a little lovin is all you need

a little lovin is all you need

this story is completely fictional and though i would have loved for it to be real sadly it is not.

a little lovin is all you need

Lily Morgan age 27, owns her own bookstore/bakery. she's 5'7, 135 lbs, 34c, black hair, green eyes.
Paige Powell age 28, writer of children's books. she's 5'5, 118 lbs, 32b, curly red hair, blue eyes.

chapter 1

lily looked out her office window wondering if the darkened clouds would bring rain. she prayed not because the rain brought fewer customers, and right now thats something she couldn't afford.

lily owned a bookstore/bakery which she named "lily's books and bakery". yes i know unoriginal, but thats the name so get used to it. the store was her life, her passion, the one thing she had left to hold on to. when she first opened the store she was fresh out of college, with a pocket full of dreams. her place has been opened now for 5 years, and no other year not even the first has been as brutal as this one.

not only are her customers buying fewer and fewer items, but she had to take a loan out to help her mother, and she had to use her business as collateral. she could feel everything she had ever worked for slipping between her fingers, but at least her mother was safe and well cared for now.

it was about two thirty, and in the last 2 hours she has had only 5 paying customers. which would have brought a tear to her eye, if she was a weaker woman.

lily looked out her window one last time praying praying it didn't rain. with a shrug she walked to her door, but as she was about to leave her office, her phone rang.

"lily morgan. how may i help you?" she asked into the phone.

"hey its me," her best fried Alex said, "i have great news, remember how i told you i might have a surprise for you. well are you sitting down?" he asked.

"ok whats going on?"

"who is your favorite children's book author?" he asked when he already knew who it was.

"duh gee wally i don't know. only Paige Powell. why?" she asked her curiosity spiked.

"well it just so happens shes a friend of a friend, and i asked her for a favor. shes gonna be stopping by after closing to speak to you about something. i know i should have told you before but i knew you would freak out and go crazy. so this way you cant back out. have fun."

lili heard the click of the hone as he hung up. she sat there motionless, staring off into space. Paige Powell, the one and only, was coming to her place. oh god don't freak out, don't panic. shit.

she panicked. she ran out of her office, and seeing there were no customers told her one employee to go home early and she closed up shop.
Paige really didn't fell like giving a charity reading and signing, but everyone new she was easily talked into things. especially when it came to her books.

she parked her car in front of the shop and just stared at it. she figured it would be some run down little bookstore, but instead it was beautiful. the front was white and light blue, the front window had a very nice display of both books and baked goods. if this wasn't her destination she would have had to stop in.

it was a little after 530 when she pulled up, and it was sprinkling out. she walked up and knocked on the front door, wondering if anyone was there. she never knew a book store to close this early, but then again this is a small town.maybe they do things differently here.

just as she was about to knock again, she saw a very beautiful woman walking to the door. she looked to be about 25 give or take a year. she noticed a slight limp when she walked, and had the weirdest feeling of comforting her. she also couldn't help but notice the way her boobs bounced when she walked. her smile made her appear angelic, and Paige couldn't help but want her.

she pictured herself naked kissing every inch of this strange womans body until she screamed with pleasure. keep it together she told her self, as she felt her self get wet. just as she regained control of her imagination and her body, the door was flung open and she felt herself grow even wetter.
lily saw her walking towards the door, and knew without a doubt she was the most perfect woman she had even seen. her hair, curly red hair, she was a sucker for red haired woman.

the images playing in her mind would make you weep with both pleasure and joy. even as she heard the knocking she couldn't drag her mind from the gutter. it seemed the closer she got to the door the dirtier her mind became. her panties were soaked, her hands were shaking, and all over some woman who wouldn't cast a glance her way. i mean she was Paige Powell, gorgeous, rich and most important STRAIGHT.

erasing all dirty thoughts from her mind she flung open the door a little to hard and ended up on the ground, looking up at her perfect goddess.

