A Burning Passion

I have been waiting for you so long.  Who would have guessed that what started as a friendship, would blossom into an online love affair.  Each time we chat, my ache for you grows stronger.  As I think of you, and look at your picture, my body tingles, and I get so wet.  I want you so. I need you so.  And I must tell you what I yearn for.

The passion within me is building.  I have to feel your tongue on me.  Feel its softness gliding along my smooth pussy lips, making me quiver.  Spreading myself open for you, I invite you to taste of me.  My clit is throbbing, aching for you to suckle it.  Gently, you take it between your lips, rolling it around on your tongue.  My hips arch, begging you to take even more.  My sweetness begins trickling out and you can't resist this.  You plunge your tongue deep inside me, coaxing me to release more.  My moans of pleasure urge you on.  Deeper and faster you tongue fuck me, until I can take it no longer.  "Please."  I beg you.  "Please suck my clit."  You too cannot resist and you cover my hard throbbing button with your mouth, sucking deeply.  My hips push themselves against your face; my legs begin to tremble.  My quick breathing and cries of excitement let you know I am at the edge.

You reach up and squeeze my hardened nipples while sucking harder and I cum for you.  My body opens up and a river of nectar begins flowing.  No matter how quickly you drink from me, you cannot keep up with the deluge.  As each orgasmic wave surges through me, another spurt fills your thirsty mouth.  Finally, when I am so swollen and so sensitive, that I can't take even the slightest touch, I plead with you to stop.

And so you give me solace.  Your face and chest drenched with my passion, you come up and kiss me, sharing the taste of my sweetness.  As our tongues dance, I feel your hardness press against my swollen pussy, and I start to throb with desire.  My legs wrap themselves around your waist and your cock slowly slides into me.

Moaning into each other's mouths, our bodies unite.  This is what we have been dreaming of…talking about…waiting for.  My pussy tightens around your hard cock as you slowly, rhythmically slide in and out.  Our hips are in perfect synch and the pleasure mounts as you begin to fuck me faster…harder.  Your pounding cock is driving me crazy.  I can't stop cumming.  With every wave of orgasm, I squeeze your cock tighter and my juices flow onto your balls.

"OH GOD, YES!! FUCK ME HARD!" I beg you, as my head is thrashing, my fingers digging into your shoulders.  I can feel you getting close, your throbbing cock stretching my pussy.  My body tenses.  My legs squeezing your back, my arms squeezing your shoulders, my pussy squeezing your cock, as the most intense orgasm hits.  You look down at me and tell me to open my eyes.  I look at you with all the love and passion I'm feeling as my body locks around yours.

You continue to drive into me, your balls slapping against my ass, and then you push deep inside me.  Grunting as your cock explodes, pumping me with its hot stickiness.  Filling me, body and soul, until you are spent.

This is what I long for…What I ache for…What I'm sending you the next plane ticket out here for…Hurry! 

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