Dear XNXX readers this is a fiction story although there are parts of reality in it but I decided to categorize it as an imaginary story. Again, please forgive any grammar errors since English is my second language. If I am encouraged by your comment I will write part 2.

This story started when Tom a 20 years old, student at the art school,
nice looking young man, felt a pain in his upper thigh while playing tennis on a Sunday morning, the next day he went to the clinic for treatment, he was referred to doctor Philip whom he had never met before, after waiting for 10 minutes his turn came to see the doctor, dr. Philip was a hansom looking man about 42 years old, he welcomed Tom and asked him " what is wrong with you young man"
Tom answered "I was hurt while playing tennis"
Dr. Philip asked Tom to lie down on the bed so he can take a look, the doctor started touching the areas where Tom was having the pain, and asked Tom to pull his shorts down, Tom’s back was facing the doctor, Tom had a nice, soft, creamy color, spot less, round ass with a nice pink butt hole. The doctor started to massage his upper thigh very gently using a pain relief cream, the pain was on the left thigh up towards the ass cheek, the doctor hands started to touch Tom's left ass cheek, at that moment Tom had a strange feeling of temptation, since he had a couple of gay sexual experiences, he knew that he was delighted to this situation but he did not want the doctor to notice that, but unfortunately for Tom the doctor was noticing that Toms cock was growing between his legs, dr. Philip moved his hands to the other ass cheek so he would test Tom’s reaction, as the doctor placed his experienced hands on Tom soft horny bottom, Tom was getting more excited, after about 10 minutes doctor Philip asked Tom with a tender voice " are you enjoying it "
After a hesitation Tom answered "yes doctor", at that moment the nurse knocked on the door, the doctor stopped and asked Tom if he could wait in the waiting room for half an hour, there were two patients waiting, after that Dr. Philip will be free and the nurse could leave, Tom agreed, so aroused but still confused with this situation.
35 minutes passed by and the nurse approached Tom, told him that the doctor was waiting for him; Tom was delighted with this news. The nurse told the doctor that she was leaving; Dr. Philip closed the clinic after she went, he came to Tom and told him that they had only one hour to what they wanted to do before the nurse will be back.
Philip started with a mouth to mouth long kiss, and asked Tom to undress, Tom did what he was asked to do, then Philip told him to lean on the couch, with his knees on the floor and his head on the couch, Philip garbed Toms ass cheeks with his both hands and started to rub them gently, started to kiss them, then he opened them showing the juicy but hole, he put his tongue in the soft hole and started to lick it very slowly so he could feel how it tasted in his mouth, his tongue was moving in and out and circling around the hole, during this Tom was getting aroused more and more, Philip then pushed his finger slowly into Tom’s ass, "oh that is so great " said Tom.
So Philip continued to fuck Tom with his finger using a cream to make the butt hole softer, so he could enter his other finger, Philip pushed in his other finger gently, now he had tow fingers fucking Tom, Philip was playing with Toms 7.5 inch, fully erected, cock all the time.
Philip attempted to penetrate Tom with his third finger, so he gradually moved his third finger in, but Tom was hurt, so Philip could not enter his entire third finger. Tom was enjoying the finger fucking he was getting, he was pushing back his ass towards Philips hand to get more of his fingers, after pushing and moving, he could not stop him self from cumming, so he told Philip " I am going to cum, fuck me hard ".
Philip was doing his best to satisfy Tom, and he felt Tom cock getting ready to explode, Tom ejaculated in Philip’s hand, Philip took all the cum to the last drop, then he spread it all over Toms ass, still his fingers fucking Tom he jumped to put his dick into Toms mouth, Tom was delighted, and licked the pee hole of the cock with his tongue, then moved it around its head, he was tasting it, it was nice and hard, then he took it in his mouth, the whole 7 inch cock was in his mouth, using his lips only to suck it, he sucked and sucked, then he felt it getting hard ready to cum, so he sucked it deeper into his throat, Philip ejaculated, a large amount of white hot cream was filling Toms mouth, Tom did not let any drop outside his mouth, squeezing the cock to the last drop and swallowing the entire load.
After washing up Philip asked Tom for his cell phone number, and promised him that he will be in touch.
Dr. Philip was a married man with one kid, Tom knew this later, but had some gay activities, his wife knew some of this, and she did not bother so much.

