A Three-way with my Husband and… the Dog?

A Three-way with my Husband and… the Dog?

Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed the towel from the rack and stood on the thick rug. I began drying off, starting with my oval face and working my way down my slender limbs and torso. The only things that weren’t exactly slender, so to speak, were my breasts and rear. They were rather round and full, particularly the latter. I was modest, but couldn’t help being proud of my body. Who doesn’t like a girl with healthy self-esteem, anyway?

Water dripped from my long, dark hair over my slightly tanned skin. After giving my hair a quick drying with the towel, I walked into the bedroom expecting to see a certain someone there. As usual, there he was, sitting on the floor and looking up at me, panting. His name was Caden, and he was a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix. He didn’t strongly resemble either breed in particular, but he was about the size of a Border Collie and had the ears of a German Shepherd.

Now let me tell you a little story about Caden…

Not long ago I found out that Caden sometimes enjoyed human companionship a little more than I thought. One day, while my husband was at work, I was sitting on the couch, naked. My laptop was on my lap as I browsed some videos on a porn site. I was getting pretty hot, so I spread my legs and reached down with a finger to stroke myself gently, discovering I had become surprisingly wet.

Caden was lying at my feet, sleeping, or so I thought. The smells caught his attention and he lifted his head to get a better sniff. He stood up, but because of the laptop, I couldn’t see much of him. I wasn’t exactly the most alert person at the moment, anyhow. The next thing I knew I felt something cold and wet graze my inner thigh. I jumped a little, and before I could move the laptop, I felt his large, warm tongue lap over my crotch. It sent goosebumps across my skin.

I yelped and grabbed his head, holding it away from me, but I didn’t have a strong grip on him and he easily wrenched his head away and dove back in between my legs. He probed around with his cold nose for a second and then eagerly began lapping away at my slit with that big, soft tongue of his.

To say I was having mixed feelings is an understatement. Part of me was saying, “Oh my god, this is disgusting, get him away!” But another part was saying, “Holy cow, I have never felt anything so amazing, oh god I want more…”

I ended up giving in to the latter voice. Sitting there, slightly perplexed, I watched as Caden’s long, rough tongue slid over my slit again and again. Leaning back, I spread my legs wider to allow him more access and he went to town. He ran his tongue between my labia from my asshole up over my clit, again and again as if it was candy for dogs.

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, moaning quietly as I let the sensations send shivers through my body. I caressed my right breast, gently squeezing and rubbing my nipple. Caden began to explore deeper, and plunged his tongue deep into my vagina. I gasped in pleasure. His tongue darted in and out of my hole as if he were trying to savor every last drop, his nose rubbing against my clit the whole time. I moaned again as I experienced the most amazing orgasm I have ever had.

Once my body had ceased shuddering in pleasure, I pulled his head away and stood up. My entire crotch was sopping wet. I looked down only to see Caden’s dark red penis out of its furry sheath and fully erect. I had no idea dogs could even be that large. It had to be five, maybe six inches… not to mention it was pretty thick. A familiar tingly sensation of longing washed over my crotch.

“No way,” I thought. “That would be insane!” I couldn’t believe I was actually considering having sex with a dog. But after the magic he had worked with just his tongue, I wondered what he could do with his cock… Well, I had already done one crazy thing today. Why stop there?

Caden was looking at me eagerly, desperately whimpering for more. I led him into the bedroom where the floor was covered in soft carpeting. I kneeled down beside him and looked closer at his cock. Reaching a hand out, I gently ran a finger along it and he twitched. I wrapped my hand around it and ran it over its entire length, getting familiar with how it felt. I was getting even wetter than I already was.

Caden pawed at my hip in anticipation and I slowly turned over to stand on all fours with my read-end toward him. He wasted no time and shoved his nose into my crotch and vigorously lapped at it a few times. He then shuffled up closer behind me and climbed on top. As his claws dug into my skin I realized how glad I was we had his nails trimmed regularly. Once he was situated, he began pumping away, trying to hit his mark. The feel of his fur grazing my skin sent pleasant shivers up my spine.

He aimed a little low and his cock slid between my labia, sliding over my clit again and again. I lowered my hips a bit and he slid right into me and I bit my lip in pleasure. He realized he was in now and began pumping furiously, as if this was the last time he would ever have sex. I was amazed that any creature could thrust this quickly and I groaned each time he pounded hard against my rear.

