A Teachers Fantasy:Part II

A Teachers Fantasy:Part II

I was getting comfortable with my relationship with petite, red-haired, Tory Allen. We had gotten together for ‘private lessons’ twice more since our first meeting. I must admit, I was enjoying life for the first time since my divorce two years earlier. In spite of our age difference, she seemed to enjoy my company, not just my body. And I was certainly enjoying her as well. I assumed that our trysts would remain discreet. Boy, was I wrong!

One day, after class, another student, Sara Enders, asked if I could help her with a problem. I agreed, inviting her to see me at the end of the day. She had practice right after school and asked if we could meet that evening. Thinking nothing of it, I suggested we meet at my place after dinner.

Shortly after six, my doorbell rang. When I opened the door, I was somewhat taken aback. Expecting to see Sara, I was surprised to see Tory with her.

“ I thought you wanted help with history, Sara.” I said, still puzzled by the presence of Tory.

“She does want your help, but not with history.” Tory piped in before Sara could answer me. She had an evil grin plastered on her face, so I knew something was up.

I invited them in. What else could I do? They had me right where they wanted me. “So, what do you need help with, if not history, Sara?” I asked.

“We thought you might like a little variety.” was her answer.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Lets show him Sara!” With that, Tory began a slow strip tease, hiking up her shirt,

showing off a hint of breast. Sara followed suit, unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her bra-less chest. Tory dropped her shorts. Sara wiggled out of hers, standing there in just a black thong.

Where Tory was a petite, nicely endowed, cute red head, Sara was tall, raven haired, small breasted, and knock-down gorgeous. I could only stare, totally speechless. Finally, I croaked, “Why are you doing this?”

“You’ve been so good to me. I just thought you might like a special treat. You like?”

Like? I love it! So, what did you have in mind for me?”

“You’ll see soon enough! Why don’t you get comfy?” she replied, pushing me down onto my sofa.

Sara, walked up to me, her thong at eye level. Putting her hands on the back of my head, she pulled me toward her fabric covered mound. I allowed myself to be drawn toward the damp black material. I kissed the fabric, enjoying the faint scent of perfume and pussy.
“Why don’t you take them off?” Sara asked. “You can even keep them. I hear you have a collection.”

Unable to resist, I peeled them off her hips, sliding them down her long legs until they hit the floor. Once free of the underwear, she pulled my face back into her shaved pussy. Breathing deeply, I took in her full scent, moaning softly into her pussy.

“I’m told you are a first class cunt lapper. Is it true?”

Pulling away from her perfectly formed camel-toe, I replied, “You’re gonna have to tell me if I am or not.”

A broad grin broke out on her face as she suggested I lie down so we could put my statement to the test. Doffing my shirt I lay back, watching intently as she straddled my head and slowly sat down. My tongue snaked out of my mouth licking her outer lips, getting just a hint of her flavor.

“Mmmmm!” she groaned as my tongue wormed its way between her lips feeling the soft smoothness of her hairless twat. The deeper I probed, the more she wriggled and moaned.
Encircling her hips with my arms, I spread her puss lips open and licked deeper causing the young girl to grind her hips into my face, smearing her honey from my nose to my chin.

I felt Tory pulling off my pants as I suckled on the cunt of her tall brunette friend. Next, I felt a warm wetness envelope the head of my dick. Imagining what Tory was doing made my cock stiffen as her lips and tongue massaged my meat. The warmth ceased briefly as Tory told Sara what a delicious cock I had.

Having spent a good minute tantalizing Sara’s burgeoning clit with my lips and tongue, she began to thrash as her breath shortened. She issued more of her honey, which I sucked up greedily, indicating that she had come. Dismounting, she smilingly said, “I guess its true, you are a first class cunt lapper.” She bent over and gave me a deep tongue kiss, tasting herself as she did so.

By now, my raging hard-on was ready to explode, and, between kisses, I let Tory know it. She nodded, mumbling, “ MmmmHmmm” as she continued to slide her lips up and down on my glistening shaft.

