A Past Nightmare

A Past Nightmare

The 30 year old mother woke up thinking of the incident that occurred over 15 years ago. She couldn’t get the nightmare of her head. She always awoke sweating and frightened, thinking it might happen again. Nubia Acosta was her name and the dreadful day occurred when she was only 14 years old. With a month to go from the start of a new school year, Nubia was enjoying her summer. She was excited that school was around the corner since she loved school, which is rarely seen. Nubia was a brilliant straight A student who was involved in many academic clubs when she was in middle school. Now that she was about to start high school she was overly excited about it. Not only was she a great student, but she was somewhat of a religious person. Being brought up as a Christian she believed in what's right and wrong. Which during the 8th grade it made her the goody-goody girl who was almost a perfect angel. Plus, her looks had helped her complete the package. She was a real good looking teen. The 14 year old had flawless light brown skin and stood at about 5'1, but was a little on the meaty side, though it was the good kind of meat that makes the Hispanic girls look amazing. She has light brown hair that reached down to the middle of the back with brown sparkling eyes. Her assets are the most outstanding from any other teens in her class. Though being only 14, she had a big round spankable Mexican ass and sported a pair of 32 C cup size. She was a very, very attractive Latina, and her beauty attracted many of the boys in her grade, especially Justin the jock. He was far the opposite of Nubia, being a jock he was cocky and mischievous. He did well in school, but was only an average student. The white male student stood at 5'7, athletic build with blue eyes, and blonde hair. Nubia wasn’t attracted to those kinds of guys, but she found Justin very attractive. She kept being told that he was a ruthless cold hearted asshole and that his only intentions to go out with girls are to have sex with them. But Nubia thought she was in love and thought that he was a good guy, but people perceived him to be bad. So through the entire 8th grade she dated him ,although her friends disliked him. Through out the year he treated Nubia like she was the only girl, but in fact he was having sex with other girls behind her back. But towards the end of the year, he kept demanding for her to have sex with him. She thought it was all joke, but he kept insisting on it. He even wanted her to suck his cock while at school. But each time she kept refusing, since being a Christian, she believed that no sexual intercourse should happen between unmarried people, as if. But a few days before the 8th grade graduation, she decided to break it off with him. She felt she was being pressured to have sex with him, and she didn’t like that. So once breaking up with him he felt depressed, yet angry. He had to have her, well he had to bang her. Through out the summer she kept getting calls from Justin asking for forgiveness and if they could get back together. But Nubia didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. But the calls and notes kept coming, and she couldn’t take it anymore.

"Ring, Ring, Ring" Justin's phone rings.

"Hello" Justin greets.

"Justin, its Nubia" Nubia spoke.

"Oh hey Nubia"

"Hey, listen Justin you gotta stop calling me and sending those notes"

"Yes but Nubia I…"

"Let me come over so we can talk face to face better" Nubia suggested.

"Okay" he said,

"See you in a bit"


"Bye" both said as they hung the phone.

She quickly dressed and asked her mother for a ride. An hour later her mother dropped the 14 year old teen at her ex-boyfriends house.

"Come in" Justin said when she heard a knock.

"Hey Nubia" Justin gave her a huge hug.

"Justin, you really got to leave me alone"

"We gotta get passed this" Nubia added.

"Yes but I love you Nubia, I cant stand without being with you" the horny teen lied.

"It may be, but I can’t take it anymore, our relationship is over"

"I say it’s over when it’s over" he harshly grabbed her wrist as he said it in a rough tone.

"Let go Justin, you're hurting me" she pulled her wrist from his grip.

"I'm sorry, but it can’t be over, please forgive me" he once again begged,

"Justin, its over, lets just move one"

"I'm sure you’ll meet someone when we start the 9th grade" Nubia said.
"I don’t want to meet someone, I want you" he stood up and threw a porcelain doll against the wall shattering it.

"Wow, relax Justin" Nubia stood up and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Sorry" he apologized.

"Please Justin, lets just move on" she repeated.

"FUCK" he yelled.

"Wow Justin, there's no need for foul mouthing"

"Fuck you" he said out loud.

Her eyes widened by the sudden outburst.