"oh my god are you ok?" she could hear the lady ask.
lily rolled over on her stomach and pushed herself up, trying to hide her scarred leg. Paige leaned down to help her up and fireworks went off when she touched her arm. she looked up and met paiges eyes, wondering if she felt it to. the other woman looked almost like she felt, but it was hard to tell, if it was because she thought she was hurt, or because she wanted to jump her bones.

when lily was standing again she could feel herself blushing from head to toe. she wasn't sure if Paige had seen her ugly scars but it still made her feel uneasy. she made sure her dress was straightened, and then smiled the biggest smile she could, hoping to displace her uneasiness.

Paige stuck out her hand and said, "hi im Paige Powell. its a pleasure to meet you."
lily hesitated for only a moment before shaking her hand and replying, "Lily Morgan, im s o sorry about that. usually im much more subtle in my clumsiness. im really honored to have you here. im not really sure what it is you are doing here though. all Alex said was you were coming and wanted to speak to about something."

Paige felt instant fireworks when lily placed her hand in hers. she couldn't let go and while still holding her hand she said, "don't worry about it, i trip over my own feet more then not. do you have somewhere were we can sit down and talk. Alex wanted this to be a surprise i guess." she said as she looked around trying to find a nice spot to sit.

lily was reluctant to release her hand and hoped Paige didn't notice. " have you eaten yet? if you would like we can go upstairs and i can make something. i haven't eaten anything all day and am rather hungry ."

"lead the way. im not hungry but i could do with something to drink if you have it." she replied, finally releasing lily's hand.

lily led her to the back of the store and up her private walkway to her apartment. the apartment isn't large but its not small either. it contains two rooms, and living room, dining area, and kitchen. with only one bathroom.

she directed Paige towards the dining area telling her to make her self at home, she was just gonna go change it to something more comfortable. as lily walked towards her room, Paige took the time to watch her hips sway back and forth, and again noticing her limp wanted nothing more then to hole her in her arms and comfort her. she watched her walk into her room and noticed she didn't close her door.

lily walked into her room and immediately stripped out of her dress into some lose pink sweats, and a tight white short sleeve shirt.

as she turned to leave her room she saw Paige leaning over in her chair watching her. she froze in place. maybe she saw wrong, maybe she was just stretching. better to forget about it she thought as she walked back towards the dining room.

shit Paige thought, did she see me. i hope she didn't i wouldn't want her to think im some kind of pervert.

for the next two hours they talked about the plans Alex had set in motion. Paige agreed to give a free reading and signing of her latest book, if when business picked back up she was offered two readings a year. she didn't plan on telling that part to lily though, she figured she would do them all for free just to have a chance to look at lily. they set the date for the event two weeks from today.

even after all the business was talked over neither one was anxious for the night to end just yet. the sexual tension was felt by both of them, but both just thought it was their imagination. finally Paige couldn't handle it any more and decided to lay her cards on the table and hoped lily wouldn't throw her out on her butt.

"lily i have to be honest with you about something. im a lesbian, i always have been, for as long as i can remember. and when i first saw you i felt this instant attraction. i understand if you don't feel the same way, and i understand if you never want to see me again. but i felt that i should tell you how i feel before any of this went any further." Paige stopped and watched lily's face for anything. the look she saw made her wish she had kept her mouth shut.

when lily didn't say anything Paige jumped in, "im sorry i never meant to make you feel uncomfortable. i think i should go now. im sorry." she got up and proceeded to leave, when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

lily turned Paige around and looked her in the eyes. trying to find some hint as to what she was thinking. "im sorry i didn't mean to give you the idea i was offended. on the contrary im flattered beyond anything else. i mean your Paige Powell you could have any woman in the world and here you are in my little shop telling me you are attracted to me. i thought you were straight. all night iv been trying to hide what i felt, trying to keep the fact that i was so aroused i could barely stand without fainting. i just never thought in a million years you would have felt the sa………" lily was cut off when Paige slammed her mouth on hers.

lily could feel the kiss all the way to her toes. she wrapped her arms around Paige's neck and pulled her as close as she could. she didn't know how long they kissed like that, but her body was on fire and all she could think was to get her naked as fast as she could before she changed her mind.

