An American Nanny in England part 2

An American Nanny in England part 2

It's been three weeks now since I made my last diary entry and things have been pretty normal. Mr. Edwards has gone back to treating me as just another one of the hired help and I found myself doubting if he had ever raped me at all. Maybe I had dreamed it. Anyway you looked at it, it was still rape and I had made a promise to myself that it would never happen again. My period came as usual a few days after he blackmailed me and raped me so at least I wasn't pregnant. I made an effort to get out of the house to get on birth control pills, just in case, but I was always with the girls and how would I explain that to them?

This particular morning I had my mid-cycle cramps as I call them. It's painful enough for me to think of it as a mini-period, but it only ever lasts half a day or so and then it's over. I took a few aspirin and began to get ready for the day.

After I got dressed I got the girls out to music class and then started my chores followed by planting the flowers that came in from the nursery. I ended up getting pretty filthy and I was actually relieved when Mr. Edwards called to say that he had picked up the girls at the school and was dropping them at a friend’s house for the night. He added that he had a flight to catch and that I should take the rest of the day off. It was unusually generous of him, but I didn't dare question my good fortune.

I spent the next two hours finishing my work in the flower beds and then I headed to my cottage for a well-earned hot shower. I left my dirty garden shoes at the door to my little mudroom and I dropped my clothes in a neat little pile just inside the door. My toes sunk into the plush carpet as I walked naked to my bathroom.

A few minutes later found me in utter rapture as the warm water soothed my sore body and washed the earth from my skin. I lathered up and then decided to go ahead and be a little feminine as I shaved my legs for the first time in a few weeks as well as my pubic area. I always felt clean when I shaved everywhere. I sat on the shower floor thoughtlessly wrapped up in watching the blade turn stubbly skin into smooth skin.

Satisfied with my shaving I stood up and washed my hair and followed that up with a liberal dash of conditioner. At this point I shut off the water and popped open my baby oil to moisturize. "Snap!" went the bottle and I poured the soothing oil on my body. I massaged myself all over, even between my toes, until I was a glorious and sopping mess of conditioner and baby oil. It was wonderful!

I massaged my scalp a bit more and then figured that it was time to turn on the water and rinse off all this mess. The water came on and was soon set to just the right temperature. In a few minutes I would be a completely new woman with a fresh outlook on the evening. Maybe I'd head into town and see about a movie? Yes, that's what I'd do, a movie would be great.

"Oh, yes."

I screamed out of absolute fright as I heard Mr. Edwards behind me.

"Get the FUCK out of here now you goddamned bastard or I'll…"

My head spun from what had to be the most solid slap I'd ever taken. I fell to the floor of the shower in a daze, my senses just blown by the sudden assault.

"Come on, get up you, you'll not pass out on me now."

He stood me up and leaned me against the cold tile. The shock of the cold helped me get my bearings and the blackness began to fade from my sight.


I couldn't quite make sense of the sound when Mr. Edwards pulled me tight against him.

"Ohhh, I have been waiting for this! You didn't think I forgot about you, now did you pet?"

His cock nestled between the globes of my ass and I felt him pushing his cock at me. A chill ran over me as I feared he was going to try to put that huge thing into my ass.

"Mmmm, pet, I love goose bumps; did I ever tell you that?"

His hands ran over my slickened body, inadvertently massaging my baby oil into my skin. I stood there silent, fearing another slap, as his hands explored me. Our silent dance went on for several minutes as he continued his molestation. Finally, his hands met on my breasts and then followed down my sides until he firmly held my hips. I was just starting to wonder what the hell this was all about when I realized what he had done with my baby oil.

"Oh my God!!" I gasped as his oiled cock slid into my pussy in one stroke. The sudden intrusion was more shocking than my first assault since this came without any warning at all. His left arm wrapped across my chest and his right arm came across my belly to clamp me to him as his cock plowed my depths. I was stunned for a moment as he fucked me, but still don’t think I wanted what was now happening to me.

"No! You've gotta stop! I can't, no WE can't!"

I exploded in tears and began to struggle with him and was rewarded when his cock slipped from me and he turned me around to face him.

The world went completely black with the force of his second slap.

He had me pinned up against the tile when I came to, my breasts squeezed flat on the white ceramic. My feet weren't touching the floor. His breathing was mixed with moans and groans, and then my awareness included his massive cock pistoning deep into me. He seized me round the belly and I started crying again as I felt his cock swell up inside of me.

I tried to fight him again but found it pointless as he caught his breath and hugged me tight. The bastard continued to pump in and out of my poor swollen pussy; exploring depths I never knew existed in me.

