Across the Way 2

Across the Way 2

This was the most boring holiday she had ever experienced and the prospects for a happy New Years Eve celebration were quickly disappearing. The doctors had finally switched her to a walking cast, which only came up to the middle of her calf muscle. However, she wasn’t allowed to return to work until the 7th of January. Now once again she found herself alone. It was 9 pm on New Years Eve and she had no hope of anything special happening so she resigned herself to an evening of boredom…just her and the television. She began to flip through the channels…hoping for anything to spark her interest.

She was flipping through the stations more quickly than she usually did, until something caught her attention. She quickly switched back and was surprised to find a scene that had her leaning forward in her seat and almost immediately had her juices flowing. It was of a woman sucking on a huge cock…drooling and stroking it as the man held her head and fucked her face. When this channel was added she didn’t know, but she instinctively thought of the *teddy bear* Sam had dropped off the previous week. She had been barely appeasing her sexual needs lately because her friend across the way must have been out of town. She still watched for him every night with no luck and it was frustrating, since his lights were on a timer and grabbed her attention every night…only to be dejected by his absence.

She hit the Tivo and quickly went into her bedroom to retrieve her little bear filled with her *toys*. She hadn’t been neglecting herself too much…after all she didn’t want her new found toys to be taken granted for. She giggled at that thought as she hoisted the teddy bear up and hobbled back into her living room. She looked at the recliner and then the sofa…this was hard decision; the recliner had a better view of her tele but the sofa was easier to stretch out on. She decided on the sofa, grabbed the remote and leaned back slowly onto the sofa.

The scene had changed…he was no longer fucking her mouth. He had his face buried in her pussy and judging by the sounds and movement of her hips, he was doing a very good job. Before she knew what she was doing she found her hand down her sweat pants and rubbing on her clit. He eyes were glued to the television as the woman screamed and bucked wildly as her body was racked with a very intense orgasm. She moaned softly as she plunged a finger into her dripping pussy. It felt wonderful, but she knew what she wanted and reached over to teddy and unzipped him. She found the purple one…Petite Flower…and brought it to her lips to wet it with her saliva. Why she was doing this she had no idea, since she was plenty wet because of the scene playing out in front of her.

She slowly brought the purple vibrator to her wet pussy lips and it slid in effortlessly. When it was in completely she began to move it in and out while at the same time rubbing her clit. She tilted up her hips so she could watch it as it disappeared into her sex.

Her attention had been drawn away from the scene on the TV so when she heard the woman scream loudly she looked up. She was on her back with her legs spread out wide and biting her lip as his beautiful cock pistoned in and out of her. She felt her own passion rising from deep within her and knew that she wanted more than the little purple vibrator and reached awkwardly for the big jelly dildo with the flashing lights. She quickly pulled out the small one and placed the head of the large one at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly she pushed it past her lips and moaned in delight as it stretched her and began to fill her emptiness. This one did not slide in effortlessly and she had to work it in and out for a while before she had most of it in her. She looked up to the TV and saw the man slamming in and out of the woman…her eyes glazed over as if she were drugged. The actor in the scene had a nice beautiful cock, but it was just slightly over average, so she imagined the only person she had ever seen with a cock as big…if not bigger…than the flashing love toy plunging deeply inside of her.

She imagined him on top of her as she pulled the dildo out to the tip and then in one quick thrust she plunged it deep inside of her. It was more than she could take as her body reacted of its own volition and bucked even more wildly than the actress on the screen. Her orgasm hit her like no other she had experienced. It seemed endless as her juices flowed freely from her…drenching the couch. She was happy now that her mother had insisted on putting throw covers on all of her furniture to preserve them. If she only knew what her little girl was doing on the throws she had made for her.

She looked down and noticed she still had the dildo completely in her pussy. She didn’t want to remove it, but slowly pulled it from her swollen pussy. An audible pop could be heard as it finally escaped the death grip her pussy had on it. She laid it on the end table next to the couch and relaxed as the tingles coursed through her body. She closed her eyes to relish this feeling.

Just as she was dozing off her cell phone broke her reverie. She nearly jumped out of her skin…then looked at the clock and growled at the person who had the nerve to call her at 10 pm. She took a deep breath as she recognized the number on caller ID and answered as calmly as she could.

