Asian Submissive

"Mrs. Tate wishes to seed you in the bathroom, immediately," Gordon Tate said to the beautiful oriental submissive, "you may finish polishing the silverware later!!!" "Yes, sir," Miki Lee replied while averting her master's gaze, "right away!!!" The completely naked young woman quickly made her way to the gigantic bathroom just off the Tate's personal bedroom, and as was usually the custom, Valerie Tate was lolling in the whirlpool bath, waiting for the Asian beauty to join her in the swirling waters!!! "Did you finish with the silver service, dear," Valerie Tate asked evenly!?! "No, ma'am," Miki asked softly, "almost!" "Well, I have a much more important duty for you to take care of," the fortyish woman offered gently, "now please, climb in and join me!!! As much as Valerie Tate loved a good hard fucking by a big cock, there was something very special about being breast to breast with a beautiful young woman who would do your bidding with no questions asked!!! Valerie pulled Miki's mouth to her own, and as the passion roiled up in both of them, their tongues intertwined while their breathing grew increasingly shallow!!! After breaking their kiss and softly caressing the young woman's face, Valerie Tate whispered, "Do you like living with Mr. Tate and me, darling!?!" "Oh, yes, Mrs. Tate," Miki replied quickly, "I would not care to live anywhere else, I am here to serve you!!!" "Mmmmmm," the older woman hummed, "would that include sucking my pussy!?!" "Please," the little Japanese female begged, "may I serve your vagina!?!" A broad smile spread over Valerie's face as Miki let her mouth come to rest on her sex, and with a slight tensing of her vulva, the horny Mistress signaled her twenty year old charge to commence her sucking!!! What was so erotic about Miki's oral technique, was that incredibly, her tongue barely made contact with Valerie's genitals as it flitted like a butterfly over the older woman's bulging labia, leaving her shaking with orgasm that left her drained and gasping for breath!!! She was right in the middle of one such climax when Gordon Tate entered the bathroom and plopped down on a chair while watching his wife being consumed by the fire ignited by Miki's hot mouth and tongue!!!

Miki had a classic Japanese body, standing about five feet three inches, weighing in at 105 pounds, with long straight black hair, small but perfectly shaped B-cup breasts, and of course, a perfectly trimmed pubic patch that left her lips completely bare and available to any interested mouth!!! "My, my," Gordon Tate said with a chuckle, "I wish that you'd cum like that for me, Val, I'm afraid that you're hurting my feelings!!!" "Oh, pooh on you, Gordie," Valerie Tate replied with a laugh, "you just don't realize what that girl can do with her talented tongue, she's just a natural!!!" "I guess," Gordie replied with a sigh, "but now it's my turn, so if you're finished with her, it's my turn!!!" Before letting the Asian beauty escape her clutches, Valerie gave her one last kiss, and released her to her husband's charge!!!

Gordon Tate helped Miki from the slippery tub, and after aiding in drying her off, he directed her to a chair that was designed for giving pubic hair trims and shaves, so with her legs spread wide apart and resting in special stirrups, her vagina was bulging totally open and available to her Master's touch!!! "You seem to be quite aroused, my dear," he commented softly, "would you care for some oral stimulation!?!" "Oh, yes, Master," she sighed, "I would be honored to accept your mouth on my open vagina!!!" While in some respects Miki had the body of an adolescent girl, with her slim hips and small breast, her pussy, however, was just the opposite as it's bare lips bulged obscenely in an open overt invitation to any and all oral service that was offered to it!!! And while the young Asian might have tried concealing her excitement, it would have been a fruitless exercise in that her fat dripping vagina and large exposed clitoris would have been dead give aways to her pervasive and total arousal!!!

