Banged by Buster_(0)

Banged by Buster_(0)

Note: This is the first story I wrote a number of years ago. Though I've definitely grown as an author since that time, I think it's still worth the read. All constructive comments appreciated! -Pasego

Bri waited until her parents had gone down the driveway and drove out of sight before running back upstairs. They were going to Vermont for their anniversary, and she had the house to herself for the weekend. She was eager for time alone so she could experiment without getting interrupted.

At fourteen, Bri was just discovering masturbation. She had had no idea it existed until reading about it on a sex site. Bri's mom was too uptight and prudish to talk to her daughter about the birds and the bees, so finally she had taken sex education into her own hands. So far, Bri mused, she had learned that you called your vagina a pussy, and the little feel good button at the top was called a clit.

Once in her room she hastily undressed and layed down on her bed. Buster, her bulldog, looked up at her from his spot on the rug. He wuffed softly. Bri ignored him and spread her legs wide. She stuck her finger in her mouth, wanting to get it wet. This, she had learned, was called lubrication. Once ready she started to gently rub the tiny nubbin of flesh. She jerked at the wet friction and moaned a little at the pleasure. She rubbed slowly at first, using her other hand to tease her nipples, then sped up when she felt she had the hang of it. She felt herself come to the edge of an orgasm, but the feeling went away as soon as it had started. "Christ!" she muttered, and sat up on her bed. "I almost had it," she said to Buster. He got up from his rug, walked over, and got a whiff of her wet pussy. Immediately his nose and tongue were all over her tiny cunt, licking furiously. Bri's attempts to push him off were soon forsaken as pleasure swept over her. She fell back on her bed and started thrusting her hips at Buster's snout, moaning and panting. His huge tongue swept her pussy over and over, the tip touching her clit each time.

It took her less than a minute to come, and she lay on the bed, breathing harshly. Buster looked a little out of breath himself, and when Bri finally sat up to pet him in thanks, she noticed that his doggie penis was starting to harden and come out of its sheath. Upon seeing her bulldog's cock, Bri had an idea. Her dog had been her best friend for the last eight years, so who could be better to lose her virginity to? Bri knew it was wrong, but she also knew she was as horny as hell, and right now that feeling drove all moral things out of her head.

Bri scrambled off the bed and started pulling her blankets to the ground. She spread them, then called Buster over. He came willingly enough, smiling a doggie grin at Bri. His penis swayed back and forth when he walked. When he stood by her she reached out one small hand and stroked his length. She gasped. How could something be so hard and soft at the same time? Buster whined eagerly and started to hump his mistresses hand. Bri knew the next step had come.

She got on all fours with her butt and pussy pointed toward Buster. Having done this on dogs before, Buster immediately jumped on her back and started thrusting. In a minute he found the right hole and quickly forced his large appendage into it. Bri cried out in pain as her hymen was rendered into oblivion. Buster took no notice and kept humping her pussy with all his might. In a few minutes the pain reduced and Bri began to moan and thrust back against Buster's cock. "Oh God Oh God Oh God," she chanted as Buster's cock brushed her g spot and his balls slapped her clit.

She started coming and the orgasm just kept going, renewing itself with every thrust. Suddenly a new type of pain began to surface as Buster's cock grew a knot. He slowed, then pounded deep into her with one hard thrust. His seed streamed into her pussy, and the knot grew to about the size of a tennis ball. Bri was crying, she had never felt something so painful in her life. Buster lay over her panting, and his weight caused her to collapse on the floor. He landed on top of her and his knot drove in another inch. The odd mixture of pleasure and pain was too much and suddenly Bri was coming again, spasming against the floor and moaning loudly.

When coherent thought entered her mind again, she realized that the knot had shrunk and Buster had pulled out of her aching pussy. Her once tiny hole was stretched wide and dripping a mixture of blood and dog cum. She lay on the floor thinking that she would have Buster pop her anal cherry tomorrow.


The next morning was Sunday and Bri bounced out of bed, naked tits bobbing as she raced for the bathroom. She wanted to get a fresh start on the day. After all, she thought, it was bound to end dirty. In the shower she rubbed soap up and down her body, circling her breasts and pinching the erect nipples. She moaned softly and one hand trailed its way to her swollen clit. She only flicked it once, but it was enough to send her to the edge of orgasm. Even though she wanted to be there so bad, something told her she should wait, that prolonging her pleasure would lead to an even bigger reward.

Pouting a little, she hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. Buster was outside doing his business in the yard and Bri watched him from her window. Little did Buster know the plans she had for today.Bri threw on a nightie and went downstairs to bring her MUCH beloved dog in.