“Hi there Sammie. What are you up to this fine evening?”

“I’m just calling to wish my best friend in the world a Happy New Year.”

“Aw that’s sweet hun, but don’t let me take you away from your celebration.” I could hear the music in the background and knew she was at a party of some kind.

I heard her sigh in her usual exasperated way and then say…“You know I have to look out for my girlfriend. I am bored to death at this party and can’t wait to sneak out. Do you mind if I bring along a friend and invade your apartment, so we can celebrate this night with you?”

All I could think of is that Sammi knew me so well that she would know what I had been doing this evening, but figured if I had time to shower it would be fine. “I don’t mind at all silly…I am bored to tears too. How long before you will make it here?”

“I will leave now and on the way I will pick up my friend. It should be about 20 mins ok?”

“That’s great Sam….I really appreciate this sweetie. You know that right?”

“Sure thing Jody. I’ll see you in about a half hour.”

She thought about just doing a quick wash down because she really didn’t want to take a shower. She didn’t want to lose the tingly feelings that were still deliciously coursing through her body from her head to her toes. Groaning under her breath, she walked to the bath and turned on the hot water…quickly stripped and hopped in.


Feeling refreshed she walked into the living room, but not before she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. She had chosen a nice pair of jeans with a thin white blouse. Her choice not to wear a bra might betray her later since her nipples were still very sensitive. It only took a few moments in the shower to realize that and they were both making their presence known.

She looked at the clock on the walk…11:10. Jody was wondering where Sammie was? It had been more than 20 mins since she had spoken with her. Walking into the kitchen she took a quick inventory of her fridge. She had a bottle of champagne that her mother had given her two days ago and noticed it was chilled perfectly as she felt the bottle. There were numerous other beverages…beer, wine of course her favorite drink…ICE. Looking further she decided she would slice up some cheese and break out the Ritz crackers and secretly hoped they weren’t stale.

Just as she was finishing up and moving all of the little snacks to the coffee table her door buzzed. She jumped. She hated that. It had been almost 2 years and she still wasn’t used to the buzzer. It startled her most of the time; even when she was expecting it. She walked across the room…took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Hi there Sammie…you are late.”

“I am sorry hun, but it took me a little longer than I thought to pick up my friend.”

Jody poked her head out the door and glanced down the hall. “Where is your friend? I don’t see anyone.”

“He let me out at the door, because of the rain. He will park the car and be up shortly.”

“Wow you look nice Jody…you have this glow about you. Is there anything we need to talk about before m new friend shows up?”

“I felt grungy and hopped in for a quick shower.” I said this while looking straight into her eyes. I waited for a few seconds and then turned to go into the kitchen. She followed and I grinned to myself thinking I had pulled it off. I slowly let out a breath when I heard something from the living room. I stopped in my tracks and excused myself as I rushed past her…stating something about leaving the boring tele on. I looked around for the remote and saw it on the end table… I gasped as I realized I hadn’t cleaned up as well as I thought.

“I guess that you have been taking care of things haven’t you Jody?”

I blushed as Sammi picked up the still glistening dildo and waved it in front of my face. I stammered as I tried to explain. “I…uh….well I was just flipping through the channels when a station I never knew I had popped up and…”

“Oh you finally found it? I had those channels added when you broke your leg. I knew you were going to be stuck here for a while all by your lonesome and figured you could use a little more entertainment than what was provided by the basic fare.”

“I wish you had told me…I have been close to screaming since the accident.” She smiled one of her trademark smirks and then handed me my wayward toy. I did my best not to giggle, but a small one escaped me as I walked to my bedroom to hide the dildo. She followed close behind me so I inquired about her *friend*.

“So Sam…is this another man you are going to parade in front of me and torment me as you slowly eat him up and spit him out?” I laughed inside after my question and waited for her standard response, but was surprised instead.

“Oh, I don’t think I am going to throw this one back anytime soon.”

I turned to see her devilish grin as she continued on…“I met him about a month ago when a friend pointed him out and have been letting him fuck me silly ever since. He is huge and hits all the spots I knew were there but never had been reached before.”