I shuddered and groaned as the first jet of sperm coursed its way up and out of my twitching cock. Gulping it down, she pulled off so her friend could have some. The second gob spewed out of my cock dripping over the head like caramel sauce on a mound of ice cream. Sara opened wide and sucked the sauce off my crown in time to feel the last jet of semen coat her tongue. Both girls looked at my now deflating prick and gave each other a deep spermy kiss, trading my cum between them and mewling at how good I

tasted. Breaking off the kiss, Tory told her friend to lay down on the floor and the girls began to sixty-nine each other. Driving their cum covered tongues into each others pussies the girls played like this until they both came.

Watching the fascinating scene in front of me, turned on by the scent of pussy in the air and the noises of each gitl as they were pleasured by the other, helped revive my cock.

Tory saw this and said, “Come and fuck me like a dog in heat!”

I crawled up behind her, grabbing her hips and stabbing my cock at her sopping cunt. After two misses, Sara grabbed my shaft and helped me slide it home, between the puffy lips of the red-heads cunt. Moaning with pleasure as my cock disappeared inside her, I felt a warm wetness on my balls. Quickly realizing that Sara was slurping on my nut sac, I slowly began to fuck in and out of Tory’s warm wet snatch, letting Sara lick whatever her tongue could reach.

Fuck! That feels so good!” Tory groaned as she thrust her hips back at me, helping to bury my cock in her hungry cunt. “When you come, let me have some in my pussy, and let Sara have some too!”

“Whatever you say, Tory. I’m here to please!”

“I know! And you will. Too!”

Picking up speed, I felt and heard my balls slap against the cheeks of her ass.

Fucking in and out of her tight twat, faster and faster, spurred on by her moans and pleas to fuck her hard and deep, I felt the tightening in my balls that signaled my impending orgasm. Urged on by both girls, I grunted as the first squirt blew out of my cockhead, washing the walls of the red-heads womb. Fighting the urge to blow my load entirely inside her, I reluctantly pulled my still spewing dick from Tory’s clutching cunt and

aimed it at Sara’s waiting mouth. With a little help from the brunette, my cock finished spilling its contents in Sara’s mouth before she closed it around the head and sucked out the remnants of my orgasm.

I pulled off and watched as Sara stuffed her cum soaked tongue deep in the dripping gash of her friend before they got up to join me on the couch. There we traded kisses as I played with their nipples, kissing and pinching each one.

While playing with my limp cock, hoping to revive it again, Sara asked what my ultimate sexual fantasy was. Before I could answer, Tory chimed in, teasingly, “Not counting tonight ‘cuz this was no fantasy.”

Thinking a moment, my answer was, “Either making it with twins or teaching some young innocent about the joys of sex. What about you two?”

Tory was the fist to answer my question. “I want three big cocks at once! One in my ass. One in my mouth! And one in my cunt.”

Sara’s fantasy was a little more kinky. She wanted to watch a dozen guys masturbate in a glass and drink it while fucking another guy. Then frowning, she said, “ I had hoped that all this dirty talk would get you hard again. I want to feel that talented cock of yours coming deep inside me.”

“Hell! I’m over 50 girl! I can’t keep this up all night.

“Maybe you can! I’ll bet you never tried.!”

“You two gonna give me lessons?” I laughed

“Why not?” Sara said, lowering her head to my cock, sucking the limp flesh into her mouth. In spite of overuse, my dick began to respond to Sara’s talented tongue. Tory suggested we retire to the bedroom and do a daisy chain. Sara chose to continue working on my meat , leaving Tory’s delectable cunt for me to suck and Sara’s moist snatch for Tory to play with. My cock continued to awaken from its needed rest, as Sara sucked on my balls while lightly scratching the skin between my nuts and ass. Not content to lay there, I was busy pushing three fingers into Tory’s pliable snatch while sucking

voraciously on her engorged clit. I must have found her g-spot. She wiggled against my face as she was gurgling, moaning and panting heavily as she pulled my face deeper into the folds of her pussy. Sara was enjoying the service Tory was giving her as well. The air was thick with the smell of pussy as Sara pulled her lips from my now rock hard cock, and said “I want some of this in my pussy.”