Time seemed to slow down for me and I swear I felt his cock ripple inside of me. The first wave began in the base of his cock and it swelled past my pussy lips and up into my body where the shot of cum splashed hard against my cervix. The futility of fighting overcame me and I stood there stupidly and helpless as Mr. Edwards' pumped his cum deep into me.

And then he was gone.

The water was starting to get cold so I went into practical mode and washed out the conditioner, soaped off the baby oil and cum, and then dried off. I knew that there was nothing I could do, so I went to my room and collapsed on the bed. I had placed some tissue in the front of my panties, because his semen was still leaking out. I got up and made my self a cup of tea. I sat down on my sofa wondering if I should just quit or stick it out. I was amazed and ashamed at how my body had betrayed me. I was enjoying these sessions and found myself hoping for another one very soon. Pulling me from my revelry, I heard the teapot begin to whistle. I went into my little kitchen, retrieved a cup from my cupboard. I placed a teabag into the cup, poured the water, and waited for the smell of the fine English tea to relax me. I must have slipped into a deep sleep because when I awakened the room was blacked out, I couldn't even see the streetlights. I found out later that he'd put a pair of goggles over my eyes that he'd spray painted black to keep me from seeing anything. When I tried to say something I found out that I was gagged. Then I tried to move and realized that I was tied up with my arms hooked over a wooden post stretching across my back and my wrists lashed together behind the back of what seemed to be a chair of some sort. My legs were spread out wide and my knees and ankles were tied to the seat, which was as wide as my outstretched legs were. There was a cool breeze wafting through the room and a damp smell. It smelled as if I was in a cellar or basement.

I heard him moan an approving sound and felt the warmth of his lips on my breasts, kissing them and then biting and teasing my nipples. I was ashamed that this monster was making my body respond to his attentions against my will. He spent what seemed like forever kissing almost every inch of my body before I heard him start to undress.

I tried to scream and the goggles filled with my tears when I heard his belt buckle come undone, then his zipper, followed by the sound of his pants crumpling to the floor. I could only imagine that his cock was swollen from his excitement and he was waiting for the right time to plunder my pussy. “You look good enough to eat my pet.” His words dripped out of his mouth and I could hear the passion within him.

He caressed my feet and my ankles, stopping to touch my fingers, I felt him move near to me. His hot breath flowing across my breasts as he pushed a finger into my opening and was rewarded with a gasp that escaped me before I even realized it. I cried with all my being as I realized the certainty of what was about to happen to me. I remembered my senior prom with Ryan when I told him that I couldn't have sex since I was saving myself for the right man and the right time. I actually laughed a little at the irony of depriving myself of such a romantic time with Ryan to have my body taken now by this almost total stranger.

I felt the warmth of his legs and his cock as it rubbed my bare skin as he reached across me to retrieve something and then he leaned back, settling between my legs again. I wondered what he was doing for a brief moment and then I heard a "snap" that was followed by his squirting something all over me. The smell of it told me that it was my baby oil that I usually kept by my bedside.(He must have retrieved it.) His hands smoothed the oil into my skin and then I felt him squirt it onto my pussy where it soaked me and ran down the crack of my ass onto the hard wooden seat below me. He poked a finger into me again as he massaged the oil into my pussy lips and I thrashed and screamed trying to stop him, but my screaming came out as muffled moans which I’m sure only aroused him more. “Easy my pet, I’m sure you will enjoy this just as much as our little tryst before. I can feel and see your juices flowing already. They are making a nice wet spot on the seat under you. So your mind might be saying no, but your body is saying bring it on.”

I was so surprised when he actually stopped what he was doing! He got up from between my outstretched legs and I heard him walk across the floor, then he walked back. I heard a strange whine begin to build and then he poked me in the side of my ass with something. Then my world turned into pain and color as he then slammed the humming thing up my ass through an opening in the back of the chair. It was an area I had never even dreamed of exploring, but knew very soon when my pussy involuntarily began to clench, that I knew it was a very sensitive opening to me. He plunged the vibrator in and out of my ass for a while. Faster and faster, bringing me close to an orgasm, then he would slow down and go as deep as he could only to pull out to the tip. My body was screaming for release. It was then I heard myself yelling, “Make me cum please!!! I need to cum RIGHT NOW PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!” “Oh my pet, are you asking me or begging me?” Tears welled up in my eyes as I confessed, “I am begging you to please make me cum.”
Some time went by and all I could feel was his hot breath on my body. Then he stood back up, brushing his cock suggestively across my mouth. I flicked my tongue out as I felt him go by and tasted his cock as I licked the underside. He stood motionless for a moment and moved his cock closer. I reached out with my mouth and tongue and engulfed his cock as deeply as I could. “Oh you like my taste do you my pet?” All I could do was to shake my head and mumble my approval. He moved away from me and there was an audible pop as he escaped the grip of my mouth. I heard a snap again and I trembled as he squirted more baby oil onto me and rubbed it into me again, but I didn't dare scream or try to fight him. I heard the oil squirt again but didn't feel it hit me anywhere and then I realized he was rubbing it on himself. “Is your pussy ready for me yet my pet? Would you like to see my cock plunging in and out of your pussy?” I moaned and answered with a shuddering, “Yesssss pleaseeee!”
With my plea he reached up and I felt him loosening the goggles that covered my eyes. My eyes had to adjust, but the sight I witnessed had me anticipating what was to come next. I tensed as he moved in between my outstretched legs and I felt and saw his cock slip in between my oiled pussy lips. Everything felt so slick that I knew he had oiled up his cock, too. There was plenty of lubrication this time, but still a lot of resistance as his cock began its onslaught on my only recently plundered pussy. Again I was amazed at how most of his cock disappeared into my pussy and how engorged my pussy lips were.