We walked back out to the living room as she explained in detail her past month of sexual bliss. I took in everything she said and was kind of daydreaming when she called my name. “Jody are you still with me hun?”

I paused before answering and then slowly formed the question I wanted to ask. “I don’t suppose you would be willing to share some of your good fortune with your *best friend* would you?”

Sammi smiled before answering… “Well funny that you should mention that because I asked Al…my new friend…if he would mind servicing two women at the same time. He responded with a big grin and a yes.”

I was about to tell her thank you when the door bell buzzed loudly startling me again. She went to the door and opened it and leaned in to kiss him hiding his face for a moment and then grasped his hand and led him in. I felt my breath escape me as I looked into the face that I had been dreaming about for the past month.

Sammi let loose of his hand and he sauntered over to me, handed me the bottle of wine he had and then kissed the hand I offered to him. “Hi. I’m Al very nice to meet you Jody…I think we have been admiring each other from a far.”

My face flushed immediately as I answered him. “I am sorry…I couldn’t help myself…I saw you one night and from then on I was hooked. I thought for a quick moment and then asked, “Wait…You knew I was watching you? He turned to Sammi with that …hey help me out here look on his face.

Sammi smiled before sharing the plan she had concocted with him to keep her poor injured friend occupied during her rehab period. I was embarrassed and moved to sit on the sofa with Sam and Al close behind me. I turned to Al just as he sat down. He moved a hand to my leg and then leaned in and kissed me. His kiss was insistent as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. He kissed me passionately as I felt his hand brush my nipple and it sprung to attention quickly. I lost myself in his kisses and fondling. I had completely forgotten about Sam until I felt hands on my jeans. They were quickly and deftly removed and soon in a pile at my feet. Next to go was my thong. I felt my legs being spread and knew it was Sam. Sam and I had never done anything like this before. Oh we had kissed to drive the boys in the frat house crazy one night and on a few occasions to get free drinks at the bar, but never in a setting like this.

I was distracted by all of the sensations assaulting my body and barely noticed when I saw Al’s huge but soft cock in front of my face. I suddenly felt Sams tongue hit my clit and then move slowly between my lips; to plunge swiftly into my wet pussy. I opened my mouth only to have it filled immediately with Al’s huge cock. I gagged as he shoved it deeper into my mouth but I had nowhere to go because my head was pinned to the sofa.

I opened to him and relaxed my throat as best I could and felt him go deeper into my mouth. It was a good thing my mouth was full or every neighbor I had would have heard me screaming as Sam hit every spot in me and on me. By now Al was straddling my chest and rocking back and forth. I reached up and grabbed his thick shaft and began stroking him in time with his persistent thrusts.

Sammi’s tongue and fingers were driving me mad as she worked her “magic”. I had cum recently, but still felt the wonderful tingles that accompany my orgasms. I could contain them no longer and screamed loudly. My hips bucked like a wild bronco and Sam did her best to hold them in place as she continued her assault on her swollen pussy. I heard a loud thud and realized that one of my legs had escaped Sam’s grip and slammed down onto my coffee table. It was the leg with the cast on it. I tensed and waited for the sharp pain that had to accompany it, but thankfully it never came.

I was still sucking and stroking on Al’s cock…hoping that I could make him cum in her mouth. But he wasn’t ready to cum just yet and slowly pulled his cock from of her mouth. I was disappointed for sure, but that didn’t last long either as I watched Al as he leaned down….smiled and said as he effortlessly lifted me off the sofa, “I think that we need to take this to the bedroom. What do you think Jody?”

I stammered an answer in the affirmative and relaxed as his powerful arms pulled me close and he was led into my bedroom by Sam.

My bed was a mess, but Sam made quick work of it by ripping everything off except the sheets. I hadn’t bothered to straighten up over the past few weeks. After all, who was going to see my bedroom?

The sheets felt cool to my skin as he lay me down gently on my bed. “Lean back and just enjoy this Jody.” Is all that Sam said. She got no the bed next to me and curled up against me and began to stroke my nipples. The sensations from the attention being paid to my nipples had me distracted which is why I didn’t notice Al’s presence until I felt the huge bulbous head of his cock forcing its way inside of me. I tensed as I felt it stretching me. It was a painful yet exhilarating feeling as inch by delightful inch he invaded me.

