Analkiller 2

Analkiller 2

She was the only colored girl at my school and pretty much the most popular girl, only being she was the only girl with tits. To me, it was her whole body, her breasts were already DD, but it was the scent and the thought of the feel of her body but what was so seducing about her body was that baby scent she had and that the fact her body was fresh out of puberty. She was short, not even 5', maybe that’s why her body looked so good, curvaceous but slim.

There were only two problems, she knew she drove the boys wild, even the male teachers, she became rather flirty in a raunchy way and became known as a slut. Problem two, I was shy, I was the quiet one. I was the biggest kid in school as in the tallest, the strongest, I was borderline with the popular crowd, Emily's group, only because none of the older guys could beat me up and feared me when they heard I was after them or even when we met on the courts and fields of various athletic competitions. Oddly enough, if I wouldn't have dressed in baggy clothes and talked more outgoing, Emily would have seen that I was muscular and in the end, everything she would've lusted for. Since I didn't, the only time she talked about me, was in her jokes.

Anyways, one long weekend, there was talk of a party at one guys house, routinely enough, I wasn't invited, but then my friends who ran with that crowd became somewhat pissed I was never invited to these things and pretty much gave me a pity invite. That day, the last school day before the party, the girls spread rumors around that Emily said she would fuck anyone and everyone at this party. She wore a skirt into school that day, her legs looked incredible, she played into the rumors the whole day by teasing anyone who would look at her by hiking up her skirt just a little or even bend over to pick up a pencil she so 'innocently' dropped.

There was a feeling in the air, when the final bell rang, as I saw her joking, …flirting with some guys as I got on the bus.

"I want to fuck her till she's screaming" I thought to myself.

It was true, enough is enough, masturbation has lost its fun, its thrill. I want her. I want her rough and raw. It was time for a change.

The next day I awoke in the afternoon, the party started at 8pm. I went into the washroom and stared at myself in the mirror. Thinking about what I thought about the day before, a change. First was my hair, I didn't cut it the previous summer vacation, so by now it had grown long, past my shoulders, I decided to shave the sides of my head, having somewhat of an under cut look to it. Next I thought, since I was the only kid in school who could grow facial hair, I kept a chin cap goatee as I shaved. Next I decided, clothes that weren't so baggy. As I was doing this and getting dressed I felt like I was sacrificing something but also I felt born again. Like there was some angst alternative rock song being written around me. I chose a pair of torn jeans, a pair of black boots that I left untied and a plain white shirt.

By this time my ride was knocking at my door, my best friend. He had already picked up my other two, and only other, friends. That feeling was still in the air. We all lived in the country, so for us to take a car and drive without a license along the back roads was common, there we'd usually talk about doing something just to rebel, without a cause, to bored to find a cause, so bored in our youth, we were all about to explode, even though my friends ran with the popular crowd, the four of us as a group, I was the unsaid leader.

"I'm going to fuck Emily tonight" I said to them all.

"Looks like we all can get a piece of that ass tonight" my friend Scott said, bursting into a laugh and giving a 'high five' to my other friend Alex.

"I'm fucking serious… I'm so fucking sick of her and that act she puts on, like on Thursday" growing in intensity as I spoke "I'm going to take that little fucking slut and fuck her like…." pausing, "I'm going to fucking BREAK that FUCKING WHORE!"

"Holy fuck man.. your fucking serious.." Scott said.

"I fucking am, too long have I been that bitches jokes, tonight I give that cocksucker everything she's asking for. Like you said, tonight we can all get a piece of her ass and we can, I’m going to leave that bitch unconscious on the bed, you guys wanna take turns after that, then tonight her ass is ours!" I said.

I had never been so serious about anything in my life. We always talked of doing something like this, whether it be a girl at school, or buying a prostitute or even when it was just talking about lighting something on fire, tonight was the night… I’m tired of talking.

For the rest of that drive, I grew more intense in my way of thinking, while the others were almost nervous being how we had only talked about doing something like this, almost like they had grown into a bunch of chicken shits.

"Would any of them even fuck her? Even if she wanted them too?" I thought doubting my friends.

