Back Massage

Back Massage

Same old shit, different day. I finally made it home from work, having battled ignorant fools all day; whoever says working for the public is gratifying really is insane. I walk into my house, making a beeline for the refrigerator. Looks like I should've gone to the store- grilled cheese again for dinner. I can't even care anymore, I'm so damn tired.

I eat quickly and walk to my room. Though I'm thoroughly tempted to jump into bed and fall asleep, I don't. Instead, I walk to the bathroom and start the shower. The warm water feels great, and it drowns out the noise of the city. I begin to lather my body, cleaning the stress and tension from my skin. I've always loved feeling my own skin; there is just something erotically naughty about touching your own body. Inspired by my seemingly innocent bathing, I begin to caress my breasts, enjoying the smooth skin, before gently teasing my hardening nipples. It's amazing how soft my breasts are, and I take my time, giving them full attention before moving on. I slide my right hand down my stomach, reveling in the abs I've worked hard for, sliding further towards my lonely clit.

I tease myself, sliding my fingertips over the lips, sending shock waves through my tensed body. My middle finger finds my slit, slowly running up and down the path, pushing me closer to orgasm. My left hand is squeezing my breast, twirling the hard nipple, as I imagine its someone special playing with me. I finally let my finger dip into my pussy, finding it incredibly wet and warm. It's been so long, I barely can hold myself back from the brink. I lean my back against the wall, allowing the warm water to fall down my breasts towards my toying hands. My finger works its magic, sliding in and out of my pussy, slowly at first, but then building momentum as my impatience builds. The heel of my hand hits my clit, edging me close to my desperate orgasm. I feel the familiar tingle, the slow sensuous burn of an oncoming cum. I work faster; I can hear myself moaning, not caring if anyone can hear my whimpers of pleasure. My clit's tingling beneath my hand, I can feel the pleasure coursing up my body. With a gasp, I cum. I feel my orgasm clench my finger, trapped within my tight cunt. I pant for air, thankfully propped up against the tile wall. After I recover, I wash myself again, enjoying the extra benefit of the after effects of an orgasm, making my body sensitive to every pass of my lathered hands.

After drying myself, I walk naked to my bedroom. It's simply too hot in my house to wear clothing to bed, and besides, it's too much fun to sleep naked. I turn my computer on, and I open up my story site, reading a few of the private messages admirers have sent me. One is from a familiar fan. It reads, "I'm going to give you a fucking you'll never forget. By the way, you owe me a back massage." I laugh, partially because I know it won't happen, and partially because I know there's a bit of me that wishes it would. I reply back, "No back massage unless you do me first," allowing the double entendre to play in his mind. I send the message, and then I take my computer off my bed. I'm suddenly exhausted, unable to keep my weary eyes open any longer. Snuggling down into my red sheets, I close my eyes, hoping for a good night's sleep full of 'bad' dreams.

When I become conscious, that's my first reaction- I'm dreaming. This is all a dream. But then I realize that the tug on my arms is not a dream. I really am face down in my own bed, blindfolded. I struggle against my bonds, feeling the cool metal of my own handcuffs bite into my wrists. My arms are trapped above my head. I feel a presence get nearer as I try to fight my way free.

"Shush, princess.. I promised you a fuck you'll never forget."

I feel my entire body tense as he drags his fingertip slowly, teasingly down my spine. A moan escapes my lips; it's one of the most erotic things I've ever had done to me, and I can't help but arch my back, forcing my clit to rub my sheets.

"Mmmmm.. someone's a little eager, isn't she?" he says, his hand now gently massaging my ass. "Don't worry, I'll uphold my end of the bargain and 'do you' first." My fingers clench onto the metal, and I feel the pressure of his body as he straddles my upper thighs, just below my ass. He works slowly, knowing this is going to turn me on beyond words. Beginning at my shoulders, he gently massages the tense muscles, building the pressure as he feels me relax beneath his touch. I can't help but moan, even though I'm his prisoner. I hear him laugh, and he begins to move downward. His fingertips brush the sides of my breasts, and my nails dig further into my headboard. I let out a gasp as he bends over and kisses me between my shoulder blades. I can feel myself leaking onto the sheets, completely unable to resist the pleasure in my body.

