Baby's Been Bad

When I walked into the room I was struck by a sight that made me livid immediately. My pastels crushed and ground to dust, pieces of hand made watercolor paper with big smiley face drawings on them, colorful scrawling rainbows drawn on the wall and her, standing there with smears of pigments coloring her white cotton blouse, red checkered pants, and skin. She had smeared hand prints on her large breasts and drawn smiley faces over her big nipples. With her lipstick she had put big kissy lips on each smiley face in bright, fuck me, red lipstick. Her face had a big blue smear across one cheek and little black smudges from rubbing her nose.

I took a deep breath to control my anger and asked her "Did you do this?"

She shook her head no, her pigtails bouncing back and forth. "Nuh uh."

"No?" I asked, trying to control my tone of voice and temper. "You didn't do this?"

She paused and looked around as though she was just noticing the mess for the first time. "Nuh uh." She shook her head again and tried to look innocent.

"Then who did?" I demanded. My temper was running short now.

She looked around again as though a good answer could be found in the mess. "I dunno. Musta been someone in here."

"Someone….Musta….you are saying….you….heh heh….ok….You are trying to tell me…You…oh no….you aren't doing that." OK, I know it came out disjointed and made no sense to anyone but me but it was truly the best I could do at that moment.

"Maybe it was a burglar." Her eyes suddenly wide with excitement that I might believe her.

"Burg….burg….bu…..Get your ass to the time out chair now!" I had lost all composure by this point. She sorta picked up on this little nuance of my mood and actually ran out of the room, big tits bouncing, hair bouncing, skirt fluttering up to reveal her pink panties. If she was not so incredibly sexy, being mad would be so much easier.

She was obviously nervous sitting there as I came out of my studio. I was not pleased in any way or stretch of the imagination. I was breathing in measured deep cleansing breaths but they just mad me more clear as to what I must do. The first was to get the truth.

Chuckling to myself, an idea struck me that I just could not resist. I strode from the room and into the kitchen. I could see her trying to peek around the corner and figure out what I was doing but also knew she knew not to let her ass cheeks leave that seat cushion right now.

She cleared her throat to try and get my attention but I didn't respond. She knew better then to speak when in time out but the sound of ice trays being emptied was almost too much for her to bare not knowing what I was up to. That and my chuckling at the thought of my idea had a nice effect of making her very, very nervous.

I returned to the room with a freezer bag filled with ice and zipped shut. She looked curious and sort of scared as I walked over smiling at her, smiles at this point were usually not a good thing for her. She fidgeted and tried to look away like that would make the bad man vanish but she knew it was too late. She had pushed the buttons, time to get the prize.


She stood quickly and tried to smile. That smile would normally melt me in any other situation, it had been what caught my eye when I had first met her at the fetish night club months ago. But now, it had no effect but to make the punishment sweeter. I placed the bag on the time out chair cushion.


She hesitated but sat down, the coldness of the ice making her eyes go wide and her breath catch short.

"You need to chill the fuck out on the lies and tell me the truth. If you can't chill on your own, I'll help you." I smiled. "See how nice I am baby girl? Now when you wanna tell me who made the mess, then you can call me."

Without another word I turned and went back into my studio to examine the damage. I heard her fussing in the other room and thinking about pitching a fit but she knew better. Now it was just a matter of time until the ice did the trick.

She has a strong will. I will give her that. Ice has never been a favorite thing to play with so when she took 5 minutes I was duly impressed. I heard her start to call out several times and stop. She was stubborn as hell when she wanted to be. Finally though, the ice won out and she called me.


I ignored her and kept picking up the larger pieces that I could still use. These pastels cost me $5 a stick and she just used em like crayons. The paper was $15 a sheet and she doodled on it. I shook my head and wondered how she could have done this.


"Hang on."

OK…I know I was being a dick at this point but I didn't care. All told $70 worth of pastels and over $100 worth of paper fucked away. Never mind the walls having to be cleaned and the carpet being all multicolored now.

"Sir!!!!!!" Her voice was definitely reaching the panic point.

I walked back into the living room and looked at her with one eyebrow raised. I had all the broken pieces in my hands and she tried to smile and look cute. It wasn't working. "What did you want to say?" I asked.

"I sowwy. I been bad." She stuck out her lower lip and pouted for me.

OK, there are few things that can get to a man like really good baby talk from a sexy woman. While it didn't melt me, it did make me wanna enjoy her punishment.

"You broke my pastels?"

She nodded.

"You drew all over my paper?"

She nodded.

"You drew pictures on my fucking wall?"

She nodded. "I wanted to make you a pretty picture."

"I understand and the thought was good, but you know the rules." She nodded. I placed the pastel pieces on the end table and noticed the hair brush sitting there. Perfect. "OK, then, you can get up and come here."

I actually think she thought it was over with, that she had taken her punishment. So when I grabbed her and pulled her onto my lap as I sat she was a little bit surprised. As I pulled her pretty pink panties down to mid thigh and then pinned her down with my free hand, she was not expecting it to say the least. She squealed and fought and squirmed until my hand smacked her frozen ass once very, very hard.

"Sit still." She still squirmed but was silent. "I have to tell you, this is not going to hurt me more then you, this is going to hurt you a whole hell of a lot more and ya know baby girl, I am actually going to enjoy it." She was about to say something but the second spank turned the words into a squeal.

Her ass was ice cold as I began to spank her. My strikes immediately leave big red hand prints. This just made me more excited so I spanked faster. The wet on her ass from the condensation on the bag made for a wonderful noise as my hand caught the flat of her cheek.