She now felt unsafe and very uncomfortable so she said "Listen I think I should go now"

"DONT" he once again grabbed her wrist, but held onto her tighter.

"Let go Justin, this isn’t funny" she panicked.

For a few seconds she was scared, but the angry teen released her hand.

"I'm leaving already; I'll call my mom outside"

"Bye Justie"

He was irate by the break up, but he was more irate that he wasn’t able to score with her. He never was turned down, and he wasn’t about to let some stupid goody-goody cunt be the first girl not to fuck. As she was walking towards the door, Justin lunged at her and pinned her against the door.


"I ain't gonna let no cunt turn me down" he barked.

"I get what I want" he added.

"Let me go Justin or I’ll scream" she threatened.

She's seen him mad before, but never this infuriated.

"Scream all you want cunt, no one is home" he said with a grin on his face.

"SOMEONE HELP, HELP MEEEEE" she screamed as loud as she was able to.

He unpinned her from the wall and threw her on the ground.

With a little blood on her mouth and her hand up at him she begged "Please Justin, stop, this isn’t you, I beg you stop"

He stood over her with anger in his eyes and no sympathy for her.

"It's your fucking fault, you should have let me fuck you when I asked you" he said.

"And now I'm gonna force you"

"Don’t do it Justin, I know you don’t want to do what you’re thinking of doing to me"

"Well actually I do"

"You fucking fat ass pig is gonna get what you deserve" he shouted.

She slowly stood up but was once again knocked down by the enraged teen. He stood over her and knelt down on top of her with both legs on either side of her body.

"STOP JUSTIN, STOOOOP" he hit on the chest.

He grabbed onto her wrist and got face to face.

"Your gonna get a fuck you'll always remember" he said as he shoved his tongue down her throat.

He rose back up, released her arms and grabbed the open part of the button short sleeve horizontal/vertical line blouse and ripped it open, revealing the white spaghetti shirt.

"Don’t" she kicked and punched.

"Fucking whore" he screamed as he slapped her across the face.

He grabbed the bottom of the spaghetti shirt and pulled it up along with the white lacy bra she was sporting. Her C cups came into plain view of the horny adolescent. They where some of the most perfect globes he's ever seen on such a young teen. Round and perfect with half quarter coin size areolas and erect nipples.

"Wow, so this is what you've been hiding huh, whore" he barked.

He cupped her breast and squeezed them hard.

"AAAAAAAAAEEEEE" she screamed as he started squeezing her teen tits and pinching her nipples.

"STOP, IT HURTS" she cried out.

"Oh you haven’t seen anything, this is nothing compare to what I’m going to do to you"

After a few seconds of molesting her breast, he grabbed her hands, pinned them down against the carpet and bent over. He started to suck and bite her nipple.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW, OOOOHHH GOD" she screamed as he was biting down on her light brown nipple.

"Hmmmm" he muffled as he had her nipple in his mouth.

Just like a baby, he started to suck on her nipples.

"Hmmm tasty" he said once he released her nipple.

After several minutes of abusing and molesting her 14 year old breast he stood back up, looking at her naked torso.

"You’re gonna make a great fuck" he shirked.

"Please stop Justin, I beg you, please don’t do this" she cried out.

"Fuck you whore" he barked as he ripped a cord off from a nearby lamp.

He flipped the young teen over, made her put her hands behind her back and tied them up together.

A so call bright idea came to him and said "Maybe some others would enjoy you as well"

She was totally clueless as to what he meant, but when she saw him dialing, she figured that he wasn’t going to be the only one to use her.

"Hey dude wanna have some fun" Justin said into the phone.

"HELP, HELPPPPP MMMMMEEEE" she screamed hoping who ever was on the other side of the phone to help her.

Justin ignored her screams and said "I got the stupid pig I was dating before, and she deserves a good fuck"

Seconds later he said "Good, both can come"

"Alright later" Justin hung up.

He walked back to Nubia, crouched down and said "Well it seems were gonna have a foursome"

"Oh no" she said to herself.

"Let me go Justin, you’re in big trouble for this, don’t make it any worst" she said.

