot, tips my head back, and pumps his come out on my upturned face with his other hand. It splatters my nose, my cheeks, my lips, in successive spurts. Then he rubs his cock all over my face, smearing the accumulated come around. His fingers squeeze his cock and force out a last thick ooze of syrupy sperm onto my outstretched tongue. I wonder if it's true what they say — that come is good for my complexion.

I’m almost out of my mind with fuck-lust now. The whole thing is so deliciously degrading. I want to FUCK all of these men! I want them to shove their cocks into my pussy, my ass, my mouth. The thought of it drives me into another powerful climax, as the next man in line spurts his come into my mouth in hot, thick pulses. This guy breaks the rules and shoves his cock into my mouth, and I can’t help but suck it hard, gulping down his sperm as my body convulses in a furious, shuddering orgasm.

As he pulls his cock out, I clear the sperm from my closed eyes again and open them a little. There are only maybe thirty of them left. Again I feel my face covered with warm, slippery come, spurt after spurt of it. I’m sitting in a deep puddle of it, slowly cooling and congealing. I don’t care. I want more cocks, more come.

A man is behind me, resting the head of his cock on the top of my head, in my stringy, wet hair. I feel his come erupt, but it doesn’t spurt like so many of them, it oozes out in a thick rivulet that flows down my forehead, slowly covering my face. There’s plenty of it, it just doesn’t spurt out. When he’s finished, two men decide to do me at once, standing on either side. One of them holds my head back, and they erupt at the same time, splattering my already gooey face with two big come loads.

My bowl is full now, and come is sloshing over the sides. I can feel it on my fingers, warm and slippery.

At last, the last man in line pumps his sperm into my mouth, and it oozes out down my cheeks and chin, dangling there in a thick, viscous rope before snapping off into the bowl. The other girl comes over and kneels next to me, whispering in my ear. She takes the bowl from my hand, and brings it up to my upturned face. I close my eyes and stick my tongue out. And then I feel myself being drowned in come as she tips it up and slowly pours the accumulated semen down into my mouth. I try to swallow, but it's pouring out too fast and some of it overflows and slides down my face, down onto my breasts, down my belly to my pussy. I swallow repeatedly, trying not to gag, feeling the gooey, slightly acrid come slide down my throat into my stomach. I hear the whirring and clicking of cameras. I can’t believe what I just did, swallowing the commingled come of a hundred men.

The girl walks over and picks up a nearby bucket of cold water, and tips it over my head slowly, rinsing a lot of the semen from my face. I was never more grateful for anything in my life. I wipe my face until it’s reasonably free of come, making sure none of the semen is left in my eyes. I’ve felt that before and it really stings.

She puts down the bucket and puts a wet towel in my hand, and I slowly mop my face with it. God, that feels good!

Finally, I open my eyes, and slowly break into a big smile. I know I must still look like a total, disheveled mess. All the men are still there, and they burst into applause, cheering wildly. The girl with the video camera is still filming. The whole thing probably took an hour. I feel so proud of myself!

Sister Monique helps me to my feet. “You did great, sweetie,” she says, as the cheering continues. “Now you can go take a nice shower and get cleaned up. If you want to, you can come back here and join the party later. Some girls get kind of turned on doing this. I’m sure some of these guys would be happy to oblige you. Plus you can watch your video and autograph some pictures.”

I smile at her and thank her. “Okay, I’ll be back in a bit. But only if you’ll join us.”

She laughs. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Mary.”

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