A Slight Bulge Ch 1

A Slight Bulge Ch 1

A Slight Bulge

Chapter 1

Going to one of my local pubs one afternoon after work, getting my pint and sagging into one of the very comfortable couches the pub provided, I gazed round the pub. It was unusual for the area of London it was in, being a pub mainly of ordinary working people, retirees, young, middle aged and with an unusual mix of men and women. It was not dominated by men intent on getting loud and drunk to impress.
The pub has a long interior with plenty of places to sit and it was fairly crowded that afternoon. I glanced round as usual scanning everybody. My eye fastened on one woman sitting at a table facing the silent TV that gave all the details on the lower part of the screen, thereby ensuring the pub’s policy of it being a place for people to actually talk as opposed to being overwhelmed by music or TV. She was idly watching the screen whilst sipping a large white wine. She was sitting on a high chair matched by a similarly high table. At right angles to me I had a sideways view of her from where I sat slightly to her right. This enabled me to see her face as well as take in her body. I was sitting below her on the sofa about 10 feet away. I had an unimpeded view of her. She quickly scanned me and went back to viewing the silent TV.
What did I first notice about her which drew my increasingly avid attention? Because I had a sideways view of her the first thing I noticed was her bra. Wearing a semi transparent light cream blouse revealed easily the outline of her bra. It was the strap folding round her body holding her full breasts that struck me. The tightness of the bra on her grabbed my attention. From where I sat I viewed a strap at least two inches in depth at the side that did the job for which they were made. She obviously needed such a bra to support such a load. However the bra was quite tight. The effect was to create a slight bulge above and below the strap where it met her back and side.
My eyes were drawn to that bulge. Was the bra just a touch on the tight side for her? A glance at her front revealed her breasts well supported. The blouse was front buttoned up to her neck but because of its diaphanous nature the effect was very arousing and revealing, though at the front her blouse was patterned making it less transparent. I was completely taken by the bulge. I couldn’t fathom why but it stirred me below.
Below the raised table I gazed at a black skirt tight against crossed legs. What appeared to be stockings, emphasised firm calves and mid-high heels in black. I was taken by this view unimpeded by other drinkers and as I was sitting below her giving me easy access to my eye. She was deeply arousing.
She glanced round the pub again, suddenly conscious at some level that she was under observation. Without giving me eye contact she clocked that I was scanning her. Her attention went to the silent TV again. A moment later she recrossed her legs so that her leg furthest from me she placed across her leg. This gave me a better view of the creased thigh and stocking tops. I had a glimpse of white flesh confirming the stockings. She continued watching the TV.
Another quick scan of where my eyes were. This time I did not divert away from where I was gazing. Eyes back to TV. But a very slight smile on her face and a further sip of wine. My eyes back to that bulge. Another scan. TV and more of a smile.
I am completely stiff and glad that my pants can contain it.
I am aware now that I am the subject of inspection. I do not make eye contact. Am aware that eyes are all over me. I make a decision. In the couch I widen my legs at my knees giving a message that could be ambiguous or not. I am the one glancing sideways at the TV now.
I look up and catch her looking between my thighs at my crotch. She quickly moves focus to my eyes and then away again to the TV.
We have a connection. What to do with it? She picks up her glass with her left hand. A wedding ring is revealed. So, that had never put me off.
I needed more encouragement in order not to be seen to be pushy.
This pattern of erratic glances continued for about ten minutes. Neither of us had lost interest. She then sank back the remainder of the glass as had I. I took the chance.
Getting up and moving to the bar via her, I got her attention by my sudden movement, smiled and asked if she would like a further glass. She responded and agreed and gave me her requested wine.
At the bar I was internally shaking and raising my adrenaline level as I gave the order. The time it took felt interminable – but a minute, as no one else was waiting.
