babysitter free for all

babysitter free for all

One time when I was 18 years old my parents went out of town overnight and asked a family friend Sara to keep an eye on things at the house since I had 2 younger siblings. Sara was around 30 yrs old medium built with brown hair. She wasn't the best looking women but made up for that with some very shapely features. When I got home from hanging out with my friends that night the kids were upstairs in bed and Sara was sitting on the couch sipping a glass of wine. She was very talkitive and obviously was well into the bottle she was drinking. We continued making small talk and watching TV together. I was pleased to see she was watching some cable networks my parents wouldn't allow me to watch which frequently showed adult themed programming and this was noexception as the movie we were watching showed scene after scene of steamy sex. She asked me if the program offended my and stated that I was old enough now to be exposed to this kind of thing in her eyes.

After awhile she became less talkitive and the booze must have been hitting her because she started drifting off to sleep. I couldn't help but notice her night gown was very loose and her cleavage between her breasts was openly exposed. I called out her name and got no response so I went over for a closer look. Peering down her chest I could see she had no bra and could almost see her nipple beyond the curve of her breast. My heart started pumping faster as I contimplated what to do next. What if she woke? What if she didn't? …. I shook her arm a little to see her reaction and realized she was passed out. Slowly I moved the material back from her breast exposing it. I couldn't believe it she didn't move. Her breast was right out in the open now. I admired the shape and the purpleish nipple. I pulled back more material revealing her other breast and was in heaven. The tenshion was unbelivable as my heart raced faster and faster. Gaining confidence I reached for her and began fondling her nipples. Still no reaction. I moved my head closer and placed my mouth near her nipple. I licked the tip then took the whole nipple into my mouth. I felt the nipple growing inside my mouth as I savored the soft flesh.

She was obviously out cold and I wondered how far I could take this. I reached down and lifted the bottom of her night gown revealing her panties. I knew I shouldn't keep going but I just couldn't stop now. I pulled back on the waist band and could see her thick bush for the 1st time. I tried squeezing my hand down further searching for her opening but realized the panties were just going to have to go so I slipped my fingers on either side and began trying to gently force them down. They started coming off then got stuck. After a few more gently tugs her ass moved up slightly allowing me to get them over the snag. I wondered silently for the first time if she was aware of what was happening but figured it didn't matter either way because she wasn't objecting. Her pussy was completely exposed to me now as I nelt inbetween her legs looking up at it. I had never seen a real pussy this close before and was mesmerized. Her brown pubic hair was thick and tangled above the folds that guarded her opening. A strange odor filterd upward lightly from her. Using my finger I gently felt my way through the folds into her wetness. I slowly moved my finger in and out until the whole thing disappered. Her juices were really flowing now and my finger had no trouble probing her insides as her breathing became heavier. I continued moving my finger in and out at various speeds until her hips made a sudden jerk and I felt her pussy clench down tightly on my finger. She let out a long muffled moan as the contractions in her pussy kept squeezing my finger over and over until the waves subsided and her body went limp.

I pulled out my sugar coated finger and took a deep breath. This was by far the most exhilherating experience of my life. I jumped back as suddenly she began moving her legs. She lifted her knees parting her legs in an inviting manner. My heart raced at the opportunity in front of me now as I hurriedly pulled off my pants and underware. My cock was beet red and pulsing as I positioned my self between her legs. I had to hold myself up trying not to put any weight on her making it very awkward. I pushed my virgin cock forward over and over but couldn't seem to find her opening with it. I was becoming frantic in my efforts as the tenshion mounted. I was just about to give up when I felt a warm wetness envelope me. When I withdrew my cock it easily slide back in on the next stroke and I knew I was home free. Her pussy wasn't as tight as I expected it to feel but the new sensation still felt incredible. I slid it in and out a few more times when I suddenly felt a warm numb sensation building inside my cock. My muscles tensed up as my cock exploded. I felt my sperm spurting inside her with each contaction. I held still burried all the way in as my cock emptied in her. I felt her pussy clench down on my cock squeezing the last drops of cum out of it. After the waves subsided I lay there still inside her wondering what to do when I realized I had to milk this opportunity for all it was worth. I began moving my still hard cock in and out of her now very well lubricated pussy again. I took her nipple into my mouth and began stroking faster and harder with my cock. Her breathing was becoming heavy again and with in a few minutes I felt her hips buck as another climax rolled through her. Her pussy was clamping down tightly on my cock over and over which sent me over the edge. My cock erupted again and began twitching inside her matching her contractions as my cum was shooting deep inside her again. We both rode our climaxes until we collapsed into each other exhausted.

I slowly slid out of her and pulled off of her and sat there for awhile. Her eyes were still closed but she had a slight smile on her face. I looked down at her pussy and noticed a small drop of my cum was oozing out of her opening. I slid her undies back on her and went upstairs to bed. The next day nothing was said between us about the previous night but she just gave me a knowing smile.

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