She was squealing each strike so it was a constant noise that accompanied the staccato slapping sounds. They fit each other well. I knew the coldness made the sting even worse on her ass and if I faltered in my desire to inflict that, I looked over at my pastels, or rather what was left of them and I found the will to go on.

After a few minutes my hand was getting tired so I paused. Again she assumed it was over and stopped struggling. Again she was surprised when I continued on, only know I had the hair brush and was able to spank harder and faster. Her sweet ample ass was bright red all over.

She was sobbing and saying "I sowwy." over and over now and I knew she meant it. Spare the rod and spoil the child and all that good stuff. She knew what she did was wrong now. The spanking lightened up, I began to caress her ass between strikes and the hits were further apart.

She had ceased struggling and her sobbing was slowly becoming a low murmur. I could hear her breathing getting more ragged and exited as I continued on, even felt her ass push up into several strikes. I released her hands and they dropped to her side as all resistance was out of her.

Reaching down I undid her blouse and pulled it open. She raised up enough to allow me easy access to her breasts and I pulled her bra down to allow them to be free. As the hairbrush popped her ass I began to grab her nipples and pinch them, pulling on them, rolling them in my fingers. She was moaning now and pushing into each hit, her bright red ass hungering for more.

Then I stopped.

She waited for a second and didn't say anything. She was expecting me to start again. I didn't. I waited. She wiggled her ass a little for me and still I did nothing. She whimpered and wiggled it more and still no response.

"OK….you can get up. I think you've learned your lesson baby." I said and she looked back at me in surprise with half closed eyes. "I know you'll be a good girl now."

She didn't know what to do.

"Up you go. Come on."

She was shocked, frustrated, unsure of what to do or say. She looked back at me pleading with her eyes. I smiled back at her and grabbed the TV remote. She moaned again.


"Yes, baby girl?"

"Daddy?????" She wiggled her ass.

"What baby girl?" I asked in return.

"Daddy…make me be bad. ..please. . . I wanna be bad for you."

I turned the TV back off and tossed the remote away. "Hmmmm." I looked at her and she started to grin back at me and bit her lip. " Do you really?"

She nodded so hard her pig tails bounced over her face. "Uh huh. I wanna be bad Daddy. . .make me a bad girl.. . . pwease. . . .pwetty, pwetty pwease?" OK, I have already told you about baby talk so you know I couldn't resist that plea.

I put the hair brush up and began to caress her ass cheeks. the heat from the spanking making them hot now, the outer edges still chilly from the ice. My touch made her moan softly and almost purr as I tickled each cheek. I grabbed her ass and squeezed and she moaned in pain/pleasure.

As I began to spank her again and play with her nipples she raised up slightly on her hands to allow me to grab her breasts easily and play with them, she also arched her back to turn her ass into each spank. Her pig tails had fallen out of their ties and her hair hung over her face as she moaned in delight.

My fingers dipped into her crack with each spank, the wetness from her arousal making my finger tips wet. Her pussy was soaked and the lips parted slightly in her horniness. She turned her ass up more so that my fingers struck into her wet slit with each strike. I could feel her juices dripping out of her and then a warm wet feeling was on my leg.

Giving her three good, hard spanks on each cheek I paused and then grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her open. Her panties kept her from spreading her legs and she pulled against the fabric but it did not rip. I ran a finger up and down her sloppy wet slit and she moaned loud and shook a little.

Sliding two fingers down her slit I played with her labia for a while…tickling and pinching her lips. I ran the tips of my fingers around her clit hood and her shaking got much more noticeable. When I applied a little pressure to the hood just below the clit she moaned in a deep guttural growling way.

I slid the to fingers deep into her and began to finger her pussy. She was whimpering and moaning constantly now. Her pussy dripping wetness onto my leg as she bucked back against my hand to fuck herself harder with my fingers. I wiggled them deep in her and she cried out for me.

"Yes, Daddy…make me bad….I wanna be a lil slut for you daddy! Make me bad Daddyyyyyy!"

The slapping sound was now my hand fucking into her hard and fast. A third finger slid up and across her clit each pop and she was screaming now, no longer able to form whole words she was just making sounds for me. I kept it up, faster and faster, harder and harder.

Crying out she collapsed onto my lap and was shaking like a leaf. I didn't stop though, I kept fingering her pussy until she bucked and convulsed once and her orgasm ripped through her hard. I had to pin her down to keep her from pulling away as I kept the finger fuck going through the waves of pleasure that felt so good she screamed in pain.

I wouldn't let it stop, I kept the explosion going until she was no longer moving, just trembling and whimpering again. I slowly slid my fingers out and tickled the labia once more, her body jerking in response as an aftershock took her. She was panting and crying in release, trembling and shaking from the power of it.

I turned her over and took her into my arms and held her, whispering soothing things in her ear and kissing her. Her tears tasted so salty and delicious as I kissed them away and she snuggled into me and was silent.

Finally I brushed her hair from her face and she looked at me with sleepy loving eyes and smiled. My pants leg was saturated from her pussy. I smiled at her and asked her to stand which she did, all be it rather wobbly as she got up. She turned without pulling her panties or skirt down, her shirt still open and breasts out.

I looked down at my pants and the big wet spot on them and then back at her. "Do you see this?"

She nodded.

"You messed up Daddy's pants."

"Nuh uh." She shook her head.

"Nuh uh? You didn't do this?" I said pointing to the mess on my pants leg.

"Nuh uh."

"You didn't….you….you…..then who the…..FUCK!"

OK…some lessons must be taught again and again I guess.

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