As we approached the house, we all got out. Walked up to the door and a girl from school, excited to see us, let us in. All of a sudden, my friends were the talkative ones and I got shy again. Though there was some reaction to my appearance, nobody knew what to think. Sooner rather than later, I found myself sitting in a chair, not really talking to anyone, that’s when I saw Emily, finally. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans with her thong showing and a tight shirt that read '69' on it and exposed her stomach. Her jeans were so low you could tell she shaves her pussy.

I noticed that she and a bunch of her friends had gathered around her, sometimes looking over at me and then would huddle again and talk some more. It started to piss me off again, I began to feel like I did in the car ride to the party, I thought what fucking joke is she making now.

Then, just as I was about to get up the group parted and Emily started walking towards me, she seemed like she was trying to hold in laughter, almost like she told her friends to watch what she does next, she walked over to me and sat right on my lap.

"It's funny I never really noticed you before" she said to me, starting to rub my chest and quickly glancing over to her friends to see if they were still watching "Do you wanna come somewhere with me? I'd like to talk to you"

As she got off me she took my hand, I got up and she began to lead me through the crowd and into a room. I could hear people cheering & making noise as she closed the door.

I sat on the bed, she walked over to me, we kissed, her hands on the sides of my face, I grabbed her ass and then slid my hands under her shirt and brought my hands to just the sides of her breasts, my thumbs on her nipples.

She stopped kissing me and took her shirt off, I grabbed her tits again, this time sucking and licking her nipples. I then put my head between her tits and tried to hold that moment still. She took a step back and undid the button on her jeans. Then, instead on undoing them, she started to take my shirt off and then got on her knees and undid my pants. She stood back up as my pants fell to my ankles, she grabbed my dick and started to masturbate me slowly, she stopped and turned around. I put my arms around her and unzipped her pants. As I started to pull down her pants from behind, she would start to bend over. I got down on my knees as I pulled her pants down, as soon as I got her ass out of those jeans I licked and kissed her ass as she was bending over, her ass in my face. She stepped out of her jeans, leaving her in only her thong, I stood back up..

"Just lay back and relax" she said in a soft voice

I laid back down on the bed with my feet still on the floor, she got on her knees and started to suck on my balls while stroking my dick gently. She then licked along my shaft slowly, until the tip of her tongue was at the tip of my dick. She then started to suck my dick, slowly at first, this was most likely her first time giving a blowjob though she always bragged of all the porn she watches. She went from sucking slowly to more intensely, back and forth, from my dick to my balls, she started giving me a vigorous blowjob, she started sucking with almost a passion, even trying to get it all the way down her throat and seeing how long she could hold it in. I knew then, as I laid there in ecstasy, I'd never have another blowjob like this.

At one point, I remember grabbing handfuls of her hair and slamming her head against me and thrusting my dick into her throat.

Just as I was laying there, hoping she'd never stop, she took my dick out of her mouth and gasped for air. She kissed my dick right on the head, and crawled up on top of me. She started to kiss me again, the feeling of her tits on my chest was amazing. Just before she was about to speak, I rolled over on top of her, sucking on her tits once more & I began to go lower on her until my head was between her legs and started to caress her pussy hiding behind her thong.

"Took the words right out of my mouth" she said

From endless hours of surfing porn on the internet, one thing I began to grow a fetish for, eating pussy. Even though this was my first pussy, the thought of eating pussy drove me wild, I could eat pussy all day long and never grow bored. Come to think of it, I'd eat her asshole with the same passion.

With her still in her thong, I just rubbed her pussy, watching her get wetter and wetter

"I want your fucking tongue, now!" she said breathing hard

I started to slide her thong off, she hugged her knees as she straightened them in the air as I peeled her thong off, tossing it onto the pile of clothes on the floor. Once I got the thong off and spread her legs I brought my lips back to her pussy, spreading it, sucking back on her pussy lips, even spanking her clit every time she came a little closer to climax, I started to finger her and suck her clit at the same time, grinding my fingers along the roof of her pussy, she'd start to lift her hips in the air, lifting herself up off the mattress with her feet on my back, she'd scream, moan, yell, even bite the pillow and hold it over her face as I continued eating her pussy more vigorously and just as intense.

"OHHHHH! I wanna FUCK you!" She'd say, even demand

As I stopped eating her out, she got back on top of me…

"I’m gonna fuck you so hard!" She said gliding her wet pussy along my dick, back and forth, "You wanna fuck me?" she asked

Still rubbing her wet pussy along the shaft of my dick, before I could answer her,

"Well guess what" she said, she stopped rubbing her pussy against me, "In your fucking dreams!" she said and began to get off me while slightly giggling "In your fucking dreams" she said again "Like I'd fuck you!"