He smacked her several times on the breast and yelled "You’re gonna be the fuck whore today Nubia"

"You should have let me fuck you, but no the good Christian cunt didn’t want to, now you’re gonna pay"

For 30 minutes or so, he kept looking at her great body as Nubia tried to reason with him. But soon both heard a knocking at the door.

"Oh there here, now the fun could begin"

He opened the door and two older males came in; one carrying a case of beer and the other had a video camera. The one with the case was a long time friend of Justin who was 8 years older than him. He stood at about 6 feet, weighed roughly 220 lbs with light brown hair and brown eyes. He had a few tattoos here and there with piercing. The one carrying the camera looked older than Justin, yet was younger than the one carrying the beer. He looked like he was 18-19 years old. He was an African American male who stood at more than 6'3; weighed 200 lbs had a bald head with brown eyes.

"So this is the whore. huh?" the guy with the beer said.

"Yeah, fucking cunt need a good fuck"

"Good" the camera guy said.

"Well pig, this is Tyson" Justin said pointing at the black male.

"And this is Alex" he pointed at the much older man.

"Please help me" she begged at the two men.

All three just stood over her and laughed.

"She thinks where here to rescue her" Tyson said.

"Man dude she has great tits" he added.

"I know" Justin said.

"Alright bro, turn that camera on and since the pig was Justin's bitch he gets to have a first crack at her" Alex commanded.

"She a virgin” Justin said.

"Wow, so make it special" Tyson joked as they all laughed.

While Tyson figured ho tot use the camera, Justin and Alex grabbed onto her screaming body and pulled her up onto the dinning table. Once she was flat on the table Justin tried to unzip her pants, but she kept kicking him.

"Hold the fucking cunt, Alex" Justin commanded.

While Alex held the fighting teen down, Justin unzipped her pants and took off her tight blue jeans and revealed her black panties. He didn’t hesitate on quickly taking them off.

"Looks like she's begging to get fucked" Tyson said as her bald virgin pussy was exposed.

"Please don’t do this Justin" her begging’s know began to be pathetic and useless.

All three men just laughed at her pleading. She was not fully naked and ready for the men to play with. Tyson had finally figured out how to use the camera while Alex opened up a few cans of beer. Justin reached under her and untied the cord from her hands and freed them. She started fight once again, but Alex grabbed onto her hands and pinned them down against the table.

"You should have let them untied dude" Alex said.

"Yeah but I want to see the whore try to fight while we rape her" Justin laughed as did the other two.

As Alex held Nubia down and Tyson started rolling tape, Justin quickly took her clothes off.

"Hurry up speedy Gonzales" Alex joked.

"Fuck you dude” Justin laughed.

He had gotten completely nude, except for his socks and his 6 inch man hood sprung out. It was fully erect with out even being touched. He grabbed her legs and pulled them up on the air and spread them apart, forming a v-shape form.

Tyson zoomed in on Nubia as Justin said "Well this is 14 year old Nubia Acosta and this will be her first time having sex and her first rape"

With that said Tyson moved behind Justin and crouched down as he zoomed into the crotch area. Justin spat onto his right hand and lubricated his member. He stuck one finger into her tight cunt as shivers went up her spine.

"Damn she's tight" Justin said.

He grabbed her right legs again as she pointed his cock onto her entrance.

"Please don’t" Nubia softly spoke as she looked at Justin.

All Justin did was gave her an evil smile. Slowly he pushed his member in; inch by inch it disappeared inside her virgin fuck hole.

"OOOOOH GOD, HELP ME" Nubia screamed in agony as her pussy was being invaded by a cock for the first time.

He felt her pussy wrapping around his cock as he pushed in.

He felt he hit something so he said "Oh I found it"

He pushed in farther when he heard a pop.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW" she screamed in misery.

It was the sharpest pain she ever gotten, her pussy felt like it was on fire. Once his cock was entire in, he withdrew from her and completely took it out covered in blood. He took a good look as Tyson zoomed in with the camera. But once Justin saw Tyson, he thrust forward and shoved his cock back into her bloody cunt. Back and forth Justin started raping her not so virgin anymore pussy.


But her screams and cries didn’t stop Justin from slowing down. He fastened his pace, going faster and faster with each forward thrust he gave.