A week passed before Philip called Tom to ask if he could go to Philip’s house that week end for lunch, Tom agreed.
Tom arrived at Philips house, knocked on the door, Philip’s wife, opened the door, Tom was surprised, Nadia was 37 years old, tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, nice body, she said " come in Tom Philip waiting for you ", he went in, sat down in the living room, Philip came in and welcomed him with a kiss on his mouth, Nadia brought some cold beers and some thing to eat, Philip and Nadia made Tom feel welcomed, still he was a little shocked. After talking for a while Philip said that he had rented a porn movie and asked Nadia to turn the DVD on, The movie started, it was a Bi-sexual, Nadia and Philip were sitting close to each other on the couch, Tom sat on a chair, when half the movie past by, Nadia placed her hand on Philip’s thighs and pulled down his trousers, pulled out his fully erected cock and started to suck on it, up and down she moved her mouth, she ate his dick to the balls, she was doing all this regardless of Toms presence, after sucking and sucking, she lifted her head towards Tom and said "come join me I know you like it".
Tom was shocked, but he moved closer and grabbed Philip’s dick, started to shake it moving his hand up and down, Nadia pushed Toms head down on the waiting cock, Tom started to suck on it slowly around the head gently then moved his mouth down and down to the balls, he sucked it gradually and tenderly each time touching the swelling balls.
Nadia stood up and pulled Tom she said "come on baby lets have more fun",
They went into the bed room, she asked him to undress, and lie on the bed up side down, Tom obeyed her.
"You have a nice sexy ass" she said, she started to move her hands all over his back filling him with soft kisses, she moved down to his ass cheeks, grabbed them both, started to kiss and rub them, she moved her tongue down his ass hole licking it, and moving her tongue into it, she seemed an expert in butt holes, she moved her tongue around and around the hole and separating the cheeks apart with her hands to open wide the hole so she would let her tongue reach in to it, Tom enjoyed this, it was the first time he had been fucked by a women.
Nadia said "do you want something bigger in your ass"
Tom answered "I would like to". She moved away from him, took all her cloths off, Tom looked at her gorgeous body, her tits, nipples, white round ass, nice medium size shaved pussy.
She said "what do you think baby".
Tom said "you are wounderful Nadia". Then she brought a dildo with straps and put it on, approached Tom with cream in her hands, she greased his ass hole with her fingers to open it wide, then she attempted to penetrate it with the 9 inch dildo, gently, easy, it went in, she pushed it slowly to the end, Tom moaned with pleasure, she started to fuck him in and out but slowly, he pushed back on her, " fuck me hard ", said Tom, and with OOOHHS and AAAHHS, Nadia was slapping Tom’s ass, her fingers made marks on his butt, she pushed and pushed, at that moment Philip opened the door and went in naked with his cock hanging, approached Tom’s mouth, Tom took the erected cock and started to suck the head, then Philip held Toms head, and started to fuck his mouth, reaching deep into his throat, Tom sucked it to the balls. Nadia stopped fucking Tom and told Philip to lie down near Tom and bend over like him, she put some cream in his ass hole and penetrated him with her cock, his ass eat the whole cock in a second, then Nadia started to fuck her husband, back and forth she moved, pushed hard at the same time she finger fucked Toms ass, played with his dick and balls, "honey do like me fucking you" said Nadia.
Philip said "I always do darling".
After fucking her husband she moved over and brought a dual head dildo each head pointing to the opposite direction, she asked Tom and Philip to put their asses facing each other, she pushed one end of the dildo in Tom’s butt and the other in Philip’s, the two were fucking them selves pushing hard against one another, they pushed so hard to get more delighted with ass fucking, Nadia was playing with both cocks and shacking them gently, she pulled their cocks and made them touch each other rubbing their heads against each other.
Nadia moved and asked Tom to turn over and told Philip to set down on his cock, since Philips ass hole was ready and open wide it ate Tom’s cock to the balls, Philip started to pump him self up and down, up and down, with his back facing Tom, and he was licking Nadia’s wet pussy, Tom was holding Philip’s butt cheek with one hand and holding his cock with the other, Then Nadia sat on Philip’s cock, now Tom was fucking Philip who was fucking Nadia in her pussy, Tom was pumping Philip so hard, while Nadia was pumping her self on Philip, Tom squirted in Philip’s ass, giving him all his sperms " OOOHH I can felt it, it is so hot " said Philip.
Nadia shouted "fuck me Philip fuck me baby, fill me up with your juice", Philip said "take this honey", he exploded in her pussy with a load of warm cum in her hungry, waiting pussy.

Note from the author:

"I always imagined my self in a situation like Tom".

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