I felt my heartbeat throb in my head and my pussy as his cock slipped into me. My body gave as much as it could to this immense intruder. The pain was awful yet pleasurable as his slickened cock drove into my equally moist pussy as far as possible in one thrust. The sudden fullness I felt inside me once again took my breath away as a series of low guttural moans were released from my innermost being. It was hard to believe these moans were emanating from me and once again I felt betrayed by my own body.

I was beside myself as I thought about this man plundering me, his cock driving into me, his relentless thrusting in and out of my pussy. Involuntarily, I found myself pushing my pussy into him to meet his ever quickening thrusts. His cock plowed me deeper and more slowly in answer to my body fucking him back. My emotions were confused. I was disgusted with myself, hated my tormentor, but I was utterly and completely fascinated with each new sensation I was feeling. I found myself mesmerized and obsessed with watching, as his cock continued to make its journey into me deeper and deeper with each thrust. He caught up my thighs in his hands and I felt his cock plow into the door of my womb. I was terrified as he became to me a mindless machine pistoning his cock into my body with a blinding fury. He pounded me so hard I thought that he was going to kill me. I was shuddering and shaking uncontrollably as he rammed his cock into me. I knew I was close to an awesome release. I closed my eyes and let the storm envelope me. The waves began slowly as my pussy began contracting, gripping the massive intruder, trying to pull him in deeper. I threw my head back and screamed…”I’m Cummmminggg…don’t stop…please!!!!” I shivered as wave after wave washed over my sweaty restrained body. I arched my back as much as possible and cried as I relished the feeling I so often had denied myself.

His breathing became ragged and I felt his cock swell inside of me. A million thoughts went through my mind as I realized he was about to cum. I was unprotected and didn’t want him to cum inside me again, as I felt were we lucky the last time. I said in a voice as sultry as I could, “I want to drink your cum. I want to feel the thickness of it as it runs down my throat. If any spills out I want to rub it into my body.” I watched as he slowly pulled his huge cock from my pussy astounded as it felt like his cock was pulling my pussy out as he pulled out of me slowly. He moved from between my legs on his knees to stand in front of me, with his cock inches from my mouth. I instinctively tried to reach out with my hands to grasp him only to remember my arms were tied up behind my back. “Open your mouth my pet and I will give you a drink that you will never forget.” I opened my mouth wide as he grabbed my hair roughly and shoved me down onto his cock. He pulled his cock out then slammed back into my mouth, fucking my mouth as he was my pussy just moments before. I sucked and licked for all I was worth as he fucked my mouth. I gagged a number of times, but this didn’t faze him. It only made him fuck my mouth harder. I saw his legs tense up and felt him quiver as he moaned loudly and said. “Ahhhhhhhh drink my pet. Swallow all of my thick cum.” I tasted small amounts of slick cum on my tongue, but I didn’t have to wait much longer as he savagely grabbed my head and pushed me down so his cock was shoved partially down my throat. I gagged as the first thick stream blasted against the back of my throat. The amount of cum seemed to never end, it was stream after thick stream filling my mouth and then sliding down my throat. I just kept on sucking him as he pulled out so that only his head was in my mouth. I sucked him hard as I felt him shudder again as the last of his cum was drained from his cock. He just stood there for I don't know how long with his cock pulsing in my mouth and softening as the time ticked on. I was utterly wasted when he finally pulled himself from me and he ran the head of his cock down my chest to my pussy lips one last time. I almost told him to fuck me again, but didn’t want to push the issue. I knew that I had passed another of what I considered tests by asking to swallow his seed.

