A Lesson Learned_(1)

A Lesson Learned_(1)

She had upset her Master and had been waiting two days to see what her punishment would be. It was unlike him to not punish her immediately and that had her more worried than anything. But he had just acted as if nothing were wrong and the anxiety she felt just kept increasing.

It had been a long time since she'd been disobedient, she certainly knew better. She'd learned that lesson very quickly. Master was swift and thorough with both punishment and reward.

She didn't know why she'd taken such a dislike to Master's friend, she just had. From the moment she met him she couldn't stand him and hoped against hope that Master wouldn't decide to have her put on a show or service this particular friend. Unfortunately for her he had and she hadn't performed to his satisfaction. She just couldn't completely hide her distaste for the man. Now she waited to see what her punishment would be, or perhaps he had forgotten the incident (not likely) or decided to forgive her small transgression.

As soon as he got home Master announced they were going out to dinner and he had something special planned for her. As always he told her what he wished her to wear. Tonight it was the tight, black, push up corset that exposed half her nipples her breasts were that close to popping out the top. Stockings, no panties and the black dress he had brought back from his last trip. It was cut very low and very sheer.

As she was drying her hair he came in behind her and told her to bend over. She immediately obeyed and he stuck a huge dildo up her ass brutally fast and hard. It was one she hadn't seen before and must have been at least 13 inches long by the way it felt. The pain was intense but she didn't move or cry out. He then reached around and placed clamps with weights on each nipple. He had tightened them down enough to make the tears come to her eyes and the weights pulling down on them only made it worse. Then he slapped her ass hard and told her to finish getting ready. She could take the clamps off when she got dressed but the dildo would stay.

Every movement hurt while she finished getting ready. Both the dildo and the clamps were causing intense pain but she couldn't help the excitement she felt at Master's attention to her. Her cunt was wet and getting wetter and soon the arousal was actually overwhelming the pain. He must have something special planned for her tonight and she only hoped she could please him and divert him from her recent misbehavior.

When they arrived at the restaurant it was one they had gone to frequently and she knew that Master was friends with the owner who greeted them personally and escorted them to a corner table. She felt incomfortable in such a conspicuous dress and was having trouble walking normally with the dildo still in her ass but was starting to feel more relaxed since it seemed Master wasn't going to punish her after all.

Master ordered the meal, as he always did, but this time he only ordered for himself. After their waiter had left he looked at her and said "you're going to be too busy to eat."

He reached down under the table and pushed her dress up almost to her waist and she involuntarily squeezed her legs together. Shocked, she looked around and noticed that only men were sitting facing their table. All the women were facing away. Obviously this had been set up with the owner prior to their arrival. Her nervousness returned as she wondered what the "something special" Master had planned for tonight was.

He roughly pushed her thighs apart, exposing her naked cunt to any who cared to look. He leaned over and whispered to her, "finger fuck yourself darling, put on a show for the men." She carefully reached down and slowly rubbed her clit, looking up to Master to see if that would be sufficient, hoping it would be. "No" he said, "do it right, I want your fingers in your cunt or you'll be sorry." She slowly inserted two fingers into her wet cunt, realizing then that the humiliation and control he exerted over her was turning her on as it always did. She began moving her fingers in and out and as she looked up, noticed several of the men watching her. She was so embarrassed and so completely turned on at the same time.

Master reached down and slid her dress back down her thighs and told her to go wait outside the women's bathroom until he came to her. She slid her fingers out of her cunt and went to wait as she'd been told. Several of the men who had been watching stared as she walked through the room.

It was about 10 minutes until Master came to her. She had plenty of time to think about what might happen and wonder how bad it would be. When he came he took her roughly by the arm and led her into the men's bathroom. "Take off your dress" he told her. She obediently took it off and stood there in corset, heels and stockings with that damn dildo still up her ass.

He took a choke chain and leash from his pocket and put the collar on her and attached the leash then told her to kneel on the floor next to one of the sinks. He hooked the chain to a pipe of the sink and then stood back to look at her. Her long blonde hair fell forward as she looked down at the floor and he admired the way she looked. HIS slut, HIS toy…and she had dared to embarrass him by not properly servicing his friend. Well she'd learn the hard way that she didn't have the right to be picky about who or what she serviced. She was nothing but his plaything and she needed a reminder.

He moved behind her and pulled the dildo out, the relief she felt was incredible but it only lasted a moment until he shoved it back in. In and out, ramming her hard and fast with the huge thing. Her insides felt like she was being ripped apart but she didn't dare cry out. When he finished he reached down and felt her dripping cunt. Her body had betrayed her yet again. He gently fingered her clit and she immediately had an orgasm so intense she almost fell on the floor. Then he moved around to the front of her, took out his cock and slid it into her mouth. She started sucking it but he said "No!" and slapped her hard across her face. He grabbed her by her hair, pulled her all the way down on his cock and pissed down her throat for what seemed like forever. She tried hard to swallow it all but couldn't and gagged, which earned her another hard slap. When he had finished pissing he zipped his pants and told her what her punishment was to be.

"Each and every man that comes in here, as long as I leave you here, you are to say to them that you are a disobedient cumslut and it would be your pleasure and honor to service them however they would like. If they don't want to use you, you will beg them to be allowed to swallow their piss. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD SLUT?" "Yes, Sir" she replied. The punishment was worse than she could have ever imagined.