It seems like forever before he makes his way down my lower back, playfully squeezing my ass before torturing me by massaging each leg. His magic hands work their way up my inner thigh, teasing the crease where my pussy and leg meet. He then runs two fingers up my outer pussy lips, almost as if he knew what I did in the shower.

"Hm, someone's just a little turned on…" he teases, his fingers finding my pussy juice. My breathing is ragged as I try to pull myself up by my restraints, a last ditch effort to break free of his erotic spell. To stop me, he takes a long lick up the middle of my slit, causing me to scream in pleasure.

"Oh god, please don't stop!!" I beg, only to feel the fringes of my cat-o-nine-tails whip trailing on my back. He lightly whips me, his voice teasing me, "You have quite a lot of fun toys, princess… Just who do you use them on?" I don't answer, and as punishment, he whips me lightly on my ass. I gasp in pleasure, "No one! I don't use them on anyone."

"Oh, you expect me to believe you're a good girl?" The tips of the whip are trailing up my legs, inching closer to my aching pussy.

"Yes, I'm a good girl," I manage to moan as the fringes reach my cunt. He proceeds to tickle me with the fringes, causing me to buck and squirm on the bed.

"I didn't know good girls had whips and handcuffs," he muses. "You must be one of those rare good girls- good in bed."

I can't take it anymore. He keeps teasing me with the fringe, my abused clit begging for release. To my surprise, I orgasm, gasping and moaning as the powerful pulses take over my body.

"Oh yes, you are a good girl, princess."

All I can do is gasp, completely consumed in my own pleasure. However, he's not finished with me yet. He leans between my legs and begins to lick the juice that has gushed from my satisfied cunt. So soon after orgasm, my body shakes, quickly building towards another shaking climax. He senses my quick rebound, slowing his tongue down. He pushes in his middle finger, gently sucking on my clit while slowly finger fucking my wet hole. His slow movements only serve to push me faster, and I cum again, this time into his waiting mouth.

He pulls me up onto my knees, spanking my right ass check as he begins to coat his dick with my cum. I'm still shaking in both pleasure and now anticipation. I feel the head of his dick part my outer lips, sliding up and down my juice-covered slit. My nails grip my headboard, holding on for dear life as he gently pushes forward, my pussy opening to allow his hard dick in. He moves slowly, deliberately, knowing he can make me beg.

Beg, I do. "Please.. don't torture me. Just.. plleeassee.. ohh god fuck.. fuck.. ohhhh goddamnit just fuck me ppllleeeeaassseee…" I buck my hips back at him, trying to take him into my wet pussy. He only moves slowly, pushing inch by tortuous inch into my begging flesh. He finally reaches the hilt, and he simply stays there, enjoying the gripping tightness around his cock. It's his turn to gasp, as I contract my muscles around his dick. He kisses my back again and whispers in my ear, "You are a VERY good girl."

He begins to fuck me, slowly at first, but then gaining speed, realizing his own pleasure was close at hand. His right hand plays with my clit, his left massaging my breasts as his cock sends tingles throughout my entire body. My tight cunt is sending him closer to cumming, my moaning and whimpering pushing him towards the edge of no return. His balls slap my clit, and I cum yet again, screaming and cursing in pleasure. I finally break my mysterious lover, my orgasm sending him to his own. I hear him moan, feel him thrust one more time into me before succumbing to his own climax.

A few minutes later, he uncuffs me, leaving the blindfold on. He kisses me gently on the lips, instructing me that if I wanted to play again, I'd have to behave and not take off the blindfold until I hear his car pull away. I listen to his instructions, eager to become his plaything once again.

After all, I still owe him a back massage.

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