A New Job

Lisa was just hired at the law firm, Burns and O’Neil, as an assistant to Mr. Burns. It was her first week on the job and she was very, very nervous. Mr. Burns was an older man of about 60 years old and well respected in his profession. She was only 22 and just out of college. This was her first job and even though it was an entry level position, she was very determined to do her job well. In the morning, she was required to sort the mail from the previous day and make coffee so that it would be ready for Mr. Burns when he casually strolled into the office at 9:30AM. Scurrying around, she got the office ready by organizing the fax machine, sorting the mail, typical office chores. As she got wrapped up in her duties, Mr. Burns walks into the office at 9:15. Shit! He was early and the coffee was not made yet! Mr. Burns made his way into his office and then Lisa heard her phone ring – it was Mr. Burns calling from his office.

“Lisa, could you please bring me my coffee?” Mr. Burns questioned.

“I’m sorry Mr. Burns, I haven’t had a chance to make it yet. I forgot.” Lisa said softly.

“Lisa, could you please come into my office?” Mr. Burns replied.

“Yes, sir.” Lisa quivered.

Lisa took the long stride down to Mr. Burns’ office. She worried to herself how she managed to screw up an entry level position and she was filled with anxiety. As she came to the door, Lisa drew a deep breath and opened the door.

“Come in, Lisa.” Mr. Burns instructed. “Lisa, have I not made it clear enough to you about what your morning responsibilities are before I arrive?”

“Yes sir you have, it was my fault. I got busy with the mail and I forgot to make the coffee. I’m very sorry and it won’t happen again.” Lisa apologized.

“You bet it won’t.” Burns chided. “Now come over here and lean over my knee.”

“Excuse me, sir?” Lisa questioned.

“Come over here and bend over my knee. I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget the coffee from now on.” Burns explained. “You want to keep this job, I’m assuming?”

Lisa pondered the thought of being unemployed with her high rent. She was single and didn’t have a roommate so the burden was all upon her shoulders. As she weighed the possibility of not being able to pay her rent or eat, she walked over to Mr. Burns’ lap.

“Lay down, Lisa. Let’s get this over with. I’m a busy man.” Burns retorted.

Lisa bent over his knee and touched the grabbed the chair with her hands. She wanted to brace herself for her impending doom.

Mr. Burns raised his hand above his head and brought it down squarely upon Lisa’s ass. Even though she had pants on, they were still very thin cotton material and it felt as if he was blistering her bare bottom! Mr. Burns spanked Lisa’s 22 year old ass a few more times and then said:

“Lisa, this is for not completing your assigned tasks,” Mr. Burns said as he wrapped on Lisa’s ass some more.

Lisa was hollering with the pain she was feeling upon her bottom. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her – and by an old man! ‘This Dirty Old Man’, she thought to herself, ‘he just wants to feel a young girls’ ass!’ But it was so humiliating! This old geezer was punishing her! Right in the office! What if one of the other office girls were to walk in? She had never been in such a situation in her life.

Just as Mr. Burns was delivering another blow, his office phone rang. He answered the call:

“Yes Bill. I know there’s no coffee, Lisa didn’t make any this morning. I’m fixing the situation right now.”

Mr. Burns hung up the phone, “That was Mr. O’Neil. He’s none too pleased with you either, young lady!” as he brought down another stroke upon Lisa’s ass.

Lisa squealed, “I’m so sorry! I’m just new to the job! It won’t happen again, please stop!”

Just as she was begging for forgiveness, the door to Mr. Burns’ office opened. Lisa was mortified that someone else was able to see her in such a predicament!

“Come in Bill. You want a shot at it?” Mr. Burns asked.

It was Mr. O’Neil, Burns’ partner at the firm.

“Yeah Frank. Let me teach her a little bit.” O’Neil smirked.

Lisa got up from Mr. Burns’ lap and bent over Mr. O’Neal’s. She was so embarrassed to be caught in such a situation by two Dirty Old Men! Mr. O’Neal started spanking Lisa with quick, sharp strokes to the ass. Unlike the one at a time strokes of Mr. Burns, Mr. O’Neil believed in fast spankings.

“Ouch! Ouch! OUCH!” Lisa screamed.

“Well maybe next time you won’t forget the coffee, Honey”. O’Neal giggled.

“She’s sure a looker, isn’t she Bill?” Burns queried.

“Yes indeed. She’s definitely a fine looking young lady!” O’Neil replied.

The two gentlemen took great pleasure in getting to spank the young, 22 year old babe. They ended up taking turns for over 20 minutes on Lisa’s ass. At the end of the spanking, Mr. Burns instructed Lisa to her feet:

“Okay Lisa, you’re finished. I hope you don’t forget your responsibilities in the future. Don’t think of this as punishment, think of it as a lesson. Now you’re working in the real world and we’ve taught you a little about business. You may go back to your desk now.”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Lisa humbly said.

Wiping away the tears from her eyes, Lisa walked down the corridor back to her desk. It was now just before 10:00AM and all of the employees were at the office by now. She walked by the desks of everyone as they were all giggling and whispering. She felt their knowledge of the situation weighing on her back. How humiliating that the entire office knew that she was just spanked by Burns and O’Neil! Amber went back to her duties and never forgot to make the coffee again!

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