Returning she thanked me smiling. I asked if she would like to join me if she was not accompanied. Confirming my suggestion, I asked if she would like to join me on the couch or for me to join her. She seemed pleased to join me on the couch. I sat on her left quite close but giving her space too. We quickly conversed and made easy connection. We soon established that we were regulars; she had seen me there before with a woman. I had not seen her before. Her husband usually accompanied her and they tended to sit at the back of the bar in a separate room. He was away working and this was the first time for her on her own. How did she feel about that? Some trepidation but so far so good. Why the trepidation? I didn’t know how I would feel. And now?
“Well, if I’m frank, I didn’t think I would attract any attention, but I have seemed to.”
“And do you like attracting attention?”
“I’m not sure.”
“Can you say?”
“Well if I’m honest I’m not sure of your motives.”
“What do you think are my motives?”
“This is getting a bit embarrassing.”
“Do you want me to change the subject or sit elsewhere?”
“Oh no. It’s just that I noticed how you were looking at me or rather where you were looking at me.”
Without asking her to specify, I asked her, “Did you like where I looked at you?” She blushed at that.
“I think so.”
“Good.” Pausing, I then responded, “So what do you think are my motives?”

“You may possibly be attracted to me.”
“And so?”
“I’m very flattered.”
“Good, cos I am.” It was my turn to blush a little.
We smiled at each other going quiet after that rather intense interaction.
“Would you like me to say what I found attractive about you?”
Warming to me, “Yes I would like that.”
I then conveyed to her how my eyes scanned the pub clientele and how I found myself focusing on her. I recalled how I felt in a good position to be able to look at her and how I liked what I saw. I knew I had to tread with care so as not to offend as she was no spring lamb but was mature in years, say 50. Sitting sideways to me I said how delicious she looked in that blouse, that being semi transparent was very appealing. Then I grasped the nettle and told her what had got to me. I had nothing to lose.
“Actually it was your bra that attracted my attention.
“Oh dear, the fact they are so large eh?”
“Well no.” Then I explained how the bra at her side under her arm swelled slightly above and below the strap. She was silent and looked away from me then, “You found my strap against me attractive then?”
“Not fat?”
“Not at all. You have a very slight plumpness that I find very appealing. I think you are lovely and dare I say it, very sexy looking.”
She blushed but smiled, looking even more attractive and sexual to me.
“I admire your forthrightness even if it does take me aback.”
“Can I be even more forthright then?”
“I just love stockings.”
“You are observant.”
“It wasn’t difficult when you were sitting over there. You like wearing them?”
“That's personal. But if you must know I find them healthier. And, and, I, err know they are a turn on.”
“They certainly are and they are for me right now.”
“Would you like another beer? I think it’s my turn.”
She rose to get the drinks, walking to the bar and affording me a lovely view of her rear. The skirt emphasised her hips and the cheeks of her arse which were quite pronounced as her skirt tucked back under meeting her thighs.
On her return she smiled as I took her in enjoying her shape. As she got near me I could make out her suspenders doing the job of gartering her stockings. Stiff making. I was relieved I was stationary.
“I’m Denise by the way.”
“So were you hoping to get attention when you came here?”
“I hadn’t thought that through.”
“And now?”
“I guess so.”
“Well I didn’t expect to do so, but I’m pleased it’s happened.”
We continued in mutual warmth and increasingly relaxed with each other through our drinks. I had three pints which is usually enough on an empty stomach. I started wondering how to continue this play we were engaging in, when she said, “That's enough for me” when I asked her if she wanted another.
“I like you Ian but wonder where we go from here.”
“Mutual on my part Denise. I know I would like to see more of you,” ambiguity virtually shouting itself.
“What are you doing for food?”
“I hadn’t thought that through.”
“I could rustle up something.”
“Really, that would be great.”
“I’m not far from here.”
“Taxi on me?”
We left the pub and I hailed a taxi immediately. Denise gave her address. We stopped at a block of flats and ascended the lift to the 3rd floor. We had not spoken much once out of the taxi but walked a little uncomfortably to the lift, where we were very conscious of each other’s presence. We were not touching in anyway and I wondered if we had gone cold on each other. I had become rather shy. I couldn’t determine where she was coming from. Once inside, she flung off her coat and asked if I would like a drink whilst she put some food together. I announced I wasn’t in a hurry. She visibly relaxed and went into the kitchen bringing back a bottle of red wine suggesting I open it if I was fine with red.