Paige had a hold of lily's waist and they were touching from head to toe. she thought she was gonna pass out from pleasure. never in her life has she felt this way from one kiss. her mind could no longer function, only her body. she ran her hands up and down lily's side, underneath her shirt, reaching higher and higher, but pausing before she reached lily's left breast. she pulled her mouth away from lily's and questioned her with her eyes.

lily grabbed the bottom of her shirt and threw it to the side. now clad in only her bra and pants, she felt on display as Paige looked her over devouring her with her eyes. she slowly reached behind her and undid her bra and let it drop to her feet. now wearing nothing but her pants, she felt under dressed. the way Paige looked at her made her feel special, and loved. her body felt hot all over and she couldn't control the shaking in her hands. lily grabbed Paige's face in her hands gently and pulled her mouth back to hers. she could feel Paige's hands on her boobs, pulling at her nipples. her bad leg buckled and she cried out.

Paige thinking she had hurt her pulled back and asked her what was wrong. "its my leg i have to get off of it. its killing me now." lily tried to walk on her own but her leg wouldn't support her, and time and again she would find herself on one knee . Paige wanting to help reached under her and supported her as she walked. within in seconds they made it to the bedroom and lily feel into bed, instantly her leg felt much better.

lily saw the look on Paige's and said, "its ok, it wasn't your fault. its an old injury, i just kinda lost it with there for a second and wasn't ready when my leg buckled. " she reached for Paige's hand and pulled her towards her, until she laying next to her on the bed.Paige rolled on her side and kissed lily's face, her eyes, her cheeks, her lips, then moved farther down until she was kissing her neck. lily arched her neck to allow better access, and she couldn't help but moan. its been years since anyone has kissed her, and the pleasure was just to great to ignore.

lily reached down and grabbed Paige's shirt and threw it to the other side of the room, before unclasping her bra, and doing the same. she leaned down and kissed each nipple, before kissing her mouth. she couldn't get enough of her mouth. she couldn't picture one kiss that moved her as much as this woman. she startled when she felt Paige's hands on the waist of her pants. the last person who saw the scars where horrified and lily just couldn't let her see them. she couldn't risk her walking away. but before she could stop her Paige removed both her pants and her panties.

"oh hunny what happened here.' Paige asked as she gently kissed every scar every reminder of her one act that cost three people there lives. but now was not the time. Paige kissed and licked her way to lily's dripping pussy.

Paige just looked at it salivating. thinking it was the most gorgeous pussy she had ever seen. there wasn't a hair anywhere. she stuck her tongue out and licked the inside of her folds. she felt lily shudder and heard her moan with pleasure.she reached up and pinch her nipple while entering one finger into her tight wet pussy. with every lick she felt and heard her pleasure. she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter just bringing lily closer to the edge. after no more then a few flicks to her clit she felt the walls of her pussy squeeze her finger lily's screams could have woke the dead and she sucked her clit while she was riding the wave of her first orgasm.

lily had never felt so much pleasure in all her life. when she finally came down from her high, she looked into Paige's eyes and tried to tell her without words how she felt. she grabbed her head and pulled her up for a kiss, she could taste herself in that kiss.

her breathing was rapid. she felt like was gonna die any second from pleasure. Paige wrapped her arms around lily and just held her. she could feel her breathing slow down and her body stopped shaking.

"let me recover for a minute and i plan on giving you as got as you gave. that was the greatest orgasm of my life. i may need a few minutes here." even when she said it she could feel her eyes getting heavier by the second.

Paige could tell she had drained lily, and knew she would have to live with the fact she would have to wait until much later for lily to reciprocate, not that she minded. she loved giving pleasure almost more then she loved receiving it. she watched as lily's eyes closed and her breathe evened out.

Paige got up and undressed, and crawled under the covers after gently rearranging lily's body. she pulled lily close and held her while she drifted off to sleep.

the end

ok i know it wasn't all that good, but give me a break its my first attempt. i have many more chapters to this story, well not written down all stored in my head. so if you all want to hear more let me know, and i will accommodate you.

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