Before he left he took the dildo and made her suck and lick it clean, then threw it on the floor beside her. "I'll know if you don't do as you've been told" he said and left the room.

The first man to come in was a well-dressed man with a very severe look to him. He looked down at her as if it was no surprise to find a woman chained half-nude on the men's room floor. Val did as she had been told and recited her line, "This slut has been disobedient to her Master and it would be her pleasure and honor to service you in whatever manner you wish." Val looked down at the floor as she spoke and waited for his reply.

"I have some experience with sluts such as yourself" he said. "If you have been disobedient then you don't deserve to service me"

"Oh please sir" Val replied, "this unworthy slut promises to service you well to redeem herself in her Master's favor. Please allow me to serve you but if you decide this slut is truly unworthy then may I please be allowed to at least serve as your toilet and drink your piss?"

He looked at her for a moment and then walked closer to her. "Do not move nor make a sound no matter what I do, now get up on your knees." When she rose to her knees he grabbed her nipples between his fingers and pinched and twisted them hard. Then he pulled on them as if to lift her to her feet but she didn't move even though the pain was shooting through her. He twisted harder and she let out a small moan for which he immediately slapped her face hard back and forth several times. "I told you not to make a sound" he said. "Now hand me that" he said, pointing to the dildo.

She picked it up and handed it to him, fearing another brutal insertion but instead he began to beat her sore tits with it. Harder and harder across her breasts and nipples, sometimes moving up to her face before attaking her breasts again. Two other men came in while he was beating her but he didn't even slow. They stood and watched as he beat her for what seemed like hours and then shoved the end of the dildo against her mouth and told her to suck and kiss it. "Now thank me for beating you" he said. "Thank you Sir for giving this disobedient slut the beating she deserved" Val said. Her breasts were bright red, swollen and so tender it hurt to breath and she was terrified of what might come next.

"Tell these other men why you're here" he said. Val repeated her assigned line again to the new men and the first man told them he was almost finished with her and then they could have at her. He unzipped his pants and pushed his cock against her swollen lips…"Suck it cunt" he told her and she did as she was told, sucking it deep into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue and lips, but it stayed flacid. He pulled it out of her mouth and grabbed her by her hair, pulling her head up to face him. "This is all I'll give you, I have no patience with disobedient cumsluts. Open your mouth!" When she did as she was told he aimed roughly towards her open mouth and began to piss. His hot piss ran over her face and down her neck and tits…some running in her mouth, which she swallowed greedily. When he was done he zipped his pants and turned to leave telling the men waiting to have fun and use her well.

The next two men waiting were very different from the first. They appeared to be kitchen help rather than patrons of the restaurant. Both were pulling their cocks from their pants as they approached her and neither seemed hesitant about using her. The first approached the front of her and grabbed her red, swollen breasts roughly, squeezing, pinching and pulling at them. "They sure look sore, he did a good job on them…does that hurt bitch?" She was too busy trying to hold back a scream of pain to answer so he slapped her hard across her nipples. "I said, does that hurt CUNT?" She moaned and answered "yes Sir", which seemed to please him.

The other had picked up the dildo and approached her ass. "I don't think she can take this whole thing up her ass" he said, "but we're gonna find out for sure" and he laughed. He told her to hold her ass cheeks apart and she reached back to do so. When she obeyed he shoved the dildo up her wet, dripping cunt and then pulled it out and shoved it as far as he could up her ass in one sudden movement. The pain was intense and, combined with the continuing abuse to her breasts and nipples brought tears to her eyes. He withdrew the dildo only to start beating her ass with it until he suddenly shoved it up inside her again. He repeated this process several times, seeming to enjoy hearing her moans and sobs each time he suddenly rammed it inside her.

Meanwhile the first man had tired of abusing her tits and grabbed two handfuls of her hair while shoving his cock in her mouth. He didn't so much let her suck it as hold her in place while he fucked her mouth. Moving slowly in and out at first but beginning to build up speed, ramming it further and further back into her throat while she tried not to gag on it.

The guy behind finally decided to leave the dildo buried in her ass and started fucking her cunt hard from behind. Holding her hips to steady her in position he slammed into her over and over. Each time his body slammed against her he drove the dildo further into her ass at the same time.

By the time they both finished with her more of the kitchen help and waiters had arrived to take their places and she lost track of how many men fucked and beat her, used her as a human toilet and called her whore and slut. It seemed like hours since her master had left her there and her mind detached from her body as the pain became unbearable. Over and over they used her and her mind floated somewhere above, watching it all even as she obeyed their commands and drank what seemed quarts of cum and piss.

Eventually they finished with her and left her alone in a pool of cum and piss and her mind floated back to her body while she curled up in a fetal position and waited to see what would come next. She shivered from shock, pain and cold, covered in filth and waited. There was nothing else to do.

When her Master eventually came to get her he brought a blanket and wrapped her in it and then unchained her and led her to the owner's private bathroom. There was a huge tub full of hot water and bubbles and he gently put her in it and washed her. He took his time, washing her throroughly and making soft soothing sounds that gradually brought her around.

She reached up and put her arms around her Master's neck and snuggled her head into his shoulder and he held her there quietly for a few moments. She looked down and said quietly to her Master, "This girl is unworthy of the attention that you give her and she has learned her lesson. Master is so very good to this girl that she will never disobey him again. Please forgive this girl for offending you."

Master leaned down and tenderly licked and suckled a bruised and swollen nipple. "Your apology pleases me, as do you."

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