As I opened it she collapsed on the couch with one arm over the armrest and her still heeled feet on a small stool. I poured the wine and sat on the couch next to her, facing her, enjoying her in her relaxed state which I put down to the wine she had in the pub as well as being in familiar surroundings.
We established we were both married, had two children each, mine still at home, hers left the nest. Pause.
“So who is the woman in the pub I’ve seen you with a few times then?”
“My mother.”
“Really? She looked in good shape. She looked more like a good catch to me.”
“What are you saying Denise?”
“You both looked familiar with each other for her to be your Mother.”
“We just get on really well together. It is possible you know. Not all sons are distant from their mothers.”
She didn’t look convinced, but I was not going there given how little I actually knew her.
She crossed her legs toward me and in doing so revealed more thigh and just another sight of flesh. She responded, “Your staring at me again Ian.”
“May I?
“I’m not telling you to stop.”
At the same time she reciprocated my viewing of her with gazes at me. I watched her scan me over. She had obviously seen my hard pressing against my denims. I ran my eyes over her breasts. She smiled and then laughed at my taking them in.
“You like them don’t you?”
“Very much Denise. Do you?”
“I love them, I always have done. I can’t stand women who decry their breasts unless they are so huge they are a physical strain. Ian I liked what you said about me admiring my plumpness. I have been cautious about it worrying about going to fat but you reassured me I wasn’t, at least I hope that's what you meant?”
“I did mean that.” Intuitively I then posed a question.
“Denise I sense that you haven’t done this before?”
“Invited a man back to your flat who isn’t your partner?”
“No. Why do you ask that?”
“Cos you're being very open with me.”
“I like you that's why and I think I trust you.”
“Thank you.”
I put my hand out near her, inviting her to take it. She regarded me and slipped her hand over mine. We dallied then I clasped her fingers in mine.
“I think you decided to invite me back before I even thought through it all Denise.”
“Yes I did. When I saw you at the pub first I felt wonderful you were looking me over. It’s a long time since I felt that or even noticed it.”
“Or wanted to notice it.”
“I suppose so. I didn’t suppose we could have gone round to your place Ian. I imagine that either your family are there or you may be staying at your Mother’s.”
“The latter actually.”
“She seemed a bit like she would resent anyone else Ian.” I said nothing but she had a point. I just couldn’t tell her about my true relationship with her, at least not yet.
“Let’s get back to you Denise.” At the same time I released my hand from hers and gently stroked her bare arm. She tensed slightly and then relaxed as I moved slowly back and forth up to her upper arm where it met her blouse.
“I’m not sure about this Ian.”
“You know, you touching me. What will it lead to?”
“Only what you want Denise.” I then moved the back of my hand to her cheek and stroked it lightly. She didn’t stop me. More confident, I moved to her neck and tucked under her hair which fell to her shoulder. She did not demur but looked right at me and then sighed and closed her own.
I now had the freedom of her face neck, shoulder and arm. I moved my other hand to the other side of her neck and stroked her there. Her head rested on the back of the couch.
I moved that hand down over her chest reaching her furthest breast and rested on her initial curve and paused there. Sliding slowly I cupped my breast over her nipple. Even though it was a strong bra I could just make out the stiffness there. Rubbing my hand over the spot I increased the pressure and gave it a gently squeeze so she would be very aware of my action. She suddenly put her hand over mine.
“I shouldn’t be letting you do this.”
“But you are.”
Denise didn’t respond. I sat back from her. She wasn’t sure how I had taken her remark. She looked uncertain of me. I reacted intuitively. I went to sit in the armchair immediately opposite her but still very near. She thought I was put off by her. However I said I just wanted to look at her. A faint smile slightly reassured her.
