AShlee's Nightmare at the Beach

AShlee's Nightmare at the Beach

Ashlee is 32 years old, wife mother of one. She is considered beautiful by most. She eats right and workouts of all the time. She is 5’2, 111lbs, 34b, shaved pussy, and is disgusted by anal sex. She refuses her husband anal sex. Ashlee has an unusual tight pussy and k-y is needed each time her and her husband has sex, which is really not that often. However, if it were up to him they would have sex three times a day.

Well it was that time of year, which Ashlee looked forward to. She was going to the beach for a week with her best friend. This had become a tradition up until last couple of years. You see Ashlee’s husband and her best friend Mary don’t get along. So this year was different. Ashlee’s husband could not get off from work for the entire week, so he was going to come down to the beach at the end of the week with their son. So Ashlee was looking forward to her time alone, away from her husband and her son. She would have three days of quiet with her best friend lying in the sun.

When she first got there she checked into her resort, and found her room. She saw the usual crowd that went down with Mary. It was Mary and her husband and there two kids. Chris, and his wife who were is a friend of Mary’s husband. Chris’s strange friend Lane was also there. Lane is not all there. Lane was scary and he gave Ashlee the creeps. She looked over and saw Mary had already changed and was lying out by the pool. She quickly changed into her sexy bikini and joined Mary at the pool. She could not help but feel sexy and as she walked into the pool area, she felt all eyes on her and her body. Chris and Lane were sitting just out side the pool area drinking and they were glued onto Ashlee’s body. Lane whispered to Chris, “Man I would love to fuck that.” Chris said, “You, mean Ashlee?” Hell yeah bro. Wouldn’t you? Chris agreed and said but she will never cheat on her husband. Lane said “Chris I heard he isn't coming until Thursday.” Chris said, “So, Lane let it go she isn’t going to do anything with either of us anyway.” Lane said, “Who said she has a choice, come on man look at her, she is so fucking hot. Chris stared long and hard at Ashlee who was now lying down on a chair sunbathing. Lane was right she is so fucking hot, and she is alone for the next three nights. Chris was married and scared but man would it be awesome to fuck lil Ashlee and make her scream. Chris knew he was going to have to do this with Lane, besides he needed to control Lane or he might kill her and that was not going to happen. Lane was only 20, but he was dumb and alcohol only made matters worse.

Chris and Lane started putting the plan into action. Chris told Lane to go up to her room and see if the door is open, as everyone keeps their doors unlocked here. Lane snuck up to Ashlee’s room and as he expected the door was unlocked. He snuck in and searched her room. Chris waited outside. Everyone to include Ashlee was out by the pool. Lane unlocked the back sliding glass door, and figured Ashlee would never check it. He then spotted her dirty panties and bra she wore driving on this day lying in the bathroom floor. Lane picked up her bra and smelled it. She smelled like the lotions from Bath and Body Works. He then picked up his prize her dirty tiny black panties. He smelled them and then he tasted them. Oh how her smell was so sexy and her panties had her female juices crusted in them. He became hard, and then he jerked off into her panties. He then put her panties back on the floor in the same spot they were in. He left, and told Chris everything.

They continued to watch her the entire day from a distance. They watched her lay out, joke and laugh with Mary, and swim in the pool. Later that night they all went there separate ways. Lane like a kid in a candy store asked Chris when they were going. Chris told Lane tomorrow night. Lane was pissed, and Chris explained that Mary and Ricky were going out to dinner and would be gone most of the night. Ashlee was not going with them. The room next to Ashlee’s was unoccupied, so know one would hear her. Lane got excited and said “Damn ok, one more night.” Lane went back to his room and masturbated about how he was going to rape pretty lil Ashlee. Chris also could not stop thinking about it, and he fucked his wife so hard, she had never seen him like this before. Chris kept thinking that his wife was Ashlee as he fucked his wife with violent force.

The next day came, and as expected the girls were out at the pool again sunbathing. Lane snuck up to her room again and checked to see if the back door was unlocked, which it was. The day was hard as they just kept watching pretty lil Ashlee from afar, knowing that after tonight she would never be the same. Well it was late in the after noon, and Mary said, she needed to go get ready for dinner. Mary felt bad that Ashlee was alone and asked if she wanted to come? Ashlee said no she would be ok and that she was enjoying her time alone. She told Mary go enjoy your time out with your family. Mary said ok I’ll see you tomorrow. Mary left Ashlee at the pool to get ready for a night out with her husband and kids. It was time, Chris and Lane snuck up to Ashlee’s room through the back door so know one would see them. About an hour later Mary and her family were leaving. Ashlee started to head up to her room.