"Buster! Come in Buster and you'll get a treat!" Buster turned around and trotted back to the house, giving her his usual doggie grin. When safely behind closed doors, Bri stripped off her nightie. The musk of her aching pussy caught his attention right away, and Buster made a bee line to her, tongue lolling out of his head.

"Uh oh," she thought. She had meant to lead Buster upstairs for more deranged sexual fun, but it appeared he wanted to start right here in the living room. Her indecision soon left her as Buster's tongue found her clit and started to swirl around it. She sank down onto the couch, her pussy lips bulged out at perfect level. Buster was licking her furiously now, his tongue twirled and dug into her cunt hole, going so hard it hurt a little.

Finally able to take it no more, she pulled his head back up to her clit and held him there as he willingly started up on that area again. Bri felt the now familiar heat start up in her pussy and start to spread throughout her body. She shuddered and pushed the dog's head even further into her, his nose was now literally buried in her cunt. Bri came, bucking hard and shouting Buster's name over and over again.

Buster, seeing that this was now a routine, stood up and looked at her expectanly, his pink and black speckled cock already hard. Bri obediently got on her knees, but to Buster's surprise she leaned over and cautiously took his penis in her mouth. She was instantly surprised by how big it was. She knew that it had been a tight fit in her pussy, but for some reason it felt even bigger in her virgin mouth. He tasted like some sort of salt, and Bri found she didn't mind this at all. As for Buster, he was whining deep in his throat and looking down at his mistress with what could only be described as a mixture of confusion and lust in his eyes.

Quickly she licked his pole up and down, wanting it as wet as possible for her last hole. Bri figured she was already going to hell for sure, so why not enjoy this to the fullest? She wanted to feel Buster's hot smooth cock in her virgin asshole, and she wanted it NOW. She stopped tounging him and got back on her knees, this time with her elbows on the seat of the couch. She stuck her ass in the air and tried to make her puckered opening the most available one for Buster. Buster hopped on and started humping her furiously, but only succeeded in finding her dripping pussy. He rammed into her and she moaned.

"Oh Buster, Buster! Fuck me! Fuck me hard please Buster, ohhhhhhhh!!!"

Bri and Buster both could have continued in this wonderful position for quite some time, but Bri finally remembered her original goal. She pushed Buster off the best she could, and he popped out of her with a wet squelching sound. He looked very annoyed about his delayed pleasure. Bri kissed him on the nose and whispered "Don't worry, I'll be right back."

She ran up to her bathroom and grabbed her favorite brush. It had a short handle that was rubber with ridges all down the sides. She had always thought it felt nice to hold in her hand, but now she had an even better idea for it. She ran back downstairs to a panting Buster and went to her original position kneeling in front of the couch. Before Buster could remount, she shoved the brush handle into her hole. It wasn't quite as big as Buster's cock, but the ridges tickled her insides and hit her G-spot in a really nice way.

She savored the feeling for a minute, then beckoned Buster over with one hand. He jumped back on his mistress and started to pound away. He tried to find her hole, but it was now blocked by some object. Buster quickly made use of her tighter one, and Bri tried to relax as she felt him pound at her tiny butt hole. Finally he got the head of his dick in and Bri let out a quiet scream as it burst past her spinchter. She couldn't believe this, her dog was actually fucking her asshole! She had gone from an innocent little girl into a teenager with a brush handle in her cunt and a dog in her poop hole.

Buster had now managed to push half his length in, and Bri was in a new kind of pain. It suddenly occurred to her that this would be even worse when the knot grew. She thought about making Buster get off, but when he pushed his remaining length in and started to slowly hump her back, she knew she was in it for the long haul.

The pain in her ass was incredible, every stroke of Buster's penis brought a small cry from Bri's lips. "You need to forget about the pain and focus on the pleasure," she told herself. She reached down with one hand and began to pump the hair brush in and out of her pussy.It felt incredible and she continued to fuck herself silly, matching the pace Buster now had in her bleeding asshole. There was still some pain, but now Bri mostly relished in the pleasure of feeling so filled.She took her other hand and found her aching clit. Slowly she circled it with one finger while Buster panted in her ear. It was too much for her and Bri started shouting unintelligbly. "Oh, oh, God, oh, fuck… me…, oh Jesus, oh… fuck…Buster…cock…ass…fuck…shit…ohhhhh!

Bri exploded in an enormous orgasm,not even minding the way Buster's cock had grown painfully inside her. She felt his cum soak her inner walls and moaned at the fruitless end. It was crazy, but she knew that after this she would compare every boy she met with her dog. Her fantasies would all involve one black and pink speckled cock and one very large tongue. And oh yeah…a special hairbrush!

Copyright 2008 Pasego

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