"You like it don’t you, you fucking cunt, stupid whore" he insulted the young screaming teen.

"Fuck the whore, fuck the living shit out of her bro" Alex encouraged Justin.

Tyson didn’t miss a beat; he was getting the entire rape action. Alex had released Nubia's arms which where the least of her concerns. He picked up a beer and started drinking it while he watched the ordeal happening before his eyes. The meaty Hispanic adolescent was being ravaged like a piece of meat by an animal. Along with her screaming and Justin’s moans, his thighs smacking against her bare ass had filled the room. All Nubia wanted was her first time to be special with her husband, but the dream had vanished and was no replaced with a rape. Her tits flopped in a circular motion, as she kept crying and pleading for him to stop. But her cries and the globes moving all over the place made him fuck her harder and faster. Alex had taken his cock out and started to play with himself a little as he saw his friend fucking the Latina girl.

The tightness and thought of raping his ex had gotten to him so he screamed "OH FUCK I'M GONNA CUM"

He gave a few more strokes before grunting like an ape "OOO FUCK I'M CUMMMING"

Justin shoved his entire cock into her teen cunt and started filling her bowl with his man seed. Jets and jets of cum filled the young teen.

"OOOH GOD" she moaned as he completely filled her up.

After emptying his entire see inside her he let his cock go limp inside her cunt, then withdrew.

He dropped her legs and let them dangle down the side of the table as he said "Fuck the cunt was sure tight"

Nubia laid on the table exhausted, with cum and blood dripping out of her cunt and onto the floor. She was in shock, she couldn’t believe she had just gotten raped by her ex boyfriend, and was soon to get raped again. She felt hopeless and just wish she could die.

"You gotta have some of that” Justin told Alex.

"I am" Alex said as she stood up and stripped.

"But I want to see that ass while I fuck the whore" he added.

After stripping he stood behind her and got her off the table. Though been freshly raped, she tried to avoid another fucking, so she tried to hit Alex.

"Justin get your lazy ass and hold this cunt down" Alex commanded.

Justin grabbed onto Nubia and both men forced the young teen to bend over the table. They pinned her down on the table as the young teen kept fighting back.

"Fucking cunt" Alex got frustrated.

He gave her several harsh slaps behind her head.

"AAAAAAAW STOP" she screamed.

"Cool it whore" he barked.

She had no other choice so she settled down. Justin released her, sat down and started drinking a beer.

"You know Nubia, you have a fat ass" Alex slapped her several times in her bare ass.

"OOOOW" she screamed with each spank Alex gave her.

He then grabbed her fat teen ass and guided his cock with his right hand into her freshly fucked cunt.

"AAAAAOOOOOHHH" she moaned as his fat 8 inch cock made its way up her cunt.

"Fuck Justin your ex sure is tight" Alex said.

"Come on Alex give the whore what she deserves" Tyson shouted.

Unlike Justin, Alex wasn’t so nice to Nubia. Once his cock was entirely inside her pussy, he moved his hips rapidly back and forth as his cock moved hard and deep inside her cunt.

"OOOH GOD STOP, STOP IT HURTS" she screamed as she was being raped from behind.

Back and forth, Alex moved as he dug his fingers into her round ass. He was in a state of pleasure while he was enjoying devouring her pussy with his cock.

"OOH FUCK" he screamed as he penetrated her.

"Fuck her bro" Justin and Tyson cheered on.

He quickly fastened his pace; it got to a point where he was no longer fucking her, but he was banging her. He pulled his entire cock out of her and pushed it back in her cunt in one motion.

"Stop, no more, it hurts, I beg you stoppppppp" she cried out as she was being brutally fucked on camera.

Though Nubia was being degraded, she was really getting wet and felt like an orgasm was going to hit her. She wanted to hold it so she wouldn’t show the satisfaction that she was getting from her rapist. But she couldn’t hold it.

"OOOOOOOHHH" she put her head down against the table as she started to came.