Now taking his place between her pretty thighs, Gordon Tate took in a deep breath of the intoxicating aroma of her hot sex, and immediately his cock stiffened as if being blown up like a birthday balloon!!! As was his wont, a long full lick of her outer labia brought a deep and satisfying moan from the young woman, which was quickly followed up by another more intimate tonguing of her inner lips which caused her to lurch slightly as his tongue tip snapped hard over her fully erected clitoris!!! "I think our little slut enjoys getting her pussy eaten," Gordie commented to Valerie between strokes, "do you think I should concentrate on her clit!?!" Now in most cases Miki never spoke unless either Mr. or Mrs. Tate directed a question in her direction, but with her pussy turned on way beyond normal arousal, both Gordon and Valerie was stunned when out of the blue Miki begged in weak voice, "P-please, help me, I-I can't stand it another second!!!"

Gordie looked over to a surprised Valerie, and offered, "I'm afraid we can't let that pass, Miki is going to have to be punished for her insubordination!!!" Immediately the young woman tensed up in fear, and in a small shaky voice begged, "I-I sorry for my behavior, but please, don't punish me, Master!!!" While his fingers gently massaged her now gaping slit, Gordon Tate replied evenly, "you know the rules, and this isn't the first time you have betrayed me, so now you must pay the price!!!" ""What are you going to do to her, Gordon," Valerie asked while masturbating her own hard clit, "make it fucking good, okay, I wanna cum really hard watching her!!!" "Too, bad, Miki, Mrs. Tate wants to see you punished, too," Gordie said softly while reaching under the counter and pulling out the biggest dildo that Miki had ever seen in her life, "and I believe that this will cure you of anymore loose talk, don't you, Val!?!"

Even Valerie was a little stunned when she saw the immense size of the latex destroyer, and even though it was an incredible turn on, she still managed to stammer, "Jesus christ, Gordie, a-are you really gonna fuck her with that, you might kill her!?!" Now chuckling a bit, Gordon replied softly, "Of course I'm going to fuck her with it, you want it don't you, dear," he asked the now trembling girl!?! "I-I don't know," she gasped while the fury in her cunt boiled over inside of her steaming pussy, "i-it's so huge, I'm so afraid!?!" "It's suppose to be huge," Gordon replied softly, "just the right size for a little tight Japanese pussy, don't you think!?!" While his fingers continued their incessant strumming of her vulva, he slowly ran the tennis ball size head up and down her fat hot cunt lips and asked, "Are you ready dear, are you ready to accept your punishment!?!"

With the titanic size of the monster forcing its way past the young woman's out lips, it was almost as if it were child birth in reverse, and the accompanying scream that filled the room only seemed to strengthen that proposition!!! "I believe she's in a bit of discomfort," Gordon said to his wife, who by now was glassy eyed while staring at the split wide open crotch of the delirious young Asian!!! Both women were now beyond speaking, but it was Miki who was on the verge of monumental orgasms as the thick cudgel like weapon disappeared inside of her pussy!!! From the bathtub, Valerie gasped, "F-fuck her, Gordie, show the little cunt she's to speak only when spoken to, teach the little bitch a lesson, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck that so good!!!" Miki's cunt had become a cauldron of pain and pleasure as a full ten inches of thickness was pressed inside of her, but the real explosion occurred when Gordie slowly at first began stroking in and out of her with controlled fury!!! "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," she screamed as her cunt tried in vain to grip the invading monster, "I-I'm cumming so fucking hard, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, fuck me harder!!!"

This was something Gordon would never understand about women, here was a tiny slip of a thing, who only a few minutes ago was positively dreading the fucking she was about to receive, but incredibly, in the space of only five or ten minutes, she not only was accepting the massive invader, she was relishing in it and begging for more until she was crashing in a avalanche of climaxes that would have surely killed a much more powerful male!!! Valerie had timed her own cum to match that of her submissive, and the two women now lay not more than eight feet apart, totally and completely wrecked, with Miki lying back dazed with a twelve inch dildo hanging out of her well fucked cunt!!!

With Miki almost in zombie like state, Gordon stood next to her face, and furiously jerked his load onto the unsuspecting girl's face while saying, "Lesson offered, lesson learned!!!


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