As she bent over to pull her thong up, as I sat there still thinking 'what the fuck?' and that’s when everything I said in the car erupted within me.

I got up and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back "I’m not finished with you, you fucking nigger!" and threw her back onto the bed and slapped her, with all my strength

"You fucking whore" I said as I started to strangle her, I took my hands from her throat put my fingers in her mouth and with the other hand groping her tits as she laid there struggling, starting to cry, I took my fingers out of her mouth and put my hand back around her throat to hold her down as I grabbed her thong with my other hand and tore the fucking thing right off of her and tossing it back on the floor.

Still holding her down by her throat I fingered her pussy again. As I grabbed my dick and put it up to her cunt, "No!" she said.

Now crying, "Please, stop.. I’m not ready for this… please no!" she said

"I'm really going to enjoy this" I answered her "I'm gonna fuck you just like the slut you are!" as I pushed my dick into her twat, as I pushed harder Emily would squint her eyes.

As I finally pushed in, "Tight little whore aren't you?"

" …I can't breathe…" she said

"This is going to be real fucking sweet" as I started to thrust between her legs

Emily trembling in pain "It hurts!" as she was starting to lose her voice, I let go of her throat and pinned her arms down against the bed and started to slam into her pussy as hard as I could

"Pleeeease.." she said in a broken whisper "….Stop"

As I was able to pin her arms against the bed with one hand, I held her by both her wrists, with my free hand I start to squeeze & spank each of her tits as hard as I please as I fuck her.

"You going to be a good girl if I put my dick back in your mouth?" I asked

"…Ye…yes…" as she cried

As I pulled out of her pussy, I grabbed her by her hair as we both got off the bed, once we were standing I forced her onto her knees and put my dick back in her mouth, still with a handful of her hair.

Once she took my dick out of her mouth and started jacking me off, I pulled on her hair up so she'd stand up off her knees, I picked her up, flipping her around holding her in a standing 69 as I laid back down on the bed, taking her in a '69' on the bed, just like her shirt said.

That’s when I started to finger her asshole, she'd pull my finger out each time. That’s when I threw her off me, "You got a whole other hole I haven't had yet, bitch"

She looked frightened, as I came closer to her, she tried to go for the door, but I grabbed her and threw her again, she ended up hitting her head on a nightstand by the bed. I picked her up and bent her over the bed, she'd still tried to cover her ass, but I'd move her hand and shove two fingers up her ass forcefully.

"This is going to be sweeter than your pussy" pushing both fingers into her asshole, “And tighter…” as my fingers were knuckle deep.

I could feel just how much she was shaking still with two fingers up her ass. I pulled them out and as I laid down on top of her, on top of her back, I put those two fingers in her mouth, "Now I’m really going to fuck you" I whispered in her ear.

I stood back up, standing over her. Emily was still bent over the bed, her toes just reaching the floor, she was barely conscious, but she would still feel this. I put my dick up to her ass, between her cheeks and pressed the head of my dick into her asshole. Forcing myself into her deeper and rougher, finally I was penetrating her ass balls deep. I started fucking her ass harder and harder as she laid there in her own tears and spit.

Still assfucking her just as intensely, I started spanking her as I fucked her.

I could feel myself cumming and I was going to cum hard. In her ass. I stopped spanking her and quickly grabbed her around her waist, lifting her off the bed, holding her from her waist still fucking her ass, as she dangles almost lifeless hunched over off my dick, I started to cum in her ass.

"Oh fucking… God!" As I came.

As I thrust in calmly, the last time, I let go off her, dropped her off my dick. She fell to the floor, a hand over her ass, she was still panting as she laid there on the floor.

As I pulled up my pants, my dick still hanging out, "You gonna clean me off?" I asked, to no reply, so I picked up her shirt and wiped my dick off on it before buttoning up.

No sooner did I put my belt on did a couple of girls burst into the room with almost a horrific look staring down at Emily. They stared back at me, when I noticed a sensation in my mouth, I brought my fingers across my tongue and picked off a small hair, I smiled and said to the girls "Fucking pussy hair!"

And left.

The End

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