I asked Sara if she wanted me to pull out or come inside her. “You can only pull out if you don’t want to eat me afterwards.”

My answer was to grab her hips, pull her legs off the edge of the bed until her ass was half off the mattress. Aiming my rigid prick at her hairless cunt, I placed her legs in thr crooks of my elbows and slowly pushed my head into her waiting snatch. She flexed her knees, kicking me in the back. I flinched, burying my cock balls deep in her hungry twat.
“Ohhhh! God that feels sooo good!” she moaned as I slowly pulled my honey soaked cock from inside her.

Just then I heard a couple of clicks. Looking up I saw Tory taking snapshots of me fucking her girlfriend. Stopping what I was doing, I asked, “What are you doing?”

“They’re for me.” said Sara, “Now, fuck me!”

Only too eager to oblige, I started pistoning in and out of her sweet, tight, hairless cooze.

Sara locked her ankles behind my back, freeing up my hands to explore her lithe young body. I reached out and gently pinched both nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, rolling the dark pink flesh back and forth, feeling them swell under my touch.. Her response was a flood of wetness in her pussy along with a moan of pleasure and a lust filled look on her pretty face. I bent over, replacing a hand with my lips and tongue, licking around her areola. “Quit teasing me and suck it!” she ordered.

“Yes mistress!” I answered as I covered the whole nipple with my lips and rasped my tongue on the turgid tip.

“Mmmmmm! Yesss! That feels soo good!” she cooed, grabbing the back of my head and crushing it to her chest. “They aren’t super big, but they sure are sensitive!”

“It’s not the size that counts! It’s the taste!” I mumbled into her tit.

“You like the taste?” she laughed as she directed my head to the other breast.

“MmmmHmmm!” I moaned , attacking the other nipple, licking and sucking it like an ice cream cone. Still rocking in and out of her honey oozing cunt, I felt her muscles tighten as she began a series of moans, encouraging me to fuck into her deeper and harder. As I quickened the tempo, her pleasure groans escalated. “ Ahhh! Ahhhh! Oooooh! Godd! Feels! Soooo! Good! OhhhFuckkk! Harder! Deeper! Cum inside me! Please! Aaahhh!”

The contractions in her cunt got stronger, causing more friction against my cock shaft as I slammed it deeper inside. As my balls slapped against her butt cheeks they began to tighten. Looking down at the slim, grunting teen, I smiled. As I felt the oncoming rush, my smile turned to a grimace. Looking up at me, her hips rolling with each thrust of my cock, she said, “Come on daddy! Fuck your baby girl!”

That was all the encouragement I needed. Letting go, I grunted, “ Cummmmiinnnggg!” as I shoved my twitching dick in as far as I could. I felt the first spurt of semen as it blew out the head of my cock coating the walls of the teens spasming cunt. Pulling out in time for the second squirt, I watched it pump out of my prick and land on her swollen clit, dripping down the folds of her twat.

Crawling up the bed I offered her my drooling cock, which she greedily sucked on, cleaning the leftover cum in record time. I bent down and kissed her on her semen covered lips before trailing kisses down her body until I was face to face with her dripping pussy. Extending my tongue, I gently licked up the oozing sperm and honey mixture covering the folds of her puffy cuntlips.

I felt a warm wetness in my crotch. Looking down, I saw Tory sucking on my limp dick, trying to urge it back to life. “I can’t Tory! Not tonight, anyway!”

“Well, alright!” she said pouting, “But you owe me one!” She reluctantly gave up, and started to get dressed. Sara also got up to dress, finding her black thong and rubbing it against her just violated pussy. Sticking it under my nose, she thanked me for the

wonderful fuck, adding, “I’ll send you the pictures in your e-mail. I hope you enjoy them.”

It had been a great evening, a dream come true, but I couldn’t help but think about what I had gotten myself into. Thinking of the ringletted brunette urging me to cum inside her brought a brief smile to my face. And the enthusiastic red-head ordering me to fuck her like a dog. Would it stop here with just the two of them? I hoped so. But, what if it didn’t ?

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