“You look edible Denise and luscious.” She just beamed. Saying warming things was apparently not the norm to hear for her or so it seemed.
“Denise open your legs.” Hesitation and doubt at the nature of my demand. How would she respond? Slowly she opened her legs revealing the darker part of her stockings. I smiled enjoying the view, shifting my eyes between hers and her thighs. She was very engaged with my change in behaviour.
“Wider.” She reached the limit of parting her legs without hitching her skirt up. I continued switching my eyes between hers and her thighs. Slowly she hitched her skirt further up her thighs beyond her stockings until pure white flesh revealed as well as a hint of panties. Denise was able to expose her thighs and panties to my view. It was such an erotic interchange.
“Open your blouse.”
Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse from the high neck down toward her breasts. She stopped midway.
“Go on.”
Unbuttoning down to her waist and pulling the remaining ends from her skirt, she pulled the blouse to either side of her voluminous bra. I stroked my hardon in front of her. I now had a view of her cleavage and slightly swollen breasts against her bra as well as tufts of hair emanating from her panties. Denise waited expectantly for further instructions.
“Oh my God.” But she moved her right hand down to her crotch and proceeded to rub her cunt over her panties.
“Pull them aside and do it.” I watched in fascination, still surprised by her submitting to my instructions. I started to rub my hardon again as she delicately stroked her own cunt and clit wet with her own fluids.
“Play with your nipples as well.” She went along with me without complaint lifting her right nipple from the confines of her bra revealing hard brown stiffened tightness to my view. Denise became concentrated on herself as she flipped her fingers between her wet lips and clit in rhythmic sweeps and squeezed her nipple in unison with her other hand.
Unzipping myself I pushed my denims and pants down to release my prick from its confines at the same time as reaching for my lubricant from my jacket nearby, (kept conveniently for my porn club outings). Denise watched as I poured enough over my stiffness. Once I had the smoothness all over my prick I continued to give her my concentration.
Denise let her head rest on the back of the couch whilst getting her other nipple out to cross caress.
We both were now wanking in unison enjoying each other’s pleasure.
“Finger your arse Denise.”
“You filthy bastard Ian, what a dirty mind.” Nevertheless she proceeded to respond to my order and took her wet index finger to her sphincter and pushed it against herself whilst moving her other hand from her nipples to her cunt to take up the gap. She actually switched hands doing this as her right hand was obviously the dextrous clit handler. Denise was in full flow now, uninhibited and shameless in her movements pushing her finger just inside her dark bud. I took another chance.
“Lick it.” Knowing which finger I meant she lifted her index finger from her arse and offered it to me instead. I moved forward offering her my mouth. She made me move toward her more so that I could reach her. She made the final push and slipped between my lips into my mouth. She was clean but gave off a slight tang to my tastebuds. She smiled smugly pleased that I hadn’t jibbed at her demand.
I sat back after giving her my tongue in her mouth to show our relish for each other.
We were well matched.
We resumed wanking as I bid her to cum whilst being watched. She closed her eyes again as she increased the pace of rubbing. She became very intense in herself. Still in her heels and stockings her thighs widened and stretched out stiff to the floor. Her hand was now working between her nipples and the other flipping from her vagina to her clit in light fast movements.
“Oh my God Ian you shit I’m close for fuck sake. Ian I’m cuming. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh Ian I fucking want you I’m there oh, Ian yes, yes, yesss.” Her hips lifted from the couch in a total spasm as she went right over in her cum.
As she was in the throws I got up and stood over her wanking myself to the same point. I was ready. I hung back until she opened her eyes. Recognising what I was going to do she murmured, “yes Ian yes.”
I came all over her face, mouth and breasts as I spewed myself over a very willing Denise. I collapsed next to her. We lay next to each other, my cum still on her face. She moved toward my mouth with hers. I kissed her pushing my tongue in her mouth and picking up my spunk to load it into her mouth. She swallowed. We sank back into the couch and held each other close.
“I didn’t realise I was like that Ian.”

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