Alex stopped for a second and said "well, well it seems like the whore likes it"

Soon after all three laughed, Alex continued banging her. The young teen made fist with both her hands and tightened her toes while she was cumming and being raped. Her orgasm and tightness had gotten to Alex and he felt like he was about to blow a load. Without warning, he suddenly stopped with his cock buried inside her cunt and just like Justin unloaded his seed deep in her womb.

"No please don’t cum in me, not again, please don’t" she begged.

"Fuck you cunt" he yelled while he was filling her with cum.

"OOOHH" he moaned as he forced every drop of cum into her.

He leaned forward and laid on top of her sweaty body for a few seconds as his cock slowly went limp.

"Now it’s my time to get some of that" Tyson demanded.

"She’s all yours dude" Alex stood up and walked away from the young teen.

"Here let me tape it" Justin volunteered.

Tyson stripped his clothes off and stood behind the tired teen.

"Hey I got an idea" Justin said.

"Wow the smart guy has an idea" Alex joked around.

"Fuck you"

"Anyways, how about you use her other hole, Tyson” Justin suggested.

"Oh yeah, that’s definitely tight" Tyson said.

Nubia didn’t have a clue what they where talking about, but seconds later she figures they where talking about her butt. She panicked and with the very little strength she had she tried to stand up and fight them off. But Alex ran over and grabbed her along with Tyson.

"Wow getting feisty again" Alex said.

He pulled her down on the table and pinned her against it. Tyson stuck a few fingers into her lubricated cunt and swabbed some of the mix juices inside her and placed his fingers against her asshole. He circled her puckered hole and shoved one finger into her butt hole and lubricated it.

"NO PLEASE NOT THERE, THATS SICK" she screamed as she felt Tyson's enormous cock laying between her ass crack.

She was helpless since she was being held down by Alex while Tyson was holding her by the hips. Tyson spat onto his hand and lubricated his cock. He grabbed the tip of his cock and placed it inside her butt hole.

"NO DONT" she begged.

Tyson ignored her pleads and pulled his hip forward.

"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" she screamed from the top of her lungs as she felt his cock head pass her sphincter.

She squirmed around trying to avoid the cock going in farther, but it was no use. Slowly he pushed his erect 11 inch cock deep into her tight ass. Inch by inch the fat cock disappeared.

"OOOH FUCK SHE IS TIGHT" Tyson screamed.

She thought the defloweration was bad, but Tyson shoving his cock up her ass was excruciating. The men had noticed she was no longer fighting nor screaming. The threesome where concentrating so much on raping her ass, they didn’t notice she had passed out from the pain.

"Tyson you knocked the cunt out" Alex said.

Once Tyson's cock was bury deep inside her ass he said "Wake the fucking cunt up, she needs to feel the pain"

While Justin was taping, Alex grabbed two full hands of her hair and pulled her head up. She was completely out cold. He had no sympathy for the young teen, so he rose his hand above his head and slapped her across the face. All three just laughed as Alex slapped her several more times before being awoken with red hand marks on her face.

"Wake up cunt" Alex barked.

She dreamt it was a nightmare but once she woke up she realized it was real.

"Finally" Tyson yelled.

"W–hattt?" she was lost.

"Thought you could knock out huh, FUCK HER TYSON" Justin screamed.

Her eyes bulged as she yelled "NOOOOO PLEASE DONT"

Tyson slowly pushed his cock back out with a popping noise and with one thrust he shoved his entire cock deep inside her adolescent butt.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW" she screamed in agony as she felt the cock splitting her in half.

Tyson pulled out once again and shoved his cock inside her butt with one motion. She screamed in pain as Tyson roughly shoved his cock inside her ass several times. The one motion then turned into a rhythm pace. Back and forth, in and out Tyson's fat cock spread Nubia's ass.

"GIVE HER A FUCK DUDE" Alex yelled as he chugged down a can of beer.

"STOP, IT HURTSSSSSSS….PLLLEASE NO MORE" she screamed while she had her head turned around looking at him with puppy eyes and trying to push him off.

But her pathetic pleads did nothing for him, it only encouraged him to thrust harder, faster and deeper. His thighs slapping against her bare ass, her screams of agony and the cheering the twosome where doing had filled the room. Her tightness was too much for Tyson, his 11 inch black cock was about to erupt.

