Captain Brown ,a fairly attractive soldier in thr american armed forces.was on duty just outside of Bagdad.You see in her mind she was not getting to see any of the real fighting because she was a women.That realy irritated her.She was gong ho and trained just like the men and she wanted the chance to prove herself.Well it was not long and she fot her chance.There was a small skirmish with enemy troops about 20 miles from her and they needed some supplies.Her unit was small and aother men were out on patrol and there were just a couple of troups at the base who could drive one of the big trucks.Sarg watson told Captain Brown of this situation.The Captian chose three other solder ,two men and one other women to run the much needed supplies to their comrads.

The trucks cranked up and the troops were on their way.The road was rough and pot holes were everywherebut they eased on to their objective site pulling up in what seemed seemed like good time.The air brakes made a loud sound as they were engaged and the four troops emerged from the vehicles.They were met by several other solders and the off loading began.They had only been there for ten or so minutes when the gun fire started.The gun fire was thichk and seemed to be comming from everywhere.The troops returned fire to no avail.There were just too many of them and this was a well organised ambush.

The gunfire settled enough for Captain Brown to look around to see most of her comrads had fallen during the skirmish.The three soldiers that were with her laid mortaly shot at her feet which enraged the Captain.She ran out in the open and began shooting off rounds wildly trying to take as many of them as she could until she heard an awful sound from her weapon.CLICK,CLICK,CLICK.Her weapon was emptie and her extra rounds were too far away.She knew this was it as she bowed her head and droped to her knees.She then felt a huge clack on the back of her head and she was out pistal wipped by her agressors.

She woke up in a concrete room chained like an animal from the ceiling to the floor.She had been stripped and stood there naked and groggy from the blow to the back of her head.One of her captures approched her and said WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE OUR FORCES ON ALONE.WELL NOW YOU CAN TAKE THEN ON ALONE BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL GONE.The capture then pulled over a hose and turned on the water.He began spraying her down as he was saying it is time to cleanse her.The water was cold but it felt kinda good to get some of the sweat and dirt off.as he sprayed hsr naked body down from behind he shoved the hose up her ass and flooded her bowles with that cool water.She felt like she was going to burst as he removed the hose from her ass with a gush of watter following it.KNOW SHE IS CLEAN he said laughing as the captain stood trere nude and her tits wich were fairly large hung there exposed for all to see not to mention her somewhat hairy bush that had not been properly trimmed scince she arrived.

the officer who now had six other officers standing there then moved in front of the captain and grabbed her tits and began squeezing them.STOP YOU BASTERD she yelled as she spit in his face.He wiped it off and stuck his hand down to her thic red bush and began rubbing it verry roughly.He then put some lard in his hand and shapped it on her pussy.She squirmrd to no avail as he began shoven fingers in,one,two,three,four,and then with a big push that lifted her off the ground his thumb envaded her.He now had his whole hand inside her and he is fucking that once prime pussy with his hand.It is making a sloshing sound as he forces it in as deep as he could go.She was in shock with the things he was doing to her doing to her.WELL THAT PUSSY IS OF NO USE TO ME NOW,he mumbled removing his hand from her bleedind ,well streached pussy,and waked behind her .His dick was hard and it needed some attention.He unzipped his pants and his un cut precumed dick fell out.With one thrust he shoved his dick into her tight ass.The captain moned in pain as it forced her bowles to be invaded.He fucked her uncontrollable lifting her with every thrust.The other officers began getting ready because they knew what was about to happen.Then with a loud scream from the captain as she was now in the air impailled on his dick because he was loading her ass with his hot cum.

As he pulled out he laughed because he saw the line of six other horny guys whowere going to use her all standing there poised dick in hand about to help purify that pussy.As he walked away he slapped her ass and said THIS IS JUST THE OFFICERS,THERE ARE PLENTY OF TROUPS HERE TO.

The captain looked over as the officers moved close and she felt the first one slide into her wet ass.he began to pump hard and another entered her pussy.In sink they fucked her until loading her with theie hot cum for the next crew to show up and they began fucking her with no mearcy.Both her ass and pussy were foaming because of the cum that was already injected in her.Her inner thighs were cum drenched from the amounts of cum in her already.As they finished the other group waked up to use this once hot tight red headed Captain.Slosh they were in this very wet and creamy pussy.And it didnt take long and she had two more batshes of hot seed pumped into her.

The Captain was glad they were through because her ass and pussy were sore from the unsual use.

The other officers dressed and opened the cell door to leave laughing because they knew what was next for the Captain.As they exited a line of at least 50-75 horny guys were standing there with their dicks in hand ready to take their turn on this once attractive but now very well used red head.And in groups of two they did pumping her with so much cum the ground was slippery.The Captain could only stand fadding in and out of conciousness as all the men used her.

This was just day one and there could be alot more to cum…

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