Lane and Chris locked the back door, and hid in the closet. Ashlee walked into the room and shut the front door behind her. They heard her go into the bathroom; they opened the closet quietly and waited. Ashlee finished peeing and took off her bathing suit in left it in the bathroom, she was completely naked. She walked into her room and was shocked to see Chris and Lane standing there and she was naked. “What the hell are you too doing in here as she tried to cover herself. Lane grabbed her arms and through her on the bed. Lane said what do you think we are doing here? We are going to fuck you right here and right now. Ashlee started crying and tried to talk since into Chris. Chris said, “Ashlee I am sorry but this is going to happen, so you might as well enjoy it or Lane might hurt you. Lane said stop talking to the bitch and fuck her, who is first as he pulled down his swim trunks. Ashlee started crying hard and said she was going to scream if they did not get out. Lane smacked her on the face so hard she almost passed out. She laid back on the bed completely naked in front of these two men who were not her husband. Chris said I am first as he undressed and Lane went to the top of the bed where her head was and grabbed her arms hard and jerked them above her head. Chris was hard looking at Ashlee’s sexy lil tanned body exposed on this bed. Her pussy was shaved and looked tight and young. She had tears running down her face, which only made her look even hotter. Chris had been a many cookouts with Mary and her husband and Ashlee and her husband. He had always wanted to fuck Ashlee, but he knew she wouldn’t and was a married women. With that thought he entered her dry tight pussy, GOD she was so tight it wouldn’t go in, he pushed and was being jeered on by Lane “Fuck her bro, make her scream.” With that Chris rammed his 8” cock deep into Ashlee’s pussy causing her to arch her back and scream out in pain. She whimpered and moaned as he savagely tore into her pussy. In the mean time Lane was holding her arms and hand above her head, and he was acting like a child mauling her breast. He was biting them so hard that Chris thought he saw drops of blood on her nipples. Chris fucked… No Chris raped Ashlee for what seem like a while, and Lane was getting impatient for his turn at this beautiful used wife. Ashlee out of breath from crying begged Chris not to cum in her because she was not on the pill. Lane started laughing hard. Chris was so turned on that he shot his load deep into her unprotected womb. Ashlee was so upset and sickened that Chris had just come in her that she threw up. They let her up and Lane grabbed her by her hair and threw her over the bed face down. He then immediately entered her already red and abused pussy with more force and hate then Chris ever used. Chris turned on the TV very loud, as he knew he would not be able to control Lane. As he was like a jackhammer just nailing Ashlee making her scream with every thrust. She begged Lane to “Stop I think I am bleeding.” With that Lane feel on top of Ashlee he reached under her grabbing her sore breast and squeezed with all his might causing her to cry hard as he came into her pussy. Lane got up and Chris thought they were done. Ashlee curled up on the floor naked and continued to cry. After a few minutes they just watched her naked abused body as she cried. She still looked so hot, and Lane said, “Damn bro, that is the prettiest women I even fucked. She was hot. Ashlee was scared and just wanted it to be over, She whispered please just leave me alone now. Lane grabbed her by the hair and yanked her up. He told her if you tell anyone, Mary, your husband, or the cops, I’ll kill you. If you don’t come out tomorrow and act like nothing is wrong, I’ll kill you. Ashlee agreed and Lane let her go. She curled back up and Lane saw her asshole for the first time. It was so pink and pretty, that he reached under her hips lifting her up he leaned her over the bed again face down and told Chris to grab her arms. Chris knew what was coming and he also got hard again. He looked at Lane and said you sure. Lane said hell yeah, I’m going to fuck Ashlee’s lil ass. She tried to jerk up and begged Lane not to do this as Chris pulled her down onto the bed with her arms out above her head, as Lane with a hard cock again forced it into her dry ass. Ashlee screamed and kicked and was in so much pain. She had never felt this much pain every with childbirth. Lane was not being easy he forced it in her deep, she knew he ripped her and she could feel the blood as he continued his anal rape. She was in so much pain she almost passed out, until Chris smacked her face. She just gave up and cried as she was anally raped by Lane. She just listen to Lane tell Chris that she was the fucking hottest bitch he ever fucked and it was even better that she was married and they had to rape her. Ashlee just cried and stopped fighting as they both took turns fucking her ass. After what seemed like hours they both came deep in her ass. They told her to clean up and remember she better act normal and not same a word.

The next day came and Ashlee tried her best to hide her soreness as she joined Mary by the pool. Lane and Chris where both lying out by the pool next to Mary. Ashlee laid down as they both said Hi Ashlee, you look nice today. She gave them a fake smile and said hi back and thank you. She was so scared because it would be one more night until her husband arrived. She would never travel with out him again. GOD help her are they coming back tonight for more…….

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