I guess that Sam must have sensed my anxiety and nervousness even though I was trying my best to relax. She moved up to kiss my neck and whispered…“Just take deep breaths Jody and relax…you are in for one hell of a fucking.”

I did as she said and took a few cleansing breaths; deep inhales then relaxing exhales. I felt my body relax and began to enjoy the fullness of his cock going in and out of me. The room seemed to be spinning as Al picked up the pace…his hands were on either side of me as his thick cock punished my pussy.

Sam continued her attack on my breasts and lips as she kissed me…muffling any moans that tried to escape and then Al stopped abruptly…I moaned a loud…NOOOOOOOOO, which didn’t stop him. I felt emptiness deep inside me and whimpered for him to put it back in. He silently, and with a smile, grabbed my hips and turned me over…pulled me up to my knees and placed the head of his cock at my wet opening again. I looked up and Sam was right in front of me. She told Al to give her just a minute, which he did, his cock poised and ready to strike any second. Sam sat up on the bed with her back to me and then slowly lay down…scooting under me as she did.

Once she was in place, Al positioned his cock at my lips again. However this time there was no gentleness…only desperation and animal lust as he slammed his entire cock into me. I screamed out in pain and pleasure as his cock plowed into me…faster and faster…and deeper with each thrust. I felt Sam’s talented tongue teasing my clit in time with Al’s onslaught. She was biting and licking on my clit with reckless abandon. I was so close to another orgasm because of their joint efforts.

I moaned loudly as Al spoke…“Don’t you think it would be nice to return the pleasure that Sam is giving you?”

Nothing else need be said, as I gazed down at her neatly trimmed bush and her swollen clit. I quickly buried my face in her sweetness and just mimicked the same techniques she had been using on me. Sam must have been even more excited that I thought, because it was only a few minutes and her hips were bucking even more wildly than mine had just moments before. Her muffled screams of ecstasy were all I needed to toss me over the edge too. I felt my pussy begin its contractions as an immense heat swept through me…from head to toe…causing me to shudder.

Al must have felt my pussy grabbing him too as he slammed in and out of me and began to emit unintelligible words and groans. It was only moments later that he asked me…“Where would you like this nice load of cum Jody?”

I moaned a quick response, “I want it in my mouth Al…..ALL OF IT!!!”

Once again he tore his cock from my pussy as I swiftly turned around. I was on top of Sam with both of our mouths poised to receive his seed. I grabbed his thick cock and began to help him stroke it. I gazed down at Sam, saw the glazed over expression on her face and knew immediately that she was going to want to share. I released my hand from Al’s cock as he stroked faster and faster, his face was contorting in the midst of his passion and then all at once he groaned loudly and stopped stroking.

I saw his cock jump and then a thick stream of cum shot out from his cock. I missed that one as I felt it land on my face and in my hair. I wasn’t going to miss any more. I quickly pulled his cock to my mouth and shoved it in just as he let loose and thick stream of cum. I tried to hold it all in my mouth as he sprayed stream after stream into my mouth, but I couldn’t. I swallowed just a little and waited patiently for him to fill me up again; which he did with no problem. I kept my mouth on his cock…milking every last drop form him as his cock softened in my mouth. I had a good mouthful and looked down at Sam. She didn’t have to say anything…her slowly opening mouth said it all. I lowered my mouth to hers and opened it slowly as I pressed my lips to hers. I felt it as his cum slid down out of my mouth and into Sam’s. I thrust my tongue deep into her as she swallowed and twirled it around hers…savoring the taste of our intermingled juices.

My passion was spent so I rolled off Sam to lay next to her and felt Al snuggle spoon style behind me….his cock nestled between the cheeks of my ass. Just then we all heard the fireworks going off in the distance and knew the New Year was upon us.

Simultaneously Sam and Al whispered to me…“Happy new Year Jody.”

I thought to myself, “Yes it was going to be a very good year and this was just the first. My imagination could only picture good things happening from this point on. I let myself drift off into a pleasant restful sleep as I lay between two wonderful people.

Mmmmmmmmmm…I don’t know if I said it out loud or not, but I did think it… “Thank you both for a wonderful way of bringing in the New Year.”

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