30 minutes or so went by with him wandering around before he came back. I watched as he sauntered across the room towards me, his manhood semi-hard but still quite impressive, swinging back and forth with each step he took. I will say this; this man had stamina. I was seriously sore by now and he knew it. He stood in front of me; his cock just out of reach. “I can tell you are near another orgasm. Would you like to cum again before I impale you once again?” I stammered as I answered him, “Yes please.” I begged him again. I’m sure he knew how close he had left me and the power is probably what had fueled his subsequent erection. He stepped back and went down to one knee. He leaned in and kissed my nipples, taking turns sucking them into his mouth and biting down on them with animal ferocity. I winced from the pain, but he knew the desired effect was being attained. He plunged two fingers into me as he pulled my mouth to his and almost smothered me as he kissed me deeply. He broke away from me and looked me up and down as he was repeatedly shoving his fingers in and out of my poor abused and sore pussy. However, I didn’t care and he knew it. He pulled his fingers out of me and brought them to his mouth and sensually licked them both slowly. Then he leaned down and softly blew onto my swollen pussy, waited for the reaction and then buried his mouth onto my sex. He licked all around my labia, savoring my juices and moaning softly as his tongue flicked in and out of me. He finally took my clit into his mouth and sucked my clit and rubbed it hard with his tongue. He plunged two fingers into me and started moving them in and out in time with his ministrations on my clit. It was not long and he got his reward as I bucked and squirmed in my restraints and let out a long moan as my pussy contracted around his fingers as if they were trying to wring juices out of them. I went limp and wondered if my now very pleasurable adventure was over at last. I was hoping that he would slam me again, but didn’t know if I could respond any more. I was drained, so I thought. My body had other ideas. He stood back as if admiring his work and said, “I would like to release you, but you have to obey me and not try to run, Ok? I tried to calm myself before I answered him to no avail as I heard my voice crack as I spoke. “I will do whatever you want of me just please fuck me again.” He loosened the restraints on my legs first, then my arms and torso. I stood shakily to my feet and gazed at him, admiring him from head to toe just as he had me moments earlier. He came to me and stood over me. Towering above me, my head barley even with his shoulders, he reached down and lifted me by my under arms. I instinctively wrapped my legs around him and began to bounce slowly trying to capture his cock inside me just one more time. Finally I felt the head of his cock touch my still swollen pussy lips. I know I shook, but I pushed my body down onto him as he shoved forward and upward and plunged his hard cock into my wet pussy. I was still very sore from being stretched beyond anything I could have imagined, but I didn’t care as I bounced up and down on his cock. The sound of his cock plowing my pussy reached my ears and I lost myself. I considered this man as my mate again. We were just two animals mating, I told myself, a male succumbing to his needs and a female catering to them. I kept my mind in this clinical kind of mode as he fucked me much more slowly this time. It didn’t surprise me when I felt the intense pleasure began to rise in my belly. His cock pummeled my pussy over and over. I held my breath as I fast approached another orgasm. I could tell he was getting close also as his thrusts became faster and faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist just as hard as my arms were clasped around is neck. No longer bouncing I held my body still and tense as he continued his assault on my pussy, slamming repeatedly into me. He pushed us back until the cold wall hit me. That was all it took. The contrast between the heated buildup of our now sweaty bodies and the cold insensitive wall made me explode. My body spasmed as he thrust in and out of me. My body went limp as he continued his onslaught. I was completely spent, but he continued and then announced his eminent release. I felt his cock twitch and swell inside me as he dumped load after load deep into me. I could feel the spaces around his cock inside me filling as he emptied his seed into me. He slowly pulled his shrinking cock from my pussy again with an audible pop.

He smiled at me and walked away. He blew me a kiss and then disappeared around the corner. I sat back onto the wooden contraption that had held me prisoner for most of the morning…….or was it afternoon, or was it might? I had no idea what time of the day it was as I slowly tried to stand up. I then heard the sound of his semen dripping from my pussy onto the concrete floor. I sat back down to regain my composure. It was then that I blacked out again from sheer sexual exhaustion.

When I regained my senses I found that he'd cleaned me up, dressed me in my night clothes, and had deposited me on my bed and covered me with the sheets and blankets that occupied my bed. This little affair had started out as something I believed I had to do to keep my job, as a rape in fact. Now it had progressed into something I would be looking forward to every time I saw Mr. Edwards walk by. I wondered if Mrs. Edwards had any idea of what her devote husband has been up to? I lay back down on my bed and began to think, maybe it never happened? Was it real or just the recesses of my mind crying out for attention? I slowly reached down and ran my fingers across my pussy and felt the wetness. As I put a finger inside I felt how sore my poor pussy was and knew it had really happened. This had me hoping Mrs. Edwards spent even more time down under. I made a mental note to definitely enter this in my diary as soon as I had the time, and secretly I hoped that I healed fast.

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