"Oh Fuck I’m gonna cum" Tyson yelled.

Nubia felt like her ass was being ripped apart; her ass felt like it was on fire. But soon Tyson grunted like an ape and started filling up her bowl.

"OOH FUCK" he moaned as he exploded inside her ass.

Nubia must have felt like she was being filled with gallons and gallons of cum. Once filling her up he withdrew from her ass, cleaned his cock with her panties and sat down to drink a beer. By this time both Justin and Alex had recovered from the fucking they had given Nubia before Tyson, so they decided to degrade her even more and make her scream even louder by doubling up on her.

"You know what Justin, maybe your ex needs two cocks" Alex said.

"HMMM,..I think the cunt wants two cocks" Justin said with a grin on her face.

Justin handed the camera to Tyson as Alex grabbed Nubia by the hair and pulled her off the table.

"LET GO OF ME YOU BASTARD" she screamed while trying to ungrip his hands from her hair.

Justin then laid down with his erect cock sticking straight up and forced the young teen to straddle him.

"On top cunt" Justin demanded as Alex threw her on the floor.

She had no other option so she did as she was told as knelt on top of Justin. She slowly lowered her abused cunt onto his 6 inch cock.

"OOOH" she moaned as her pussy was once again being invaded by Justin's cock.

She looked at him with sad eyes as he looked at her with an evil smile. Once his erect cock was buried deep inside her cunt, he grabbed her by the arms and made her bend over. Her ass was no sticking straight up while Justin had his hard on deep inside her abused pussy.

"You’re gonna like this, whore" Justin looked at Nubia.

She turned around and saw Alex getting on his knees behind her. He grabbed his fat prick and pressed the fat head of it into her not so virgin ass.

"Please no more, don’t, I’m sooo soreee" she screamed as she tried wiggling herself out of it.

But Justin had a hold of her arms while Alex slowly pushed his cock into her well lubricated ass.


Nubia now had two pricks deep inside her pussy and ass; she was truly being split in half. She even felt sick from the cocks, she was about to throw up. Once both men had their entire cock inside her ass and both, they started to rhythmically pace themselves so that one another were able to fuck her. While Justin would have his cock buried deep in her pussy, Alex would be fucking her ass. And while Alex had his cock entirely inside her ass, Justin had her ride him.

"OOOOH GOD HELP ME" she yelled.

Soon after they forced her to ride them, so that their cocks went in and out of her at the same time. Faster and faster they made the young teen ride them.

"OOOOH FUCK, STUPID CUNT FEELS GREAAAT" Alex screamed while he was pounding her

Nubia was completely covered in tears; she never felt anything more excruciating and humiliating as right now. She was being double fucked while she was being taped. She was scared that if the taped leaked out it would destroy her reputation and destroy her life. But to the three men it didn’t matter at all as long as they where fucking the 14 year old helpless teen. After 10 minutes or so, both men withdrew from the young teen and reposition themselves. Alex was now flat on his back with Nubia on top of him with her back against him while Justin knelt between Nubia’s legs.

While both men deep fucked the young teen, Alex took a hold of Nubia’s globes and said "Man this fucking cunt has great fun bags"

He started pinching and squeezing them roughly making screamed even louder.

"Yeah she does, just like her smutty cunt mother" Justin said.

After what seem like hours of endless penetration, Justin couldn’t take it anymore he was yet again going to fill her pussy with his cum.

"AAAAHH FUCK IM CUMMMMMMMMING" he yelled as he filled her cunt with his man seed.

He had added to the cum that him and Alex gave her earlier. He let his drain cock go limp inside her cock before withdrawing from her.

"Please just stop, I can’t take anymore" she screamed while Alex ass rammed her.

"Shut the fuck up cunt" Justin barked.

"Fuck the cunt Tyson" he added.

Tyson handed the camera to Justin and knelt down between Nubia’s legs.

"No please it hurt too much…ddooont" Nubia yelled as she felt Tyson push his hard cock into her fuck hole.

Slowly Tyson pushed himself deep into her and created a rhythm with Alex so both fucked the young teen. They steadily paced themselves so that both where enjoying her fuck holes. Alex could feel his cock touching Tyson’s as they pushed deep into her. She was once again loosing conscious; the pain was too much for her. But the harsh abuse her teen tits where getting, she was kept awake.

