A night of seduction

A night of seduction

God, work sucks, I'm pretty sure just about everyone would agree with me when I say work stresses me the hell out. As I drive home from work the only thing holding me together is the thoughts of the beautiful girl waiting on me at home. As my stress levels grow my thoughts go back to her. As I pull into the driveway I notice the porch light is on and smile to myself, I taught her well. I turn my car off and step out. My black heel hits the concrete with a loud clicking noise. I love the sound heels make on concrete, especially when a beautiful girl is wearing them.

As I walk up to the porch and turn my key in the lock I take a deep breath in anticipation of the night ahead of me. I open the door and there standing before me, just as she should be, is my beautiful angel, Lexis. Her eyes on the floor, there is a small hint of a smile on her lips. She greets me with a simple “good evening Mistress” and I smile.

I run my hand down her cheek. God this girl is so beautiful, she has long dark hair, piercing green eyes, and a perfect body (34B breasts and a tight little ass). I wonder sometimes how she doesn't see just how beautiful she really is. As I look her over I see the red marks on her wrists left from the games we played the night before. I bite my lip as my thoughts wander briefly. I tell her to go upstairs and run my bath and a soft reply of “yes Mistress” is all I hear, and I watch her swing her hips as she goes upstairs. I smile to myself, thinking she's being a bit brave today, and follow her upstairs.

When I walk into the bathroom I see a full view of her sexy ass and glistening wet pussy as she bends over the tub stirring around the water. I stand in the doorway, smiling and I know she senses me watching her so she bends over even more. I tell her to get her tight little ass over here and undress me and she jumps at the harshness in my voice. Once she looks at me smiling I can see her relax. She doesn't want me angry. I feel her fingertips caress my skin as she undresses me, slowly pulling my shirt over my head, running her fingers down my arm. She unclasps my bra and pulls it off, exposing my hard erect nipples and my 34C tits. She reaches around from my back and undoes the button on my pants, running her hands over my stomach softly. She leans down and pulls my pants and thong off in one simple tug. She kisses the back of my thigh where it meets my ass, a simple touch that drives me wild. She stands up and offers a hand to help me into the tub. As I sit down she kneels beside the tub, reaching in and grabbing soap. She slowly washes my legs, up to my stomach. I let out a heavy sigh as her hands massage my tits and back down my stomach. I relax and think of the many things I would love to be doing to my beautiful slave right now, but the night’s young, and it’s more fun to let her anticipate my touch.

When she's done washing me I tell her to let the water out andstand up. She grabs a towel and dries my body, legs up. Every once in a while her skin touches mine, giving me goose bumps. I tell her to go pick me out some clothes and she hurries off, coming back with her favorite black leather thong and corset. As I slip it on she fastens it, and I turn and look at her, getting lost in her big green eyes. I grab her by the wrist and drag her to the bedroom, throwing her on to the bed and straddling her, pinning her hands above her head. I kiss along her neck, nibbling a little and across her collarbone. She sighs and relaxes against my body. I reach up for cuffs and as I do she flips me over onto my back, saying, “Tonight, Mistress you’re going to be my dirty little slut and you’re going to beg me for release.”

I tell her she had better uncuff me, and she just smiles. She says she'll take the beating for one night to show her mistress pure bliss. She blindfolds me and cuffs my ankles, stripping me of my corset. She reaches into my bedside table and pulls out a feather. At the first touch of it my whole body tenses. I'm so ticklish it’s pure torture. She runs it around my erect nipples, and I moan in response.

She runs it down my stomach, and I laugh and shudder in response. She stops and I feel her hot breath on my clit and I moan softly. She runs the feather over my pussy lips, not touching my hard, erect clit. My cunt is dripping wet and I'm burning with desire. She leans down and runs her tongue from my dripping cunt to my throbbing clit. I let out a loud moan and she giggles. She leans down and whispers in my ear, asking me who the dirty little slut is now, and I moan and beg her for more. "I'm your dirty little slut, please touch me, I need your touch."

Then the soft hum of a vibe fills my ears, and my body tenses. She warns me not to climax as she moves my thong to the side and slams the vibe hard inside me. She moves my panties back over to hold it inside me as I beg her to fuck me, to fuck her dirty slut. A sweet no is all I hear – she tells me to enjoy my vibe while she showers. She tells me if I cum, I'll be punished and I hear water running. I'm lost in ecstasy as the vibe hums away, tormenting me. I'm not sure how long she left me but as soon as I hear the water turn off my body tenses.

I feel her body next to mine and then I feel her on top of me, lowering herself onto my mouth. She tells me to beg her to let me lick her cunt like the dirty little slut I am. The smell of her is intoxicating and I begin to beg her to let me taste her, let me pleasure her. She shoves herself onto my face and I start tongue fucking her the best I can as she rocks her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit on my nose. She tastes so good, and my body is on fire for her touch. I lick and tongue fuck her like I wish she would do to me. I can tell she’s getting close to her climax because her movements become desperate. I taste her cum as I feel her squeeze my tongue. She pulls my hair and screams.

She tells me to clean up my mess, and I start desperately licking her pussy clean. She lifts up and looks at me, telling me I look sexy with her pussy juices all over my face. I start begging her to touch me, to let me cum, my whole body is screaming for release. She reaches down, takes out the vibe, and rips off my thong. She leans down and slowly licks my nipples, taking one into her mouth and pinching the other. She kisses down my stomach and along my hips, teasing me by blowing on my clit. I scream and beg her to please fuck her dirty slut, that I need release. She runs her tongue along my pussy lips, being careful not to touch my clit, and comments on how wet I am, calling me a dirty cunt. I moan in frustration and she slams her fingers inside me, nibbling my thighs and licking my clit, taking it into her mouth and licking and flicking it.

I shudder and my body screams for release. She tells me to cum all over her fingers like a good little cunt and I let go, wave after wave of release washes through me and I scream. She unties me and keeps fingering me with one hand, as two, three, four orgasms wash through me. As she slows my body collapse and I sigh. I pull her against me, holding her close. She tells me how much she loves me and I tell her how I couldn't live without her. Just as I'm about to fall asleep I whisper in her ear, telling her how I think I can overlook the punishment this once. I hear her sigh and she presses herself even tighter against me.

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