I reached my hand back and gently teased and caressed my clit, causing another of those amazing orgasms, fluids slowly dripping to the floor. I moved my hand up to firmly squeeze my breast and tweak my nipple.

My aunt is a dog breeder, so I knew how breeding went for dogs. At the end the male would tie with the female using a huge knot at the end of his penis. I thought surely there was no way he could get his knot into me, so I didn’t worry about it.

As he pumped away I suddenly felt his knot pressing against my entrance. Before I could pull away he tightened his grip on me and thrust even harder, once, twice, and on the third time, the knot was shoved inside of me. My eyes went wide and I gasped, partially from pain, but mostly from pleasure. I felt so full as he thrust again, more gently, just to make sure it was in there good. I immediately orgasmed again, moaning quietly.

He pumped a few short times and I felt his cock spasming madly inside of me as he shot his hot semen deep into me. This alone made me orgasm yet again. We stood there for what seemed like forever, and finally he hopped off and slid out of me. A mixture of our fluids quickly leaked out down my legs. I sat there, my head swimming in disbelief and pleasure.

And from then on I frequently had sex with Caden. Eventually I told my husband, Jake, about it. Though he seemed a little put off by the whole thing, he was genuinely intrigued. After much thought, he asked to watch, and Caden and I happily obliged him. Not long into it, Jake was undeniably aroused and had the boner to prove it. I began sucking Jake off while Caden pounded me from behind. Jake had gotten really into it and asked if I would switch it around and suck Caden off while he did me from behind, instead. The thought had never even really crossed my mind, but we tried it and it was just as arousing. I could never really get Caden off with my mouth so I would let him mount me after Jake finished.

Tonight, Jake and I were in bed getting frisky as usual. Caden was asleep on his bed in the living room. As we were making out, I slid on top of Jake and teasingly rubbed my slit up and down his 8-inch penis. He pressed his hips against me as he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them, caressing the nipples with his thumbs.

I lifted my hips and repositioned them slightly so the tip of his penis was at my entrance. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto him, hard, causing me to moan. He slid in and out of me slowly and I rocked my hips along with his, leaning over so he could suck on my right nipple.

Caden must have heard the commotion, because soon he came trotting in, ears perked in our direction. We were a little too distracted to notice him. He sniffed the air and trotted around to the end of the bed and hopped up on the bench that sat there. He saw me from behind and knew what that view meant. Stepping onto the bed, he immediately began lapping at my crotch, over my asshole and slit, around Jake’s penis.

We both looked at each other, shocked, but neither of us could deny the sensations felt amazing. Just then Caden tried to mount me, clawing his way over our legs. I felt the tip of his cock probing madly at my rear and after a few thrusts, it slipped into my asshole.

“Oh god…” I moaned, and Jake knew what had happened. Once he saw that I was enjoying it, he certainly wasn’t going to protest.

Once Caden felt my tight asshole gripping his cock he began his usual vigorous thrusting, his groin pounding against my ass. His knot had made me feel full before, but it was nothing compared to having him and Jake in me at once. With how hard and fast he was thrusting, Jake and I didn’t even need to move. The motion pushed me back and forth along Jake’s penis, sending incredible sensations throughout both our bodies.

I felt so stretched and full, both of their cocks pressing against each other through the thin wall separating my rectum and vagina. Jake reached up to continue squeezing my breasts, pulling my nipples a little. I moaned loudly with each thrust, crying out now and again, shuddering with orgasm after orgasm. Not long after, Jake came, his cock twitching as it filled me more with his semen. He quickly pulled out so his sensitive nerves wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the thrusting of Caden still going at it.

I felt Caden’s knot again, and knowing I couldn’t take that huge thing in my rear, I pulled away and grabbed his cock, aiming it at my vagina and he quickly resumed his pumping. With few hard thrusts the knot slipped inside of me. He pounded away, hard, sending both pain and pleasure throughout me. Soon he shot what felt like gallons of hot semen into me. Caressing my clit, I moaned loudly as wave after wave of orgasms overcame me again.

After a minute or two, Caden hopped off and went to his bed to lick himself clean. My entire genital area was wetter than it had ever been before. All the fluids almost poured out of me, soaking my inner thighs.

I looked at Jake and he chuckled as I smiled sheepishly. Grabbing my hand, he led me to the shower so we could both clean up before bed. I had some amazing dreams that night.

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