I used to date a girl named Jamie. Jamie had a teenage daughter, Melissa, with a girlfriend named Amanda. Amanda ended up spending loads of time at Jamie’s house. Many nights she would stay with over and so would I. Over time we came to “pretend” that Amanda was ‘one of our kids’. We’d call her ours and she took to calling Jamie mom and even lightheartedly calling me dad. Especially if we were out at an amusement park or a water park or some other ‘family’ type activity. Over time Amanda would be at Jamie’s practically all the time. I’d be there sometimes with here alone and one thing led to another and we began an affair. Amanda was a sweetheart, long curly strawberry blonde hair to the bottom of her shoulder blades, deep green eyes; she stood about 5’2” with a lovely thin yet healthy figure. Once we started the affair we agreed that we didn’t want to change things with the rest of the family. Yet over time Amanda made it known that she wanted to be “more special” to me than Jamie. There came a time where Melissa was working most afternoons after school at her part time job and Jamie was working until early evening. I would be done work early afternoon and Amanda and I would have the house to ourselves for 3 to 4 hours. During this time Amanda told me that both she and Melissa had several times watched Jamie and I have sex late at night. It seems we weren’t very quiet and would wake the girls as we played in bed. She asked me if I had to be with Jamie since she and I did so much together. Couldn’t I be more her boyfriend than I was Jamie’s. I told her that if I let on to Jamie that anything had changed that my relationship would go sour and we would soon be discovered. Amanda didn’t like this but she said that she understood. Then this next story came to pass…. I’ll start by showing you the email I received from Amanda. Then tell you exactly what happened. The day that this all happened I was home (at Jamie’s) and heard Amanda come in the house. She was talking to someone and I heard the other voice and was a bit shocked to hear a young man / boy’s voice. They went up stairs to the guest room (Amanda’s) and I slowly went upstairs to eavesdrop. Rather than describe it all I’ll let you read the email that Amanda sent right after the young man left the house. She figured I’d get the email in the basement game room

I heard you with “mom” last night. I heard what you said to her, the same things you say to me. I waited all night for you to come to me but you never came. When I left for school, you weren't even there to say good bye. I pouted most of the day, I don't like my nights without you. At lunch I left school and brought a friend home with me. If you can fuck her, I can fuck him. His tongue was slow and thick on my girly. God how he made me moan. I slid my mouth around his head and sucked it slowly. His flesh in my mouth felt so good. I could taste his cum slowly leaking out. I slid my tongue into his slit and rolled across the top. Slowly trailing it down his shaft. I felt the goose bumps on his thighs as I ran my nails down his legs. The way you like. The way you taught me. I took all of him into my mouth slowly sliding my mouth up and down his cock, letting my spit run down to his balls. Just before he was going to cum he rolled me over on my stomach and slide inside me. Oh it felt so good, so deep, and so hard. As I looked in the mirror I saw you standing beside the door, you stroking yourself. I smiled at you because I wanted you to see what was going on. I wanted you to see that if you could fuck her, someone else could fuck me. As I began to cum I closed my eyes and buried my face in my pillow so you wouldn't hear my scream, he exploded inside at the same time, his hot cum mixing with mine and dripping onto my quivering button as he pulled out. When I looked again you were gone. He never knew you were there, but I did. I smiled inside because I knew what you had seen, the same thing I had heard the night before. I know you’re downstairs at your computer. I don’t know what you’ll do. I have to go get cleaned up before mom and Melissa comes home.

Once I finish her message I softly go back upstairs. The bathroom door is opened and Amanda is at the mirror. She’s so smart. She knew I’d get her mail immediately and that I’d come upstairs. She’s at the mirror with a tissue making a show of wiping her lips. As if she’s wiping cum from her face. Even though she told me, and I saw that she let that teenage boy cum deep inside her. After she made me hear her practically beg him to cum inside her. After she said “I want all of your cum inside me, deeeep inside me, ohhh”.

I creep up behind her. … She sees me as I get closer… she half smiles, as if she doesn’t want to smile until she knows if she should.

I come right up behind her; I put my hand on her naked back between her shoulder blades. I move my hand up her neck and into her hair. I grab her hair, first gently, moving her back towards my body, and then as her back touches my stomach, I tighten my grip within her hair, pull her head to the side so I can speak down into her ear. I whisper, “You dirty nasty lil girl. How dare you give my pussy away”? I tighten my fingers in her hair and turn her neck the other way; I now bite as her neck… not very hard but harder than usual.

I ask her. "Did you like fucking that little boy"…. she doesn't answer. I pull a little tighter… her breath catches as she says "no daddy". I pull harder and "liar… you were moaning and cumming like a whore"…. “Well sweetheart… until you bathe and clean my "lil girl cunt" I’m not touching it. but because daddy is hot after seeing his lil girl show another boy a good time… I want you to suck daddy’s cock… actually I want you to fuck daddy with your mouth… then I’m going to bend you over the sink… I will not fuck that dirty nasty cunt but I will take my babygirls pretty lil ass, harder than ever before, like the whore you want to be.”

