A Weekend To Remember Part 2

A Weekend To Remember Part 2

A Weekend To Remember Part Two
"The Shower"

“Quickly go hide in the shower” Kelly frantically whispered to me, and I obeyed and whisked to the shower (naked), as Kelly and Brooke got there clothes on.

Then I heard the door opening, and Kelly greeted there parents, explaining that Brooke had stayed the night. Kelly talked with her parents for about another minute, and then announced she was going for a shower. I heard her walking down the hallway, opening up the door to the bathroom, and stood there.
“That was close” she whispered, and I nodded in agreement.
She then grinned at me, looking at my penis, which was hard from just looking at her body and remembering last night.

She walked to the shower, and turned it on to very hot, so that steam slowly covered the mirrors and walls. She walked toward me, and gave me a very hot, sexy kiss with lost of passion and energy. She pulled off her shirt, and exposed her breasts, with the same bra she wore the last night. Then she pulled down her sweatpants, revealing the absence of panties. Then, she wrapped her arms around me, and I felt my penis go inside her. She didn’t fuck me, but we just kissed while I was inside of her. I started going a little crazy, as the want to fuck her increased. I started moving my hips, but she told me to stop. I wanted to cum inside her so much, but knowing I couldn’t at the moment I started to kiss her much more forcefully. I moved her against the wall, and I grabbed her ass and started kissing her back with such ferocity that I felt her pussy watering slightly. She finally let go of me and said that she’d better have a shower, and invited me to come in with her. I obviously said yes and stepped over with her. She undid her bra, letting her breasts fall down from her tight bra. As I watched her she lifted up a finger and beckoned toward me in a sexy cute little way. I came towards her and started to suck on her left breast, massaging her other with my hand. After a few minutes of this, she pulled away gently, revealing a blushed face and breasts reddened around the places I sucked on.

She then said something I will never forget to this day. “I want to do something with you that we both haven’t experienced yet, and she guided my hand inside her ass cheeks and I felt two of my fingers massaging her anus.

“Try to get me used to it” she moaned in my ear, and I replied with trying to stick in more fingers, and massaging a little more fiercely. She then, having enough, turned around and presented her ass toward me.

She spread apart her ass and told me to come on to her. I moved my dick to her ass and tried to press it inside her. But it wasn’t nearly as easy as her pussy, so I stopped.

“Keep going” she moaned.

So I pressed as far as I could with one fast move with my hips and she screamed slightly, muffled by biting her arm. It was so fucking hot in there, I was afraid I was going to cum as soon as I entered. I then started to fuck her in the ass, and slowly she started enjoying it.
I didn’t have much left in me, and I fucked her hot, tight ass until I whispered that I was going to cum inside her. She ignored me and clenched her ass together, which completely overwhelmed me and I came inside her.

She then stopped, and we kissed for awhile and then ended the shower, and we both stepped out. She toweled off, and starting applying some mascara and a little bit up makeup, and I secretly inserted my ring and middle finger inside her and started to masturbate for her. It was harder to apply her makeup and straighten her hair while I was doing this to her, because she was so turned on. About a minute after all her makeup was on, she came all over my hand, with warm, slightly viscous liquid spilled onto the floor. She smiled at me, got on her clothes, kissed me and left the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Then it was Brooke’s turn, and she came in with my clothes in one arm, hers in another, and a big white fluffy bathrobe on her.

“Hello” she smiled and winked at me.

The fact that she was the hottest girl in our school, with flowing blonde hair, massive breasts, a nice ass and was about to seduce me completely overwhelmed me, and I put my hand on the ledge of the sink to support myself.

She put down both sets of clothes, and watched me for about thirty seconds, then let the bathrobe fall to the ground.

She was completely naked now, and I looked at her big breasts just staring at me; teasing me. Then looked down to her shaved vagina and how inviting it looked for me.
She then walked towards me, grabbed me, and pressed me against the wall and whispered in my ear. “You’re my bitch tonight.”

She then pulled me into the shower, turned it on, and let the water spill all over her breasts and body. It was like one of those shampoo commercials, except the fact that you saw everything and this girl was much sexier. She then stood behind me, pressed her boobs against my back and grabber hold of my dick, and started jerking it off, very intensely and very fast, as if she had years of practice. Rubbing the foreskin back and fourth, I couldn’t help but moan as she took charge, and also started to rub her vagina and breasts across the back of me while she gave me a handjob.