"OOOH FUUUCCKKKK, FUUUUUUUUUUUCKK" Alex barked as he started filling Nubia's ass.

He released her tits and let her ass muscles drain his cock. He left his cock go limp inside her ass while Tyson drove his cock deep inside her like an animal. After seeing Alex empty himself inside her ass, Tyson took the teen off him and threw her on the floor. He continued fucking her harder and deeper, making her beg. He had her legs bent on either side of his body while he had his hands flat on the floor as he drove his cock in and out of her. He then pulled himself forward so that her legs where against his body and over his shoulder.

"OOOH FUCK" Tyson yelled while he moved up and down.


The Latina girl brought herself to yet another orgasm. She exploded on Tyson's cock while he pounded her. 10 minutes after her orgasm, Tyson felt his cock stiffing up, so he pushed in a few more times before burying his cock deep in her and came inside.


He took his semi hard cock out of her and stood back up to drink a beer. The young teen was in utter humiliation. She was completely worn out and used. Her body was sore, cum was oozing out of her cunt, she had dried blood on her ass, her mascara was all over her face and her body was bruised. She felt like she just wanted to kill herself.

"Ready for more cunt" Justin yelled.

She had no other choice; before the night had ended Nubia was fucked several more times.

"Ring, Ring" the phone ran.

"Hello" Justin picked.

"Hi its Mrs. Acosta is Nubia there" the mother was on the other side of the phone.

"Oh yeah she's here" Justin responded.

Blocking the phone he told Nubia "You better not sound shaky over the phone"

The frightened teen waived her head and answered the phone.

Her mother was coming to pick her up in 30 minutes. Once she hung the phone up, they took her and raped her once more before letting her take a quick shower and dress. While Nubia was showering, the three men changed and talked about what they had just done. She came back down with her head held down and a frown on her face. She heard the horn from her mother’s car. She quickly ran down the stairs and headed towards the front door, before being stop by Justin.

"If you tell anyone what just happened, the video we made would be up on the net and everyone will see what a slut you truly are" he said.

He grabbed her by the shirt, pulled her against her and said "Tell me you’ll wont say anything"

"I wont, I promise" the shaking teen said.

She headed out the door and into her mothers car and pretended nothing ever happened. She was scared that although she was on the pill, she could of gotten pregnant. But no soon later were Tyson and Justin arrested for sexual assault on a minor. Alex was still on the run and the cops had no clue where he was. Nubia tried to continue her life as it was before the rape, but while on the net she found out what she was trying to avoid. In a teen porn website, her rape video was shown. She was in total shock when she saw the video. She thought the rape was bad enough, but now that the whole world is able to see her rape she just wanted to dig a hole that she could jump into. The rude comments that the thousands of people left on the video had worsened the situation. She was in total shock; she was clueless on what to do. Something had clicked in her mind and she completely changed. When school started her friends noticed how much the young Christian girl had changed. She was no longer the straight A student. She was a C/D student. She didn’t care about anything or anyone. She started wearing much more provocative clothes and stopped going to church. Plus, the young teen had become much more sexually active. She would fuck any guy that wanted a piece of her. Nubia was now known as the slut of the school. Her careless and sluttiness had led to her getting pregnant a week prior to her 15th birthday. Nine months after giving birth to a healthy girl, Nubia continued her crazy life. Fucking young and older men, but this time she was somewhat more cautious because she didn’t want to get pregnant again. She graduated as an average student and decided to change her crazy lifestyle. So she enrolled in a local college and got a descent job. She got her AA degree two years after and landed a small job at a local business as a secretary. By her mid 20's she finally decided to move out of her parent’s house and into a little home just outside of town. She lived a normal life with her young daughter, Elizabeth, going to work and church, trying to get her life back together, little bit at a time. Though she tried to forget the sexual assault that happened to her in high school, she still had nightmares about it. She never talked about with anyone besides the cops and her parents, nor did she ever mention a word to her daughter. Life was pretty descent until she was 30.

To be Continue…..

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