She breathes "yes daddy, I was just mad at you for fucking mommy", I growl, "are you allowed to be mad at your daddy lil girl" … “no daddy” she says…
now I tighten my grip in her hair, I move her down my body until she kneels on the floor… facing away from me. Now I tilt her head back… so her eyes are looking up my body to my face. I point my cock straight down toward her mouth… she opens for me… now I push my cock to the back of her throat. I want to hear the tip of my cock expand her throat… I want to hear the sucking noise as I pull back upward…. and fuck back into her mouth to her throat. I fuck her throat opening 3 times quickly and I feel her having trouble. I pull out and she gasps for air "can't breathe with my cock stuck in your throat lil girl?" she gasps a couple times and I put my cock right back to her throat and push deeper. I feel the tip of my cock head almost all the way in her throat and I stop there for a second. Then pull out. now she not only gasps but she heaves and there's slobber from her lips to my cock head… she’s near to puking and her eyes are even a little glassy… I grab the hair at the front of her head and push my cock thru her closed lips back to her throat… this time i push the head of my cock all the way into her throat…mmmmmmm god it feels so good. But I know she can't take it for long… she can't breathe with my cock head in her throat… again i pull out. There’s more slobber from her lips to my cock. She throws her head down towards the floor and tries to puke. but it just won't come… I pull her up by her hair "AGAIN LIL GIRL" … she opens her mouth and take my cock even further into her throat…. I fuck it a little back and forth then out again. Again she’s heaving… now I bend down towards her… “Lil girl.. As I fuck your mouth again, stick your fingers inside your cunt. I want you to cover your fingers in your lil boy's cum… When daddy pulls his cock out of your mouth I want you to suck that boy cum from your fingers. Show daddy what a cum loving whore you are. You love the taste don't you? She says "yes daddy". I pull her back up to a squatting position below my cock. She opens her mouth and I point my cock downward to her mouth… past her lips back to her throat… I leave it right near the throat and wait as she puts her fingers between her legs and into her cunt. God it looks so good looking down at her face then further down to her fingering my sweet lil cunt. When I see her fingers fucking her hole I then press against her throat with my cock. Then slowly into her throat… until the rim of the head is all the way into her throat. I leave it there for a second. Then I push harder. She expected something else and my cock is deeper into her throat than ever before. I pull back … again I have that beautiful trail of slobber from her mouth to my cock. I bark at her "eat your lil boys cum” she shoves her fingers in her mouth sucking his juice off her fingers… god it's so nasty.

I tell her .. “Eat that cum baby”… there's her fingers in her wet mouth … she looks at me… her eyes asking me "like this daddy" god I love it.

Now I grab her by the hair… pull her to her feet and push her head into the sink. I take the pretty thong THAT I BOUGHT HER THAT SHE WORE WHILE SHE FUCKED THAT OTHER BOY… I rip them from her hips… I spit on her asshole… I finger her ass.. first with one finger.. then with two… not gently at all… i fuck her with them.. But only for a few seconds… I spit on her ass again. I rub the head of my cock through my saliva…. then I plunge into her ass… nearly leaving my feet as a plunge into her tiny little asshole. She bumps her head into the faucet as the scream leaves her throat… I pull back and now I grab her hips and fuck her against my cock. I’m deep in her ass.. my pelvis rubbing against her cheeks…. I’m loving it.. I know it hurts. Usually I would care but right now I’m fucking her like the whore she showed herself to be. She’s panting. Half crying … "daddy .. daddy .. Daddy' … I’m possessed… I’ve never fucked her like this before… I’ve never fucked anyone like this before. I can't take it for long. I’m about to explode. Her “daddy” moans are right in rhythm with my downward thrusts… I’m loving it… i can tell how hurt her ass is and it only makes me fuck her harder…. i grab her hair and send her back to squatting on the floor… i squeeze my cock right behind the head and with just a few hard strokes send a long hard load of cum into her mouth… some hitting her teeth and dribbling down her chin.
"Take a bath little girl. A very good one". .. I turn and leave the bathroom.
I made sure to leave the house. I told Jamie that I had something to do that would keep me away until later in the evening. That night, was Jamie and I played in the bed, I made sure that the door was left ajar. Sure enough there I saw Amanda, standing outside the door fingering her self and pinching her nipple through her night shirt as she watched me and Jamie role play daddy/little girl. The smile on Amanda’s face told me that she knew that I was imagining Amanda with me. It was so hat watching Amanda cum and Jamie cum at the same time. As I came in Jamie’s sweet ass, Amanda finished her climax and showed me how she licked her fingers clean before stepping away from the door.

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