It felt like I died and went to heaven, and when I felt a little bit of pressure, she released, turned around, and faced me, and said “Every time you feel like your going to cum, tell me to stop.” And then shoved herself inside of me and pressed me against the wall of the shower and lifted my leg up. She balanced my leg on the ledge of the shower where you’re supposed to keep soap, and then started riding me with expertise and a solid rhythm, which was very quickly, like the beat to a heavy metal or rap song.
With all this hot water around us, and my eyes switching back and forth to her fucking me, and her massive perfect breasts swinging up and down, I felt like I was in an utter state of bliss. Just as she started breathing and moaning loudly, I told her I was about to cum.

She stopped, got off me and said “Now for your break, I brought something special in here. I want to do the same to you, as I do to you.” Then leaned out of the shower, giving me a nice view of her ass, and let her boobs drop, which was very sexy to me. She reached inside her clothes and took out what looked like a dildo with two heads on each side. “I will scream that your in hear if you don’t do what I say” and then she put the dildo in her vagina, leaving a little over half of it sticking out. Then she turned me around, and forced it up my ass as hard as she could, and she and I both moaned in pain as it pressed against the back of her vagina and it squeezed into my ass. Then she started fucking my ass, but it hurt a lot as she did it. But after about a minute I realized it wasn’t so bad, and as I was already loosened up from the night before, I more than easily got used to it after a while. It wasn’t enjoyable, but hearing her softly moan in pleasure was defiantly enough to keep me going. After about five two minutes of this, just as I was getting used to it fully, she pulled it out of me, and dropped it in the ground. She then dropped to her knees and started giving me a blowjob. After about two minutes of her intense head bobbing and her boobs flying every which way, I told her I was about to cum, yet again.

She stopped, and kissed the tip of my cock. Then she bent down a little bit more and started to lick and suck on my balls. This was an interesting experience, as it felt so fucking good, but I didn’t feel a need to cum, and it just was wonderful. I looked down and watched her fluid motions, as she licked my balls, then, put one in her mouth, swirled it, for a bit, then took in both testicles and licked them as if it was my tongue and she was kissing me.

This lasted for about five minutes, until finally she came up on me, grabbed my dick, and put it in her vagina. She wrestled me down to the floor of the shower, sat on top of my dick and started bouncing up and down on me at one hundred miles an hour. She was going so intensely that her boobs were a blur, going up and down, and all over the place and my balls started hurting from her crashing down on them. I could only last a little over ninety seconds of this, so I told her I was about to cum.

She suddenly got off me, bent her mouth over my dick, and started to give me a frantic blowjob, as if I was going to die if it didn’t happen. I felt semen build up inside me, then to the tip of my dick. I held it in as long as I could, and then I exploded inside of her mouth. It was nothing like I had ever done before. She did look a little startled at first, but she kept giving me a blowjob, sucking in every bit of fluid, until I was completely dry. My cum fell all over her breasts, but she swallowed as much of it as she could.

Then she stood up and cleaned herself off, and rubbed shampoo all over her breasts and pussie. I then realized she still was probably horny, so I got onto my knees and put my tongue inside her. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her into me as she rinsed off. I started giving her the same treatment she did with my balls. I started licking in and out, and rolled my tongue around the edges of her cunt really fast and started flicking my tongue in and out of her really fast. Within a few minutes I felt her hands on the back of my head pressing me in closer to her, and eventually pulling my hair. She came all over me with such a force, I didn’t think possible from a woman. When I gave her oral in the closet previously, it wasn’t nearly this powerful. She was a squirter for sure.

When I finally finished with her, she and I put out clothes on, and now the task was to get me out of the house without her parents noticing.

I really could have combined part one and two together…. I didn't realize how short they would be. In that way, I probably could have combined part's 1,2 and 3. The third story is almost complete. And please remember that I really do not have talent in writing, and for the first part I honestly was NOT expecting a percentage rating in the 90's, so I am very pleased with the reaction. And There still might be spelling errors in here, I don't have Microsoft Word, and I just use word pad or whatever. No spell check in it, so sorry. Part 3 is almost complete.

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